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Co-operative banks are performed to meet the banking requirements of consumers. They are established in urban as well as rural areas. In rural areas, the bank provides finance to agriculture and in urban area it provides finance to buy consumer goods. These banks function like commercial banks receiving deposits and lending money. They provide short and medium term loans. As they are formed on cooperative principles, they are more service oriented rather than profit. The bank provides credit at lower rates of interest to people of small means like small cultivators, artisans, petty shop-keepers etc. They have been classified into land development banks or land mortgage banks and urban credit-oriented banks. Banking is one of the most important sectors of business and finance that assists the world of commerce to keep on running. Without banks and the banking services that they provide, commerce and trade would collapse and credit would become virtually extinct. As the decades progress many new concepts are being introduced into banking. At their most basic, banks hold money on behalf of customers, which is payable to the customer on demand, either by appearing at the bank for a withdrawal or by writing a check to a third party. One of the primary functions of the bank is lending. Through lending banks meet their objective of making profits. The deposits collected from the public cannot be kept idle. It has to be utilized in order to derive benefits out of it. The bank collects deposits with the objective of lending and makes profit out of the interest received and

paid. Their main aim is to deal in money and provide for those who need it. The banker performs the job of lending within the framework of statues governing the banking business, the government policy and guidelines issued by the authorities of the country (RBI in India).The basic objective of nationalization of banks was to provide funds to the neglected sectors like agriculture, tiny industries and other weaker sections of the society. Greater part of the bank is funds are employed in the form of loans and advances. Loans bring good money to the bank in the form of profit by charging interest. Lending function of a bank benefit the bank in the form of profit and the one who takes loans enjoy the benefit of money required for their activities. The wheels of industry cannot run without the bank advances. The bank needs to assess the condition of industry or trade or any business enterprise while making advances.

NEED FOR THE STUDY Loans are granted to individuals for such critical circumstances that may arise at any time. This study gives us the detailed information about various types of loans Various interest rates on different types of loans can be known.


1. To know various types of loans & advances provided by cooperative bank 2. To understand the terms and conditions of various loan schemes provided. 3. To study and evaluate the performance of each loan scheme. 4. To study about the respondent and their varying interest.

Research in common refers to a search for knowledge. Once can also define research as scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. In fact, research is an art of scientific investigation. Research is an academic activity and as such the term should be used in a technical sense. It is the pursuit of truth with the help of the study, observation comparison and experiment.

Collection of Data:
The task of data collection begins after a research problem has been defined and research design. While deciding about the method of data collection to be used for the study, the researcher should keep in mind two types of data Primary data Secondary data

Secondary Data
The secondary data means data which have already been collected by someone else. Data collected through official websites, company books.


1. Confined to one financial institution bank. 2. Inadequate information might have resulted to wrong interpretation. 3. On account of time constraint long term lending practices was not possible