They set up my new Alex wheelchair to kill me

May 2, 2014

Testimony written by Daniel J Towsey
I recently did this series of live testimonies for a public record so that people in our elected government have been made aware of my dangerous situation and that my life is in serious danger. This series of testimonies is very revealing all the way bac to my running a federal election in !or "enter Toronto 1#$4 against the then %olicitor &eneral of "anada 'ob (aplan who created "anada)s secret *half way into the campaign+ ,olice "%I% where upon I was told that 'ob (aplan has issued their first contract on me to destroy me. -ere are 'ob (aplans very words he screamed at me in front of a whole crowd of reporters on a public street

“We are going to destroy you. We are going to make you so destitute that you will have to resort to crime to survive were upon we will put you in one of our prisons. Where we will have our fun with you”
.fter which time he lifted his hand to gesture to his uncover special agents. -e then yelled at all the reports that they are not permitted to ever report what they /ust heard. -is goons then too all the reporters notes and anything else they had. %ome where stripped searched on the street. The goons made sure that everyone there was totally terrori0ed and scared. Thereafter the reporters never mentioned any of this. (I will remove this notice when this post is completed) This post will tell you how bad the situation was and how important it was to "anada)s future.

Corrupt Canadian Elections (Vote Fixing) Daniel J Towsey
This is how we lost Canada..and this how we are going to lose our freedoms..and then our lives…The insane corporate criminals have taken over Canada. Trudeau shut down the function of the bank of Canada in 19 ! and gave the creation of mone" to corporate banksters. #ho then used their unlimited fake unaccountable mone" the" produced out of thin air to take control b" bu"ing up the whole countr" and then corporati$ed all our governments. https: canadiansituations!wordpress!com category corrupt"canadian"elections"#ote"$ixing

% warned you all long ago and you did not listen and you are still not listening!

T&%' %' D( () D%E disabled wheelchair user testimonies
http122wheelchairrights.wordpress.com220142032012this4is4do4or4die4disabled4wheelchair4user4testimonies2 'elow I am going to prove to you that 5ccupational therapist Mar 'urley that wor s at 6ova %cotia 7ehab, 8hich is part of the public hospital system. -e is a public employee that was involved in this conspiracy to do me lethal harm Mar 'urley is a professional that is licensed and certified by the ,rovince of 6ova %cotia to write up prescriptions for power wheelchairs and other mobility devices. -e nows e9actly how they are to be set up for balance weight height and special needs for the disabled. That is his profession.

I am going to prove to you that he and -an from -ome %afe :iving that assembled and delivered my new .le9 wheelchair to me, nowingly and deliberately tried to do me potential lethal and deadly harm by deliberately setting up my wheelchair so that it would flip bac wards on acceleration. If you listen to the series of video testimonies in the post above. !ou will hear me tal about what I am now writing this post about. 'elow you will find photographic and video evidence that these two professionals new e9actly what they did to my wheelchair. I will also provide you with all the necessary evidence to prove that they were notified by me of this dangerous setup of my new wheelchair and refused to ma e my wheelchair safe to use. .fter I complete writing up this post I will also do a video testimony while I show you photos describing what I am writing here. There is one other person that has been involved in this conspiracy to do me harm. -e has been my wor er by the name of &len Moore and he wor s for the provincially controlled and operated social "ommunity %ervices *8elfare+. &len Moore has repeatedly conspired with Mar 'urley, -an of -ome %afe :iving, and ;aster %eals. The sabotaging of my wheelchair did not start with this .le9 chair. My previous chair had the computer program changed to reduce my electronic bra es to fifteen percent. Mar 'urley is the one that prescribed my first indoor center drive wheelchair. .fter the wheelchair mechanics at :awtons on Main %t in <artmouth serviced my first chair to customi0e it for my special needs I was having very serious problems with it going out of control and sliding down onto streets when I tried to stop by the curb cut outs at red lights or going down the steep sidewal s of downtown -alifa9. %o I went to Mar 'urley repeatedly telling him what was happening with my chair. -e plugged his device into my wheelchair computer program port and told me that my wheelchair bra es had been dangerously turned down to fifteen percent. -e then fi9ed it. 'ut the problems of sabotage continued. <uring this time going bac two and a half years now I was continuously in contact with 8endy .nderson assistant to the previous and present Minister of -ealth in 6ova %cotia. I continued to be in contact with her and updating her as to what was going on. %he is the one that made the arrangements to get me this new .le9 wheelchair. %he has always been aware of everything happening and new of my many posts about these issues at http1228heel" about what was going on and the sabotaging of my power wheelchair. %uch as this report I did %ee full post about m" &'() wheelchair here. http: wheelchairrights!wordpress!com *+,- +- ,. my"new"alex"wheelchair"is"going"to"/ill"me

Alex wheelchair (0 ! "lipped #ackwards on acceleration and almost killed me.>tor,t4?0vgs In this post *below+ you will hear my last conversation on the telephone with -an of -ome %afe :iving about the dangerous condition of my wheelchair suspension and drive motors and the messed up computer wheelchair controller settings ma ing my chair very dangerous to use. I then contacted the service technician for -andi"are in 5ntario. They had already been aware and seen my many .le9 wheelchair reports on !outube. I spo e with them and described the situation and condition of my wheelchair. .bout the controller settings. They told me that my chair should not be doing the dangerous things it was set up to do now. -e said hte factory presets were set up to prevent the very dangerous things my motors were doing now. -e understood and that my chair settings were dangerous and needed to be corrected. I told him that i could not get anyone to set them right. I as ed if he could send me their @doggle) a device that plugs into the chair)s computer circuit so that I could fi9 the settings. I as ed him to send me the technicians manual for me to study to set the computer right. -e emailed it to me. The doggle costs A300 and I could not get it. I as ed 8endy .nderson if she could get someone to pay for it or if she could get -ome %afe :iving to lend me the one they too that was delivered with the chair. They refused to lend it to me. I then spo e with the technician in Toronto about the serious problems with the electric motor drives and how they were not functioning properly. -e then told me that since I got my chair they have sent -ome %afe :iving thousands of dollars worth of parts and new motors. -e could not understand why would my chair be in such terrible condition especially considering this was a brand new chair when I received. I mentioned to him that i as ed Brancois the technician form -ome %afe :iving to come to my home where I went into the underground and showed him how horrible my chair was wor ing after he had supposedly fi9ed it with all those new free parts the manufacturer sent to him. I par ed my chair in a straight line then I as ed Brancois to watch what the chair was doing. I pushed the controller to full speed forward where the left wheel screeched and spun at full speed while the right wheel did nothing but stay loc ed and the chair never moved. I showed Brancois many other serious and dangerous things the chair was doing. -e then pic ed up the chair a few days later and never mentioned or fi9ed what I showed him. I got the chair bac with nothing fi9ed and the receipt he gave mentioned nothing about why he had pic ed up my chair and

what he was supposed to fi9. The technician in 5ntario then suggested that the chair should be returned to them to be properly fi9ed. I mentioned this to 8endy .nderson and as ed how that was going to be done and paid for etc. 6ow the conspirators had to come up with anew plan as they new that if my chair made it bac to 5ntario there would now be a professional report available from the manufacturer as to what was done to my wheelchair. That is why I am now denied all servicing to my wheelchair and why the conspirators have made sure that none of the three shops in this town will service my chair.

0lease &E10 listen to disabled wheelchair user on telephone pleading $or his li$e and sa$ety
Bebruary 2$, 2014 http122wheelchairrights.wordpress.com2201420222$2please4help4listen4to4disabled4wheelchair4user4on4telephone4pleading4 for4his4life4and4safety2 .fter I was no longer able to have my wheelchair serviced anywhere I called the ,olice on March 20 2014 and gave "st ' (irton the information and proof that my wheelchair was being deliberately sabotaged. -e listened to me and too a close loo at the hole I drilled about the chair being setup deliberately to flip bac wards. see photos of his business card with Incident number 144C$$10. .fter which he said he was going to contact me about laying charges of criminal negligence. .fter which he never phoned me. %o I telephoned the number on his business card and they told me he did not wor at this number. Then after I could not find him. I told the ,olice officer that without a professional technician to spea on my behalf that it would be very unli ely that he could press criminal charges against these conspirators nor do an investigation.

I previously did this photo and video post that described the many problems with my new .le9 wheelchair. http: wheelchairrights!wordpress!com *+,- +- ,. my"new"alex"wheelchair"is"going"to"/ill"me