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Integrated Math II Syllabus

Mrs. Haynes
Community Academy of Philadelphia

Course Objectives
1. To further the students’ knowledge and study of algebra;
2. To understand the process and necessity of algebraic and trigonometric principles;
3. To understand how algebraic and trigonometric mathematical skills are used in
problem solving;
4. To learn the mathematical skills necessary for success in applying algebra and
trigonometry to real life situations;
5. To be introduced to Geometric principles and be able to correctly apply them;
6. To communicate this understanding orally and in writing.

Student Handbook
Binder with three sections of loose-leaf paper
One folder
Pencils (Mechanical are recommended)
Scientific Calculator (graphing calculator is not required, but acceptable)
Straight edge
Colored pencils
A Sharpener
Graphing paper
Composition Book

This all needs to be brought with you to EVERY class.

If you are without anything, you are considered unprepared.

Grading/ Evaluation
Your grade will be determined by the following components:
1. Homework (10 points)
2. Special Homework (10-20 points)
3. Warm Ups (100 points)
4. Wiki Entries (50 points)
5. Quizzes (50 points)
6. Projects (100 points)
7. Exams (100 points)
The points earned throughout a quarter are added together then divided by the total
number of points possible. This gives me the student’s average.
Course Requirements
A mandatory homework assignment will be given every class which is to be completed
by the following class, unless otherwise noted. It should be done on white loose-leaf
paper and in pencil. Calculators are fine to use, but not relied upon (I hold the right to
change this privilege. If I see too much dependence this will quickly change) Homework
is not given to torture, rather to aid in the learning and perfecting of a skill. Therefore, I
do not check homeworks everyday, nor do I collect them on command. I will not lecture
a student that has not completed a homework. Homework helps the student and not
completing homeworks only hurts the students. Not only will incomplete homeworks
affect your grade when I do check them, but test scores will definitely reflect the
competent from incompetent. I do collect randomly so stay on your toes. In the case of
collected homework, please head your paper with appropriate heading. The homework
would be considered due at the time of collection. (refer to rules on late homework)
There may be special homework assignments that will be worth more then the
typical assignment. This is due to the assignment being slightly harder, more in depth,
and requiring more time, with more expected of the student (i.e. formal explanation).
This is all dependent on the assignment and will be further explained with the first

Warm Ups
Every day when you come in to class there will be a warm up on the sidewall. This warm
up is to be copied and completed in your composition books within the first 15 minutes of
class. At the end of each marking period your composition books will be collected and
graded. This will be a test grade, so it is not to be fooled around with.

Binder Check
I hold the right to collect binders at any time and check to see that notes, classwork, and
homeworks are being completed. I may collect the binders of the whole classes or just a
few members of the class. If collected, these checks would be the same a quiz grade, or
50 points.

Wiki Entries
One of the most famous Wiki’s available is Wikipedia. Most of us have used this
website. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia created by everyone! You can create an
entry and edit it freely (this is why you should NEVER use Wikipedia as a source for a
paper or project, as the information isn’t a reliable or accredited source). We will be
creating our own Wiki this year about all the new math topics we cover. This will be a
way of helping each other, teaching each other, and building (hopefully) a resource we
can use to study and learn from. You will be required to make at least one entry per
quarter. Any additional entries would count as one point of extra credit. These points
could quickly add up. To get credit for your entry, remember to always end your entry
with your name. Keep them short and sweet, you don’t get extra credit for length, and we
want to make sure everyone has a chance to respond.

Depending on the class, there may be no to a lot of quizzes. It depends on the progress of
the particular class and whether the quizzes will be a help or a hindrance. If this class
were to have a quiz, expect having question similar to the homeworks we have been
working on. The questions will vary having some very simple and some challenging.

Written Report
Students will apply concepts from the course to complete a group-oriented written
project. Guidelines for the project will be discussed in class and in a handout that will be
given out at the same time of assignment, which will be around Christmas. The project’s
due date is tentatively in April, 2006, giving the students plenty of time to complete this
assignment. There will be time in class to work on these projects. This will be worth 100
points, the same as an exam. To get the full 100 points, the project must be presented in a
timely, professional manner. Late Projects will not be accepted.

Each exam will be worth 100 points. The exams will be at the end of each chapter we
complete. The exams will be based on the information that had been covered in
homework and in class. The best way to study for the exam is to understand and practice
the homework. This is why not completing your homework will hurt you in the long run.
Before each exam there will be a review day and the day I hand back the exams we will
go over the exams. Checking and keeping your exams is an excellent way to study for
midterms and finals.

Extra Credit
I do give extra credit, BUT ONLY TO THE ENTIRE CLASS. I have a set amount of
points I am willing to give as extra credit, so asking me for more or for special
assignments will not work. Plan ahead… if you are doing poorly on a chapter, do all the
extra credit I assign the class when I assign it, because I won’t make an exception, no
matter what! Sweeping my room will never result in extra credit!

Other Classroom Policies and Procedures

Every week we will have a “teacher’s pet”. I don’t mean this to sound childish, so please
don’t be insulted. Every week a person will be chosen going in alphabetical order. This
person will be in charge for the week of things such as making sure the date is right,
taking down the attendance, and any other errand that might arise. The benefits for being
the teacher’s pet arise with bathroom or locker privileges and when papers are needed to
be handed out.
Collection of Homework or Warm-ups
All papers should have your name, and any without will be thrown away.Either one of
two things will happen. Group leader will then place the papers in the respected class tray
or I will check your work at your desk while you are working on your warm-up. Not all
homework will be collected. This shouldn’t be automatic. It should only happen on

Please hold requests to use the bathroom until after the daily lecture. Do not ambush me
at the beginning of the period. If there is an emergency, that will be dealt with at the time.
Prolonged time at the bathroom will be investigated. Don’t ruin the bathroom privilege
for everyone. Three people will be allowed per class, again, unless of extreme
emergency. No one is to use the bathroom before 8:30 and no one after 2:30. That is
school rule, not mine.

Classroom Dismissal
Chivalry is dead in America, and I aim to revive it! When I am ready, I will first dismiss
the ladies from class. Gentlemen are allowed to pack up, but not leave their seats. I will
give the girls ample time to leave, and then dismiss the men. If there are slow moving
girls, I won’t make all the gentlemen late for their next class, as well as potentially
embarrass the lady, rather just allow a pause before the gentlemen’s dismissal.
Remember, I dismiss the class, not the bell.

Students must submit their own work and, when appropriate, properly site the work they
are quoting from. Refer to student handbook for further information on this subject.

I give one warning for any unwanted behavior in class. If behavior continues, it will
result in a detention to be served that day. If for any reason a student is asked to remain
after school, it is crucial that the student reports to my room as soon as possible.
Detentions will be 10-15 minutes per check earned of absolute silence. Anytime spent
talking, reading, or moving about will not count towards your detention time. I will give
24 hour notice for a detention exceeding 45 minutes. Do not ask me to reschedule your
detention. If you couldn’t afford to show up for a detention, you should have been more
careful of your behavior. Sports or clubs isn’t an excuse for absence. Failure to appear
will result in a write up and/or other serious ramifications. First person who asks to sweep
or clean my boards will have this advantage. Its an advantage as when you are finished
you are free to go. Three detentions will result in a “3” on the report cards, and one write
up will be an automatic “3”. This is not negotiable.
If you receive a warning or detention, do no argue it. This will only make it
worse. If you disagree with the disciplinary action, come see me after school to talk to me
and explain your position. Act like an adult, and I promise you will be treated like one.

Late Work
I do not except late work. If the student wants credit, the work will be done by the time it
is due. No exceptions.

Make-Up Work
I will try to make sure the homework assigned is posted each day either on the
information board or online. The student will have 1 day to make up work for every day
that they missed while absent. This goes for homework or warm-ups. The student will
have exactly one week to reschedule any missed tests or quizzes to be taken after school.
After the allotted one day for homework and week for tests and quizzes the grade will be
a zero. It is the students’ responsibility to make sure all the work missed is done, NOT
MINE! The year project does not count for this! It is due when it is due. Because it is a
group project, someone in the group should bring it in by the due day.

Students will be instructed on the most efficient way to take notes in class. They will be
given tips on the appropriate organization of their notes and are expected to follow this
guideline throughout the year. Notes help with homework and tests, and note upkeep is
required to take advantage of the tutoring available after school. If you were absent and
need the notes, ask a fellow student first. If notes are not available to barrow, then see me
after school.

Lateness will result in detentions.

If you are absent on any given day it is YOUR responsibility to get you work you missed
(warm up, notes, classwork, homework, tests, etc). Unexcused absenses are encouraged
to make up work, however any missed test or quiz will not be allowed to be retaken.
Medically excused absences may. If you missed a test you must see me to schedule a
time to take it after school.

Sustained Silent Reading

All students will utilize SSR to read a book or novel. Students may not read magazines
or do any written school work, as stated in student code of conducts.

Tutoring will be available Tues- Fri after school from 3:15 pm until 4 pm. All students
are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of this time, although anyone that wants
help needs to be willing to work. Anyone at tutoring without the class notes (unless they
were absent) will be asked to leave. Anyone at tutoring that is playing or distracting,
wasting time, or not working to their fullest abilities will be asked to leave. Keep in mind
that I coach ladies soccer in the spring and help with the gentlemen’s soccer in the fall. I
may not be available when you need help, so plan ahead. DO NOT wait till the day
before the test!

After School Appointments

Keep in mind I am not the only teacher in this room. At the end of the day I am not in
here, so if you have an appointment with me or a detention, give me a chance to get there.
Meet me in my room, wait 5 minutes. If I do not show in five minutes, sign your name
and leave. I will check to make sure you’re not fibbing! If you waiting for a test, after
five minutes if I am not back, see Ms. Joel to page me.

Three’s or Unacceptable will be given on report cards for behaviors unexcused in class.
Continuous talking or lateness will result in a three (see Detentions). Any time you are
written up will result in an automatic three or being caught cheating. Any party involved
with the cheating will get the three and a zero given for the grade.

List of Topics to be Covered

Review of Statistics Polynomials
Functions Irrational and Complex Functions
Systems of Equations Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Trigonometry Geometry and Geometric Proofs