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Campbell Soup Company

Name: Saima Kabir Registration No: 1511-111032 Semester: 7th Submitted To: Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Butt

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First of all, I would like to thank Almighty ALLAH who guided me to the way for a bright future. I would like to acknowledge the help provided by teacher to make this project a success. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. AHMED BUTT, professor at Preston University for his valuable guidance and support. A special thanks to my greatest source of inspiration and encouragement from Parents. I would like to thank each and everyone who supported and extended their cooperation to me in the completion of my report. Last but not the least; I would like to thanks Preston University for providing me a truly inspiring and relaxed environment for studies.

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1. Introduction .... 2. History of Case.. 3. SWOT Analysis 4. Marketing Objectives. 5. Consumer Behavior and Segmentation.. 6. Positioning Strategy 7. Product Strategy.. 8. Price Strategy. 9. Channel of Distribution Strategy.. 10. Promotion Strategy.

11. Recommendations. 12. Annexure / Attachments

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Campbell Soup Company is a global manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, branded convenience food products. Company Overview Founded in 1869, Campbell Soup Company is one of the leaders in manufacturing & marketing branded consumer food products. Since 1980, Campbell Soup Co. has undergone three different strategies under thee different CEOs who brought their own agenda in order to build value for the company and its shareholders. For example, under Gordon McGoverns leadership (1980-1989), Campbells strategic focus was on developing and introducing new products and expansion of the business portfolio through acquisitions. Under David Johnson (1990 1997), The companies focus shifted to increasing sales growth, increase market share & share holder value through Eliminating unprofitable products & business units, focusing more on global marketing and Improving communication and technology sharing between businesses. Under the third CEO, Dale Morrison (1997 present), Campbells strategy focus continued to increase sales growth, increase market share & share holder value, but focus was shifted more towards profitable businesses with the highest growth potential and divestations of non strategic businesses 2.

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History of Case:
Campbell Soup Company introduced its line of chunky soups in 1970. The product was geared to young people who were avoiding Campbells slandered soup lines and looking for some thing that tasted more like a meal. This heartier version containing more vegetables and meat, it is the leading ready to serve food in super markets. However, as the youth market turns from soup to other foods for lunch and snacks, with the growth of fast food restaurants and microwave ovens and the pizza and pop corn cooked in them, Chunky face increasing challenges from alternatives.

Campbell has resolved to reach the youth and collage market. 70% students have access to a microwave oven, the potential exists for heating up soup. In addition, this group likes soup and prefers to consume chicken noodles soup rather than hot dogs.

Target Market

Target Market for Campbell soup are mostly students, youth and target at Collages, and Universities so our core media tools will be designed to reach them there. AGE STABILITY: This is a demographic thats almost exclusively 18 -24 years old. This age range is also key element to building brand loyalty. INCOME LEVEL: According to the survey, the students have about 150$ to 200$ per month discretionary income.

Target Market Problem

The main problem is that mostly students are not interested to read the newspapers, listening radio, and watching television. So the company should advertise at just the right time and right place. The result is maximum impact for the advertising dollar and can easily reach to our target audience.

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SWOT Analysis


1. The company is financially strong. 2. Production procedures system and operation management are consistent with industry slandered. 3. Company is maintaining healthy relationship with suppliers. 4. CBR in the company is extending its cooperation and support.


1. The company have not static comprehensively consumer behavior. 2. Consumers are showing less loyalty with Campbell brand. 3. Customers have become food savvy.
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4. 5. 6. 7.

Campbell soup is fierce competition in the industry. The company is weak visavis competitors in the segment of chunky. The marketing management is suffering from mismanagement. HRM needs improvement.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Economic condition in USA are apparently condusive and favorable. Campbell soup is interalyzing the aspects of social shift. The company is equite to implement the past laws and legislations. Political environments are stable and policies are industry specific. The company is equite to install new technology. International affairs of the company apparently seems favorable.


1. In USA food industry is social shift people are seeking out quick fixed hazel free goods and services. 2. Legislations are being passed in all the areas related to the industry. 3. Industry is experience as technological changes.

Marketing Objectives:

The marketing objectives for CAMPBELL SOUP COMAPAY are to acquire the brand or business personality and image that are desired in the minds of buyers and end users and position the business as a leader, challenger, follower, or niche player in the category and gain the current market share in the whole food industry.

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Consumer Behavior and Segmentation:

Consumer behavior is a key success of any Company. Consumer behavior is depending upon culture, value, traditions. When marketers offer unique benefits in a new product they encourage consumer to subtype, if successful marketer established a dominant position in a new sub category.

Deliver higher levels of consumer satisfaction through superior innovation focused on wellness while providing good value, quality and convenience. Consumers are seeking and will continue to seek products with a strong value-orientation and with health and wellness benefits. Campbell is pursuing initiatives designed to address these consumer trends and to drive strong levels of consumer satisfaction.

In order for Campbell Soup to carry out its market segmentation strategy, it had to undertake research to make operational the market segmentation process the goal of which is to identify groups of consumers who are relatively homogeneous with respect to their responses to marketing inputs. To accomplish this goal requires (1) the selection of the most appropriate descriptors to use to identify market segments (Campbell relies heavily on geography, age of housewife and her occupational status, and presence of children); (2) the determination of differences between segments especially those concerned with product benefits; (3) an evaluation of relative long term attractiveness of alternative segments.

Positioning Strategy:

Before we go on explaining the positioning strategy for your product, let me remind you of this:

"A Positioning Strategy results in the image you want to draw in the mind of your customers, the picture you want him/her to visualize of you what you offer, in relation to the market situation, and any competition you may have".
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I suggest the following positioning strategy for THE CAMPBELL SOUP COMAPAY which could be gain a piece of a targeted consumers mind.

Quick, Spicy and Healthy food GET READY FOR EAT

Product Strategy:

Our products have unique characteristics that distinguish it from our competition. The Chunky Soup containing more vegetables and meat in a richer, heavier broth has done very well over the year with teens. It is the leading ready to serve food in super markets.

Pricing Strategy:

THE CAMPBELL SOUP COMAPAY should adopt the Value Added Pricing strategy for a particular product line to increase their pricing power.

Value-added pricing is a pricing strategy that attaches value-added features and services to differentiate a market offering and support higher prices, rather than cutting prices to match competitors.

Rather than cutting prices to match competitors, they attach value-added features and services to differentiate their offers and thus support higher prices.

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Channel of Distribution Strategy:

We identify the distribution channels through which our products will be made available to the target market/end users. We made our products more broadly available and relevant in existing and new markets, consumer segments and eating occasions. Our Chunky Soup is now mostly available in schools, colleges, universities, hostels and other eating occasions in according to our target audience.

Promotion Strategy:

Advertising plan

Advertising is a favorable representation of product to make consumer, customers and general public aware of product. It let the potential buyers, general public and end users to be aware and familiar with the brands and their goods and services.

In a successful business, advertising play an essential and important role. Though advertising does not mean selling of products and services but it helps in increasing your sells. Advertising create awareness in people. When general public be conscious to the products, services and goods under the brands and pursuit people towards brands and make them buying better brands.

The Campbell Soup Company can use the following various mediums to reach the target audience and create brand awareness in general public and to make business more popular within the circle of potential buyers.

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Billboard Advertising

Billboards however, can simply attract attention by being there. One billboard placed strategically is as effective as hundreds of newspaper and television ads running. The best thing is anyone can see them. Well designed billboards can easily capture a person's fancy as well. It all depends on your creative team to come up with that. The company should place their billboard advertising near to schools, colleges, college campuses, and universities to reach out thousands of students on a daily basis.

T.V Advertising

Television is a powerful advertising medium. It relies on both sound and visual effects. These effects can be used in combination to catch the attention of your audience and then reinforce their retention rates by repeating the message using both audio and video. As we know that students are not interested to watching T.V, so the question is how they watch T.V advertisements? I suggest the company should place their ads during the prime time (7pm to 11pm) because mostly audience involved in watching T.V including students, and mostly students are involved in watching sports activities so the advertisement should be on sports time also.

The Brochure Advertising

One of the most widely used tool in showcasing businesses products and services are the brochures. We consider brochure advertising because it could easily inform our target prospects about the latest updates and newest products and services. Second it keeps people informed about the good benefits so our target audience can get through the brief information included on it.

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On ground activities

On-ground marketing activities can reach out to an advertisers key target audience. The company should sponsor a cooking competition for students in different colleges in order to develop their interest and involvement.

Offer free samples

Offer free samples, coupons or trials to students. If you can get students to try the product, you can often get them to keep coming back. Discounts, coupons or samples are often a way to get them to give you a shot.

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I have a lot of suggestion for the company. Some of them are: THE CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY follows a differentiation strategy. If it wants to grow in this market and raise their competitors, it should also follow low cost strategy through it can reach to more people and comfortably increase its market share. Further it does not have any promotional offerings that would attract customers. If such measures were implemented, they would increase its brand name and add value to the organization.

Sponsor events to get the word out. By seeing and interacting with a product, any student is more likely to become interested or attached. A visible product is one that students will have in their minds and consider more, especially if it is helping sponsor something they like.

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