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a collection of resources for planning, producing, and marketing successful virtual events and meetings

Welcome to the  Virtual Event Resource  i l R Book!
Right now the worlds of marketing and meetings are changing, likely forever. Due to the global economic turmoil, companies are cutting travel across the board or in all but customer facing situations that are identified as critical to close business. The pendulum has swung totally away from travel causing chaos in the physical event and meeting market. Out of this chaos of cancelled trade shows, conferences and meetings of all types, has come the need for marketers and meeting planners to rethink their plans and look for innovative new ways to achieve the goals of these events without the travel. Though virtual events and virtual meetings have been around for some time, the current situation has created extremely high time demand for all virtual marketing and meeting solutions. If you are reading this now, you probably are well aware of what is happening in the virtual events space and are one of the many marketers and event producers that are trying to create a strategy that p y g gy involves deploying virtual events in place of or in addition to, your physical events. What is important to understand is that this is a seismic shift that cannot be undone. Although the pendulum will swing back, it will not swing back to where things were. This is not like post 9-11 or the SARS epidemic where travel came back even stronger than ever. These difficult economic times will be with us for a long, ff f long time and businesses will continue to look at ways to keep costs down wherever they can. The good news is that virtual events and meetings are working. Companies are realizing significant ROI and even physical event producers are seeing profitability increase with virtual events versus


physical events. Why? Attendance is going up because more people can attend since they don’t need to travel The vast majority of money don t travel. spent to participate in an event never went to the event producer…the registration fee, if there was one, was a fraction of what the attendee and the event producer had to spend in travel, lodging, food and beverage, AV, rental fees, etc. IBM was recently featured in a TV interview talking about how they have saved $350,000 in j g y just one meeting by going virtual. Multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of meetings companies were doing and you can get a sense of the vastness of the potential ROI. We don’t believe that physical event will ever go away but things have changed and th h d d there will b f ill be fewer physical meetings and more virtual; h i l ti d it l there will be fewer people attending physical events and more attending the same event virtually. The technology needed to conduct virtual meetings is improving rapidly while becoming more affordable and available every day. Though we can’t replace the “handshake” in a virtual environment technology is available to create a photorealistic environment, image/avatar of yourself that walks, talks, sees and hears …and yes they are working on the handshake. This book is a collection of useful resources we found at the time of production. We will constantly update it and add more useful features and functionality. If you have feedback or want to contribute, please email us at Thanks and good luck with your events!. Michael Doyle Virtual Edge Vi t l Ed

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Virtual Edge Summit 2009 Program Highlights The ABC’s of Virtual Events, Meetings & Marketing (What You Need to Know) Going Beyond Lead Generation (Virtual Events that Drive Sales) Keynote: G t the Virtual Edge! (Mi Ph i l & Vi t l E K t Get th Vi t l Ed ! (Mix Physical Virtual Events t G t t to Get Results) Event & Marketing Professionals; Skills for Virtual Worlds (Learn New Skills & Techniques) Revenue Development Part I (Selling Sponsorships, Exhibits & More) Planning & Strategies (Building Profitable Strategies for Virtual Events) Revenue Development Part II (Selling Paid Content, Registration & Services) Social Networking Strategies (Create Strategies that Drive Audience & Community) Measurement, Tracking & ROI ( g (Measuring Your Virtual Events ROI) g ) Defining & Creating Virtual Communities (Community Building Strategies & Tactics) Voice, Video, IM & Chats (What Works and Why in Virtual Environments) Keynote: The Future of Virtual Events—after the recession ends (Key Part of the Marketing Mix) Audience A A di Acquisition St t i (Pl i iti Strategies (Plans & Techniques to Build E T h i t B ild Event t Audience) Looking at Virtual Worlds (An In-World Guide to Virtual Worlds for Events) Solution Provider Open House (F-R-E-E ½ day Program to Test & Demo Virtual Event Technology) Content Development & Format/Experience Strategies (Content Planning & Experience Mapping for Virtual Events) “x”Casts & Telepresence (Products, Technology & Tactics for Successful Online Meetings) Workshop: The 30 Day Plan! (Everything You Need to Know to Build Your Virtual Event Plan) Workshop: Building a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Community (Everything You Need to Know to Build Your Social Media Marketing Plan) Find out more or register at

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What is a Virtual Event? Everything below…and maybe more Webcast A Webcast is a transmission of an audio or visual or a combination of audio-visual media file either live or on demand over the internet. Webcasts generally use the streaming media technology, which b d t h l hi h broadcasts th content f t the t t from a single source i l to multiple viewers or listeners simultaneously. Do I need any extra hardware? A Webcast will require a headset or speakers to listen to the audio script or the version as a part of media file streamed on internet. It does not require any extra high-end hardware other than your PC speakers. Slidecast Slidecast is a set of slides broadcasted on internet with the synchronization of video and audio effects. Slidecast will facilitate the multiple viewers to see the deck of slides simultaneously in a multimedia presentation format, uploaded on a single source. Virtual Trade Show/Online Trade Show A Vi t l T d Sh Virtual Trade Show i a combination of some of th most is bi ti f f the t successful elements of a live trade show collected and translated into a multimedia file format and broadcasted or transmitted on the Internet. Virtual trade shows allow the exhibitors and sponsors to reach their target audience round the clock. Some are run over a short time period (1-3 days usua y) and others are open o o t s usually) a d ot e s a e ope for months. Virtual Expo/Online Expo A Virtual Expo is an online virtual exposition hall accessible over Internet. It is a multimedia format that gives the real-time experience of visiting and moving (in 2 or 3-d) around in the virtual exposition hall and booths using arrow keys on your keyboard. Available to visitors online, round the clock though there are usually specific times that the e hibitors are present s all exhibitors in their booth and you can chat with them. Virtual Job Fair/Online Job Fair Virtual Job Fair is an online job fair, that gives the potential employers and employees access to up-to-date job openings and company profiles through online booths/stalls that attendees can visit similar to the Virtual Exposition. This can be one of the most cost effective techniques used to attract employees--saving time and travel costs.

Definitions Cont’d
Podcast A Podcast is a digitally recorded audio multimedia file with playback capability distributed over Internet. Podcasts are generally compatible with web feeds, PCs and specific types of mobile devices. They are downloadable and can be played back at the user’s convenience. Virtual Meeting A live event or meeting that is done using a virtual p g g platform generally available from one of the virtual event platform companies, custom built or hosted on a virtual world like Second Life (SL) perhaps in a virtual conference center. Bannercast Bannercast is an on-demand or live video broadcasted in an inbanner ad using streaming technology. Bannercasts generally provided an optional registration to initiate the interaction between the customer and the advertiser. Bannercast is one of the most effective advertising media on internet, which can often attract the target audience better than a standard banner ads. Audiocast/Telecast An Audiocast or Telecast is a telephone based conference p consisting of a presentation that will usually include an audio based question and answer session. On-Demand vs Live On-Demand services/sessions are the content items available online that can be accessed as and when demanded or required by the viewer or listener. Live services (or exclusively live) are online services that usually cannot be replayed as the broadcaster will transmit the program content or service at a fixed interval and once the broadcaster stops live service the viewer or listener cannot access the content. Live Simulated Prerecorded activities/sessions that are generally available to run at a specific time and date and are not publicized as being prerecorded and usually have a live post-presentation Q&A period. Virtual World A virtual world, such as the popular Second Life, is a computerbased simulated environment intended for its users to inhabit and interact via avatars (animated figures). These avatars are usually d i t d as t t l t ll depicted textual, two-dimensional, or th di i l threedimensional graphical representations, although other forms are possible.

Table of Contents
Virtual Events Help Marketers Virtual Environments for Business Virtual Events Are Green for Business Virtual Events are Generating Demand with Significant ROI Value 2.0 Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies Virtual Events: What Should You Be Doing? Building Real World Business...Virtually B ildi R l W ld B i Vi t ll Case Studies for Virtual Events Launch into Cyberspace: Consider an Online Supplement to Your Tradeshow Product Launch On Virtual Event Technology Virtual Events: How to Go On the Road Online Virtual Conferences' Home Advantage Tips on Using Virtual Events to Generate New Revenue Economy and Globalization Help Drive Success of Virtual Events NAILED IT: DMNews Interviews Eric Myers, Quest Software Designing an Effective Virtual Tradeshow Experience: An Attendee Perspective Three Problems, One Solution: Virtual Events Seven Se en Common Misconceptions that E hibitors Ha e abo t Exhibitors Have about Virtual Trade Shows The Real World Marketing Value of Virtual Events Eight Common Misconceptions that Event Organizers Have about Virtual Trade Shows

Table of Contents II
The New Tool for Marketing Success Seven Steps to Marketing an Online Event Successfully BtoB Marketers Moving Towards Virtual Events As Budgets g g Tighten & ROI Scrutiny Heats Up The Inside Line on Generating Leads and Getting Results Internet Initiatives for Not-for-Profit Organizations Virtual Meetings Will Erase Face to Face Dos & Don’ts of Virtual Events Don ts Virtual Worlds & Metaverse Resources Project Wonderland—3D Toolkit for Building Virtual Worlds for Business From the Fire-Pit to the Forbidden City IBM A d Academy of Technology Runs Fi t M lti D Vi t l fT h l R First Multi-Day Virtual Conference Current Reality and Future Vision—Open Virtual Worlds Virtual Worlds for Business Best Practices in Webcasting for Publishing—Proper Planning, The Value of Webcasting in the Virtual Workplace:A Key Component of Enterprise Communications 8 Steps to a Successful Webcast Webcasting vs. Web Conferencing: How to Choose Which to Use Best Practices in Webinars Webcasting for Marketing and Lead Generation On the Job: Virtual Job Fairs Expand Search Options The Making of a Successful Virtual Job Fair Tips for Attending a Virtual Job Fair (podcast) Virt al

Virtual Events Help  Marketers

Rising costs and dwindling budgets are making it hard for business marketers to attend and run events. So instead of going on the road, many companies are getting on the Web. Direct talked about the pros and cons of hosting online gatherings.

Virtual Environments for  Business

This blogger discusses how virtual interactive sites like Second Life helped pave the way for ,and at the same time necessitated, easyinterface virtual event applications like InXpo, ON24 and Unisfair.

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Virtual Events Are Green for  Business 

Dog and Pony Interview with Malcolm Lotzof Malcolm Lotzof is the CEO of InXpo, a virtual event provider that is drastically expanding the reach of physical events with their 3D interactive customizable events. Malcolm points out the financial and ecological benefits of their green business solution.

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Virtual Events are Generating  Demand with Significant ROI 

Reducing the traditional cost of physical marketing events (i.e., venue rental fees and travel expenses), online events are a way to significantly increase marketing ROI while creating quality leads.

Value 2.0 Eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies

We are at the beginning of an era of true transformational change. The full power of the Internet, globalization and innovative new technologies are coming together, and in doing so, are changing the rules of business, culture and society. The purpose of this paper is to help executives understand the new ways in which emerging technologies and principles are enabling value creation through what we call the “new rules of Value 2 0 ” new 2.0.

Virtual Events: What Should  You Be Doing? 

Learn how the way successful companies deliver information to large audiences is being revolutionized through virtual events.

Building Real World  Business...Virtually  Business Virtually 

Delivering similar knowledge-sharing and personal interactions, read how virtual events now look and feel remarkably like their physical counterparts. a2ca70d3ff91c

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Case Studies for  Virtual Events 

ON24, Inc. works with over 600 customers on their corporate and marketing initiatives, such as lead generation, webinars, town hall meetings, executive communications, and product launches. They have brought together many best practices on how their customers leverage webcasting and rich media for business to business (B2B) marketing, publishing marketing publishing, and sales lead generation generation.

Launch into Cyberspace:  Co s de a O Consider an Online  e Supplement to  Your Tradeshow  Product Launch

The Internet can be a powerful ally in a product launch initiative before attendees actually arrive at the show. While the effectiveness of methods adopted may vary , th general objectives of product l the the d t d l bj ti f d t launches are th h same—to generate a buzz and interest about a product that converts into leads and eventually sales. This article outlines seven steps to create a successful online product launch that will supplement a planned tradeshow product launch

On Virtual Event Technology

The rise in popularity of virtual events and environments will enhance the jobs of event managers and planners and will help solve some challenges they currently face.

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Virtual Events: How to Go On  the Road Online 

Rising costs and dwindling budgets are making it more and more difficult for business marketers to run events. Today, instead of hitting the road many companies are hitting the Web. Learn how and why.

Virtual Conferences' Home  Advantage 

Growing interest in virtual conferences is fueling a miniboom for companies like Unisfair. Read how companies like Cisco Systems are hosting virtual events to attract participants who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend.

Tips on Using Virtual Events  to Generate New Revenue 

Generating qualified leads for little overhead cost, highly interactive virtual events give marketers the visibility and reach that they may not experience with physical events, Learn how.

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Economy and Globalization  Help Drive Success of Virtual  Events

This interview addresses factors driving the success of virtual events, best practices, and innovative ways marketers are using virtual events to increase lead generation in their campaigns. MattersNewsletter101308/Economy_and_Globalization_Help_Drive_Success_of_Virtual_ Events.aspx

NAILED IT: DMNews Interviews  Eric Myers, Quest Software  Eric Myers  Quest Software 

Eric Meyers talks about Quest Software’s decision to choose Unisfair event. to host its first online interactive event

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Designing an  Effective Virtual  ect e tua Tradeshow Experience:  An Attendee Perspective

This article addresses the areas that a virtual meeting planner or a virtual tradeshow producer needs to pay attention to when designing the virtual attendee-experience. The content for this article is derived from nearly 5 years of hands-on experience in designing and delivering virtual tradeshows in a variety of industries and applications. e_Perspective.pdf

Three Problems, One  Solution: Virtual Events

After choosing to host virtual events, three organizations from diverse industries learn valuable lessons about reaching their audiences.

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Seven Common  Misconceptions that  p Exhibitors Have about  Virtual Trade Shows

Many trade show producers including industry leaders are earmarking staff and money to building virtual trade shows. Exhibitors in physical trade shows now have the option to participate in virtual trade shows as well. This article presents a compilation of common misconceptions based on first-hand experience in marketing virtual exhibit spaces to Exhibitors.

The Real World Marketing  Value of Virtual Events

Virtual events provide the lead generation of physical events without the expense ,and often with less setup work. This article discusses the value gained from hosting online conferences and fairs.

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Eight Common  Misconceptions that  sco cept o s t at Event Organizers  Have about Virtual  Trade Shows

The Internet is a powerful ally for the trade show producers in increasing show s name. However, Virtual the value of a trade show’s brand name However the term ‘Virtual Trade Shows’ has been loosely defined and much maligned, largely due to many misconceptions that prevail. To help the trade show producers share in the knowledge gained in this emerging area, has compiled this list of common misconceptions that trade show producers and associations have about virtual trade shows based on first-hand experiences and data.

The New Tool for Marketing  Success 

Virtual events and conferences are supplementing the traditional tools of marketers to generate leads and drive customer traffic. Cisco, IBM, and Quest Software are all recent adopters of this technique. technique

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Seven Steps to  Marketing an Online  a et g a O e Event Successfully

This article covers seven steps to successfully market an online event, based on lessons learned from the Southwest Capital Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma which tripled its attendance through adding a companion online event in October 2000.

BtoB Marketers Moving  Towards Virtual Events As  Budgets Tighten & ROI  Scrutiny Heats Up

Learn how hosting virtual events can maximize marketing ROI, p y g q p g especially where budget cuts require spending less on p y physical marketing events.

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The Inside Line on  Generating Leads and  Getting Results

This article discusses how online events can generate more and higher quality leads than traditional marketing strategies.

Internet  Initiatives for  Not‐for‐Profit  Organizations

This article guides you through the top 15 questions you should ask about your organization and goals before embarking on any new internet marketing initiatives. rategic%20thinking%20vis-Ã -vis%20%20Internet%20initiatives%20for%20Not-forProfit%20Organizations%20and%20%20Advocacy%20Groups.pdf

Virtual Meetings Will Erase  Face to Face…NOT! Face to Face NOT!

This article talks about the many F500 companies that are foregoing traditional f face-to-face events in favor of virtual meeting halls. Learn f f f about the the pros and cons of this trend.

Dos & Don’ts of  Virtual Events 

Don ts Guy Piekarz offers some Dos and Don’ts to improve your netiquette in virtual social situations.

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Virtual Worlds & Metaverse Resources

This interview addresses factors driving the success of virtual events, best practices, and innovative ways marketers are using virtual events to increase lead generation in their campaigns.

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Project Wonderland— 3D Toolkit for Building  3D T lkit f  B ildi g  Virtual Worlds for  Business

This presentation is a high-level overview of Project Wonderland. Project Wonderland is an open source toolkit for creating 3D virtual worlds. Scaling to support up to twenty users, the software supports high fidelity audio, shared applications, telephone integration, video, and more

From the Fire‐Pit to the  Forbidden City

An outsider's look at the evolution of the IBM Virtual Universe Community (VUC). The VUC has been helping to legitimize the use of virtual environments within IBM through its broad range of activites, using a i t ithi th h it b d f ti it i variety of virtual world platforms. In the paper, the author provides a historical and future perspective of the community- where they have been, and where they are going.

IBM Academy of Technology  y gy Runs First Multi‐Day Virtual  Conference 

p p y gy (AoT) ) Over 150 people attended the IBM Academy of Technology ( Conference on Virtual Worlds, held in entirely in the virtual world of Second Life -- running behind IBM’s firewall. This report provides a summary of this first-of-a-kind event.

Current Reality and  Future Vision— F t  Vi i Open Virtual Worlds

This white paper examines the current state of 3D virtual worlds and provides insight into Sun’s vision for the future of virtual worlds as they evolve with open standards and i t The l ith t d d d interconnected communities. Th paper t d iti also provides an overview of Sun’s value proposition in this domain and describes the progress that is already being made toward open virtual worlds. The paper also provides a great overview of the various types of virtual worlds including popular ones like Second Life and Club Penguin.

Virtual Worlds for  Business

The Q2 edition of Virtual Worlds for Business features overviews of all the major enterprise virtual worlds technologies and 12 case studies. Find out how companies like yours are using virtual worlds today.

Best Practices in  Webcasting for  Publishing— P bli hi
Proper Planning,  Compelling Content and  Flawless Execution

Webcasts enable informative and stimulating presentations at a fraction of the cost associated with in-person meetings and presentations. This guide outlines best practices in how to effectively plan your event, create compelling content and attract your target audience.

The Value of  Webcasting in the  Virtual Workplace: Vi l W k l
A Key Component of  Enterprise Communications

Smart businesses recognize that webcasting is more than a medium—it’s a business-changing technology. This whitepaper discusses the value of webcasting and offer suggestions for finding best-of-breed application services that deliver the necessary functionality, helping companies benefit from using webcasting in the enterprise.

8 Steps to a  Successful Webcast
watch as an online webinar

This fifteen minute online webinar reviews eight steps to a successful webcast from determining success metrics to creating the marketing plan.

Webcasting vs.  Web Conferencing: W b C f i g
How to Choose Which to Use

What’s the difference between webcasting and web conferencing? Under what circumstances should each be applied? The purpose of this article is to define the benefits of each medium, dispel the disinformation and help you decide which is right for your organization. amlogics.pdf

Best Practices for  Webinars

Webinars — Web seminars — are powerful and cost-effective tools that can deliver qualified prospects right into the hands of your sales people. But there are several “ifs.” They must be approached thoughtfully, carried out intelligently and the leads they produce must be properly pursued. This paper provides strategies and a checklist for ensuring better results from your Webinar events.

Webcasting for  Marketing and Lead  g Generation
watch as a streaming video

This ten minute online video reviews how to generate leads through webcasting for career marketers.

On the Job: Virtual Job Fairs  Expand Search Options 

Don Best discusses the benefits of virtual job fairs. Jobseekers have access to more search options, for example.

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The Making of a  Successful  Virtual Job Fair

This article attempts to address some of the questions that have been coming up among those interested in virtual job fairs and virtual career fairs. has deployed several successful virtual fairs including job fairs since 1999, in academia and Corporate America. In this article the writer highlights factors that make these early adopters want to come back and do the virtual job fairs over and over again again.

Tips for Attending a Virtual  Job Fair (podcast)

Learn about the basics of attending virtual networking events such as online job fairs.

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