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Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be
approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.

Q.No Questions Marks Total Marks
1 Explain about the impact of technological changes on the society.
A Effects of technologies on business 5
10 Relationship between technology and competition 3
Key issues in managing technological innovation 2

2 Explain the various dimensions of technology transfer and features of technology package.

A Explaining dimensions of technology transfer and
its qualities
5 10
Explaining features of technology package 5

Read the following case study thoroughly and answer the following questions:
This case study deals with technology diffusion. XYZ is a small software
development company, established in 1970. Their products commanded a good
brand value in the market. Their market value was Rs.200 crores by the year 1995.
So the company decided to expand its business by offering new products based on
cutting-edge software technologies. In this context, the companys General
Manager (GM) decided to buy new technologies and introduce them in the company.
When he discussed this matter with companys employees, they were not enthused
because they had to learn new skills to master new technologies. They were
comfortable with old skills and showed their reluctance towards new skills. They
also though that new technologies may make them redundant. One of the employee
also said that the new technologies will add to the companys costs. After

considering all the opinions and suggestions, GM took a decision. He selected two
employees who showed an inclination towards learning new things and sent them
for training to ABC software company. At ABC the two employees of XYZ received
technical know-how with respect to the usage of new software.
After completing their training, the two employees returned to their company and
conducted a workshop for one week on the usage of new software. This workshop
helped the employees of XYZ to shed their inhibition towards new technologies and
the usage of software. Now the employees started using the new software without
any difficulty. For any doubts or clarifications, they could freely consult the two
employees who had received training at ABC company. The GM felt happy that all
the employees had no difficulty working on the new software. The good leadership
qualities exhibited by the GM led to the introduction of new software and its
acceptance in the company. I n the year of 1996, the company bagged a project that
especially required the assistance of the new software being introduced. Since all the
employees were trained to work on the new software, the new project was
successfully completed in a record time. The completion of the new project increased
the XYZs profit to Rs. 500 crores. The credit for successful diffusion of technology
in the company and resulting profitability goes to the insight and leadership qualities
of the GM.
a) Why do you think the employees showed reluctance towards adopting new
technologies or learning new skills?
b) Why was the GM eager to introduce new technologies or software in the
A a. Reasoning for the reluctance 5 10
b. Explaining why 5

Consider the above case and answer the following questions
a) List out the advantages of using new technologies in XYZ company
b) I f you were the GM of XYZ company, which type of technologies you would
prefer keeping in mind the companys interests.

A a. Listing the advantages of using new
b. Identifying the proper technology 5

5 Discuss the stages involved in technology life cycle with suitable examples.
A Explaining the 4 stages if technology life cycle 8 10
Examples 2

Discuss the process of technology based innovation process with suitable examples.
A Explaining 8 phases 8
10 Diagram 2