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Or anyone who shags really fat women and moans when they burn their arse on the light bulb! Try a lower wattage!
Mick Harts
Issue 24 2.50
Do sit ups
Do sit ups
W O R K ?
W O R K ?

and sometimes they wonder if
there is a
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Two fat birds -!
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send in anything to publication are welcome, publication is of course at the editors decision. The magazine does not accept responsibility for those who do not warm up well before ANY of the exer-
cises given herein. Use your heads a little. We assume that all people are of a fit and healthy nature but if in doubt, have a chat with your local G.P. before having a go. All stacks that are to be
featured in future publications are given soley as information purposes and we are not stating in any way shape or form that they have to be followed and are given purely for whats happening out
there purposes.
4 Bodybuildings Last
Whats a Lickalotapuss?
6 Amy Lynn Anderson
Girl of the Month. A new
8 Hart To Hart
You ask -Mick answers.
12 Efficient Mass
Great tips for growth
16 On The Door
Darryl interviews the Blue!
18 Mirror Training
No not lifting glass!
20 IS bodybuilding
falling apart?
Ron Ball - at his best
24 Tommorow?
What can we say?
26 Squats, Squatters &
Squat Alternatives?
All about squats
29 The Silver Surfer
This guy is sick - GOOD!
30 Between Sets
Our man in Spain hits
home again. Check out
his new book!
34 Roy DUVAL
From our man in the
States - Eric Freimanis
38 My Way
No its not Frank - its
Laurence Keen.

- No Bollocks Team
Mick Harts NBC - 4
I do hope that you were sitting down when
you received this issue!
I know it may have come as a shock, but think about this - no one was as shocked as me! But
seriously folks, it has been a hard slog to try and catch up, but as we have now (or rather me),
we will try and get the mag out to you as fast as possible.
Additions? I hope also, that you liked the new pictures from our man in the States, Eric
Freimanis. I like to add a bit of variety and Eric has certainly done this without doubt - nice one
mate! We have just been accepted to cover the Olympia and Eric is flying out to cover the show
- hopefully, we will have all pictures by the time you have got this. If we are late, well at least we
will have covered it - its a first for the good old NO BULL Collection.
My good old mate, NO BULL original cartoonist, Tony (Fuckface) Neighbour gave me a call the
other week and told me the reason that he had been away for so long. His little boy, Sam, had
been ill with a variety of frightening problems but is now on the mend - thank God. We have
dearly missed old Tony here, especially me, and I look forward to publishing the mans totally
SICK sense of humour in the up and coming issues. Nice to have to back with us mate, but it
must be awful for you living south of Watford - our northern hearts and flat caps go out to you.
We have gas here in the North now you know?
RADIO FAME - again!
Dont know whether you heard me on the radio on September 22nd (or thereabouts), it was one
of those althtetic season steroid question-type programs that usually crop up especially when
the Olympics are on or looming. Anyway, the usual questions were asked, do you actually
believe that British athletes are on steroids.... and so on, etc etc. My usual returned serves were
put into action, and as usual, returned unlistened to. However, one question was asked me that
was not usual. It was regarding steroids and their point in law AND whether or not they should
be put into the same category as the hardest drugs, i.e. heroin, cocaine etc - Category A!
I gave my answer to which they did not broadcast, so I will give it to them here in the NO BULL -
my way.
Answer it yourself after reading this! How many steroids make you as high as heroin or coke?
In a straight race, how many would die of heroin usage as opposed to steroids? How many
HAVE died of hard drugs as opposed to steroids -honestly? To put steroids in the SAME catego-
ry as the harder drugs would be the mistake of the century. Why? Well, for instance, a shot of
sustanon is about a fiver -yeah? OK, organised crime moves in on an even BIGGER scale sim-
ply because would be more illegal -what happens - that shot goes up to more like fifty quid per
shot. More problems, more counterfiets, even MORE problems like we would have ever seen.
They cannot see it can they. Most steroids are counterfiet anyway, so they are barking up a
wrong tree to start with.
Last Stand
Mick Harts NBC - 5
Last Stand
We have had loads of kind comments about the NO BULL mag - thanks for that people, it is real-
ly what keeps us going. Thats really true because there aint no fucking money in this game I
can tell ya. However, it seems that we have also had a few comments from a few ladies
about some of the pictures that we have had in. I think that they made them a little, well,
er uneasy is a good word. Now then, do you LADIES really
REALLY honestly say that because your lives are so bor-
ing? Is it that your lives are so, well, low down simply
because you just DONT have a laugh? Awww, cmon, it
must be. Also, what does your husband do to make you
feel horny? It has gotta be something nice and wierd - if
not, it cannot be fun can it really.
Bet you have a bodypart
pierced. Why not pierce your
lips - both sets, that would do us
all a favour - try a staple gun! As for
the rolling pin picture? Well dont worry, you
dont have to do that really - or do you? Or have
you? Or was it you in the picture you little scamp?
Nice arse anyhow!! Now please FUCK OFF back to
your Vegan, possible single, definitely celibate, green-
peace, nun-like, non-smoking, non drinking, no wank-
ing, no tit-fuck mate but use-me-arse-tonight - please
love sort of boring life and let US get on with taking
the piss out of the rest of life itself. Why I hear
you ask? Well, it is ALL a fucking joke
anyway and IF doing anything that not
only makes ME laugh, but others too,
then it is all worth it. By the way, did
you have anything to do with the
Millenium Dome? And is it true a
dinosaur lesbian would be called a
Lickalotapuss? I rest my case. Maybe
you should not try and sneak a peak at a
really good mag eh luvver, you dont have to
pick the NO BULL COLLECTION up now do you? Or do you...........?
Finally, if YOU, the reader has any REALLY funny pics, please send them in and we will, (after
pissing ourselves laughing) be happy to print them with a guarantee that your name and address
will be safe. Until then, stay happy, stay hungry, train hard and remember most of all - FUCK
EM ALL and enjoy life - we do.....!
Amy Lynn Anderson
55 105 lbs 34-22-34
Astroligical Sign
Favorite color
Favorite Food
Favorite cheat food
Sloppy Joes
Favorite excercise
Roller blading by the beach
Your best bodypart
What do you do to stay in
Outdoor exercise
How often do you workout
3 to 4 times a week
Roller blading, biking, water-
sports, motorcross, kiting,
range shooting, and collect
bikinis & music
Photos by:
Eric Freimanis
Amy Lynn Anderson
Hi Mick,
Great new site Mick. How do you do it internet
and a great magazine. I have a few questions that
I need answers to and I hope that you can help me. I have never tried any sort of (banned) drug in my life
but i was offered some winstrol by a guy at the gym. He said that it was a generic copy as it said on the box
but it did not say the name of the riod which he said to me it was. Do you think he is selling me fake and
how can I tell and if it is a generic do you think it's safe to take.
Also I know that it depends on each person but how long on average do you think gains last for and do you
know of anything that can help them stay a little longer. I have heard that clenbutrol is good at keeping
gains is this true?
Mick, I also heard that once you come of the gear you can get trouble with gyno is this true? The person
that told me said it was to do with the evaluted estrogen levels and the low test levels once you are off the
gear. Is this guy bull shitting me? If not can I take any tabs for it I don't fancy jabs? I hope you can help
me out.
Hey Mark,
Right mate, heres what you do! First of all, and I can tell you this as FACT, I do not know of any generic winstrol on
the market. Tell him to shove it up his arse for now.
Gains? Yes, clen can work quite good for keeping gains. It works for some better than others. Best used a bridging
agent between cycles. Gyno? It is always best to have a prevention plan and nolvadex is your best bet, alternative-
ly Proviron is a good one too, take at least one tab
(of either) per day. Orals can work great on their
own. Why not try Dianabol and andriol as a start.
You can get great gains on them with little side
Dear Mick,
My question is why, when I am curling the same
amount of weight as someone else, theyre get-
ting incredible results just by thrusting the
weight, and I am curling the weight correctly as
I told in the magazines! I want to know what the
difference is, and how I can get the same
incredible results? Also, what is the best way
to build triceps?
Alan G., Shrewsbury
Hey Mate,
Not all books are right! You see, by curling as strict
Mick Harts NBC - 8
Keep elbows STRAIGHT up to keep stress on triceps
as possible you eliviate any stress on other muscles
and hopefully use most of the weight on the areas
that you are trying to hit. BUT, there are no rules
that say that you cannot cheat curl. This is a very
effective way of shocking the muscles into new
growth and I think that you should give it a try. It is
best done with bar curls at first so that you get used
to it. Use a little bit of swing to help that little bit
more weight up than you would normally use and
feel the pump - it's great!
Triceps? Try single arm DB raises, elbow pointing
straight up and high and lower the bar to the back of
the neck - this is one of the MOST effective exercis-
es for triceps.
Dear Mick,
I am sick of being stuck on the same benching
weight. What should I do to start lifting more
without being able to do only TWO reps.
Pierre Desant
Hi Mate,
For a start, take some weight off that bar and remember that bodybuilding is NOT only about bench pressing for
fucks sake - jeez that pisses me off!
A good trick is to start with such a light weight to warm up, then start your lifts at a much higher weight than you
would normally. This will get you closer to your final lift and more. Each time, try to start closer to your heavier weight
each time. This will allow you to go past it and further on.
Another good tip is to occasionally try a lift BEFORE your final lift weight HIGHER than normal so that you dont get
that final taboo weight stuck in your mind. Its an old trick that we used to use in Olympic lifting and makes the final
lift that bit easier. Before we used to go on, we would try a much heavier weight so that the competition weight felt
lighter. In most cases, it worked.
Hi Mick,
My problem is that I am a 19 year old man, 5ft 8 and only 54 killograms. As you probably noticed I am
extremely skinny. I have been to many doctors over the years because I was a late developer but now that I
have grown to my maximum height I cant see any further advancements in my body structure. I find it very
hard to put on weight. I eat normally, and with a lot of junk food. I have even taken weight gaining powders
to no avail. Mick what can I do?
Being this skinny has been very tough psychologically. My father is a big man, but I feel I am a useless man
as I do not have the physical qualities to help him when he works and I feel embarrased on his behalf too. I
played about 13 years of soccer but my weight has meant I cant compete as successfully because I get
pushed off the ball! Any way please help me by advising me on the options I have available to me. I also
would like to know the side effects of what ever strategy you provide, ie is all that bullshit about shrinking
balls and cancer linked with steroid use true? Please help me!
Salvatore Rizzo
Hi Salvatore,
I am a man who always advises that EVERY chance be given to those who maybe could gain as much as possible
OFF the gear if they can. This is because in some cases, such as yours, if everything has been done then there
really is no other choice; in fact it is the definite choice to go for without a doubt.
You could well be one of those who eats and eats and the food is not being utilised as it should be and therefore
growth is inhibited. Using steroids really is the only way to fly!!
As for the cancer of the balls and the shrinking of said items, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN to you if you follow the cor-
rect procedures.
When it has happened in the past, it has done so because people havent listened to what they have been advised.
Taking to much gear for NO real reason can only make things worse. Anyway, I have not heard of anyone getting
cancer of the balls; I have heard of people getting cancer of the balls via some other reason and gear has been
blamed as many times before. As for the shrinking nuts theory, oh yes that has happened to some, but they come
back. It can happen naturally anyway!! It really all depends on the amount of testosterone in ones body in the first
place. This is NOT one to worry about - worry when YOU aint using them me old mate!!
Mick Harts NBC - 9
One of THE best triceps exercises
Mick Harts NBC - 10
I would be looking around and seeing what is available for you in Oz and let me know where I will set out a cycle for
As for the training, I definitely advise training ONLY three days per week as described in my latest book, Steroids:
The Laymans Guide II. This will be more than enough and will allow your body to grow AND rest. I guarantee that
with that schedule and the right cycle that you will grow. I have not failed yet! Please contact if you need any further
advise. Be well and train hard.
Dear Mick,
I've been hitting the iron for awhile now, and just not seeing the results. I'm going to do my first cycle. Now
alot of people have told me to go with Primo Depot. My goal is to put on a lean 10-15lbs of mass and lose
some bodyfat. What would be best in this situation?
John Akley, Birmingham
Alright John?,
Sorry but the primo will not get you the gains that you are looking for, OK it is very good for conditioning and is the
only steroid that will work on a low calorie diet. I would try this: Go on a 8 week cycle and follow:
1 x testoviron every five days
1 x 50 mg of winstrol injection (in delt with a very small syringe - the orange type)
1 x 20mg every other day at least
anabol or dianabol - start with 3 per day for the first week, move to 5 the second week, 7 the third and 9 the fifth.
Have two weeks on 9 and start tapering down again. This will give you the size that you want BUT you need to be
eating at least 4 GOOD meals per day including protein drinks - six meals would be better. Remember, you must try
and be as exact on meal times as possible. This will help you to grow and the fat will definitely start to come off.
That is if you are training very HARD! Hope that it has helped.
Dear Mick,
I am 32, weigh 13st 10 and have trained for 3 years - I have now hit the "plateau" and cannot see myself
going any further naturally - my nutrition is good, as with my training. Can you advise me as to what would
be a good stack for a first timer? I want a bit more size and condition which I will mostly be able to keep
after coming off, rather than instant mass which I might loose a lot of (mostly through water retention).
In the Q&A section of Laymans Guide II, you answer a similar question and advise Primobolan and Anavar
along with Clenbuterol (I also need to loose about half a stone) which sounded ideal for me. The only thing
that does worry me a bit is the fact that my hair has receded a bit over the last couple of years. Will
Primobolan make it worse, being a derivative of DHT, although I know it depends largely on the individual.
If you do advise me to take this stack, or similar, should I include Nolvadex. Also should Clenbuterol be
taken whilst on the stack or after (4 week on 2 off etc)? Finally, can you give me details of how to get
Laymans Guides I + II and how to subscribe to "No Bull Collection".
Thank you for your time
Wayne Smith
Hey Wayne,
This question has been asked and answered so many times in the NO BULL and the recent books that I have pub-
lished, the reason for it being so is understandable. But you have to realise several factors.....
Firstly, you say that you have been going thin on top over the last couple of years, maybe that is the way it will go -
it did for me actually. At first it worried me, then I thought similarly to what you are doing now, If I use more gear,
will it get worse? The answer is that it COULD but also could not. You really cannot be sure. I know so many peo-
ple who in the same situation, had no problems whatsoever, others went the other way. It really is only a question
that your God can answer straightaway and your body over a period of time.
BUT - and this is a real big BUT............ look at the situation as it is now, well lets make up a person so that you
dont think that I am calling you names.
Lets take a guy who is moving into his thirties, same as you and HE too is faced with the same predicament. He
may think, no way am I going to get bald and forget the situation; train naturally and maybe gain some muscle and
get results over a longer period of time. This may be OK, but what if he is going to get bald ANYWAY, stopped train-
ing having NOT gained a furking inch and on top of all THAT ends up not only BALD as a snooker ball, but a fat bas-
tard to boot!! What about that for a shitty situation yeah?
Now then, lets look at our second scenario, the loverly old me!! I was in a position of being about 20 years old and
the old barnet (hairline) started to go backwards, in fact it was looking like I had a fringe on the top of my arse!!
Boy was I worried. What could I do?
I sat and thought about it (for about a year or so, watching as my comb got used less and less) and suddenly
thought about the RIGHT way to go about it. I decided to train as hard as I could, every day that I was physically
capable of doing. I WOULD take the gear AND as much as it took - obviously within the safest protocolic parame-
ters possible - and I did. Wanna know why?
Easy, there were so many people out there who were looked at as not only bald headed fat bastards, but FAT, bald
headed fat bastards - double jeapordy dont you think? That particular scenario was NOT going to be looked at in
THIS mans direction!! No way me old cocker.
So I trained like a lion and the problem became one for the OCCASIONAL other person to worry about NOT ME!
They would say, Hey Mick, you are going bald mate, I would and do turn to them with my biceps peaked and hard,
my waist tight and at LEAST 15 inches smaller than my chest; my legs and arse tighter that that of as ducks, oh and
being tanned at the same time! I would and do turn and enjoy saying, Yeah, I do believe that you are right. But
why are you worried me old FAT mate? At least I have seen my balls these last few years! Have you seen yours?
See what I mean? Why worry about it, shave it off, get them AND YOU used to it. In the main, others worry about it
more than you would if you are in the right frame of mind.
As for the last bit of your question and what to use, I would go for something like I have put in the Laymans Guide II,
testoviron on Mondays, Winstrol through the week and Andriol on about 4-6 per day throughout the course. Do not
worry about the amounts of gear, believe me, it is not a lot and you will be safe - no problem.
One last point, if you were not losing a bit of hair and you did through using the gear, the losses are not permanent
anyway and would come back.
Please support the NO BULL as you requested the information, this would be appreciated. All can be purchased via
card, cheque, cash etc.
Mick Harts NBC - 11
... but
Mick Harts NBC - 12



Marshall Brown. BSc. Hons.
t seems that each time that a new issue of a magazine, or a new book, is published on weight-training/bodybuild-
ing, there is also a brand new set of training methods to follow. This makes everything very confusing, especially
for the beginner. In this article, I aim to set down some training facts that are based in both the success of individu-
als that have applied them, and in sound scientific principles.
Training for Strength = Success in Reaching Training Goals!
n general terms, it can be stated that a large muscle equals a strong muscle. Why? If you think about it, the larger
a muscle is, the more muscle protein, and hence more contractile elements, it contains. This means that a larger
muscle is stronger and/or has more endurance than a smaller muscle. Therefore, the ideal way to train for large
mass gains, whether you are training naturally, or using anabolic steroids, is to train for large increases in strength
over the long term. The heavy loads applied to the muscles in this type of training cause the most efficient increases
in the elements of the muscle cells primarily involved in contraction.
n order to train for the fastest gains in size and strength, compound movements should be employed which bring
into play a number of different muscle groups in the execution of the exercise, so enabling large training loads to
be used, and the greatest amount of muscle tissue to be stimulated concurrently. Such exercises include the squat,
deadlift, bench press, bent-over row, leg press etc. These are also the exercises which are the hardest to perform,
as compared with isolation exercises, which only target a single muscle or muscle group in isolation from the others
surrounding it. This is the main reason why many people shy away from the difficult compound, or basic, exercises
and gravitate towards isolation movements, which are easier to do, but what about results? Very little in the way of
progress will be yours if you only stick to isolation exercises; you may get 'toned-up', but you certainly won't build
large muscles, if that is your primary aim.
n a nutshell, the effort you put in equates to the results that you get out of your training. This is why so few people
reach their initial goals that they have in bodybuilding, simply because they are either uninformed, or not willing to
put forth the effort required to put on a significant amount of muscle. The result is that so many give up training alto-
gether, which is a real loss to them and to the future popularity of bodybuilding as a whole.
The processes involved in muscular growth and development derived from training may be divided into three distinct
Stimulation of muscle tissue via training
Recovery of body systems from the muscular damage and fatigue induced by training
Growth of muscle tissue (muscular hypertrophy)
with resultant increase in strength and/or endurance
such that the body is better able to cope with the
training stress when it is next imposed.
s a result of this last phase, i.e. the growth and adap-
tation phase of the developmental process, your
body has adapted to the training stress that has been
imposed on it, assuming that you have allowed enough
time to elapse between workouts to allow the process to
be completed. There are also the provisos that your diet
and sleep/rest habits are good outside the gym. This
adaptation means that your body will not continue to
grow and develop if it is continually exposed to the same
workloads over and over again, as it will soon be easily
able to cope with this, and no longer have any reason to
change and grow. Therefore, you should always strive to
increase your training intensity by employing different
intensity techniques, and by increasing the workload in
your training by using steadily greater poundages and/or
more repetitions per set.
emember that training to increase muscular size and
strength is not the same as training for a marathon
or other primarily aerobic activity. Bodybuilding training
is an anaerobic activity, and the training requirements
Mick Harts NBC - 13
Photo: Mick Hart
Alternate DB curls - GREAT for mass & shape!
Mick Harts NBC - 14
are, therefore, totally different. Anaerobic training with
weights requires tremendous bursts of physical effort
which can only be sustained for short periods. This is
because the demands for oxygen from
bodybuilding/strength training are so great that the body
cannot supply sufficient oxygen to the working muscles to
be able to sustain their work output on an aerobic level, i.e. with oxygen. Therefore, the muscles must quickly switch
over to anaerobic respiration to continue contracting. This causes a rapid build-up of metabolic by-products includ-
ing lactic acid, which eventually cause the muscle to stop contracting if the set is taken to muscular failure. This is
the point at which muscle growth is greatly stimulated, and there are many techniques which can be used to take a
muscle 'beyond' muscular failure, e.g. by quickly reducing the weight, the muscle can continue to contract and reach
an even greater level of temporary fatigue, leading to even greater growth stimulation, in order to further stimulate
muscular development.
herefore, by virtue of a high-intensity weight-training session, it is neither possible, nor desirable, to do set after
set of very high intensity work, without overtaxing the body, leading to a state of overtraining, and possible loss of
strength and size, in addition to a halt of further progress. You simply cannot put your body through this kind of work
for long periods, but if you train for only a short duration per workout with high intensity of effort, and train infrequent-
ly, the results you desire will be yours.
or most beginning trainees, it is recommended to train the entire body two or, at most, three times per week. The
workout should involve the use of basic, compound movements that stimulate large masses of muscle, and allow
the use of the largest possible training loads, relative to the starting strength of the trainee. As progress is made
over time, a person may find that it is
not possible to train all muscle groups
effectively due to fatigue near the end of
the workout. This is because the mus-
cles will have become larger and
stronger, and the energy requirements
for their contraction are thus far greater
than when the person started training,
leading to a faster onset of fatigue. At
this point it is advisable to train different
sections of the body on different days,
e.g. upper body at one workout, lower
body at the next, to help overcome this
problem. This will ultimately mean that
you may only train the entire body once
every seven to ten days, especially if
you begin to split up your upper and
lower body muscle groups into different
workouts. However, because you are
much stronger than when you started
training and your training intensity will
be far greater, you will be able to deliver
a much larger amount of growth stimu-
lation to your muscles per workout,
which will mean that you will require
more time to recover from each training
session. Therefore, you can see that
the bigger and stronger you get, the
more physiological damage you are
capable of inflicting upon yourself at
each training session, which then goes
'hand-in-hand' with a need for more rest
and recuperation.
he exact amount of time that you
should allow to elapse between
workouts is variable from individual to
individual; we all have slightly different
tolerances for exercise and adaptation
to training. The only real way to know
Efficient MASS
............continued from page 13
Eddie Ellwood knows just how important rest is as a training aid
Photo: Mick Hart
Mick Harts NBC - 15
Then buy bloody good bricks!
Want to build a GOOD strong foundation?
Available from Mick Hart Training Systems - please call (01246) 811013 for full details
for certain if you have recovered from a previous workout at the muscular level is to have a biopsy done on that
muscle and have it structurally and biochemically examined for remaining indications of trauma. As this is obviously
not practical after every training session, it is up to you to determine the time periods between workouts that allow
for the best increases in size and strength without overtraining and regressing.
In future articles, I will cover aspects of overtraining and how it can be recognised and avoided for optimum gains.
Until then, train hard, rest and grow!
Mick Harts NBC - 16
LOOK OUT- darryl selbys.....
Darryl: Hello and welcome to the No Bull. Could you please introduce yourself to the readers
PC Boag: Yes sure, my name is PC Dave Boag, I am the North Yorkshire Licensing officer and National Door Safe
Register Co-ordinator.
Darryl: Dave can you tell me how the licence originated?
PC Boag: The licence originated in the mid 1990's. Training was given to all door supervisors regarding all aspects
of good practise in looking after licensed premises and members of the public. Through working with the York City
Council and the licensing magistrates, a condition was attached to all licence permission York that if they use door staff
they must be registered door staff. Rank was just about to open a night club and to put their doormen through the train-
ing and register the doormen with all the police stations in the North Yorkshire area it would be in the excess of six
thousand pounds - EACH! The North Yorkshire police thought this to be unfair and for this reason they established the
Door Safe Register (NDR) with the hope it will one day be accepted nationally. A door supervisor could then pay one
fee and work anywhere. The NDR is a police run scheme and now covers the whole of North Yorkshire, so a door
supervisor with this qualification can work anywhere in England's biggest county
Darryl: Dave, what did the Police and the council want to achieve and have you achieved it?
PC Boag: The city of York Council along wilh the North Yorkshire Police, wanted to achieve a safer environment for
both licensees and the members of the public around licensed premises and the area they are in. This has now been
Darryl: Why did the Police take over the scheme from the council?
PC Boag: York did not really have a scheme. The Police devised and ran the scheme. However, with the interven-
tion of the NDR the North Yorkshire Police now run the scheme across the county and have taken control of all the
local authority schemes. The respective councils now admit that the previous schemes provided a higher workload
and hassle. This has now evaporated.
Darryl: I see. Now the Police have taken over the scheme, what do you hope to achieve?
PC Boag: Now the police run the whole of the scheme across the county and have taken control of all the local author-
ity schemes, we have achieved uniformity with both training and vetting of door staff. We hope to achieve a
scheme that is trusted and reliable, and hopefully one that will progress nationally.
Darryl: Do you think the course changed since the beginning and is it for the better?
PC Boag: No the course has not changed from the beginning with regard to the NDR. We cover a wide range of top-
Hi readers , hopefully my last article was interesting and beneficial.
Here is an interview with PC Dave Boag, a licensing officer from the North
Yorkshire Licensing Department.....
ics over two days including basic law, licensing law, first aid, drug awareness, conflict management and cus-
tomer care.
Darryl: How much does it cost and what are the requirements?
PC Boag: The course currently costs 140 for vetting, training and provision of a badge and ID. The qualification is
valid for 3 years. Anyone who wishes to join the scheme must fill in an application form and include photocopies of
birth certificates and passport, National insurance number and 4 passport photos. The applicant must pass the vet-
ting check to join the scheme.
Darryl: How are people vetted and what measures do you take to ensure all Doormen/women are registered?
PC Boag: Once an application is received a Police National Computer (PNC) check is conducted for previous con-
victions. Providing they pass this they are then allowed on the scheme. Every member is re-checked on the PNC
every 3 months Police licensing officers and police officers out on the beat checking licensed premises and door staff
to ensure they are who they say they are and that they are in their possession of their badge and ID card.
Darryl: Do you think YOU have raised the standards of door supervision?
PC Boag: Yes, door supervisors have now become an extra arm of the Police force. The knowledge they gain on the
course and the experience they gain working on the door has certainly raised the standards.
Darryl: Do you think people are at risk with people applying for a licence that have never done this line of work before?
PC Boag: No I don't believe this, the companies who supply door staff are aware of staff who are new to the job and
the staff work their way up the ladder. New door staff never work alone but with experienced staff until they
gain more experience.
Darryl: What is your personal opinion on the NDR?
PC Boag: I think the NDR is the one of the best schemes available for the training and vetting of door staff.
Darryl: Dave do you think personal details and a photograph is
a good idea to be put on the Internet?
PC Boag: Yes I realise that the Internet is not 100% secure
and that if an experienced backer wishes to access a web site
he/she can. However the only details we enter onto the
Internet are the photograph, ID number, and whether they
have had there licence revoked. Since no other details are
held on the Internet it is secure as it can be.
Darryl: Would you consider a monthly newsletter to inform
door supervisors on changes and different issues to keep
everyone informed of recent news and vacancies?
PC Boag: No, this is not necessary. All door staff are fully
aware of what is expected of them. As previously stated, the
badge is valid for three years and when that time expires we
will be able to update them. We have over 900 door staff reg-
istered all of whom are employed by companies, not the
licensing unit. We therefore play no part in the recruitment
process, other than that to vet door staff eligibility to join the
PC Dave Boag: I'd like to thank you on behalf of our readers
for the information you have given.
....door super-
visors have now
become an extra
arm of the Police
force. The knowl-
edge they gain on
the course and the
experience they
gain working on the
door has certainly
raised the
A No Bull Interview
Mick Harts NBC - 18
This is just a quickie to help you on your way a little bit; a training routine that I have just put together for a few
guys on my systems that I think would be of great help to you IF you follow the way it is put together.
The idea is, in reality, to cut down on variety, OK I know that sounds weird, but we are here to get results and I
urge you to try it rather than go for the spice of life theory - well at least this time. By cutting down on variety on
this occasion, we are allowing ourselves to concentrate on just a couple of main exercises during the workout, but
blasting the crap out of the muscle groups at the same time. I know that we and many others have preached that
variety keep the boredom away but in many cases this can be a disadvantage as you may see.
Sometimes, by adding to many exercises, the intensity can be that much lower on the last group trained, this obvi-
ously depends on the way the individual trains, but have a go anyway.
The system is set up as two days on, one rest day, two on then the weekend off. Here it is a little clearer for the
thick as I know I am going to get letter after letter and phone call after etc etc.....
Mon - Train
Tues - Train
Wed - Rest
Thurs - Train
Friday - Train
Saturday and Sunday - Rest days
However, if you wish you can alter the days around to fit, the weekends do not have to be rest days, but the basic
plan needs to be adhered to, to get the best out of the system. As we have said many times, rest is so important
and with this system I would say even more as the intensity can be quite hard, or as hard as you can get it.
Another good point to note is that the system can be used either with high reps and low weight or the opposite if
you wish as it is the intensity that matters. You can use either on opposite weeks which is a great idea AND your
body will not know whether it wants a shit, shave or a haircut - so growth is inevitable so long as you kick the shit
out of yourself and work hard.
The exercises that I have chosen are good ones which cover the main groups quite well. However, should you
wish to change them, please remember that you should follow the same basic rules. For example, for legs, we
have chosen thigh extensions as a pre-exhaust and of course the squat as the main movement. Obviously the
weights will be lower when you come to the squats, but the intensity will be there without doubt, BUT when you
come to re-doing the thigh extensions, you will then see (and feel) just what a pump really is.
Try and keep the basic groups together as they work well, plus it has been designed so that maximum recovery is
at its best. As always, if there are any problems, please call me and I will advise accordingly.
Try this for about 2 -3 months, also go for the same basic exercises BUT each week or two, change the system
slightly, say low reps, high weight, short breaks for one week and the opposite for the week following. It all helps
to shock the body into new growth. OK I know that I said earlier that we were really cutting down on variety but
what I meant there was that I wanted to take you away from the same exercises and styles that you can get stuck
into week after week, month after month. Sorry if it confused you, but hey I can be a twat at times I know - thats
my job!
Is to try both styles of training, one week go for a perfectly strict style and another use more of a cheat method
where you can use that little bit more weight. Personally, I like to use the strict style even with the lower weights. I
Mick Harts NBC - 19
Want CLASSIFIED or FULL Advertising space?
Then please contact Angie on: (01246) 811013
Day One: Legs & Calves
Thigh Extensions - 3 x 10, 8, 8
Squats or leg press - 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6
Thigh Extensions - 2 x 15 -20 pump hard!!
Leg Curls - 3 x 10, 8, 8
Good Morning bends - 3 x 12 stretch
Leg Curls (again) - 3 x 10-12 pump
Standing Calves Press - 4 x 12-15
Day Two: Back & Delts
Lat Pulldowns to front - 4 x 8-10
Bent Barbell Rows - 4 x 6-8
Lat Pulldowns to front - 4 x 10-12 pump hard
Seated Press Behind Neck - 4 x 8 strict style
Standing Lateral Raises 4 x 8 -10
Seated Press Behind Neck 4 x10 pump hard
Day Three: Chest, Abs, Calves
Flat Bench Press - 4 x 10-8-8-6
Inclined Flyes - 4 x 8-10 Good style
Flat Bench Press - 4 x 8-10 Strict Pump!
Crunches - 2 x max reps poss
Seated barbell twists - 2-3 mins minimum
Light d/bell side bends - 3 x 15 each side
Leg Raises - 2 x max reps poss
Calves - As Day One!
Day Four: Triceps & Biceps
Close Grip Triceps Press - 4 x 10-8-6-6
(bench press style)
Triceps Pushdowns - 4 x 10-8-8-6
Close Gripped Press - 3 x 10-12 pump hard
Seated Alternate D/bell curls - 4 x 8-8-6-6
Straight Barbell Curls - 3 x 10-8-8
Seated Double D/Bell Curls - 4 x 8-10
feel that this hurts more and I get more of a benefit with it. Also, with having more injuries happen to me than
Jackie Chan, I can tend to be that little more careful, especially with elbow joints and even more so lower back.
If you feel that your usual methods are well established and you are worried that you would lose using this type of
training, then stick to what you have got. But if you are eating well and resting as good, there is no way that you
would lose - quite the contrary to be honest.
If you use a cheat style quite often, I can guarantee that a strict style would make a big change to your physique
Really, this type of system is ideal for bulking. I would suggest sticking with the good old basics over a 8 -10 week
period. A shot of Sustanon once every four or five days, with either Deca or Bol D Bol Equipoise at about
2OOmg/ml once every four or five too, in the same syringe if they are oil based (which they should be).
There are some good dianabol's on the market at the moment which would be a good oral back up on such a
stack. Should you not wish to go for to much bulk, Stromba would be a good alternative. Whichever oral you
choose, go for about 4 to start, moving up to 8 - 10 per day over the period. If you need further details on the
dianabol cycle etc, you can find them in the Laymans Guides 1 & 2 or in the NO BULL back issue number 11. As
always, dont forget the nolvadex - keep the bitches away.
ISbodybuilding falling
Last issue, I talked about the reasons why it is so difficult to get men into contests and the extent of the commitment needed
- in time and money - to achieve success in amateur contests. Now I want to say something about the problems of judging and
the lack of rewards for Pro Bodybuilders. I will also say something about why the IFBB GP last year had a such a poor turn-
So, it is not difficult to see why many bodybuilders are discontented. Fundamentally it comes down to money at the highest
level and to the effort involved plus prospects at the lowest. No neophyte bodybuilder (in the real world) expects to make
buckets of money from the moment he or she walks onto a contest platform and shows off his/her physique to the world, but
the ones who want to try to get to the top in the sport would like to think that somewhere along the way they could start to
get some recognition in the form of money. Some bodybuilders can make enough money from being a bodybuilder pure and
simple, without running a gym or anything else - but the numbers who can do this are tiny and mainly based in the USA.
Bodybuilders know how much effort and money goes into building a good quality physique and it hurts to see men and women
in some other sports getting massive sums of money for the display of dubious talents while they get next to nothing at all. A
recent survey of wages in the UK showed that the average weekly wage was 400 - two thirds of the population are below the
average but the figure is distorted by a small percentage of very high earners. At the top of the high earners were Premier
league footballers - their overage wage is 33,000 per week and this does not include other money from advertising Walkers
crisps etc., personal appearances, TV shows, etc. - and recent contract agreements suggest that this is likely to go consider-
ably higher. Some footballers even have very 'arduous' contracts with newspapers which demand that they eat breakfast once
per month with a reporter and generally chat about football - such contracts are worth about 60,000 per year for 36 hours
"work' including travelling time over 1,600 per hour considering the quality of some league matches and how unsuccessful
our footballers are on the international stage we have to say that many players are ludicrously over-paid.
Many bodybuilders would feel well off if they could get 33,000 or even better 60,000 per year from this sport. But we
should not forget that the majority of performers in most sports are more like bodybuilders than like footballers, lacking in
support and money. Many of the individuals competing on behalf of Great Britain at the Olympic Games this year will be
scratching around for the money to buy their kit and actually take time off work to train and to go to Australia. Their only
hope of reward will be a medal. I recently read a newspaper interview with a young man who looks set to be a serious con-
tender at international level in short track speed skating. He reported his difficulties in getting support, but the reporter said
he could still enjoy the support of the crowds! Crowds he said, "what crowds? If a few of my mates turn up to watch I'm
doing really well!
It's not just bodybuilders who need an audience. Much needs to be done in bodybuilding, but as we said above, first there
needs to be co-operation. Simple word, but it is an essential and at present it is a word with no meaning in bodybuilding.
But the other problem for contestants concerns the judging. I am not a judge, so perhaps I should not comment on an activity
that is almost a certain recipe for controversy. But the fact is that many competitors often feel hard done by. Someone may
not agree with the results, particularly their own placing and since he knows that there is a well established record of com-
plaints about judging, he will feel, rightly or wrongly that on this occasion they were the ones on the receiving end of bad
Many times we hear the audiences protesting about results and audiences on the whole are very knowlegeable. Most of the
time they are right. Too often I have seen men being wheeled out to judge a major contest and this the only contest they go
to from one year to another. They can be quite out of touch with modern bodybuilding. When any judge starts telling me
that Steve Reeves and Bill Pearl had the greatest physiques ever, I know we are in trouble. This is bad enough for the ama-
teurs but at the pro level things are much worse. Here the sport is riddled with politics and double dealing. It is clear that
unless you and your sponsor are seen in a good light by the top officials, you will never get the contest placings that your
physique deserves. Judging decisions are sometimes totally incomprehensible to the fans and to some contestants.
Frequently we hear that so-and-so is a new kid on the block, and so he has to serve his time before he gets a good placing.
Rubbish! If he has the best physique he should win!! The fact that I had never seen a physique before would never prevent
me from seeing that it was the best on the day or it deserved placing 2nd, 3rd or whatever.
On many occasions in recent years I have been at shows with the manager of our gym - former HW Mr. South Africa, Harold
Marillier. At these events we will sit together watching a class and hardly speak as the competitors are taken through pre-
judging, making up our own minds. Then as the judging nears its end we will discuss our opinions of the first six placings. In
most cases we will hardly disagree, except by the odd place up or down - if it is more than this we will discuss why. Both of us
have had a lot of experience of watching contests and we should not be wildly different in our assessments - there is some-
thing wrong if individual judges get very different results.
But other odd judging decisions come down to matters of arse kicking - or perhaps cock sucking! These days the internet can
give us more insights on what is happening in some areas of bodybuilding and we find out why certain bodybuilders more than
certain others did get well placed in pro contests. OK! Dont believe everything you read on the Internet, but some of the
reports do have the ring of truth about them. And some of this stuff is not likely to encourage young men to think seriously of
devoting the next 10 years to the bodybuilding life-style, being permanently broke, etc, etc. knowing that his chances of top
level success may depend on what supplementary services he is prepared to supply to somebody or other. Personally, I care
not what people do to and with each other in private but none of it should ever
be a factor in determining what happens in a bodybuilding contest.
Mick Harts NBC - 22
Consider the case of Lee Priest - and he is by no means a unique case. I have been involved in bodybuilding for over 35 years;
I have seen every Mr. Olympia winner except Larry Scott and I have seen almost all the top amateur and professional body-
builders, during that time in the flesh, in contests or seminars. I believe that Lee Priest has the most fantastic physique of
anyone I have ever seen. He has appeared on stage massive and ripped at up to 220/225lbs bodyweight at a height of 5 4.
Every part of him IS awesome. Sure he will struggle to beat a monster in condition at 6ft in height and weighing 280lbs. But
Lee Priest has been constantly shafted because he will not apparently lick anyone's boots or arse and last year he was fined a
substantial sum, $11,980 by the IFBB for his anti-establishment actions.
Over half of this fine was for two offences of daring to criticize the judges. Lee got some legal advice - which presumably
cost him more money and his lawyer informed the IFBB that they could not fine him for anything he said against the judges
because it infringed his right of free speech which is written into the first amendment of the American Constitution. He is still
left with a $5,000 fine for walking out of a contest after he overheard judges planning to give him yet another shafting
because he had dared to criticize them. As he apparently said at the time, Fuck em! Then he left.
He has had bad treatment many times and the fans can only be grateful
that he is one who loves bodybuilding so much that he carries on busting
his gut in the gym to get as he has said, ...all my muscles as freaky as
possibIe. In a recent interview, Ian Harrison comments on an occasion in
1995 at the Arnold Classic when he was asked by Peter McGough what he
thought of the judging. He said, l turned and pointed to two Pros, Lee
Priest and Lee Labrada. I asked, Who carries the most muscle mass, has
less weak points and is the freakiest? The result? ....... Lee Labrada
placed 4th, Lee Priest placed 11th. Where is the logic?
Aaron Baker is another who has now decided to give up the fight. His
awesome physique has been consistently ignored. Is it because he tried to
get a stable income by signing with the WBF? I don't know, but I do know
that he has a terrific physique which deserves better than he has actually
achieved. Another report tells us about another judge (this time it was a
woman) who would always place a certain competitor very highly because
she thought he was "so sexy". I put this down as incompetence. No such
person should be judging a bodybuilding contest at any level.
Why was the audience for the EFBB GP so poor? This should be the top
bodybuilding contest of the year. It would not be unreasonable to expect
a sellout for an event with all the top Pro- bodybuilders in the world on
stage with the best of British amateurs. In the early nineties, that was
the case in Nottingham seats were all sold months before. Some of the
problem stems from the fact that many of those events in Nottingham
were often less than advertisements promised. Extracts from the previous
week's Olympia contest on video, display by top male or female
Bodybuilder, seminars, etc. were promised but turned out to be non-
events. The only thing that mattered was the GP contest and sometimes
we had waited many hours for this as a result of getting there early in
time for the non-happenings.
The other thing is that like so many shows the number of clothing and other stands seems to have steadily declined, so that
coming to buy gym/leisure clothing became another possible non-event. There may be some problem as well with over hyp-
ing. If you tell people months before that all the tickets are selling fast, many may actually come to believe it and if they
then decide just a few days before that they would like to come to the show, they may just assume that there will be no tick-
ets and not bother to check.
But how many did not go for reasons similar to mine? I did not go to the show, although I had not missed one in Nottingham
for at least the previous six or seven years - there was no contest in1998. This year, more than at any time for any contest, I
heard people complaining about ticket prices. Some may consider this unreasonable; we cannot on the one hand think that
bodybuilders should earn more and on the other not be prepared to pay the ticket prices.
Whether it is unreasonable or not ticket price was a common complaint. But what we need with the IFBB GP is an event like
the Arnold Classic in the USA - I accept it will need to be on a smaller scale, but make it a great annual get together of body-
builders and the fans with everybody in bodybuilding suppliers of clothing, supplements, gym equipment etc having a stand.
At the Expo assodated with this years Arnold Classic, I understand that there were 500 exhibitors and the displays included
martial arts, etc. Not only that, but most of the top bodybuilders in the USA were there even if they were not competing -
they were manning the stands of there sponsors and potential sponsors. So fans got the chance to talk to their own
Another report tells us about another judge (this time it
was a woman) who would always place a certain competitor
very highly because she thought he was so sexy.
Mick Harts NBC - 23
The Expo was in a hall 20 mins walk from the hall used for the contest which pulled an audience of 4000. All too often at
many bodybuilding contests there is a short time seeing the top physiques on stage and an awful lot of time getting bored out
of your tits waiting for something to happen; we will ignore extended intervals when the show is already behind schedule.
Get people to the event by giving them lots of things to see and do. Make it worthwhile then for exhibitors to spend money
being there - they can expect some good business and new potential business.
Another problem is the increasing tendency for all contests to come along at the same time - NABBA in spring and EFBB in the
autumn. At about the time of the EFBB GP, I went to the EFBB Exeter Qualifier, the NABBA England, Doncaster, the EFBB
Finals, Nottingham, the EPF Britain, Halesowen and the Stars of Tomorrow in Hayes. At all of these events we had competitors
from our gym on stage and will always try to go to every contest where someone from the gym is competing - this will be pri-
ority. As said previously, competitors should get the maximum of support and this starts at home in our own Gym.
Somewhere in the middle of all of these contests was the EFBB GP and to go I would have had to pay for fuel for another 500
mile drive plus an expensive ticket - and others in the gym who had also been to most of the same shows had to say cost was a
factor. But the fundamental problem is all these show coming along at the some time. l know the reasons - competitors
want to get into condition for an area show and then to go on to the finals without having to bulk up and diet down twice. So
we get NABBA in the spring and EFFBB in the autumn. But it the shows were spread through the year, more people would be
inclined to go to watch more shows. As I write this we are in April and I have been to no shows so far this year. In the next
two weeks, we will be starting on another round beginning with the NABBA South Britain, the EFBB SE, the EPF Euro Qualifier,
the NABBA Britain, etc. And we have got some competitors in powerlifting contests - The British Championships - which we
will be attending in May. Two of our Power Lifters are already qualified for the World Championships.
Top Bodybuilders do not get what they deserve for their efforts and their achievements but they have every right to expect
the best possible treatment from the various bodybuilding organisations. It seems that to hope to make money from body-
building you have to become an IFBB Pro. As far as I can see, this means that you get a Pro Card which allows you to compete
in Pro contests for money prizes. But the IFBB does not pay any money to these professionals yet they believe that they have
the right to dictate what someone will do to earn his living.
You should not be allowed to give someone a piece of paper with no money attached and then tell him he cannot go to anoth-
er organisations shows as a star and get some money. They did this to Shawn Davies a year or two ago awarding him an
immediate suspension until he apologized. It is quite wrong. The card should be no more than a licence to enter lFBB,EFBB
Pro contests. What the man does outside of that is his own affair. The officials involved should realise that without the body-
builders they have no job at all.
So the present situation is unsatisfactory. With the things that are going on it is bound to be unsatisfactory. I hope that some-
thing can be done but when I see the same officials entrenched in their positions and attitudes for year after year, I find it dif-
ficult to be optimistic. What do you think? Have you personal experiences which you would like to tell us about - anony-
mously, If you feel happier that way. Drop us a line. I am sure I am not the only one who has concerns.
Mick Harts NBC - 24
To m m oro w
January 3rd, 00 - 6.00pm
Well diary - what a night we had the other er, night. What a curry! Whoooa boy. My arsehole was so hot after it
that if I had sat on someones arm with it I could have easily tattooed them a nice starry shaped tat - God it was hot!
We also had a giggle or two, as usual. My mate asked the waiter about something on the menu.
He shouted him over. Excuse me mate, he said pointing to an item on the menu, ..... are these prawn crackers, or
do they just like a fucking good laugh? Well I nearly pissed myself laughing, I thought that my knickers would not
dry out. The waiter looked on as if he was serving a couple of pissed up tit-heads! Well I did always think that lump
on my head was a boil not a nipple? I suppose the waiter was right - ahem!
Anyway the night was also fairly productive as my friend and I planned the strategy needed for my intashape proj-
ect that I had so unconsciously set myself on Millenium Eve. We discussed all sorts of things but in the main, we
had to decide where I was going to train. There were a few gyms that we needed to try, some of which I doubted
whether or not I would be able to get in. We decided that we would figure that one out another night as the night
was still young.
We knew that the bet was serious one, but life was still ahead - and of course a good few laughs too! We walked
out of the curry house, well sort of, towards the taxi rank. Normally my mate would have driven anyway, but he
agreed that drinking and driving didn't mix as he usually spilt most of it on the dash board. Plus he had already
been done for D&D once that year, mind you he didn't make things easier on himself to the arresting officer.
He was asked if he had been drinking and would he be prepared to blow into the coppers bag!
"Why are your chips to hot mate!" replied Tony,
my mate.
"Cocky fucker eh?" said the copper.
"No, I never make love to anything FOWL!"
Boom! He hit the back of the police van so hard
he thought it was the day before!
"Fuck 'em!", were the last words that I heard as
he disappeared into the distance - singing "show
me the way to go home" and of course awaiting
the kicking that he expected at some later
stage........................ !
January 4th, 00 - 00.30am
Anyway, I digress. We walked back to the taxi
rank and were stopped by what can only be called
a true slapper, a "lady of the night" if you wish.
She was so ugly, apparently her mother slapped
the mid wife when she was born. She had so
many spots and bumps on her head, a blind man
read her - what an ugly fucker she was. Anyhow,
she prpeo, propsoitn, proposishin, asked my mate
if she wanted a fuck! Tony said that she had as
much chance of getting his trousers off as his wife
as she was twice as ugly as the pro AND that he
would rather get wanked off with a wet woodbine! A well timed and, I might add, well positioned kick into Tonys
balls made him drop inbto a sort of prayer position. I thought it was religeous, well he was shouting "Jesus" at the
top of his voice quite a lot! I dragged him into the taxi and we were on our way home at last.
The taxi driver was worried that we would throw up in the car and as a precaution I suppose, tried to keep us talking
as much as he can. "What do you guys do for a living?" he asked. "Professional bodybuilders we are mate!" I said.
I suppose that taxi drivers are trained to laugh whilst driving an continued to do so for most of the journey. He did,
however, in between guffaws, ask about our abdominal muscles, or rather the lack of them.
"We work on the theory of the "One Ab system" Tony replied, "and we work it from the inside you cocky fucker!"
That did the driver and said that he was throwing us out early. Quickly Tony said,
"Ere, I know how to fuck his head up, watch this"."How much do we owe you - fuck face?" asked Tony.
"11.50 and be quick about it"
Mick Harts NBC - 25
We stepped out of the car - Tony gave him a 20 pound note and then suddenly said, "Leg it!" As we were running
away, Tony shouted at the top of his voice absolutely pissing himself laughing as he said it,
"And your tip is................... don't back Red Rum - it's dead!" We continued to run as fast as we could.
I said, as were running like fuck,
"Tony, how come we are running away? You gave him a 20 and the fare was only 11.50 mate?"
"Well, it fucked his head right up didn't it? Serves the bastard right too!"
I still cannot understand that one to this day! Fucked my head up too! Mind you, we still pissed ourselves laughing,
Tony even more, the bastard had given him a 20 alright - mine!
After dropping Tony off, literally, I tried to creep into the house as quite as I could. The wife was waiting behind the
front door which at first I didn't think was to strange. What I did think WAS strange was the fact that she was up so
late baking!? You see, she had a big, fuck off great rolling pin in her hand. I was out like a light after on swipe -
January 6th, 00 - 04.30pm
Yep diary, a couple of days have gone by, well they had no choice really, I cannot remember where the fuck they
went. What I do know is my head is still pounding - she cracked my skull I think. She still loves me though - hee
I over heard her talking to one of our neighbours this morning while I was still in bed,
she was asking the missus, how she always knew when it was OK to put her washing out, to which she replied,
"When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is pull back the quilt and have a look at Micks dick, if its laying to
the left, I know its going to be sunny, and if its laying to the right, I know its going to rain"
"But what happens if its standing straight up" interrupted our neighbour!
"If its standing straight up you can sod the washing" said the missus!
She must have been joking all those years she called me a useless prick because it sounds as if shes getting plenty
of use out of it one way or another! What more can she want from a bloke, a good seeing to in the morning and a
day off the washing, sometimes I really spoil her, but thats the kind if guy I am, all heart!
Well me and Tony have
decided where we want to
train and hopefully, if he can
get out tommorow, we are
going down to the gym to
make a start - ISH! Tony
said the gym he thinks
should be able to help us is
run by a BIG gay guy. I did-
nt like the sound of it, but
Tony doesnt seem to mind
somehow!? Hope he has
not turned into a pillow-biter!
I asked him his opinion
about it AND gays and he
said that he has nothing
against them, if they can
stand the shit uphill - why
worry about the pain! Now I
am worried - ahem........
Im Gonna..
Anyone who tells you they like squats is either genetically gifted, a machosist or
a liar. Whilst the act of squatting is as natural as a form of resting or for defa-
cating, to sink into a low squat and then rise with a rounded spine, lifting a
heavy weight which crushes into your neck veterbrae is about as natural as
most movie starlets mamory glands. Note I am not saying squats don't work or
you should not do them I am just saying for most they are an exercise best gotten over with fast, like having teeth
One of the greatest squatters of all time, the late Paul Anderson, named by most as 'Worlds Strongest Man once
The best lift for strength is squats. I imagine I have done thousands and thou-
sands of squats and I will tell you something - I hated every one! Anyone who
says he likes squats, I don't understand. The belief that squats will hurt you will
always be around because we want to find a reason not to do them. However
squats are the mainstay to any weightlifting (and bodybuilding) routine.
Those genetically suited i.e. mesomorph/endomorph mixes may well like or even
enjoy knee bends with a barbell across the back of the neck, aching chest and gasping for breath. To avoid pain
you can use rolled up towels around the bar and maybe dont dip so low, say parallel. Do it this way and it's fairly
comfortable, but ironically the majority who take up training for muscle or power building are those less physically
suited ie. ectomorphs or the skinny guys. Those 'naturally' muscular, bulky or above average in strength rarely seek
out to train with weights or if they do seldom stick at it long, and why should they..? The poorly endowed have with-
out a doubt the strongest and longest held desire to gain respectable muscle and strength and once gains are made
- appreciate them a whole lot more.
So first exercise on every build up/bulk schedule has to be squats or some form of knee bends. Some coaches are
indeed against heavy squats. Claiming such exercise are the cause of hip/knee joint injuries. Many an old timer rues
the day they squatted too heavy or too late in life, causing them pain, including Grimek, who squatted heavy even in
his 7O's. later requiring hip replacements. Squatting heavy using yards of leg wrap is a crazy way to seek develop-
ment or strengthen joints. Wraps are meant to protect, and great to use when going for lifts, but extensive usage
weakens joints and connective tissues. That is why muscles atrophy when in plaster casts. If you are a powerlifter
and competing, then you have to use wraps to be on equal terms with others, and they do eliminate the fear of
injuries, no doubt you certainly can lift more with wraps.
But for development purposes do not use them. Some people with relatively short leg bones (thus stronger lever-
age) may well be able to squat onto their haunches Asian style. It is a natural way to sit - to squat, but nature did not
intend homo sapiens (thats us guys) to then try to arise with an extra double bodyweight or more, and unless sup-
ported, the spinal column and knee joints, especially if you make the mistake of relaxing in the low position, are put
under immeasureable stress. Those who can go so low in squats,or even squat snatches, and arise uninjured are in
the minority. Why? Because it just 'aint natural for most. But please note we are talking about HEAVY squats.
Mick Harts NBC - 26
SQuaters &
The breathing squat and
pullover combo to gain weight
proven and in favour since the
days of Mark Berry, Roger
Eells (who usually gets the
credit for its invention),
Joseph Hise, who added the
rest pause, and pushed for
decades by Peary Rader of
Iron Man, does NOT reqire the
trainee to strain or place the
spinal column in a poor posi-
tion, as in heavy squats.
Nearly always in any of the
pre-mentioned breathing
squat, weight gain routines,
approx bodyweight
poundages are always sug-
gested, and for most that is all
that is needed. Japanese
Sumo, and equally bulky
Indian wrestlers, gained better results than some of the colourful adverts now abounding in modern mags after using
Joe Bloggs' latest chemical drink. These oriental wrestlers regularly performed thousands of reps in sets of IOO or
more, with brief rests inbetween, combined with a huge high carb diet, also includng that other old standbye, the
press up in their training. This simplistic workout resulted in huge bodyweight gains, but few desire such ponderous
physiques, it is just proof of the value of light squats. Roger Eells by the way, who conducted the premier experi-
ments with his breathing squats for weight gains, often forgot to mention he also spent most of his non training time
in bed.... resting.
A progresson of free squats, especially for those without weights, is to do single leg bends, preferably on a bench,
seldom seen today in schedules, yet old timers could work up to some scary poundages in this difficult style,
because you also have to maintain some balance. One
time Britains best wrestler Bert Assirati, who could
make IO reps with 55Olbs/249.4kg in basic squats back
in the I93O's, could do the single leg style with an added
2OOlbs/9O.7kg on his shoulders, and Grimek could do
Squatting without added weight, George Eiferman, a
contempory of the late Steve Reeves, did I5O consecu-
tive reps on one leg. Reeves didn't care much for basic
squats, favouring front squats, or 'hack' squats, with the
aim we are told of avoiding developing to large a butt.
This was also the thoughts of Vince Gironda.
Gironda, self styled Iron Guru, totally discouraged basic
squats, and squat racks were simply not allowed in his
gym and anyone seen practising barbell squats, weight
held behind neck, was literally thrown out on his ear.
Gironda, like Reeves considered squats built up big but-
tocks and for thigh development recommended instead
the unhappily named Sissy Squat a sort of highly con-
trolled lean back free squat, or light weights could be
added (to a belt) if you wished.
Sissy squats for the interest of semantics are supposed-
ly named not because it is an 'easy' exercise for fairies,
but originates from the Ist King of Corinth namely SISY-
PHUS. It appears the poor guy was punished in Hades
for fraudulent dealings and avarice, being sentenced to
rolling a huge block of marble uphill, which on rolling
down again, had to be repeatedly pushed back to the
Mick Harts NBC - 27
George Eiferman could
do 150 consecutive
squat reps -
Mick Harts NBC - 28
top, for eternity, meaning some high reps involved and tough on the old legs. Roy Callender, who used to workout
by instinct, used to squat IOO reps or more on sissy squats followed by
high reps lunges, finished off by work on the leg extension machine - no
doubt he also did his share of basic squats for such legs. Boyer Coe
used sissy squats, having plenty of power already built by basic squats,
able to squat with 5OOlbs/226.7kg when just I8yrs old.
Five hundred pounds/226.7k was the weight,or more Henry Steinborn
aka MILO old time wrestler used. Steinborn probably started the prac-
tice of heavy squats, but had to get the weight up first alone, this he
did by upending a loaded barbell, and then rocking it across his
shoulders into place, before squatting low for reps. Once racks
became common, so poundages rocketed, experienced body-
builders soon used at first bodyweight, then double bodyweight,
with eventually powerfters reaching the magic IOOOlbs/453.5kg
mark. It is said Anderson squated with II6Olbs/526k of silver dol-
lars twice a night when he was performing in Las Vegas. Equally
famous as a pioneer of heavy squats is Frederick C Hatfield Phd.
or Dr Squat.
Old Doc Squat aimed always for power, used every aid available,
knee wraps, lifting suits, thick belt, more sophisticated style, using
feet spread beyond shoulder width, the bar carried as far down the
back as your P.L. rules will allow, (below the delts) a considerable
amount of forward leaning to let the glutes and spinal erectors (low
back) share the load with the thighs and in powerlifting the lift is
considered complete as soon as top of the thighs hit parallel. The
P.L. technique allows up to 2O% more poundage to be lifted than
in a bodybuilders more upright and deeper squat technique.
Fred Hatfield advises use of a padded towel to save neck pain
from the bar across the vetebral column and not to relax when
in the low position, a habit which could damage the knees.
Again it is best if you have the genetics of shorter legs to
squat heavy. Arnold Schwarzenegger really did not have a
genetic advantage with his long legs, but after making the
common mistake of training his upper body harder than his
legs, made real progress once he did train legs hard, recall-
ing at times he trained for 3 hours or more on squats alone,
getting in about 5O sets and always making best progress
with the standard squat. Arnold like all who have learnt
the hard way, warns never to bounce when in the
low squat position and to use controlled move-
ments throughout.
(not pic of course) Possibly the strongest and certainly best recognised bodybuilder for his leg development is Tom
Platz. Tom who began bodybuilding when just I4 yrs old, and remembers his first squats were I set of IO reps with
9Olbs/4Ok, became a powerlifter at I9. His early training was tough with basic squats his main exercise. He would
choose a weight of around 25Olbs/II3.3k and just squat for IO minutes at a time, working up to I5O reps, resting and
then repeating. At the I982 Mr Olympia he did 2O reps with 5I5lbs/233.5k and 8 reps with 635lbs/288k at just
22Olbs/99.7k bodyweight.and did not use knee wraps. Platz always stuck to good, strict controlled form. Since then
nothing much has changed. All champs use squats. Ronnie Coleman has legs to die for.
When Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier and Kevin Levrone do a front ab and thighs, every fibre shows just how hard
they have worked for their development. Squats and squat varieties are a must in any champs program. All we ask
is for you to take care, use common sense, don't overtrain, don't use bad form, or too heavy weights. Heavy is what
weight makes YOU force your muscles to work extra hard. Do not compare your poundages with others. Use what
suits YOU. LIghter, high reps squats are worth a trial if its development you seek rather than powerlifting totals.
Take care, and remember, if you still hate squats, do them first and congratulate yourself on your will power.
David Gentle
Photo: Eric Freimanis
Mick Harts NBC - 29
The Silver Surfer
YET again!
This is a word for word account from the transcript of a
Talk Radio phone in with Victoria Adams (Posh Spice):
Presenter: And next on the line we have Kirk from
Epsom. Whats your question for Victoria, Kirk?
Kirk: Hi Victoria
Victoria: Hi Kirk
Kirk: Victoria, I am a big Chelsea and England Fan, and
despite all the anti-David publicity, I am a real admirer of
Davids football.
Victoria: Thats nice of you, Kirk
Kirk: Well I was wondering Victoria, obviously David has
been very succesfull at Man Utd, and must be very happy
there, but we all know that he is a London boy at heart.
He really is a great footballer and I would love to see him
play for Chelsea one day. The question is Victoria, and I
am sure all Chelsea fans would like to know the
Do you actually take it up the ARSE?"......
Presenter: Oh really! Can we please have some sensi-
ble callers......
A Man goes to the doctor and says,
"I've got a huge hole in my arse"
The doctors says,
Drop your pants, bend over and lets
have a look.
Fuck me!, says the doc, what could
have made a hole as big as that?
The patient replies,
I've been fucked by an elephant
The doctor says,
An elephants penis is long and thin,
this hole is enormous
The patient replied,
He fingered me first".
A man was leaving a cafe with his morning coffee when he noticed a most unusual funeral procession approaching
the nearby cemetery. A long black hearse was followed by a second long black hearse about 50 feet behind.
Behind the second hearse was a solitary man walking a pit bull dog on a leash. Behind him were 200 men walking
single file. The man couldn't stand the curiosity. He respectfully approached the man walking the dog and said,
I am so sorry for your loss,and I know now is a bad time to disturb you, but I've never seen a funeral like this.
Whose funeral is it?
The man replied, Well, that first hearse is for my wife.
What happened to her?
The man replied, My dog attacked and killed her.
He inquired further, Well, who is in the second hearse?
The man answered, My mother-in-law. She was trying to help my wife when the dog turned on her.
A poignant and thoughtful moment of silence passes between the two men.
Can I borrow the dog?
Get in line."
Mick Harts NBC - 30
"I'm dancing with tears in my eyes,
because the girl in my
arms is a boy"......
Which well -known bodybuilder was heard singing this
at an after-show dance? Seriously though, myself,
I'm very much a 'Don't Know' when it comes to the
question of hard core physique girls. Just think, can
it be any sort of turn on when a guy feels those
rock-hard gun barrels round his neck? And better
not say 'No' feller, or you might get your nuts
Not that I'm speaking from personal experi-
ence, you understand, but I have, profession-
ally of course, given massage to one or two
muscular ladies. While I know that you're
not supposed to actually enjoy these
things, I'd just like to say that I prefer the
feel of a female 'Figure' girl every time.
At his age?
Still, there's no denying that the
physique girls have worked hard and
they've got the mass and the cuts to
prove it. I wouldn't knock 'em. If
that's what turns 'em on, all well
and good. I think that maybe,
deep down, some of the guys
(here I include Judges) could be
Enough's enough! Reading, as we do
these days, of 24 and even 27 inch arms, I wonder
where it's all going to stop. Is a 27inch arm human? I ask
myself? 27 would be a terrific measurement even for a thigh. I
suppose some would say it's progress.
Years ago, in the pre-anabolic, so called Golden Era of bodybuilding, an eighteen
inch upper arm was something only talked of in hushed tones. It was also something that
usually came from across the Atlantic. I think it's safe to say that the first home grown arms to top this magic figure
were those of Reg Park. In those days even 17inches was something rarely seen in a British finalists line up. In the
'Fifties there were courses on offer with titles like How to build the Fifteen Inch Arm.
Nowadays even wimps can better that.
Where is it all leading?
To achieve the same proportions as his old-time 18 inch counterpart, your guy with the 24 inch guns would have to
have a chest measurement of at least 60". That's 2.5 times the arm size. On a man with a height of less than 8 feet
I think this would look rather grotesque. I think this would put bodybuilders firmly in the freak category. Let's hope
that common sense prevails and that bestiality is kept where it belongs, in the zoo.
"I don't work, I'm a bodybuilder."
A well known London body made this declaration to me as he basked in the sun at Hyde Park's Serpentine. Now
this was back in the sixties and the man in question was by no means rich. In fact he could have been described in
the local vernacular, as boracic. Bodybuilders, apart from a very select chosen few, don't make any money out of the
game. Still, your man seemed quite happy with his lot. It turned out that as he lived with his parents his dole money
was sufficient to finance his training and nutritional needs. (Protein tablets, wheat germ and gallons of milk, was the
norm at the time).
I don't know if this kind of existence is viable these days, given the present supplement scene and with bodybuilders
paying nearly fifty quid for a hundred nutritional capsules. Perhaps a man could send his granny out to work in a
strip club?



Mick Harts NBC - 31
Talking about cashing in on the old muscles, it's a pity that one area where some bodybuilders managed to do this
has all but disappeared in the UK. I refer of course, to Professional Wrestling. In the fifties and sixties several
physique stars found their way into the square ring. Not all of them were able to hack it, but those that did found
that it was a good way to make a living and (more important) it beat going out to work.
Despite what their publicity said, these boys didn't make any fortunes, but they did earn a good living. Usually this
was about double what they would have made in a normal 'day job'. They also had plenty of time to train.
Alas! The game seems to have died a death in this country, probably through over-exposure on television. Through
this media the promoters themselves first made and then destroyed, the goose that laid those much quoted eggs.
However wrestling is still alive and kicking in America and judging from appearances, lots of bodybuilders are still
cashing in. Earl Maynard, Brian Lancaster, Spencer Churchill, and Johnny Yearsley were among those that made it
on the British wrestling scene and of these Churchill was the first and probably the most successful. It gives me
much satisfaction to report this as I was instrumental in his starting wrestling in the first place.
Wrestling was very much a closed shop in those days. It had its own sort of union or 'Federation' as it was known.
The main purpose of this was to keep outsiders out and thereby ensure a sufficiency of work for those that were 'in'.
So getting into the business was more a matter of who you knew than what you knew. You needed a bit of pull from
the inside. As I was a Federation member I was able to get Spence his first trial bout and he never looked back.
Try this one for a great upper-body pump. No equipment needed. Just good old fashioned push-ups, but the secret
is in the way you do them. Ready?
Assume the 'on the hands down' position. Do one push -up (yes that's right just one) and return to the standing
Take a couple of breaths then get down and do two reps. Back on your feet again, a couple of breaths and then go
down and do three reps. Continue like this, adding one rep each time until you reach 15 reps - well twelve at least.
It's not quite as simple as it sounds and you might have to increase the rest time between sets to a little more than
two deep breaths. What a pump! The pecs feel as if they are about to burst. Great for endurance too. It sounds
easy, but wait till you've tried it. This little routine is good for holidaymakers and travellers as it can be done almost
No Fred, not Waterloo Station at rush hour.
Someone might ask you where the lady went.
What happened the tape measure? Once upon a time the P.C. mags were full of measurements. Beneath almost
every photograph would be the subject's measurements, sometimes in great detail, sometimes readers had to be
content with only chest arms and thighs. Now, for some reason the practise is obsolete, readers can consider them-
selves lucky if they are told a man's height! I am not quite sure what the reason is behind this reversal of policy
though of course I am aware that this measurement business has its down side. Some said it could be misleading
because there were many false claims made. In many cases people claimed 'cold' arm measurements when, in fact
these had been taken after a twenty minute thrashing. Others were accused of being 'tape happy'.
(Eds note: funny you should say that Lou, my friend got three months nick for a TWO minute thrashing - mind you,
he was on the railway station at the time!).
On the plus side, one must admit that measurements gave fans some sort of a yardstick for comparison purposes,
whether the measurements were hot, cold or indifferent. Many rank and file bodybuilders used their idols' measure-
ments as inspirational goals.
I remember that one of the arguments against measurements was that it placed too much emphasis on sheer size,
when size should not be everything. Well, I would find it easier to understand the disappearance of the tape meas-
ure if size had gone out of fashion. The thing is size and bulk are still very much 'in'. The good big 'un still beats the
good little'un. Mass is King.
Anyway, the tape has disappeared from the scene and we are just left with photographic images on which to base
our judgements and comparisons. The reason for this remains a puzzle, but perhaps somebody out there can come
up with the answer?
Sloppy Instruction
All too frequently one hears this charge levelled against some gyms and health clubs. Fortunately for most of us the
main offenders are usually the big plush top of the market emporiums. Because of the emphasis placed on hi-tech
machinery some instructors seem to think that it is only necessary to point the beginner in the direction of the right
machine and that glittering monster will do the rest.
On a recent visit to London I visited a number of gyms while doing some research for my new book. In one 600 a
year establishment I saw a beginner being waltzed through the gym by an instructress. Her manner and her move-
ments were exactly those of a po-faced air stewardess indicating,with a languidly waved arm, where the passengers
Mick Harts NBC - 32
might find the oxygen masks and the escape doors, in the event of disaster. The pupil was then left to get on with it.
These places are run in such a business like manner that It's hard to believe that the directors do not know that any
exercise, whether performed on a machine or with free weights, has to be done properly and so has the breathing.
Difficult to say, as you never see the directors of these places; faceless creatures hidden in their boardrooms.
I would say that these punters, who are paying top wack, are being ripped off. The young man behind the reception
desk did tell me that a personal trainer was available at 35 a session and that clients were recommended to avail
themselves of this service from time to time. Of course, these chain health clubs are run like supermarkets. They
are there to make money and the men in the ivory towers have probably never seen a free weight in their lives. This
is where your privately owned, or owner-driven, gym will score every time. There is no substitute for the personal
touch. In these places real instruction is given and included in the normal membership.
These small privately owned gyms are not the 'corner shops ' of the health and fitness industry and unlike the
deceased small grocer, they will continue to flourish. Why? Because when you take away all the glitz and hype of
the giants you'll find that the local lad is offering more for less!
A century of inspiration has been provided for those in search of muscle and might. From Sandow right through the
spectrum to men like today's Dorian Yates there have been men who have supplied the inspiration which has pro-
duced the drive which, in turn, has produced their successors. Sandow was really a
spin-off from the nineteenth century was still an inspiration in the twen-
tieth. The first really mass cult figure, whose name
became a household word, must
have been Charles
Atlas. His was cer-
tainly the first P.C.
name I ever knew.
His courses were
sold in millions in
the thirties and
continued well into
the sixties.
The post-war
physical culture
boom, fired by
Grimek and
Reeves and
kept rolling by
stars like Pearl,
Park and
Scott, coasted
on to produce
men like
Arnold, who
was inspired
by Reg
Park. And
so the story goes on till
we reach the present crop of Olympians.
We've all seen this list before, or others very similar but I'd
like to point out that there's one name that always gets missed out and I don't
think the guy's got a title to his name, Sylvester Stallione! I've got a suspicion that Sly has
inspired just a many youngsters as any of the Olympians. Why? Well he has a good muscular athletic body but
he's no giant. He's something with which the man, or boy, in the street can, more easily identify. He is perhaps
more human and therefore more within reach. Oh yeah, and he's a bloody good actor too.
Thought for to day.
Don't take the Mickey out of somebody who can't do something that you can. He may be able to do something that
you can't.
Mick Harts NBC - 34
roy duval
photo design by Mick Hart
Mick Harts NBC - 35
n the year 1963, when Britain had the coldest January and February since 1740, and by contrast, the pop-
ular song of the day was Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer. Britain was rejected entry into the
Common Market by De Gaulle and Winston Churchill became an honoury citizen of the U.S-A . A young
Roy Duval went with a friend to a bodybuilding show at Harlow. The star of the show was LEN SELL and
Roy just couldnt believe his eyes. Although training mainly for boxing, Roys coach, highly enlightened at
that period, did allow Roy to use weights, he was however no muscle man, weighing around 9 stone at the
time. Inspired by Len, Roy joined at first the Walthamstow Barbell Club, which unfortunately for Roy, con-
centrated more upon powerlifting via the then popular strength set or Olympic lifting, so to further his
bodybuilding and shaping desires, he began training at Wag Bennetts gym in June, I964. Wag, who recog-
nised championship material by experience (remember a guy called Arnold something...) said correctly that
Roy had Good potential.
Roy was also aided and inspired by muscle man, John Hewlett, the 1964 Amatuer Mr Universe winner.
ith plenty of training under his belt at Wags Forest Gate gym, Roy began to enter contests, placing
4th in the Junior Mr. South Britain on 31st October 1964, then 3rd in Junior Mr. London after which
he continued to train harder than ever and compete more often with success for six years, rarely
placing lower than 4th and all the time gaining both extra muscle and experience. He was at that period
rather bulky, around 2OOlbs, chest 51, arms I81/2, thighs 26. His ambition then being to buy and own his
own gym.
Roy then moved his training to Len Sell's gym, having received schedules and advice already from Len and
the change in his physique was noticable, following a four day a week training program, although Roy's own
quiet dignified demeanor never altered, then or later.
e won the 1971 Mr. S.E. Britain, Mr London and his height class (2) in the Mr. Europe. In 1972 he won
Mr. UK and next year on May 26th in 73 after three years placing, at first 3rd, then 2nd, took the Mr
Britain, described by Oscar Heidenstam then as being Magnificent and posed with flawless dignity
plus his class and overall Mr Europe (The Pins Del Athlete De Europe formerly won by Steve Reeves) held
on June 3rd in NEVERS, France along with winning his height class in the Universe. Roys role models still
remained Len Sell, John Hewett and later Frank Zane.
From there, Roy in the best shape of his life, (said many), left London on Nov 9th, 1973, entered and won the
AAU Mr. World staged by the York Barbell Co., this contest held in Harrisburg PA, USA held in conjunction
with the World Powerlifting Charnpionships, being first run in 1970 and won by Ken Waller of the USA, and
later Al Beckles of UK in 1972.
oy was sponsored by Franklin Page and at 12 stone 4lbs, won not only the top title, but also 4 sub-
divisions. There were 26 competitors primarily USA entries, but also from Canada, Jamaca and
Zambia. Back in Feb. 1974, Muscular Development writer Len Bosland, wrote of Roy, then 28 years
old and working in the pet food industry - (Roy worked throughout his physique competitive career, never
relying on muscles to pay his way),
His physique showed the results of many hours of intelligently applied effort in developing a real outstand-
ing physique. His poses well chosen and executed, his stage presence and personal magnetism, mark him
as a real champion.
Clarence Bass, who had never seen Duval before, wrote at the time in Iron Man,
He has an exceptional physique, with Roy taking trophies for Best Legs and Best Chest along the way.
Bass went on, I was indeed impressed by the fabulous Englishman. He is outstanding in every way.
Equally impressive when relaxed and posing. He has beautiful balance of symmetry and ruggedness. Here
is a physique with dignity, that puts Roy Duval, the new Mr. World, into the truly extraordinary category.
David Gentle reminds us of the successful and dignified
bodybuilding career of former, Mr Universe, Europe and Mr
Mick Harts NBC - 36
Praise indeed from an experienced physique man himself. The late Dave Johns, also competing, came 4th.
ever one to sit back on his laurels, Roy continued his tough training regimes then using the split sys-
tem of training upper body one day and lower body the next, followed by a rest day - a system which
certainly agreed with Roy at that period. He was becoming widely recognised and appreciated as
cover man on many a muscle magazine, and Roy also wrote some fine training articles setting out for all to
see, his personal schedules and muscle making
knowledge, plus his own unique winning
strategies. Extremely popular and
approachable as a guest star,
great value for promoters
and fans alike with his
top, always in shape
n 1974, when
the now Sir
Saville OBE
was NABBAs
and Paul Getty,
the worlds rich-
est man, sat in
the front row,
(next to Bob
Kennedy - I was ten
rows back!). Roy won
the Amatuer Mr. Universe,
being the first British body-
building for 10 years to take the
trophy since John Hewlett. He also
received a silver trophy presented by the
French Federation of Bodybuilders, for the best presentation (posing). This was the year Chris Dickerson, a
former subject in our Natural Development Mag series of profiles, won the Pro title.
After winning the 1974 Universe, Roy lived for a while in South Africa, liking the place, after having made
previous visits as a guest star at the Republic of South Africa shows. He was then working as a medical
detailer for a pharmaceutical company called Pro Med/Med Nim, he also spent 6 months with Merc
Laboritories and with partner John Borland, had the Roy Duval Health Studios. In fact throughout his body-
building career, Roy always managed to hold down a full time job, including working for a pet food company
during the 1960's and early 70's. All the time Roy had a great interest in nutrition, studying the subject
whenever time allowed. Roy also owned and manages his own gyms at home in UK and abroad, currently
supplying his own brand of sports supplements, which he has marketed in the West Country since 1978.
rue bodybuilding transends politics and self centred organisations and Roy did equally well in the
IFBB. In 1979 Roy trained for and won the IFBB Mr. Britain and IFBB World championships and the fol-
lowing year, 1980, competed in the Olympia, not in the winners frame but still good enough to out point
such well known bodybuilding stars as Ken Waller, the first Mr. world, Samir Bannout and Casey Viator.
Always an ambasasador for bodybuilding, Roy guest starred at NABBAs 1988 West Britain show in super
shaper and said he No longer wished to compete to allow younger men coming through. However he did
continue to train hard,and compete again climaxing his career by winning the NABBA Masters Universe in
1992 - a fitting ending to his competitive years.
He still trains and keeps in top shape, enjoying life to the full, running his supplement business and gym,
helped all the while by wife Anna, a former winner of the WABBA Miss Europe Figure contest in 1989.
oy was a great believer in plenty of leg training,saying, Leg training is considered hard work by
most, but actually by working your legs, you not only increase leg size but you condition yourself
faster. This is because leg work incites heavy breathing, helps to condition you, and aid you in gain-
ing bodyweight. Squats do more to increase metabolism and thus helps many to put on weight, while at the
same time, leg work helps one to grow stronger. So leg work should be included in your training if you
Mick Harts NBC - 37
hope to be better developed and stronger.
ractising what he preached, Roy never neglect-
ed leg work in training. Like most top body-
huilders, did a lot of squats, which quickly
made his legs respond, later enabling him to con-
centrate on other exercises to maintain the balance.
Leg exercises as well as basic squats, included
hack squats, leg extensions, leg curls and all vari-
eties of calf raises, always aiming for full stretch of
calf muscles. Reps were usually high at 20 on aver-
age, using 5 sets of each exercise. Every exercise
began with a light warm up
set, followed by ever increas-
ing poundages, the following
sets, although still aiming not
to drop reps. Roy at times
trained his calves 4 to 5 times
a week. All exercises were
completed in good form with
complete extension and con-
Most notable in Roys
physique were his terrific full
bodied biceps and arms in
general. Huge muscular
arms are of course the hall
mark of a champion body-
builder, some muscle men
being able to sway physique
judges solely on the size of
their arm's, and overlooking
other bodyparts, such is the
magnetism of mighty arms.
Roy at just 5ft 7ins, had huge
arrns, with a perfect harmony
between triceps and biceps.
Like all other groups, with the
exception of calves, he only
trained arms twice a week on
a split routine and set sys-
tem, using 3 exercises for the
biceps for 5 to 6 sets of 10
reps - e.g. for BICEPS he did:
Single arm seated concentrat-
ed curls, preacher curls &
incline dumbell curls. For TRICEPS, exercised
immediately after biceps, he used triceps push-
downs on pulley 5 x 10, super setted with triceps
kick backs. Then triceps extensions, single arm
again with cables, alternated with parallel bar dips.
5 x 10 reps. Roy also trained shoulders on the same
day as arms
sample chest routine consisted of at first
emphasis on expanding the thorax or rib box
with chest expansion, only acheived by a
combination of heavy breathing promoted by tough
leg work (i.e. squats) followed by LIGHT stretching
pullovers on bench in the classic squat and pullover
combo. The pectorals which are easy to develop
and respond well, (and can almost be over devel-
oped, so caution is required), are worked by decline
bench presses with dumbells for lower pecs,
decline barbell bench presses, low incline barbell
bench presses and parallel bar dips - again averag-
ing 9 sets at 10 to12 reps, all the time using
respectable poundages, which require forcing out
the last few reps to complete a set.
Basic stuff. - yet it brings about remarkable results.
Like all champions Roy never stopped experiment-
ing to discover those exercises, sets, reps and sys-
tems, which brought him personally, the best
results. And over time YOU will
discover your own combinations,
and just what you can do to save
time and effort and pain, learning
by others mistakes if you are
wise, the commonest of which is
to OVERTRAIN often due to over
enthusiasm, which unfortuately
can lead to despair. Make haste
slowly and do not attempt to fol-
low the routines of champions
until you have put in the time and
effort it takes to reach the top.
firm believer in supple-
ments, Roy says, We
bodybuilders purposely
tear down muscle tissue in the
hope that the protein we consume
will build new tissues and
improve our physiques. It is obvi-
ous then that a good high quality
protein supplement is necessary.
Roy Duval always gave credit to
those who advised, helped or
influenced him in his bodybuild-
ing career, from Wag Bennetts
early encouragement, to Len
Sell's inspiration and personal
coaching, to Boyer Coe and
Dennis Tinerino, two great USA
muscle champions. Bill Pearl, his
perenial favourite whose shape he
admired so much and also to the
late Vince Gironda who for a peri-
od trained Roy and got him according to his own
opinion in his best shape ever. Modesty forbids Roy
mentioning the many bodybuilders who were fired
up to train in an attempt to reach his superb physical
standards. Throughout the competitive world of
bodybuilding, Roy Duval represented Britain with
great success and always, always with supreme dig-
nity. A true ambassador for bodybuilding.
David Gentle (photos courtesy of D.G.)
Mick Harts NBC - 38
Routine 1 (Chest and Back)
Bench-press 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
Lat pulldowns 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
Incline bench 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
Cable rows 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
Flyes 1x6, 1x6, 1x6
1 arm rows 1x6, 1x6, 1x6
Routine 2 (Shoulders and biceps)
B/bell press 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
B/bell curls 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
D/bell press 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
D/bell curls 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
Lat raises 1x6 (1x12), 1x6 (1x12), 1x6 (1x12)
Conc curls 1x6, 1x6, 1x6
Routine 3 (Triceps and lower back)
Cl grip bench 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
Deadlifts 1x4 (1x7), 1x4 (1x7), 1x4 (1x7)
Pushdowns 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
Back extensions 1x15, 1x15, 1x15
1 arm ext 1x4 (1x7), 1x4 (1x7), 1x4 (1x7)
Routine 4 (Legs)
Squats 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6), 1x3 (1x6)
H/string curls 1x7, 1x7, 1x7
Leg Press 1x3 (1x7), 1x3 (1x7), 1x3 (1x7)
Lunges 1x8, 1x8, 1x8
Calf raised 1x8, 1x8, 1x8, 1x8
MY WAY.......
by Laurence Keen
I have been training seriously for the past two and a half years, with reasonable progress until I hit a plateau in the past 6 months.
After serious gains, going from 170 lbs. to 210 lbs., in 6 months, and then leaning up to 190 lbs. Once I hit there, I tried to
increase my weight and the weights I was using, but I had hit a brickwall (although with the supplements I was using previously -
provided by Mick, I would have gone through the wall and come out the other side, but that's a different story). I had limited moti-
vation and could find none in the magazines that I was reading (No Bull excepted). I thought that I would have to start using the
puffy machines to gain some motivation, but then thought NO WAY, I'M NOT A GIRL, ONLY WOMEN WHO DON'T WANT TO
I started on a method of increasing my strength and my muscle mass at the same time. If you are hoping to read about some
incredible routine that will give muscle mass and lean you up at the same time, this is not it. This routine will give you increased
muscle mass, but not necessarily the lean part.
What you need to do is find your three-rep maximum, and also your six rep maximum. From there you can start the workout.
Each time you do a set you will feel more powerful, and also quite tired, but you must continue. This routine should be used for a
maximum of six weeks, and only every six months.
All of the routines call for supersets, for example, day 1's first exercise should look like this:
Do B/press for 3 reps (max weight), then straight to pulldowns 3 reps (max weight), then back to a lighter weight for 6 reps on
bench, then back to a lighter weight for 6 reps on pulldowns. Then you get a rest (2 mins should be long enough get all your
strength back for the next quadruple giant set.
Each time you go back to do these routines, try to use a little heavier weight, and by the end of the six weeks, you should have
increased the weights you are lifting by quite an amount.
When I started this routine, I was benching 130kgs for 4 reps; now, only 4 weeks later, I can do 150kgs for 5 reps. Not bad for
someone who weighs 92 kgs.
I have enjoyed writing my first article for Mick, and can quite honestly say that Mick has been a great mate and also someone to
turn to, to bounce ideas off, not just for training, but also supplement and nutrition ideas.
Hope to see you all again soon.
... and after ALL what we have taught you too!

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