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Empowering Lives Web Quest

1)What does ELI care deeply about? -ELI cares deeply about the spiritual condition of all people. 2)What do the leaders of this nonprofit organization have to practice, rather than them seeking power? -Selflessness is what they want them to practice. 3)What is meant by “holistic work” when talking about Empowerment? -Holistic work includes engaging in projects that address the spiritual, 4)physical, and economic sufferings faced by the people. 5)What is the value of empowering the African people? -The value of empowering is utilizing a variety of educational methods with an emphasis on ideas that can be demonstrated and transferred to others. 6)What is meant by Christ-Centeredness? -They care deeply about the spiritual condition of people and commit to focus on prayer and seeking god’s leading through the Holy Spirit. 7)What does Incarnation Ministry mean? -It means to make sure personal culture, lifestyle, and material possessions do not distract them from receiving god’s love and power. 8)What is the connection of Transformational Thinking in peoples lives? -The connection in people’s lives is that it will give them deeper faith in Christ. By making them worry less about financial and material possessions. 9)State the major reason there is poverty in Africa. -The major reason there is poverty is because of the lack of skills, knowledge, and opportunities to succeed. 10)What does the Positional Power mean and how is the ELI ministry implanting it in their ministry? -It means authority and influence and they 11)What is a Statement of faith? Is it good to have one? -A statement of faith is where you write down all the things you believe in. It can be good because then you can see what others believe.