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Effective May 2, 2014, I will no longer serve as the Executive Director of the Office of Violent Sex Offender Management.
It has truly been my honor to serve as a State agent and steward of the citizens of Texas. I am immensely proud of my
dedicated staff, the treatment providers, and contractors and the multi-agency cooperation have been able to achieve
during my time with the agency. None of the clients under our care have been charged with or convicted of a new sex
crime. We have treated and re-integrated clients in an outpatient setting, operated a fiscally conservative program
without compromising public safety, and ensured a delicate balance between the rights of victims of sexual assault and
the perpetrators of these crimes.
Even prior to my employment as the Executive Director in 2003, I have been a passionate and devoted sexual assault
victims advocate with the mission of No More Victims. Each of the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence
have provided me faith in the human spirit , strength, and unwavering courage to persevere on this journey to end the
proliferation of sexual assault, causes of sexual violence, and enhance prevention programs. I have been blessed to
serve as a resource and be a part of significant legislation that has enhanced public safety within the State of Texas
Legislature- SB 871- clarifying judicial requirements of the order of civil commitment
SB 921- adding sexually motivated murder and capital murder and allowing clients to be housed in MHMR facilities who had
been committed as a SVP
HB 2036-protecting the practice of sex offender treatment for continuity of care, regulatory enforcement of State
Standards, and implementing a pilot program for dynamic risk assessment for more accurate assessments regarding
community notification
HB 876- creating Subchapter I of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 62, that provided a mechanism for deregistering
low risk offenders Romeo/Juliette
SB 103-relating to licensing of persons in Texas Youth Commission (TYC) providing sex offender treatment to juveniles
SB 909 relating that before an inmate is discharged or release onto supervision Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)
shall use the dynamic risk assessment developed by the Council on Sex Offender Treatment (CSOT) to assess risk levels and
that TDCJ may not exempt any employee from CSOT licensing requirement under the Chapter 110, Occupations Code
HB 8 Jessicas Law
HB 1751 relating to the imposition and use of a fee on certain sexually oriented businesses to fund sexual assault
prevention programs. SANE, victim assistance, rape crisis centers, a DSHS study on the prevalence of sexual assault, a UT
study on the sexual assault and domestic violence, sexual assault training for Texas Rangers, monitoring high risk offenders,
and increasing TYC and TDCJ Sex Offender Treatment Programs
Legislature- HB 2917- regarding agency administrative changes
Legislature- SB 166-relating to the creation of OVSOM, establishing a career ladder for field staff, and allowing the office to
enter into a memorandum of understanding with both DPS and local law enforcement for criminal complaints, warrants,
apprehension, and arrest of a SVP
Lastly, There are no easy answers but there are simple answers. We are never defeated unless we give up on God. My
philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that
goal we never lose- somehow we win out. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right. (Ronald

Allison Taylor