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Fall 2009 Semester Volume 1, Issue 1 A Tribute to Bill McCarthy

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Welcome By RTP Staff

As excited as I am to be a part of the Reaching the Pinnacle (RTP) team, I struggle with my new role as Principle Investigator (PI) on the project. I was originally brought into the RTP project as Co-PI because Bill and I shared the same vision: to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. His focus was to increase the number of students with disabilities entering careers in science, technology,

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Our first issue is dedicated to Bill, our leader and hero. we will remember you. goals in STEM professions. At NMSU, UNMLA, and UTEP, project mentors receive training, mentoring, and stipends to further their own academic success and the academic success of the high school students with whom they At Reaching the Pinnacle (RTP) mentor. Other activities include we strive to assist persons with a summer camp (RASSI) and dis-abilities improve their lives Partner Projects. by offering them Science, Technology, Engineering and Bill was my friend, my mentor, Mathematics Education opand my hero. I miss seeing him portunities. We are one of six at the end of the conference RADs or Regional Alliances for table with his baseball cap on persons with Disabilities around backward, his unique leader-ship the United States funded by the style, and his encourage-ment to National Science Foundation. Our primary goal is to increase the numbers of persons with disabilities working as degree By Elissa Poel, PI professionals in STEM fields. We accomplish this mission by working at all levels of education from elementary school through university studies, including graduate degree candidates. Our various programs have

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Tribute to Dr. William McCarthy

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RTP: Increasing the number of individuals with Mentor News disabilities entering science, technology, RTP started off the fall semester engineering, and with high hopes for the Mentorship mathematic Currently

RTP has 72 Mentors across 17 campuses and the numbers are likely to grow. Recruitment efforts all across the RTP region By Jackie Sanders are slowly but surely getting the word out that RTP is looking for highly qualified students with September 2009 disabilities who are interested in STEM majors. September 17th RASEM Conference Room: Visit by Dr. Roberts and Dr. Hanlon, RTP external evaluators Work has begun on Mentor Projects and the focus this year October 2009 will shift to high schools. The National Science Foundation is October 23rd, 7:30-3:15 at Las Cruces High School: NEA-NM Las targeting high school students in Public Schools; Randy and Elissa will present highlights Cruces the hope that they will decide to of RTP. attend college, and hopefully study something in a STEM field. WHAT’S HAPPENING February 2010 RTP mentors are college February 17-20, 2010; Baltimore, Maryland: Learning students majoring in STEM fields Disabilities Association of America (LDA); 47th Annual who also have some identifiable, International Conference;. Randy and Elissa will present documentable disability. The highlights of RTP. experience, insight and attitude You may also want to they share with younger note business or National students is very valuableFebruary, 2010: Site Visit,trends, or Science Foundation and economic helpful. In a competitive society make predictions for all people need skills and March your customers or 2010 strategies to cope Randy Larry, Director, clients. with the By March difficulties and barriers on the 18-21, 2010: National Science Teachers Association, RTP If the newsletter is road to success. Mentors Philadelphia, PA; Randy will present the Teacher of the Year offer distributed internally, Award unique and relevant insights and at the Saturday, March 20 morning session titled you might comment “Science – Abled Breakfast”. support to younger students upon new procedures following in their footsteps, while or improvements to also themselves benefitting from the business. Sales the journey even as they help figures or earnings will others along the way. show how your Most people have mentors of one kind or another on their road in life. RTP hopes to give opportunities to students with disabilities to experience mentoring that is sensitive to their specific needs, and can
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Asteroids and Comets and Meteors, Oh My!
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Science Corner
Science Corner this week addresses the question of celestial objects such as asteroids, comets and Paid hitting meteoroids Summer Internships: U.S. Dept. of the By Rich Turietta Defense; U.S. citizenship is required earth. First off, let’s get our And Research The Science, Mathematics for definitions Transformation (SMART) Scholarshipstraight. for-Service Programthe DoD program is a According to aimed web to increase the number of civilian hubblesite page: scientists and engineers working at DoD laboratories. The program offers: ence_desk/faq/answer.php & graduate * STEM undergraduate .id=22&cat=solarsystem support the following are correct * Full tuition and education related fees * 1) meteor: the definitions: Portable scholarships and fellowships * Cash award up sky flash of light in the to $41,000 depending on prior educational experience caused by a meteoroid, 2) * Paid summer internships meteoroid: Health Insurance reimbursement * debris causing a meteor, typically to $1,200 per calendar year allowance up a piece of interplanetary matter * Book allowance of $1,000/academic year any-where from a few * millimeters Mentoring to up a kilometer * Employment placement after graduation in size, 3) meteorite: any part of a Applications for 2010 accepted until meteoroid Decembersurvives For more details that 15, 2009. the fall through earth’s (410) 436-4594; contact: JoAnn Wright, atmosphere or visit and lands on the earth, 4) asteroid: a larger chunk of rock that comes from the asteroid belt and finally, 5) comet: an asteroid-like object covered with ice, methane, ammonia and other compounds that have a fuzzy, cloud-like shell called a coma which sometimes is visible in the sky as a tail . Okay, now for our discussion… It turns out that thousands of objects enter the earth’s atmos-phere every day (meteoroids), around the clock. Some of them leave bright trails you can see (meteors). Most of these ob-jects are too

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“If the earth were struck by a really Tech Talk object forget it, large Assistive it’s over. Goodbye. Technology devices were first developed as a But, that is not need to assist individuals with likely, so I would not disabilities in about it. worry accessing their environment at home, at school, or in the workplace. As the technology race ensues, the devices once specific to this population now aligns with the concept of universal design to provide access for the majority. A variety of devices (over 29,000) are now available today to meet individual needs. Individuals with disabilities no longer have to sit on the sidelines only

By Elissa Poel

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Portable readers: The wave of the future? Can they help in college?

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Thank you for your support during the RASSI Summer Camp that was held on August 3-7, 2009 at NMSU. VFW Post 10124 (Post Commander: Dee Angel) Dee Gee’s Deli (Owner: Eric Elsberg )

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