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Burner, Brett A., 1969Allegiance / story by Brett Burner and Ben Avery.
p. cm. – (Hand of the Morningstar ; v. 6)
Summary: As war rages, the Tempest struggles to keep collateral damage to a minimum, but
when the Morningstar’s power is unleashed, it is impossible to know whether his victory will
usher in peace and justice, or global tyranny.
ISBN 978-0-310-71374-6 (softcover : alk. paper)
1. Graphic novels. [1. Graphic novels. 2. Heroes–Fiction. 3. War–Fiction. 4. Christian life–
Fiction.] I. Avery, Ben, 1974- II. Title.
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5/21/09 10:26:42 AM


Bud Rogers
Brett Burner and Ben Avery
Art by Eric Ninaltowski
Tones by Diego Candia
Created by Brett Burner

Series editor:
Story by

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 3

5/21/09 10:26:44 AM

Naval Air Station North Island.
San Diego, California

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 5

5/21/09 10:26:46 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 6

5/21/09 10:26:47 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 7

5/21/09 10:26:48 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 8

5/21/09 10:26:49 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 9

5/21/09 10:26:51 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 10

5/21/09 10:26:51 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 11

5/21/09 10:26:52 AM

Well, I’m
not goin’ down
without a

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 12

5/21/09 10:26:54 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 13

5/21/09 10:26:55 AM



0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 14

5/21/09 10:26:57 AM


0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 15

5/21/09 10:26:58 AM

worry, I’ve
got you!

What do you say
we go and get
the guy who just
destroyed forty
million dollars
worth of


Yes, sir!

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 16

5/21/09 10:26:59 AM


If I may make a
suggestion …

Hang on

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 17

5/21/09 10:27:00 AM

There you go.

He’s all

Thank you,

And, by the
way …

The next time you
try flying without
a plane … get a
better cape.

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 18

5/21/09 10:27:02 AM

Oh, no.


It’s Titan.

What’s that
mean, sir?

The situation
either just got
better …

… or much,
much worse.

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 19

5/21/09 10:27:03 AM

-- and the North Island
base has been taken!

They’re pressing this
way, but we don’t have
the resources to hold
them back.

We’re doing
everything we can
to evacuate!

What can I
do to help?

You get everyone out
of here; I’ll provide
air support!

Our jets are
nothing to them!

You and Titan are
the only ones who
have managed to
slow them down!

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 20

5/21/09 10:27:05 AM

Or ...try,
anyway ...


0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 21

5/21/09 10:27:10 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 22

5/21/09 10:27:12 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 23

5/21/09 10:27:14 AM

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 24

5/21/09 10:27:15 AM

Who … what …

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 25

5/21/09 10:27:17 AM

Hey, Michael!


What are you
doing here?

I heard there was some
excitement so I hopped on the
first experimental supersonic
war machine I could find and
hightailed myself over here
to haul your sorry behind
out of trouble!

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 26

5/21/09 10:27:20 AM

Say what you will about
military life, you get some
sweet rides, my friend.

Did you say

What else do
we have?

Stay in

This is experimental too; no
electronic parts, so if you zap
someone with lightning, it
won’t short out.

do this!

I don’t know where SWARM
is getting all their hardware,
but our standard hardware
isn’t cutting it against them.

0310713746_hotm_6_int.indd 27

5/21/09 10:27:22 AM