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1. A computer converts data into tis.

a.! in"ormation #.! carts c.! so"t$are d.! output
%. Tere are t$o t&pes o" computer' ana(o) and di)ita(. *ic o" tese t$o $or+s in
se,uence o" steps and "o((o$s an or)ani-ed instructions.
a.! ana(o) #.! main"rame computer c.! di)ita( d.! supercomputer
/. *at do &ou ca(( tis specia(i-ed0 sin)(e1user computer tat t&pica((& as more po$er
and "eatures tan a standard des+top PC.
a.! note#oo+ computer #.! $or+station c.! ta#(et PC d.! and e(d PC
2. A ta#(et PC can accept input $en te user touces te screen $it a specia( pen
a.! 3o&stic+ #.! st&(us c.! (i)t pen d.! point pen
4. Tis is a(so one o" te porta#(e PCs $it an appro5imate si-e o" 6.4511 inces and can
operate on a(ternatin) current or specia( #atteries.
a.! and e(d PC #.! ta#(et PC c.! smart pones d.! note#oo+ computer
7. *at is te most common t&pe o" persona( computer.
a.! $or+station #.! note#oo+ computer c.! des+top computer d.! ta#(et PC
8. Persona( computers are amon) te sma((est computers created "or peop(e to use and
te& are sometimes ca((ed'
a.! macrocomputers #.! main"rame computers c.! minicomputers d.!
6. Computers in (ar)e or)ani-ations are connected to one or more computers ca((ed'
a.! net$or+ servers #.! main"rame c.! termina( d.! c(usters
9. *at do &ou ca(( tis t&pe o" computer s&stem $ic is common(& used in (ar)e
or)ani-ations suc as insurance companies and #an+s $ere man& peop(e "re,uent(&
need to use te same data.
a.! net$or+ server #.! supercomputer c.! main"rame computer d.! minicomputer
1:. ;t re"ers to te comp(ete com#ination o" ard$are0 so"t$are0 data and peop(e.
a.! input #.! output c.! computer d.! computer s&stem
11. So"t$are is a set o" instructions tat ma+es a computer per"orm tas+s. A piece o"
so"t$are is a(so ca((ed'
a.! data #.! pro)ram c.! input d.! in"ormation
1%. *at is te )eneric term to an& piece o" ard$are.
a.! device #.! output c.! user d.! input
1/. A computer<s primar& 3o# is to process pieces o" ======== and convert tem into
use"u( in"ormation.
a.! input #.! output c.! pro)ram d.! data
12. Tis is te pase in te ;n"ormation Processin) C&c(e $ere te resu(ts ma& appear on
te computer<s screen or as sound "rom its spea+er. Tis part is te'
a.! input #.! processin) c.! stora)e d.! output
14. *ic o" te "i)ures #e(o$ is te correct in"ormation processin) c&c(e $ic a
computer "o((o$s.
a.! #.!
;nput Output Processin) ;nput
Stora)e Stora)e
Processin) Output
c.! ;nput Processin) d.! ;nput Processin)

Stora)e Output
Output Stora)e

17. A ======== is a rectan)u(ar card containin) te circuitr& tat connects te processor
to te oter ard$are.
a.! moter#oard #.! processin) unit c.! RAM d. memor&
18. *at is te #asic measurement unit "or descri#in) a computer<s memor&.
a.! me)a#&te #.! )i)a#&te c.! #&te d.! +i(o#&te
16. *ic o" te "o((o$in) devices stores instructions tat e(p te computer start up.
a.! monitor #.! optica( dis+ c.! ROM d.! RAM
19. *indo$s0 Mac OS and Linu5 are some e5amp(es o".
a.! uti(it& so"t$are #.! net$or+ operatin) s&stem
c.! app(ication so"t$are d.! operatin) s&stem
%:. =======so"t$are is used "or tas+s suc as mana)in) dis+s and trou#(e1sootin)
ard$are pro#(ems
a.!App(ication #.! Uti(it& c.! Operatin) d.! Net$or+
%1. *ic t&pe o" so"t$are $ou(d &ou use to ma+e te computer per"orm speci"ic tas+0
suc $ritin) a (etter or dra$in) a picture.
a.! app(ication #.! uti(it& c.! operatin) s&stem so"t$are d.! s&stem
%%. A "i(e tat te user can open and use is ca((ed'
a.! app(ication #.! document c.! pro)ram d.! data
%/. A user is responsi#(e "or tis $en $or+in) $it computer.
a.! mana)in) "i(es #.! settin) up te s&stem c.! maintainin) te s&stemd.! a(( o" te a#ove
%2. ========= is a )(o#a( communication s&stems tat (in+s to)eter tousands o"
individua( net$or+s.
a. ARPAnet #.! ;nternet c.! ;NTRAnet d.! URL
%4. Tis ear(& version o" te ;nternet $as avai(a#(e "or academic researc #ut not "or
#usiness use.
a.! ARPAnet #.! NSFnet c.! ;NRAnet d.! inter net$or+in)
%7. Construction o" te net$or+ no$ +no$n as te ;nternet #e)an in=======.
a. 1929 #.! 1949 c.! 1979 d.! 1989
%8. *ic is te most common(& used ;nternet services.
a.! E1mai( #.! "i(e trans"er c.! instant messa)in) d.! a(( o" te a#ove
%6. ;n a URL0 te ========= is te (ocation $itin te "i(e structure o" te server $ere a
desired "i(e can #e "ound.
a.! t&pe #.! address c.! pat d.! (ocator
%9. Ever& *e# pa)e as a uni,ue address0 ca((ed a ============.
a.! &per(in+ #.! uni"orm resource (ocator c.! >TTP d.! map
/:. *ic is not an e5amp(e o" a URL.
a.) b.)
c.) d.) wwwyahoocom
!. a
". c
#. b
$. b
%. d
&. c
'. d
(. a
). c
!*. d
!!. b
!". a
!#. d
!$. b
!%. d
!&. a
!'. c
!(. c
!). d
"*. b
"!. a
"". b
"#. d
"$. b
"%. a
"&. c
"'. d
"(. c
"). b
#*. d
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