Statesman Journal mini-questionnaire for 2014 Primary Election

Thank you for responding to this questionnaire.
Why this matters: The Statesman Journal Editorial Board will use this questionnaire in deciding
which candidates to endorse at the May 20 Primary Election. The board is doing fewer in-person
interviews this spring. Your answers also will be shared with reporters and may be published in
the newspaper and/or on our website,, so the public will see what you
We also ask that you respond to every question, instead of simply attaching campaign materials,
resumes, etc.
Please return the completed questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an email or an attached Word
document to (Handwritten or fax responses don’t work.)
Deadline for submitting your questionnaire: 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 16.
Questions? Contact Editorial Page Editor Dick Hughes, 503-399-6727,, or
Editorial Assistant Nancy Harrington, 503-589-6944,
Your name:
Scott Bassett
(If your age will change before the May 20 primary, please indicate your birthday. We want to
make sure we use accurate ages in editorials and news coverage.) Birthday on May 6
Political party (if this is a partisan office):
Position you are seeking (name of position, district number, political party if applicable):
Salem City Council, Ward 4
Number of years living in the area you seek to represent:
3-1/2 years in Ward 4 and 34 years in Salem
Are you a full-time resident of that area?
City/town of residence:
Family (name of spouse/partner, number and ages of children if at home, number of grown
Souse, !anet Bassett, and t"o #ro"n sons
Your education (high school, trade, college, post-baccalaureate; indicate degrees earned):
$rants %ass &'S'
(ni)ersity o* +re#on , B'S' %olitical Science
Willamette (ni)ersity -t.inson $raduate School o* Mana#ement , Master o*
If employed, current occupation, employer and job duties:
Previous employers and when:
+re#on /0ecuti)e 1eartment, Bud#et and Mana#ement 1i)ision, 1234-1226
Cold"ell Mountain West 5eal /state, 1226-23
+re#on 1eartment o* &uman Ser)ices, 1223-22
+re#on 1eartment o* 6ransortation, 1222-2414
Military service and when:
Volunteer/civic/religious service and when:
Board mem7er , 8riends o* Sil)er 8alls State %ar., early 1224s
Youth 7as.et7all coach 9S:YB-;;<, Salem, mid-1224s
%ar. maintenance )olunteer and ro=ect or#ani>er, Minto-Bro"n ?sland %ar.,
-d)ocate *or local control o* ar.s and transortation lannin#, Salem, 2443-
Please list all public offices to which you’ve been elected, and when:
?ncidental 8ee Committee, -ssociated Students o* (ni)ersity o* +re#on, 12@3-@2
%resident, -ssociated Students o* (ni)ersity o* +re#on, 12@2-1234
Please list any unsuccessful candidacies for public office, and when:
Other prior political and government experience:
? re)ie"ed 7ud#et reAuests *rom state a#encies, made recommendations, and
resented the $o)ernorBs 5ecommended Bud#et to le#islati)e Ways and Means
su7committees' ? comleted o)er three do>en *ormal mana#ement re)ie"s o* a#ency
oerations, or#ani>ed con*erences, roduced u7lications, and mana#ed +re#on
Benchmar.s and er*ormance measurement reortin#'
How the public can reach your campaign (remember that this information may be made public):
Mail address: /lect Scott Bassett, 2243 Wild"ood 1r S/, Salem +5 2@346
E-mail address: electscott7assettCcomcast'net
Web site URL: /lectScottBassett'or#
Phone: 2@1-242-2431
Please limit your response to each of the following questions to about 75 words.
1. To an outsider, how would you describe the region you wish to represent? What is it like
geographically, economically, politically and socially?
6he rollin# hills o* Ward 4 are toed "ith homes in recently constructed
nei#h7orhoods, #reen u7lic saces li.e Bryan !ohnston %ar. and 7eauti*ul school
#rounds li.e %rin#le /lementary' 6he area is tra)ersed 7y north/south arterial roads
that lead north alon# commercial corridors 7ordered 7y multi*amily housin# to do"nto"n
"here a lar#e ercent o* the residents "or.' Comared to other arts o* Salem there
are *e" "or.laces in the "ard other than the retail 7usinesses on South Commercial'
2. When did you decide to run for this office, and why?
? decided to run in !anuary 2414' ? 7elie)e Salem is at a crossroads, *acin# declinin#
state and *ederal suort yet needin# to ro)ide *or a di)erse and #ro"in# oulation' ?
am ea#er to aly my .no"led#e and detailed understandin# o* 7ud#etin#,
mana#ement, real estate, transortation, and land use to meet our most ressin#
challen#es and ma.e Salem a 7etter lace to li)e *or the residents o* Ward 4 and *or all
Salem citi>ens'
3. How much will your primary campaign cost (please be specific)?
? lan to send a7out D6,444 on the camai#n, "hich is suorted 7y a 7road ran#e o*
Salem residents reresentin# many olitical )ie"s and "al.s o* li*e' ? ha)e no hi#h-
ro*ile endorsements *rom indi)iduals "ho mi#ht hoe ?Bll .ee them in mind as a city
councilor' My *inancial and )olunteer suort ha)e come mostly *rom a)era#e *ol.s "ho
thin. my "ell-in*ormed and indeendent aroach is "hat Salem needs'
4. Who are your key endorsements from within the Mid-Valley?
? am leased to ha)e the endorsements o* 6homas :ay, Sr', Bo7 :re7s, and the
Marion Chater o* the +re#on ;ea#ue o* Conser)ation Eoters' Mr' :ay and ? heled
#ain u7lic suort to rotect 344 acres o* Minto-Bro"n ?sland %ar. *rom *ederal
conser)ation easements that "ould ha)e limited *uture recreational uses in SalemBs
7i##est ar.' -s a mem7er o* the Salem 5i)er Crossin# +)ersi#ht 6eam, Mr' :re7s, a
Salem-:ei>er -rea %u7lic 6ransit Board mem7er and lon#time suorter o* imro)ed
transit ser)ice in Salem, sa" me ad)ocate *or less e0ensi)e otions'
5. Have you ever been convicted of a crime, been disciplined by a professional licensing
board/organization or had an ethics violation filed against you? If so, please give the details.
6. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, been delinquent on your taxes or other major accounts, or
been sued personally or professionally? If so, please give the details.
? ha)e ne)er *iled *or 7an.rutcy' ? "as late "ith my ta0es *or a *e" years in the early
1224s "hen my "i*e and ? "ere 7uyin# roerty and "e used the unaid ta0es *or cash
*lo" to meet *amily e0enses' -ll ta0es "ere aid "ithin a *e" years'
7. Why should people vote for you? What separates you from your opponent(s)? Be specific.
My e0tensi)e e0erience in 7ud#et rearation and analysis, and my acti)e in)ol)ement
in Salem ci)ic li*e, ha)e reared me *or the research and 7ud#et re)ie" reAuired o* a
City councilor'
My oonent has "ritten that G-s the reresentati)e o* the land o"ners'''G he "ould
hel Gall in)ol)ed to maneu)er throu#h the CityHs re#ulationsIJ -s a councilor, ?Bd
reresent the interests o* all residents o* Ward 4, not =ust land o"ners, listen to their
concerns, and encoura#e them to articiate in the "or. o* their City #o)ernment'
8. Describe your philosophy of governance:
$ood lannin# and de)eloment standards ma.e *or a community that is li)a7le *or all
residents' /)ery community has .ey mem7ers o* the de)eloment community "ho
"ant to in*luence its >onin# and de)eloment acti)ities' ?n Salem the 7alance o* o"er
is currently tied too much in *a)or o* a *e" o"er*ul re#ional interests' +ur City
#o)ernment needs to seriously in)ol)e nei#h7orhood associations and ad)isory
7oards in and use citi>en tas. *orces, u7lic meetin#s, and social
media to en#a#e the #eneral u7lic'
9. Give an example of a political mistake you made and what you learned from it:
When ? *irst started #oin# door to door in Ward 4, ? thou#ht a .no"led#e o* arty
a**iliation "ould 7e imortant in identi*yin# li.ely suorters' But ? soon learned that
most eole care more a7out issues than arty olitics' ?* a candidate suorts lans
that "ould raise roerty ta0es to *und an unneeded 7rid#e, *iscal conser)ati)es "ill
ta.e him to tas.' When it comes to oosin# the 6hird Brid#e, ? ha)e stron# suort
*rom 5eu7lican, 6ea %arty, 1emocrat, and nona**iliated )oters'
10. What specific steps would you advocate to make government more open and transparent?
6he City Council should *ollo" Council %olicy --14 to 7rie* the CC6E audience and
residents in attendance at the 7e#innin# o* e)ery meetin# a7out imortant issues on the
a#enda' Council 5ule 169h< and City Charter Section 13 should 7e closely *ollo"edK
they reAuire a ma=ority )ote in order to e0clude u7lic comments' 6he Council decisions
on the Salem -lternati)e and ne" cell hone to"er re#ulations "ere made at u7lic
hearin#s 7ut the u7lic "as not allo"ed to sea.' Council minutes should sho" )ideo
start and end times *or each a#enda item' Sta** should ro)ide in*ormation so %u7lic
5ecord 5eAuests are reAuired much less o*ten'
11. What specific steps would you advocate to make government more fiscally effective?
Salem should L7ud#etJ roerty ta0 losses to the $eneral 8und *rom (r7an 5ene"al
1istricts and /nterrise Mones as it does e0enditures' We should consider the
oortunity costs o* reducin# ur7an rene"al and enterrise >one 7oundaries and "hat
that "ould 7uy in terms o* increased *undin# *or essential ser)ices' 6he City should
care*ully re)ie" administrati)e e0enses includin#, *or e0amle, use o* color coiers
and color rintin#' ? rinted the 7ac. a#e o* camai#n 7rochures in 7lac., reducin# the
cost 7y 44 ercent'
12. What are the three most important issues you would address if elected, and how? (75 words
for each issue)
-' (hold our comrehensi)e lanBs emhasis on maintainin# do"nto"n Salem as the
economic center o* the re#ion' Salem should 7e the Lcenter o* the uni)erseJ "hen it
comes to decisions 7e*ore the City Council' - =o7 inside the City limits is more
)alua7le than one in the re#ion' -lthou#h the Salem -rea Cham7er o* Commerce
may ad)ocate *or re#ional interests, the City Council should remem7er that it is not
the Salem -rea City Council' Council actions need to re*lect the imortance o*
B' 8ully consider least costly otions to sol)e City ro7lems' 6he roosed olice
station ne0t to City &all and the Salem -lternati)e 6hird Brid#e are unrealistically
e0ensi)e' Salem needs to 7uild community suort *or an adeAuate olice station
at another location and *ind money to seismically rein*orce our e0istin# 7rid#es o)er
the Willamette 5i)er and near the hosital' We need to *ocus on ractical ro=ects
li.e the "idenin# o* :ue7ler Bl)d' *rom the lanned dual turn lanes at Commercial
Street all the "ay to the imro)ed interchan#e "ith ?-5'
C' /nhance sa*ety in our nei#h7orhoods 7y ensurin# side"al.s and sa*e routes to
schools, maintainin# our ar.s and other u7lic saces, and limitin# ne" dri)e"ays
on ma=or arterials li.e :ue7ler' 5esidents deser)e more " and 7i.e aths that
connect nei#h7orhoods in South Salem and throu#hout the City' We should lan
*or a South $ate"ay ar. loo that connects the schools and ar.s "ith a *amily
*riendly "al. and 7i.e ath alon# the south side o* :ue7ler Bl)d'
13. What do you see as other important issues?
6he concentration o* secial interest money tar#etin# the Salem City Council is a
concern, and the )oters ha)e a choice this election to reesta7lish a 7etter 7alance'
Eoters deser)e to ha)e someone reresentin# re#ular *ol.sH nei#h7orhoods and "allets
"hen decisions are made a7out the *uture' Monin# decisions, de)eloment lannin#,
and use o* ur7an rene"al *unds can 7e used to attract ne" emloyers and also #ro"
our o"n 7usinesses ri#ht here in Salem'
14. What magazines, newspapers and Web publications do you regularly read to keep up on the
news, especially on issues related to the office you are seeking?
? re#ularly read the Council a#enda and detailed attachments as "ell as sta** ostin#s
on the City "e7site' When it comes to co)erin# the Salem City Council, the most
in*ormed and insi#ht*ul co)era#e o* on#oin# issues is on the Salem Brea.*ast on
7lo#' ?n addition to di##in# into the details o* seci*ic issues, there is a summary o* the
ma=or a#enda toics rior to each Council meetin#' 6he Salem and the
Statesman !ournal co)era#e is less timely and o*ten more limited in deth'
15. Any skeletons in your closet or other potentially embarrassing information that you want to
disclose before it comes up in the campaign?
My "i*e and ? o"n roerty in West Salem "ithin the City limits, a7out a Auarter mile
*rom the roosed ath o* the Salem -lternati)e 6hird Brid#e' ?* the 7rid#e "ere e)er
7uilt, it "ould ma.e that roerty more )alua7le, 7ut ? am con)inced that the 7rid#e is
not needed, that there is no reasona7le "ay to ay *or it, and that the 7rid#e lannin#
rocess di)erts resources *rom doa7le ro=ects that "ould hel imro)e tra**ic *lo"
across the e0istin# 7rid#es and throu#hout Salem'
16. If you are running for a governing board in Oregon (such as city council, county board of
commissioners or the Legislature), how many meetings of that board have you attended in
person during 2013 and 2014? How many have you watched online or on TV, if applicable?
? ha)e 7een acti)ely en#a#ed in .ey acti)ities o* the City Council' ? attended
a7out a do>en City Council meetin#s in 2413 and testi*ied at a7out si0 o* them' ? also
attended *our "or. sessions and some Council committee meetin#s' ?B)e attended
a7out three meetin#s so *ar in 2414 and testi*ied at t"o o* them' ? ha)e attended or
"atched at least hal* o* the roceedin#s o* t"o-thirds o* the Council meetin#s held in the
last 15 months' ?n addition, ? "as at t"o o* the Bud#et Committee meetin#s this year
and ? "as the only mem7er o* the u7lic to testi*y'
Thank you. Please return this questionnaire to the Editorial Board as an attached Word document to by 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 16.

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