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Moments Before Armageddon

Look at him with his self contained, smug smile. He really believes this new Infinity Pill is the
salvation to humanity. He really believes hes victorious. This wasnt in the plans of our Society.
He has lied to us all but everyone embraces him as if hes a great leader when hes a damn
tyrant. He speaks of the King of Heaven as a tyrant when in my eyes the two are mirror images
of one another.
This secret Society took us over million years to build; now hes risking it all for praise and
glory. This isnt the purpose for our existence. We only exist to extend Humanitys life force and
snatch Human Beings from the Concept Mens control. This is only way to give Humanity total
mental liberation is to show them the truth, but immortality is beyond our control. This is asking
for war with Humanity and Heaven. We might win a war with one but against both Beings we
will fall at their boots.
Look at him, calmly watching me from the corners of his eyes. He looks at me as if I am another
minion but I am a partner builder in this kingdom. I built this Society with my bare hands just
like him. We have been working and plotting on revenge since our exile from Heaven during the
Ice Ages before the extinction of Dinosaurs. We roamed this Earth together looking for
intelligent life forms or exiled Divine Beings. We used to talk about our ideas on reshaping what
the King of Heaven has built into our own utopia. I guess this was his utopia all along and I just
was a foolish pawn in his game. This isnt a utopia I care to live in. A tyrant controlling a utopia
no longer makes it a utopia, right?
I am standing here next to the golden throne of this self proclaimed God of Realm Earth. He
watches on as these mindless Human Beings frolic in his newly built garden on the holy ground
of Golgotha. His arrogance is like a high school boy who is the captain of his football team.
Urinating on the field of his nemesis doesnt make you a conquer; it only makes you frail for
defeat. Look at him sitting on his newly built gold throne looking down at these pitiful Human
Beings swallowing his Infinity Pill. Ive noticed with each swallow from these Human Beings it
becomes harder for him to contain this smug smile. Hes not king, he just another wrathful
Divine Being that was exiled from Heaven. At times I believe in my heart that he wants the King
of Heavens attention just for his wrath or approval. At times I think J oe feels as though he was
abandoned by him instead of exiled. Whatever he is thinking, hes drawing too much attention to
our cause.
Who am I fooling?! Our cause has been long abandoned. He has been manipulating us for
decades, probably centuries. I should have known something wasnt right with him after he
crippled Hitler for the spear of Destiny. For a man that hates the King of Heaven so much he
looks to be just like him. Now this makes me wonder a one thing, what does this make me? I
continued to follow a fraudulent movement thats only moving toward war. Resurrection Men
purpose wasnt war, which will only equate death. We only give life but he has lost his way but
everyone else is afraid to speak up. Somethingneeds to change right now because controlling
Humanity will only end with bloodshed and destruction.
He analyzes me with hatred and rage behind his fake friendly stares. I glance down at my
pretentious king with stares of distrust and resentment. I know his nature isnt to give life. His
nature is to destroy and conquer. Would he go through me to achieve his ultimate goal? I can feel
the magnetic tension between him and me, pulling us closer to killing one another. At this
moment our friendship isnothing but an afterthought of yesteryear. Our roads have forked from
one another but are destine to clash head on for only one of us to survive the experience.
Look at him sitting on his golden throne watching down at his mindless followers ingesting that
damned divine drug. He finally notices me intensely staring at him with my piercing expression
of resentment. He gazes into my eyes and I gaze back into his welcoming crystal blue eyes. He
says to me,
Is there anything on your mind, my dear Brother J oe?
I say to him, No. Nothing at all, J oe.
He says to me, Excuse me?
I slightly frowned with hesitation as I say to him, Apologizes, sir. I do not have anything
important on my mind to share, sir.
J oe calmly says as he turns back to watching Human Beings frolic in his garden from his golden
throne in his throne room,
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, 2014 12:02 PM
Not as Cain, [who] was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he
him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous. 1 John 3:12
The Beginning of Act Two: King Why?