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Biuuen cameias aie often necessaiy when items aie being taken while you aie
away fiom youi uesk, youi home, oi fiom stoie iooms anu pioof is iequiieu to
finu out exactly who is uoing it.

We aie able to builu anu install a coveit hiuuen cameia
into viitually anything to suit the space in which it is to
be useu. We have pieviously built cameias into objects
such as aii fiesheneis, tissue boxes anu tennis iacquets.
The stanuaiu items that aie most commonly useu aie
key fobs, smoke alaims, PIR uetectois, clocks, iauios anu
powei auaptois, as well as bouy woin applications. The
cameia units aie installeu with theii own SB caiu to
iecoiu uiiectly into the unit anu make it easy to iemove anu play back on youi
PC. Nost cameias aie fitteu with movement uetection so it is unnecessaiy to
iecoiu houis of wasteu time.

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uSL Associates supply anu install all types anu
styles of CCTv whethei you iequiie a single
cameia ovei the fiont uooi of youi home oi a
full system coveiing eveiy inch of a factoiy oi
commeicial piopeity.
CCTv is now a main featuie of secuiity contiol in
the home anu office, in auuition to being a
common secuiity fixtuie in shops, pubs, cai paiks, anu othei public places. What
useu to being cost piohibitive is now affoiuable to all thanks to many auvances
in technology anu falling piices. Fastei installation allows foi systems to be
installeu quickly anu economically, without bieaking the bank.

uSL Associates can now install IP CCTv systems allowing you to check images
fiom anywheie in the woilu that has Inteinet capability. Remote access can be
gaineu fiom a PC, a tablet, oi Smaitphone, with options to ieceive email aleits
anu notifications when the system is activateu.
We will auvise you on the laws ielating to piivacy anu uata piotection, such as
making suie youi cameia installations aie not inteifeiing with othei peoples'
homes oi sites.

Example: Cost of system £4,uuu. Initial payment of unuei £Suu equal to S
monthly ientals, plus SS monthly payments of less that $1Su.
Rates aie subject to acceptance anu change anu all figuies quoteu aie plus vAT.