2014 Sports Symposium

Fellowship Application
Sports Symposium, Inc. hosts annual student-run conferences that are considered the
global sports industry’s premier events. The annual Ivy Sports Symposium and Global
Sports Symposium enable the industry’s leaders and most successful executives to share
invaluable knoledge ith their peers and potential successors.
!stablished in "##$ by %hris %haney at &rinceton 'niversity, Sports Symposium, Inc.
sets the standard for college-based sports business conferences. The intimate settings
combined ith engaging content and dynamic speakers makes both conferences (must
attend) events every year.
Fellowship Program
The Sports Symposium, Inc. *elloship &rogram as created in "#++ to provide talented
graduate and undergraduate students ith the uni,ue opportunity to gain in-depth
experience orking on to of the industry’s most respected events and the organi-ation
surrounding it.
!ach year, Sports Symposium selects +-" students to provide hands-on support on a
variety of Symposium ventures. The *ello orks closely ith the !xecutive .irector
and the &lanning %ommittee on several important organi-ational tasks including, but not
limited to/
+0 1ssisting ith Symposium event execution.
"0 %oordinating committee 2e.g. 1dvisory %ommittee, 3oung 4eaders %ommittee,
etc.0 activities.
50 6anaging Symposium sponsors.
70 8ecruitment of Symposium speakers.
90 1ssistance ith publicity through social media and Symposium ebsite.
$0 +# :!;T 1ard execution.
+0 'npaid felloship program
"0 +" months 2<une "#+7 through late 6ay "#+9, exact dates mutually agreed upon0
50 8e,uires +#-+9 hours per eek orking remotely.
70 The "-5 months preceding the Symposium generally re,uire +9-"# hours per
eek to prepare for the event.
90 The final "-5 months of the felloship generally re,uire +-+# hours per eek.
&lease direct all ,uestions to mburns=sportssymposium.org.
Application Timeline
May 19 2014! .eadline for application submissions.
May 2" 2014! *ellos ill be notified by email of their acceptance.
#ligibility $riteria
+0 *ull-time undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited college or university.
"0 6ust be graduating no earlier than Spring "#+9.
Selection $riteria
+0 >uality of application.
"0 .emonstration of interest in a future career of leadership in sports.
50 &reference is given to candidates ith prior ork?internship experience in the
sports industry or related fields.
70 Sports Symposium, Inc. complies ith all e,ual opportunity las.
Application $hec%list
The full application must include/
+0 %over letter.
"0 *ive 290 suggestions on ho to further gro the Symposium 2no more than "9#
ords total0.
50 8esume 2&.* format preferred0.
70 &lease email your cover letter, resume and suggestions to
mburns=sportssymposium.org 2only fully completed applications ill be
considered0 no later than 6onday, 6ay +@, "#+7 at ++/9@pm !.T.

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