Self-destructive pathologies

Serious digestive problems
Something gone forever
For the betterment of less fortune
Disappointed in society,
Idealized view society can be

(per Massimo)
Self-destructive Pathologies
• Usually see them with more self destructive dis-
• Like cancer in stomach, cancer in bowels
• what is interesting is that they were able to over-
come this
• they produce something like that, they have to face
it, and then it was an experience thru which they
were able to grow
• without 1/3 of this stomach, without part of their bowel, they can go on
• often - they are slim (Allium cepa is pretty stout)
• Allium sativum cannot put on much fat
Serious digestive problems -
• They are very very selective on choosing what they can eat and cannot eat
• it is important for them to be able to detect what it is that makes them sick
• they will eat only a few things
• to precisely know what they can eat
• like after an operation in which 1/2 of stomach taken out, then hard to eat certain foods
• serious headaches, which improve after eating
• they need caloric foods and even so will not gain weight
• very important even if they go to the toilet, it is not completely expelled, even if not constipated
• Allium-s can have serious bronchitis and pneumonia, pleurisy
Something gone forever
a sense of homesickness, a sense of loss, will describe something that is gone forever and cannot be
easily described
Very socially oriented
has seen that they are very socially oriented
Mother Nature, For people not as lucky
• not religious in classical sense, was more as if Mother Nature is very important
• more rational and concrete
• seems more political and social, the relations to other people that are not a lucky as you are
• with this same ethical sense as all-c
• a deep disappointed they can be in society
• a strong idealization, perhaps in something political
• a sever severe disappointment to see this not in society
• those politicians at the end were not a good and sincere as i was hoping they would be

dreams - of being very distant
something they would like to reach and is very important
Allium sativum (Garlic) (All-s) Liliaceae Family
as if they do not have the strength the en-
ergy the power to get this thing
often their body is the obstacle to achieve

often in all-c actually a bad smell to urine
often in all-s objective - not an actual bad

Allium sativum

MIND; ACTIVITY; desire for (36) ***
MIND; AILMENTS from; anticipation,
foreboding, presentiment (111) *
MIND; AILMENTS from; death; parents or friends, of (74) **
MIND; APPEARANCE, concerned too much about his physical (16) *
MIND; APPEARANCE, concerned too much about his physical; stylishness (10) **
MIND; DREAMS; animals, of; snakes (42) *
MIND; DREAMS; animals, of; snakes; flying (1) *
MIND; DREAMS; flying (41) *
MIND; FEAR; animals, of; insects, of; jumping ones (6) *
MIND; FEAR; animals, of; snakes, of (34) *
MIND; FEAR; animals, of; snakes, of; pursuing, but not frightening (1) **
MIND; FEAR; depression (8) **
MIND; IRRITABILITY; indignation, with (2) *
MIND; IRRITABILITY; injustice, from (1) *
MIND; IRRITABILITY; trifles, from (71) **
MIND; THINKING; ailments, complaints, of; agg. (78) *
HEAD PAIN; GENERAL; anger, from (32) *
HEAD PAIN; GENERAL; excitement of the emotions, after (59) **
HEAD PAIN; GENERAL; familiar (17) *
HEAD PAIN; GENERAL; gastric (98) **
HEAD PAIN; GENERAL; irritability, from (3) *
HEAD PAIN; GENERAL; odors; strong, from (24) *
HEAD PAIN; GENERAL; sun, exposure to; agg. (64) *
HEAD PAIN; LOCALIZATION; Temples and Occiput (9) *
HEAD PAIN; PULSATING, throbbing; Temples (70) *
HEAD PAIN; STITCHING; Temples (183) **
EYE; LACHRYMATION; menses, during (4) *
EYE; TEARS; burning (56) **
SMELL; ACUTE (105) **
SMELL; ACUTE; headache, during (5) *
SMELL; SENSITIVE to odor of; strong odors (47) **
SMELL; SENSITIVE to odor of; strong odors; headache, during (3) **
Allium sativum (Garlic) (All-s) Liliaceae Family
STOMACH; INDIGESTION; old people, in (24) *
STOMACH; INDIGESTION; operations, after gastric
(1) **
STOMACH; INDIGESTION; small amount of food,
amel (4) **
STOMACH; PAIN; General; anger, after (8) **
STOMACH; THIRST; extreme (224) *
RECTUM; DIARRHEA; menses; during (63) *
RECTUM; FLATUS; offensive (148) **
RECTUM; WORM, WORMS; recurrent; adults, in (2)
STOOL; FLOATING in water (9) **
STOOL; HARD; first; pasty, then (7) **
STOOL; HARD; first; soft, then (28) **
FEMALE; MENSES; irregular (125) **
RESPIRATION; ASTHMATIC; odors, from (4) *
RESPIRATION; DIFFICULT; odors, from (5) *
BACK; PAIN; General; lumbar region, lumbago; rising; agg.; seat, from (44) **
BACK; PAIN; General; lumbar region, lumbago; rising; agg.; stooping, after (15) **
BACK; STIFFNESS; Cervical region (224) *
BACK; STIFFNESS; Cervical region; headache, during (46) **
BACK; STIFFNESS; Cervical region; extending; head, to (3) *
BACK; TENSION; Cervical region (107) **
BACK; TENSION; Cervical region; headache, with (9) **
GENERALITIES; DISCHARGES, secretions; offensive (13) *
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; bread; desires; butter, and (18) **
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; coca-cola; amel (3) **
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; coca-cola; desire for (8) *
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; eggplant; desires (2) *
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; eggs; aversion (33) *
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; garlic; agg. (21) **
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; garlic; desires (11) **
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; meat; agg. (65) **
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; meat; aversion (158) **
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; onions; agg. (35) *
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; onions; amel. (3) *
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; pasta; agg (2) **
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; zucchini; desire (1) *
GENERALITIES; HEAT; flushes of; climacteric period, in (71) **
GENERALITIES; RIDING; cars or wagons, on; agg. (87) **
GENERALITIES; TOBACCO; aversion (95) **

Allium sativum (Garlic) (All-s) Liliaceae Family