“ Better a little fire to warm us than a great one to burn us”

From root of word meaning “Bitter”
In sanskrit means “young girl or virgin”
In flower symbolism represents “Acute Sorrow and bitterness”
Weakness and loss of power of sphincter
Forced out and excluded by everyone because he is repulsive—

The fluid feeling
When in doubt and thinking of cactus and don’t have polarities and
have water stuff, think Aloe

Affinity Intestinal disorder, smooth muscles of veins
Theme: Fullness, congestion, alternating states, weak-
Constipation AND Diarrhea
Deep Rectal Itching
Gas, Bloating, and Abdominal Pain

(LD) One of remedies – in 1800’s it was in everybody’s
box next to sulphur
Broad and deep
Sensation – holding in and letting in
I’ve got to hold it in
If I let go – I’m ugly, I’m ashamed
I won’t be included

Doesn’t like confrontation
Extremely hard working
Doesn’t know what to do
Preoccupied with their pathology
Irritable, hateful, discontented, conduct repels others
Appear calm, stoic and content but underneath there is indifference
Resignation from life
Alternating states, excited with racing thoughts then lassitude and indifference
Aggravated by mental exertion
Lascivious fancies, Sings obscene songs Lustful
Tormenting sexual thoughts intrude
Oversensitive to music, to slightest noise, Music AGGR
HUGE Range of ME behavior, Haughtiness, Spiteful, Bitter, Lascivious, Moaning, Morose
Also have Merry and Cheerful
Aloe socotrina (Lily Family) Leprous
Everything seems to revolve around eating and eliminating, Things
get worse right after they eat.
Bad effects of sedentary life or habits

Forced out and excluded by everyone because he is repulsive
Contemptuous =>Rage from suffering, Cursing, swearing
Anthrophobia, aversion to company
Presence of others agg the symptoms
Fraternized with the whole world
Dreams: of soiling himself

HA amel by cold
Diarrhea, sudden urging for stool, esp in morning, drives him out of bed
Urgent stool 5 am (Sulph)
Involuntary stool esp passing flatus, concentrate to avoid accidents
Mucus filled stools
Hemorrhoids with marked congestion
Hemorrhoids, look like bunch of grapes
Flatus– hot
Weakness and loss of power of sphincter
Insecurity in rectum when passing flatus
Uncertain whether gas or stool would come out
Sputtering stool
Feces and urine escape together, can’t pass one without the other
Pelvis as if filled with hot water
Heavy and dragging, as if a load
Stool passes unnoticed in little children.
Predicts time of death in hysteria
Delusion; He is sitting too high
Delusion; that his condition is better than others
Mind; Fraternized; with entire world (1)
Mind; Hatred of person, repels everyone (1)
Mind; Fear stool would escape with urine or flatus (1)
Worse right after Eating, Worse in morning, better in evening
Apathy alternating with Activity
MIND; Mood changeable after dinner
Mind; Repulsive, mood, to everyone (2)
MIND; Reconciled to fate (2) (cham)

Your final observation will be that "his stool and his rectum" preoccupy his mind so much that
he cannot think of anything else; this at least is the impression that he will give you
Vithoulkas Reference

AGGR: Warm and wet weather
Longing for J uicy things, esp fruit
Aloe socotrina (Lily Family) Leprous
Aloe (from Acute Class)
• (it’s not alovera) Lily family, lots from this family has affinity to this area
• Affinity: Abdominal, actually the abdominal veins, causes a congestion or relaxation
in rectum
• Traveler’s Diarrhea
• From disturbance or changes in eating, eating street food
• I really shouldn’t, I really shouldn’t, but you do anyway (eating oysters not
quite right)
• I shouldn’t but I do it
• Gas; a lot of gas, never sure if going to pass gas or stool
• You get caught out all the time, you think I’ll just let gas go and OUT
comes stool
• Insecure rectum! – can’t trust it
• Gurgling and rumbling in abdomen
• Involuntary stool when passing gas
• Abdomen feels heavy full, bloated
• Not necessarily, noisy
• Heaviness, from pubis to coccyx, like a weight there, a rock there (common for Lily)
• (DD Verat: as if it has to come out TOO small a tube, it’s too big to come out that whole
• The pressure is too big, like pregnancy feeling big ball sitting there
• Uncertainty
• Can’t get to toilet fast enough, anus feels weak
• Oh, my god, what is going to happen!
• Mucus can ooze from anus, clear mucus
• You finish, you clean yourself up, and walk out and feel wetness, oh god what can this be
• It’s mucus, clear (not so much sputtering)
• Stool escapes when urinating
• Often we are in that uncertain territory when travelling
• THE AREA OF Difficulty is Lower Intestines
• Stool, pieces of undigested pieces of stool, LINTERIC
Aloe socotrina (Lily Family) Leprous