Sand Driving on Fraser Island

Driving on the sand at Fraser Island can be a difficult task at times. To make
things a little easier, the best thing you can do is deflate your tyres a little,
making sure you don't exceed 60 kilometres an hour hile they are deflated.
!ou should also avoid driving these deflated tyres on the bitumen, so make
sure you alays carry a good "uality air com#ressor so that you can "uickly
#um# them back u#.
$hile driving on the sand you should also ensure that you never #ark on the
et #art of the sand, es#ecially on the beach. %void this and you ill avoid
getting bogged and stranded on the beach.
Driving On Fraser Island - Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a Four Wheel Drive vehicle on Fraser Island?
!es, Fraser Island is the $orld's &argest 'and Island and does not have
bitumen roads. The tracks on Fraser Island are soft sand and not suitable for
conventional vehicles. Four heel drive vehicles ith lo ground clearance
may have difficulty on some inland tracks.
(ueensland )arks and $ildlife 'ervice #ublishes an invaluable eekly re#ort,
#roviding details of track conditions on the Island and ()$' cam#site
availability. To book a *$D for hire #lease visit our ebsite to book no.
Can I drive on the Beach?
!es, travellers are advised to attem#t beach travel only at lo tide. The ocean
beach has ha+ards including ashouts, #articularly after heavy rain and rough
seas. $ave action ex#oses dangerous rocks. For beach driving a reduction in
tyre #ressure to ,-6k#a .,/01,#si2 is recommended and an /0 kilometre #er
hour s#eed limit is enforced.
3ee# your s#eed don hen #assing #eo#le or #arked vehicles on the
$arning 0 4eare of aircraft landing on the beach, #articularly at lo tide.
3ee# 5lear.
When is the est ti!e to travel on the each?
%round lo tide is the best time to travel on the beach. %void driving during
the to hours either side of high tide, and often for longer, because some
areas are more affected than others by tidal activity and onshore inds. For
satety, avoid travelling at night.
$arning 0 5aution should be taken hen crossing freshater creeks. $alk
through it to check the de#th of ater and softness of sand first, then cross
sloly. Do not sto# your vehicle in any creek bed.
Do S"eed #i!its and $oad $ules a""ly on Fraser Island?
!es, s#eed limits a##ly on Fraser Island6 /0 kilometres #er hour on the beach
and -7 kilometres #er hour on the inland tracks although sloer is
recommended. 8n many of the inland tracks only ,7 kilometres #er hour is
#ossible. %ll vehicular tracks and the eastern beach are designated roads and
normal road rules a##ly.
'eatbelts should be orn at all times. 9ever carry #assengers outside the
vehicle cabin as #eo#le travelling in this manner have been seriously in:ured
by being thron from vehicles.
3ee# to the left of oncoming vehicles at all times. ;se indicators hen
overtaking or turning.
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