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Today’s competitive landscape and market pressures are driving small and mid-sized businesses
(SMB’s) to work smarter, aster, and c!eaper " to continually do more wit! even less# More t!an
ever beore, SMB’s must be $%%& ocused on t!eir core mission o delivering products or services
to market# 'ny activity or e(penditure t!at doesn’t contribute directly to t!at mission must be
closely scrutinized# 's a result, timely and secure access to inormation and data analysis !as never
been more critical# )espite t!e obvious and growing need or it, eective and eicient inormation
tec!nology (*T) continues to elude most SMB’s#
+ntil now, ,*--level strategic advice !as been beyond t!e reac! o smaller companies, not able to
.ustiy !iring a ull time ,*-# 's a result, many struggle wit! *T strategy, lacking t!e strategic *T
e(pertise to plan t!e !ig!est value *T inrastructure and ensure all tec!nology layers are optimised,
rom sotware applications, to server environments, to security#
-ur ,*-service is designed to give smaller companies t!e same level o tec!nical e(pertise, business
e(perience, and strategic *T inputs, t!ereby levelling t!e playing ield, delivering a pragmatic and
aordable way or mid-sized customers to ac!ieve all o t!e cost savings and business advantages
t!at a smart, dedicated ,*- can deliver via /CIO-On-Demand/ service w!ic! provides enterprise-
class *T e(ecutive leaders!ip and e(pertise to t!e small or mid-sized business management team
easily and aordably as an interim / timeshare engagement#
We help S!s to trans"orm in"ormation technolog# to align with $%siness o$&ectives at a
"ractional cost o" an in-ho%se CIO.
We also help S!s to achieve their $%siness o$&ectives $# "oc%ssing on their core competence
and letting %s manage their IT environment $#
Integrated In"rastr%ct%re anagement Services

We offer a flexible portfolio to improve your IT infrastructure management. Along with offering
basic infrastructure management services, we design, procure, implement, manage and support a
wide range of infrastructure solutions to help you gain more on your investment, in both people and
technology. Our technical consultants are dedicated, proactive, and work closely with you to get a
good understanding of your infrastructure environment, in order to give you only the best service,
and the optimal infrastructure.
O%r services o""ering "or In"rastr%ct%re anagement consist o"'
• Service )esk
• 0orkplace Management
• )ata ,entre Management
• ,loud *nrastructure Management

Some o t!e ot!er services t!at we oer1
• Times!are ,*- Service
• -n )emand ,*- Service
• 2ong term *T Strategy - )esign and *mplementation
• ,loud Services, -utsourcing and Tec!nology Services
• *nrastructure3Tec!nology 4lanning, *mplementation and Management
• )isaster 5ecovery and Business ,ontinuity 4lanning
• 4urc!asing 'dvice and 'ssistance
• 6etwork 'udits and 5ecommendations
• ecommerce Strategy - 7ormulation and 8(ecution
• 2icence ,ompliance
• 854 8valuation, Selection and *mplementation 'ssistance
• Sotware3'pplication development
What can we do "or #o%(

Pro"ile o" )a&esh !hatia - *o%nder + C,O (!ttp133www#linkedin#com3in3rkb!atia)! !as over 9% years o ric! and diversiied e(perience in t!e ield o *normation Tec!nology and !as
been associated mainly wit! Manuacturing and )istribution companies#! ocuses on aligning t!e *T
roadmap wit! -rganization’s business ob.ectives to !elp t!e management ac!ieving t!e goals :uickly and
eiciently# ;e !as e(perience o leading cross cultural teams and !as worked in 8urope, +<, Middle 8ast and
*ndia#! !as !eld t!e *T leaders!ip positions or more t!an =% years# ;e, till very recently, !eld t!e position o
,*- and >ice 4resident-;5 or ;avells Sylvania 8urope 2td and was based at 2ondon and 7rankurt w!ere !e
was part o t!e senior management team tasked wit! integrating businesses o Sylvania (?%% m@) wit! t!e
parent company - ;avells *ndia (combined turnover o around $ billion @)# T!e team successully turned
around t!e business rom a loss making entity to a company t!at made proits in =%$$ and =%$=# ;e !ad
speciic responsibility o providing strategic direction to t!e board on *T, Supply ,!ain and ;5 matters# ;e
was also responsible or successul restructuring t!e business in 8urope, reduction o manpower by more
t!an $%%%, closing non-viable manuacturing locations and ware!ouses, designing improved supply networks
and centralizing t!e operations#

's part o 'ccenture *ndia,! played t!e role o +nit 2ead or t!e *T -utsourcing portolio o 'ccenture
and led t!e outsourced *T pro.ects at )abur *ndia, 'sa!i Alass and Bindal Stainless amongst ot!ers# 't t!ese
pro.ects,! led t!e teams in aligning t!e *normation Tec!nology to t!e Business analyzing t!e business
needs and recommending and implementing t!e rig!t *T initiative varying rom 5etail Strategy, S'4
implementation and merging t!e *T setups o ac:uired entities#

's Aroup ,*- o A!abbour Aroup in 8gypt, !e !elped t!e group in successully re-implementing t!e 854
w!ic! !ad ailed earlier and !elped t!em in building t!eir *T team to manage t!e new implementation#! also worked as t!e Aroup ,!ie *normation -icer o +s!a Martin Aroup " *ndia, w!ere !e created
t!e *normation Tec!nology roadmap or t!e Aroup and successully steered t!e employees and t!e Aroup
to tec!nology ocused operations by integrating t!e manuacturing units and t!e ;C in *ndia wit! t!e e(port
oices located all across t!e globe and successully implementing 854 to cover all aspects o t!e business
operations, covering all t!e aspects o manuacturing cycle rom planning, order to cas! and beyond#! also !as e(tensive e(posure to 4lanning and -perations areas o manuacturing organizations !aving
led t!e 4roduction 4lanning and ,ontrol unction at 8ssar Steel " *ndia w!ere !e led t!e core team to not
only develop t!e automation systems rom scratc! but also !eaded t!e 44, -perations or t!e = MT4'
acilities at Au.arat, *ndia#!, in !is long career, !as created *T Strategies and 5oadmaps, built Business ,ontinuity 4lans wit!
speciic ocus on tec!nological )isaster Management, implemented Business *ntelligence Systems,
8nterprise 5esource 4lanning applications, ,5M systems and created robust *T inrastructures or
organizations to ac!ieve t!eir business ob.ectives#! !olds a Bac!elor o Tec!nology degree rom *ndian *nstitute o Tec!nology, <anpur, *ndia and 4ost
Araduation rom t!e *ndian *nstitute o Management (**M) ,alcutta and can be contacted at DE$
EF$%G%9F$= and!#b!atiaHcioassist#in#