Final Draft

Eating is essential in our life. We can choose what to eat and what not to eat. Overeating
will lead to obesity. Obesity today is the silence killer that has been creeping in our society
today. All around the world, there are many people who fight obesity in their lives from adults to
children. According to Reuter ‘A new study published in the journal Obesity found that among
nearly 70 000 children and adolescents with the data height and weight, a quarter were obese’ (
Borneo Post 27 December 2010). As a consequence, this may lead to many health problems
such as high blood, heart failure and many more that will make our body suffer. children that
have overweigh problems is subject to bias, teasing, ridicule and resulting discriminatory actions
of others. I believe there are ways to prevent obesity of children to become a social problem in
the world today.
Firstly, more awareness campaign should be planned for the children including their
parents. Parents are said to be the gatekeeper of their children’s eating behavior. This campaign
may aims at parents on how to control and provide a healthy environment where their child may
eat and lead to a healthy lifestyles. Talks also can be conducted for the public and schools by the
related agencies to provide more input on healthy eating habits. Vincent Chui general manager
(Marketing) of Yeo’s said that his company has kick off a program to give talks on balance diet
and distribute soy milk to 60 schools as to reach out to the students on healthy diet ( Borneo Post
27 December 2010).
Secondly, knowledge on health must be integrated in the education system in Malaysia.
The ministry can tighten the rules of food been sold in the canteens. They can ask the canteen to
provide more healthy food such as more fruits and vegetables. If the canteen operators disobey
the rules, heavy compound may imply to them. Likewise, the ministry should integrate health
awareness to the subject taught in the school. This will help the children to remember that eating
healthy will be essential when they grow up. One way I think many teachers or school forget is
the food pyramid. This food pyramid can be always be a guide of food should be taken in a large
or small quantities for the pupils.
Finally, exercising is a healthy way to prevent obesity. In this modern world where
television and video games have been the children’s pastimes and now this is the time to change.
Parents should play an important role to introduce their children to exercise. They can bring their
children to the playground for them to play or just for a mildly walk. In the same way, they can
remind or shows their children the importance of exercise for their health. Parents also should
encourage their children to join sports that they like and can excel in. For example one of the
taekwondo experts says that Taekwondo can help youths, the cream of the nation, healthy and in
good shape ( Borneo Post 6 March 2011). Nowadays, there a lot of sports development
programmed organize by the related organization. This is one of the way to encourage the
children to exercise furthermore help them to excel them in sports that are now one of the
component in entering universities in Malaysia.
In short, people need to be educated and where else to start but children as they are easier
to lead to the life of eating and lead a healthy lifestyle. It’s all started with preventative measures
including but not just limiting on awareness campaign, education system or the parents
themselves. That is the role of us as a member of a society where we don’t want the children as
the pillar of our future lose to just food that can kill them and bring lots of health problems.
(703 words)

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