Question 1 – 4
Each question in this paper is followed by three or four possible answer.
Circle the best answer.
1. I brush my _________ everyday
A. face B. teeth C. hand
2. he hibiscus is _________
A. red B. blue C. purple
!. I "o to school every __________
A. mornin" B. evenin" C. ni"ht

#. Ahmad is my ____________ in school
A. cat B. boo$ C. friend

Question 5 – 7
Choose the best words to complete the para"raphs.
his is a __________ %&'. he mon$ey li$es to eat
___________ %('.
It does not li$e to eat _________%)' and rice.
&. A. mon$ey B. cat C. elephant
(. A. strawberry B. oran"e C. banana
). A. noodle B. chic$en C. fish
Question 8 -10
*tudy the pictures carefully. hen+ choose the best sentences to describe
each picture.
A. *he is my father.
B. *he is my mother.
C. *he is my brother.
/. *he is my sister.
Who is that woman?
A. 0ay I borrow your pencil1
B. 0ay I borrow your boo$1
C. 0ay I "o to the washroom.
/. 0ay I "o the office.
A. han$ you.
B. 2ou are welcome.
C. 3lease "ive me my money.
e!e is the mone"#
Than$ "ou#
Question 11 -15
Choose the answers with the correct spellin".
A. rabbit
B. rabit
C. rebbit
A. "randfadher
B. "randfather
C. "randfatdher
A. friend
B. freind
C. feriend
A. shapener
B. sharpener
C. sharpene
A. flouwer
B. flawer
C. flower
Question 1&-'1
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.
4hat is this 1
his is an ___________.
A. apple B. oran"e C. orchid
*hiela buys a _________ of noodle.
A. plate B. cup C. bowl
his is En. Aiman.
______ is a doctor.
A. It B. 5e C. *he
*u6ana has an ___________.
A. eraser B. album C. umbrella
he fish is _______ the bowl.
A. on B. in C. under
he ________is very small.
A. bird B. cat C. ant
Question '' – '5
Choose the sentences with the correct punctuation.
22. A. 4here do you live+ Ali1
B. 4here do you live Ali1
C. 4here do you live+ ali1
2!. A. my 7ame is *alima binti Ahmad.
B. 0y name is *alima binti Ahmad.
C. 0y name is *alima binti ahmad.
2#. A. I 8i$e to eat Chocolate.
B. i li$e to eat chocolate.
C. I li$e to eat chocolate.
2&. A. 4here is *9 3en"eli imur1
B. 4her is *9 3en"eli timur1
C. 4here is *9 3en"eli imur1
Question '&-)0
8oo$ at the picture and read the passa"e carefully. hen+ choose the best
answer to fill in the blan$s.
_____________%2(' is *unday. 0y ________%2)' and I "o :3asar
Boron";. 4e buy ____________ %2,'. It is a________ %2-' day. *o+ I
wear a ____________.
2(. A. 2esterday B. oday C. omorrow
2). A. father B. mother C. friend
2,. A. some apples B. some banana C. some oran"es
2-. A. hot B. cold C. warm.
!. A. hat B. cap C. son"$o$
Question )1 -)5
<ead the passa"e carefully and answer the question that follows.
!1. <avi=s friend is a >an ________ family.
A. Indian B. Chinese C. 0alay
!2.3uan ?arha is 0a6lan=s _____________.
A. aunt B. sister C. mother
0y name is <avi. 0y nei"bours are "ood people. hey are a 0alay
family. Enci$ /aud is the man of the house. 5is wife is 3uan ?arah. hey
have two children+ 0a6li and 0a6lin. 0a6li is my friend in school.
3uan ?arah is a "ood coo$. *he coo$s delicious food. 4e en@oy eatin"
her Anasi lema$= very much. *ometimes+ my mother eBchan"es food with 3uan
?arah. /urin" the festivals+ we will visit each otherAs house.
I also play "ames with 0a6lan and 0a6lin at the play"round. I am luc$y
to have "ood nei"hbours.
!!. 3uan ?aridah is _______________.
A. 0a6lan=s nei"hbour B. 0a6lan=s mother C. 0a6lan=s sister
!#. 3uan ?arah is a "ood ____________.
A. coo$ B. teacher C. "irl
!&. 0a6lan and 0a6lin play "ame at the _______________.
A. house B. school C. play"round
Question )&-40
<ead the passa"e and answer the followin" questions.
!(. he passa"e above is about _______________.
A. camels B. plants C. people.
!). A camel li$es to eat
A. meat B. leaves C. meat
!,. 4e can visit the camel at the _____________ .
A. desert B. 6oo C. 0alaysia
!-. A camel has one or two _______________ on its bac$.
A. humps B. nec$ C. eyes
#.. Camel has _________lon" le"s.
A. two C. three C. four
5ave you seen a camel before1 It has four lon" le"s and nec$s. It
li$es to eat leaves of plants.A camel has one or two humps on its body. It
has lon" nec$ and two sharp eyes.
Camels mostly live in deserts. hey help to transport people and "oods
from one place to another. 5owever+ in 0alaysia+ we can visit camel at the
6oo.Camel meat can also be eaten.