The year is 3521. The entire Capalosa has been
plunged into a deep darkness. Some ingenious
individuals have found a clever way to sell the
power that powers everything - Sunshine.
Through advances in technology and earth
sciences, they have cracked the code that
governs the natural law of the sun. Whichever
name you call him or her, Allah, God, Krishna,
Katonda, Mungu but whoever created this earth
and our universe– he must have been a
democrat. – for this purpose we shall simply call
him, the Creator.
Right from the beginning he had seen it
befitting that the greatest power of all, the Sun
would be available to serve everyone regardless
of from the smallest to the largest creations –
and among people regardless of status, colour,
creed, culture – the sun would serve all people
and at all times for all purposes – good or evil.
It would serve all people regardless of whether
they believed or not, loved or hated its Creator
– this source of power would forever be
available enabling all people to expand their
possibilities and live up to their fullest
potentials. Plants would without pay capture
and convert it for their own growth but in
return also provide life-giving nourishment for
humans and other animals on land or deep in
the seas. The Sun would govern the seasons of
rain and drought. Men and women throughout
history would harness the power of the Sun to
produce abundant crops and animals which
when sold would make them great fortunes
that would last through generations.
This great power would rise and fall each day to
diligently serve the child as dutifully as it had
served many generations of ancestors before
that child was ever conceived.
However, in this year 3521, everything had
changed. Human ingenuity had finally found a
way to master the ultimate power of all for its
selfish ends in what was now called the “Dirty
Sun Business (DSB Ltd)” The founders of the
business had found a befitting name after a
long internal corporate debate. They agreed
amongst themselves – it is dirty after all and if

Based on population size, all
nations had to pay DSB Ltd a
minimum of a trillion dollars
(3500 dollar value) annually as a
“utility fee” for what DSB Ltd
called “sunshine services”. The
higher the money a nation paid,
the more optimal its share of
“sunshine services” it would
we are going to succeed- we would rather be
truthful about it we shall call it the “Dirty Sun
Business (DSB Ltd)”.
You see DSB Ltd had
saved the world from
the curse of climate
change. After of few
years of climatic-
change related
disasters, a group of
scientists, politicians,
NGOs and other
professionals had put
their ingenious minds
together and had
succeeded in finding a
solution which would
cloud out the sun and
stabilize the Earth’s
atmosphere. At first
this was free, but they discovered they could
make money out of it. So in the year 3521, all
nations had accepted DSB Ltd preposition to
work out a business model through which all
nations on Earth would pay an annual fee
forever to DSB Ltd for this heroic act.
The business model of DSB Ltd was fail-safe –
based on population size, all nations had to pay
DSB Ltd a minimum of a trillion dollars (3500
dollar value) annually as a “utility fee” for what
DSB Ltd called “sunshine services”. The higher
the money a nation paid, the more optimal its
share of “sunshine services” it would receive.
Failure to raise the minimum money - would
lead to catastrophic consequences for such a
DSB Ltd operated a network of fail-safe
computer servers hidden in outer space that
would distribute the sun’s energy to nations
depending on how much money they raised
each year. Countries that failed to raise a
minimum of a trillion dollars were condemned
into total darkness that year until such a time
they paid up including
One such nation was
Capalosa, a 500 year
old nation, located
somewhere in the
middle of the United
Status - a former
superpower of 1000
years ago. For the past
23 years - DSB Ltd had
activated a strange
chemical chain-process
that had established
clouds of total darkness
over Capalosa. These
processes had clouded
out all the sun until such a time that Capalosa
would pay up. At first life continued as normal,
just a day of 24 hour darkness - but then days
became months and months turned into years –
then catastrophes begun to happen – water in
rivers and lakes dried up, for without rain in
decades everything had been used up; plants
failed, animals died and Capalosa people either
starved to death, died of strange diseases or
would be killed during violence that
characterised the final struggle for the fittest.
Companies such as DSB Ltd are indeed unethical
and inhumane they are not like the “good
thieves” what Dutch colleague of mine
described to me once. She lost her wallet in
Kalahari Club in Lusaka, Zambia – she returned
a day later and found it with all its contents
(insurance cards, ATMs, drivers license etc)
except the money. She was overjoyed as you
can imagine and she later remarked that


“The world has enough for
everyone's need, but not
enough for everyone's greed.”
Mahatma Gandhi
Zambians are so nice that even pick-pocket
thieves are humane. But companies such as DSB
are not only evil but also inhumane.
But is not DSB Ltd existing today nonetheless its
leadership dispersed throughout the whole
world? When we sell Solar Power, energy-
efficient cook-stoves, hydroelectric power and
all forms of modern energy– are we not indeed
selling the power of the Sun, what DSB Ltd
called “Sunshine services”?
Have we not put the bar too high today that
most poor people, nations like the Capalosa of
the future are excluded from enjoying these
advancements of our civilization? For in spite of
modern energy being in existence for centuries,
2 in every 5 people in the world today don’t
have access to modern energy services? Is not
Capalosa happening today where over 95% of
those without electricity are in developing Asia
or sub-Saharan Africa & nearly two-thirds are in
just ten countries including India, Bangladesh,
Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia, DRC, Pakistan,
Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, in that order?
All modern energy services come from the sun,
whether this be solar, wind, or hydropower
energy. Governments, private sector, civil
society, development partners who have a
stake in making this clean energy available
should find affordable and quick ways to
dismantle this DSB Ltd. When we sale these
sunshine services let’s keep the mark-ups low,
for we are selling a product which was
essentially meant to be free. We all need to
come to a realization and share in the original
intention of the Creator of sun who desired it
that this great power must be equitably shared
by all. Within our generation we should seek to
reverse this situation we must find ingenious
ways not to bottle-up and sell the sun, but
rather to make the sunshine services available
for all.

Written by
Robert Ddamulira