University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Architecture
Division of Landscape Architecture
Year: MLA2 - Fall Semester 2011
Course: ARCH7206 Landscape Professional Practice I
Issued: 2011-09-06 (a)
Circulation: MP/jc


1. Types of Project in which Landscape Architects / urban designers Practice


- Conservation / protection of cultural sites, historic buildings & gardens
- Conservation / protection of natural landscapes, beaches, coastal areas
- Ecological habitat creation, enhancement and remediation (wetland, terrestrial, marine habitats etc)
- Forestry, agriculture and farming

Public Realm

- Parks, sitting out areas, local & district open spaces, botanical gardens, country park facilities
- Sports & recreation facilities, sports pitches, water sports, race courses
- Golf courses
- Festival and expo sites
- Theme parks
- Town squares, civic open spaces
- Tourist facilities, art spaces and installations
- Waterfront promenades
- Pedestrian schemes

Commercial Development

- Commercial office, retail, interior and exteriors
- Residential – low rise, high rise, public, private
- Resorts and hotels, marinas, casinos
- Retail, Dining & Entertainment (RDE) areas
- Institutional developments, hospitals, school & university campuses, public buildings, military sites
- Business parks, science parks, factories, industrial developments
- New towns, CDA’s, urban regeneration

Environmental Remediation and Improvement

- Transport highways, railways, cable cars, stations, airports,
- Cycle ways, footpaths, greenways, amenity areas
- Viaducts, footbridges, noise barriers & enclosures, retaining walls
- Storm water drainage, water supply systems, reservoirs, water treatment wetlands
- Reclamations, quarries and borrow areas, landslip prevention
- Landfill sites, treatment plants, waste disposal facilities
- Power generation and transmission, power stations, transmission lines, utility services, pumping stations, off
shore developments
- Urban greening
- Temporary landscape works


2. Landscape Architectural / Urban Design Services


- Policy advice
- Strategic planning - district / regional level
- Urban planning
- Site search
- Feasibility study (PPFS)
- Environmental assessment – visual and landscape impact assessment
- Tree / vegetation survey, tree risk assessments
- Development control / application of lease conditions, planning appeals
- Urban design guidelines
- Consultant management
- Compliance checking


- Conceptual design, master planning, landscape master planning, site layout,
- Detailed design of hard landscape works, planting (soft works), irrigation, subsoil drainage, sculpture /
artwork installations
- Site specific planning - TPB applications, re-zoning applications
- Competitions (entry and judging)


- Contract management, supervision-in-chief
- Resident site staff
- Independent checker
- Management and maintenance
- Quality assurance and compliance checking
- Landscape contracting, design and build contracting

Research & Education

- Policy, strategic issues
- Design
- Techniques

3. Types of Employment

Landscape architects / urban designers may be self-employed or work under full/part-time contract to

- Private individuals
- Landscape consultants – local & global
- Government departments
- Quasi-government organisations
- Infrastructure authorities
- Consultant architects
- Consultant engineers
- Consultant planners environmentalists
- Main contractors, landscape contractors
- Property developers
- Educational institutes
- Societies / action groups

4. Organization of the Landscape Architectural / Urban Design Professions

Hong Kong

Landscape / Urban Design Organisations

- Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects (HKILA) http://www.hkila.com/
- Landscape Architects Registration Ordinance LARO (Ch 516) / / Board http://www.larb.com.hk/
- Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design (HKIUD) (launched on J une 2010) http://www.hkiud.org/

- ArchSD Landscape Architects Association
- Consultant Landscape Architects Association
- Housing Department Landscape Architects Association

Other Professional Organisations

- The Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services http://www.cps.hk/
- Professional Green Building Council (PGBC) http://www.hkpgbc.org/
- Hong Kong Institute of Architects http://www.hkia.net/
- Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors http://www.hkis.org.hk/hkis/
- Hong Kong Institute of Planners http://www.hkip.org.hk/
- Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact assessors http://www.hkieia.org.hk/
- Hong Kong Institution of Engineers http://www.hkie.org.hk/



- Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development of the People’s Republic of China

Professional Organizations

- Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA) http://www.chsla.org.cn/default.htm
- Beijing Society of Landscape Architecture
- Shanghai Landscape Architecture Society
- Guangdong Society of Landscape Architecture

Websites & J ournals

- http://www.landscapeonline.com.cn/ (hosted by Tongji University)
- http://www.landscapecn.com/ (hosted by Peking University and Turenscape)
- China Landscape Architect http://www.chinalandscapearchitect.com/
- http://www.jchla.com/ (Chinese Landscape)
- http://www.la-bly.com/ (Landscape Architecture)


- Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA).
- Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) http://www.aila.org.au
- New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA)
- Korean Institute of Landscape Architecture (KILA)
- Thai Association of Landscape Architects (TALA) http://www.tala.or.th/
- Philippine Society of Landscape Architects
- Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) http://www.sila.org.sg
- IFLA – Asia Pacific Region http://asiapacific.iflaonline.org/

Working Internationally

Working overseas (Middle East, USA, Australia, Europe, South America) - local regulations / local professional
bodies / design institutes / payment / attendance / local knowledge and experience

Professional Organizations

- International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) http://www.iflaonline.org/
- American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) http://www.asla.org/
- Association of Professional Landscape Designers http://www.apld.com/
- Canadian Society of Landscape Architects http://www.csla.ca/
- European Foundation for Landscape Architecture EFLA http://www.efla.org/
- Landscape Institute U.K http://www.l-i.org.uk/
- Institute of Urban Design, USA http://www.ifud.org/
- Urban Land Institute (in Asia Pacific) http://www.uli.org/LearnAboutULI/WhereWeAre/Asia.aspx
- Urban Design Institute, UK http://www.udg.org.uk/


- Urban Land Institute http://urbanland.uli.org/
- World Design Directory http://www.world-design-directory.com/societies/urban-design.wdd
- Landscape Information Hub (U Greenwich) http://www.lih.gre.ac.uk/
- Cyberlandscape http://www.cyberlandscape.com/base/home.asp?LG=uk
- Environmental Design Research Association http://www.edra.org/
- Guides to Research: Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning (UC Berkeley)
- Information Sources for Landscape Architecture (U. Florida) http://web.uflib.ufl.edu/afa/laa/default.htm
- Landscape Architecture Foundation http://www.lafoundation.org/
- Land8 http://www.land8lounge.com/