PG Curriculum.

Vice Principal, Professor & HOD
A.R. Sheth memer list of Dental Sciences
1. Dr. K.K. W!"#$%
Prof & HOD
#.G. %edical Colle'e, "uc(no).
&. Dr. A$%' K("'%
&e) Delhi
). Dr. C.P. G(*%''
+. Dr. R,%* C"-."
&e) Delhi
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Goals for post'raduate trainin' in conser+ati+e dentistr, and !ndodontics
)ould e to prepare a -.D.S 'raduate )ho )ill
 Practice Conser+ati+e . Restorati+e dentistr, efficientl, and effecti+el, ac(ed
, scientific (no)led'e and s(ill ase. !ssential (no)led'e of asic sciences
 Practice !ndodontics in all its roader perspecti+es )ith asic (no)led'e of
oral anatom,, ph,siolo', and patholo', and ad+anced (no)led'e of
periodontics, microiolo', and immunolo',.
 -e (ind and considerate and maintain hi'h ethical standards.
 CO&$/&U! $O D!%O&$S$RA$! #!!& /&$!R!S$ /& CO&$/&U0&G
dental education in Conser+ati+e. Restorati+e dentistr, and !ndodontics and
related dental specialties irrespecti+e of )hether he or she is in academics or
specialist practice.
 -e a committed teacher, defined as Restorati+e dentist (een to share his
(no)led'e and s(ills )ith collea'ues, 1uniors or peers in the specialist area of
the field.
$he follo)in' o1ecti+es are laid out to achie+e the 'oals of the course. $hese
o1ecti+es are to e achie+ed , the time the candidate completes the course. $hese
o1ecti+es ma, e considered under the follo)in' sutitles.
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
At the end of 34 months of trainin', the candidate should e ale to5
 Descrie aetiolo',, pathoph,siolo',, periapical dia'nosis and mana'ement of
common Restorati&t situations, !ndodontic situations that )ill include
contemporar, mana'ement of dental caries, mana'ement of trauma and Pulpal
pathoses includin' Periodontal situations.
 Demonstrate understandin' of asic sciences as rele+ant to Conser+ati+e.
Restorati+e dentistr, and !ndodontics.
 /dentif, social, economic, en+ironmental and emotional determinants in a
'i+en case or communit, and ta(e them 6into account for plannin' and
e7ecution at indi+idual and communit, le+els.
 Ailit,6 to master differential dia'nosis and reco'ni8e conditions that ma,
re9uire multidisciplinar, approach or a clinical situation outside the realm of
the specialt,, )hich he.she should e ale to reco'ni8e and refer to appropriate
 Update himself , self stud, and , attendin' asic and ad+anced courses,
conferences, seminars, )or(shops in the specialt, of Conser+ati+e dentistr, .
!ndodontics . Dental %aterials and Restorati+e Dentistr,.
 Ailit, to teach, 'uide collea'ues and other students
 Use information technolo', tools and carr, out research oth asic and clinical
)ith the aim of pulishin' his )or( and presentin' the same at +arious
scientifi4 platforms.
 $a(e proper chair side histor,, e7amine the patient and perform essential
medical and dental dia'nostic procedures and order as )ell as perform rele+ant
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
tests and interpret them to come to a reasonale dia'nosis aout the dental
conditions in 'eneral and Conser+ati+e dentistr,. !ndodontists in particular.
And underta(e complete patient monitorin' includin' preoperati+e as )ell as
postoperati+e care of the patient.
 Perform all le+els of restorati+e )or( and sur'ical and non6sur'ical
!ndodontics includin' !ndodontic endosseous implants, as )ell as
!ndodontic6 Periodontal sur'ical procedures as part of multi disciplinar,
approach to clinical situation.
 Pro+ide asic life sa+in' support ser+ices in emer'enc, situations.
 %ana'e acute pulpal and pulpal & periodontal situations and emer'enc,
 Ha+e a thorou'h (no)led'e of /&0!C$/O& CO&$RO" %!ASUR!S in the
dental clinical en+ironment and laoratories.
HU%A& VA"U!S 6 ethical practice and communication ailities.
 Adopt ethical principles in all aspects of restorati+e and contemporar,
!ndodontics includin' non6sur'ical and sur'ical !ndodontics.
 Professional honest, and inte'rit, should e the top priorit,.
 Dental care has to e pro+ided re'ardless of social status, cast, creed or reli'ion
of the patient.
 De+elop communication s(ills6 in particular, the s(ill to e7plain +arious
options a+ailale in mana'ement and to otain a true informed consent from
 Appl, hi'h moral and ethical standards )hile carr,in' on human or animal
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
 He shall not carr, out an, heroic procedures and must (no) his limitations in
performin' all aspects of restorati+e dentistr, includin' !ndodontics. As( for
help from collea'ues or seniors )hen re9uired )ithout an, hesitation.
 Respect patient;s ri'hts and pri+ile'es includin' patient;s ri'ht to information.
!SS!&$/A" #&O<"!DG!
/t is 'loall, reco'ni8ed toda, that Conser+ati+e dentistr, and !ndodontics
co+ers asic (no)led'e of all restorati+e materials and materials associated )ith
!ndodontics. /t is also reco'ni8ed that the area of Conser+ati+e dentistr, includes
(no)led'e of dental caries and treatment modalities associated )ith mana'ement of
dental caries. -asic ad+anced (no)led'e of non6carious lesions of minerali8ed tissues
and of carious lesion is essential. -asic and ad+anced (no)led'e of iolo'ical asis
of !ndodontics and mana'ement of all !ndodontic situations, )hich includes all
aspects of dia'nosis, treatment plannin' and treatment modalities are also mandator,.
An indi+idual speciali8in' in restorati+e dentistr, should also ha+e (no)led'e of
allied specialties li(e Periodontics. Pedodontics & Pre+enti+e Dentistr,.
CO&S/D!R!D SU-D/V/S/O&S 0OR COURS! CO&$!&$S SHA"" -! U&D!R
/. -AS/C SC/!&C!S
//. D!&$A" %A$!R/A"S
///. CO&S!RVA$/V! D!&$/S$R=
/V. !&DODO&$/CS
V. A!S$H!$/C D!&$/S$R=
V/. A""/!D SP!C/A"/$= #&O<"!DG!
Applied anatom, >head and nec(?
Applied ph,siolo',. iochemistr,. oral patholo',
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Applied pharmacolo', & therapeutics
Applied io statistics & Research methodolo',
Applied patholo', and microiolo',
Ad+anced (no)led'e of dental materials
Histor, and de+elopment of all related materials associated )ith Conser+ati+e
dentistr, /mpression materials . restorati+e materials . in+estments . castin' allo,s and
all other materials used in Conser+ati+e dentistr,
Ph,sical properties of all restorati+e materials and materials used in castin'
Detailed s,stemic histor, ta(in', clinical e7ercises of +arious s,stems comin' to a
pro+isional dia'nosis.
Rationale of dia'nostic tests
%edical laorator, tests . dental dia'nostic tests.
/nformed consent and medico le'al issues
Communication s(ills )ith patients
Concept of essential dru's and rationali8ation of dru's
Principles of e+idence ased dentistr,
/ncludes adult and Paedo6!ndodontics
 Cross infection control in the dental laorator, and clinics.
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
 Ad+anced (no)led'e of all aspects of !ndodontics, includin' dia'nostics,
treatment modalities, materials, techni9ues & contro+ersies.
 %ethods of sterili8ation . asepsis in clinics
 /nstruments and instrumentation 6 ad+anced (no)led'e.
 Sur'ical microscopes6 loops . enlar'ed +ision in !ndodontics and recent
concepts and contro+ersies.
 %ana'ement of pain as related to !ndodontics.
 Ad+anced (no)led'e of iolo'ical asis for !ndodontics.
 Ad+anced (no)led'e on pre+enti+e !ndodontics.
 Ad+anced (no)led'e of de+elopment of histolo',, patholo',, aetiopatholo',
of pulp and associated periodontal tissues.
 Ad+anced (no)led'e of internal anatom, . +ariations and its implications in
deli+er, of hi'h le+el !ndodontic care.
 Ad+anced (no)led'e of radiolo', as related to !ndodontics.
 -asic and ad+anced (no)led'e of %icroiolo', as related to micro flora of
pulp space in particular and oral ca+it, in 'eneral, includin' culture methods
and ta7onom, of %icroial flora of pulp space.
 Vital pulp therap,. ad+anced (no)led'e.
 -asic and ad+anced (no)led'e on all phases of contemporar, and ad+anced
!ndodontic therap,, includin' ACC!SS CAV/$= PR!PARA$/O&. PU"P
SPAC! PR!PARA$/O&.D!-R/D!%!&$. CO&C!P$ O0 S$!R/"! PU"P
SPAC!,; %!$HODS O0 O-$URA$/O& & ACC!SS R!S$ORA$/V!S.
 Dru's and chemicals includin' intra canal medicaments
 %ana'ement of traumati8ed anterior & posterior teeth and associated
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
 -asic and ad+anced (no)led'e of all t,pes of !ndodontic sur'eries. !&DO6
P!R/O SURG/CA" S/$UA$/O&S . !ndodontic !ndosseous implants
 -iolo', of one healin'. )ound healin'
 %ana'ement of post !ndodontic situations
 Post6sur'ical mana'ement of endo sur'ical patients.
 "asers as related to !ndodontics and !ndosur'eries.
 Ad+anced (no)led'e of materials as related to !ndodontics
 %ultidisciplinar, approach to !ndodontic situations.
#&O<"!DG! O0 A""/!D SP!C/A"/$/!S
-asic (no)led'e of computers and radiolo', in detail General and local anesthesia
-asic and ad+anced (no)led'e of Periodontics
-asic and ad+anced (no)led'e of Pedodontics and pre+enti+e dentistr,
-asic (no)led'e of oral sur'er, in mana'ement of post operati+e G.A. patients.
-asic (no)led'e of operati+e theatre description
RAD/O"OG=5 -asic and ad+anced methods of intraoral and e7tra oral radio'raph,.
-asic (no)led'e on RAD/OGRAPH= !BU/P%!&$S. Ad+anced (no)led'e on
RVG and other ima'in' s,stems methods of de+elopin' . fi7in' radio'raphs. And on
methods of interpretation of radio'raphs.
OP!RA$/V! S#/""S SHA"" -! U&D!R
/ Pre6clinical (no)led'e6 Conser+ati+e dentistr, . !ndodontics
// Clinical s(ills
*. Restorati+e procedures
2. !ndodontic procedures and post6!ndodontic situations.
3. Sur'ical !ndodontics.
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
/// "aorator, s(ills
/mpression procedures, disinfection of impression.
%a(in' of remo+ale dies.
Castin' procedures. preheaters . )a7 elimination
Ceramic la )or( procedures
0inishin' of castin'
0arication of post and core. inla,s. onla,s and cro)ns.
0arication of ceramic laminates. cro)n . inla, and onla,.
De$4' m4er%'s
 Ad+anced (no)led'e of all materials )ith restorati+e dentistr,, )hich includes
impression materials.
 All past, present and future restorati+e materials and recent ad+ances includin'
their composition, ph,sical properties, ad+anta'es. disad+anta'es modifications
and cominations.
 Recent restorati+e materials includin' composites. Glass /onomers . fissure
 All materials associated )ith metal castin' farication and finishin'. arasi+es.
polishin' a'ents. .
 Ceramics )ith recent ad+ances. #no)led'e of metallur',.
 -iolo'ical response to +arious restorati+e materials.
 Ad+anced (no)led'e of dental e9uipments.
C($ser*4%*e De$4%s4r5
Ad+anced (no)led'e on conser+ati+e dentistr,
 Cross infection control in dental clinic. laorator,
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
 /nstruments5 ad+anced instrumentation in conser+ati+e dentistr,
 !91iipments of the present and future
 Ad+anced methods of dia'nosis and treatment plannin'
 Caries dia'nosis 6 ad+anced methods6 epidemiolo', of caries
 Ad+anced methods of remo+al of caries, includin' chemo mechanical method
 %ana'ement of dental as an infectious disease
 $otal ad+anced (no)led'e on dental caries essential
 #no)led'e of clinical aspects of all past, present and possile future restorati+e
 %etallic and non6metallic restorati+e materials includin' cast 'old6 direct 'old6
ase metal allo,s 6 composite resin6 'lass ionomers6 cominations and
ceramics. 6 Ad+anced (no)led'e
 -asic and ad+anced (no)led'e aout dentin ondin' s,stems and onded
 $ooth preparations to recei+e all restorati+e materials includin' intra.e7tra
 #no)led'e of all t,pes of dental cements6 liners. ases. +arnishes.
intermediar, restorati+e materials.
 Clinical procedures associated )ith all restorati+e materials . sin'le tooth cast
restorations includin' cast 'old. direct 'old . cro)ns . onla,s .inla,s and post
!ndodontic restorations.
 Ad+anced (no)led'e on Aesthetic dentistr,
 Ad+anced (no)led'e on occlusion
 -asic (no)led'e of 'eneral anesthesia
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
 Ad+anced (no)led'e on mana'ement of pain5 $echni9ues and mana'ement
 Ad+anced (no)led'e of asic "ocal anesthesia. supplementar, anesthetic
techni9ues. %ana'ement of complications.
 %ana'ement of h,persensiti+e dentin . mana'ement of discolored teeth 6 ne)er
methods of treatment modalities.
 "asers as related to Conser+ati+e dentistr,
 Ad+anced (no)led'e on minimal inter+ention dentistr,
$!ACH/&G A&D "!AR&/&G AC$/V/$/!S
$he three6,ear course is a full time one. He . she shall )or( in the institute as a
full time student. &o student shall e permitted to do an, (ind of PR/VA$!
PRAC$/C! attached to an, clinic . nursin' home or as a consultant. !ach calendar
,ear . academic ,ear shall e ta(en as one unit for the purpose of calculatin'
!+er, student shall ta(e part acti+el, in learnin' and teachin' acti+ities durin'
each ,ear as prescried , the uni+ersit,.department.institution.
$his should primaril, include topic discussion at chair side.
*. "!C$UR!S5 $here )ill e no formal lecture classes e7cept in iostatistics .
anestheolo',. computers and /$. "ectures are to e (ept at a minimum. $he, ma, e
emplo,ed for teachin' purposes. "ectures ma, e didactic or inte'rated.
D%!64%6 'e64-res5 0e) topics are su''ested as follo)s
-io statistics
Research methods
Dental code of conduct and dental ethics
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
&ational health and disease control pro'rammes Communication s(ills
$hese topics ma, e ta(en up in the *
fe) )ee(s of the *
I$4e.r4e! 'e64-res
Recommended to e ta(en , multidisciplinar, teams for selected topics.
2. FOUR&A" C"U-5 Recommended that the, e held once a )ee(. All PG students
are e7pected to participate acti+el, and enter rele+ant details in lo'oo(. $he
candidate must ma(e a presentation from the allotted 1ournal>s? of selected articles at
least *E times each ,ear in the 2
and 3
,ears )ith a total of 2E presentations in 3
/ ,ear participate in 1ournal cluG meet )ith seniors
%inimum *E 1ournal clus in ** ,ear
%inimum *E 1ournal clus in /// ,ear
3. SU-F!C$ S!%/&AR5 Recommended that the, e held once a )ee(. All PG
students are e7pected to participate acti+el, and enter rele+ant details in lo'oo(. $he
candidate must ma(e a seminar presentation, at least @ each ,ear in the 2 d and 3d
,ears, totall, at least *E seminars at the end of 3 ,ears. !ach student shall sumit one
seminar on asic sciences t,ped after presentation at the end of / ,ear. At the end of //
,ear and /// ,ear at least 3 months efore e7amination shall sumit @ seminars each
,ear, t,ped ound and after presentation. He shall also sumit lirar, dissertation on a
chosen su1ect at the end of second ,ear.
:. S$UD!&$ S=%POS/U%5 recommended as an optional multidisciplinar,
pro'ramme. !+aluation similar. to that for su1ect seminar.
@. C"/&/CA" POS$/&GS5 durin' / ,ear, H ,ear & ///H ,ear5 Dept of Conser+ati+e
Dentistr, & !ndodontics.
4. C"/&/CO PA$HO"OG/CA" CO&0!R!&C!5 At least shall attend and ta(e part
in t)o such conferences in *
,ear and 2
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
A. /&$!RD!PAR$%!&$A" %!!$/&GS5 shall e held once a month )ith the Dean
of the institute chairin' the meetin's alon' )ith all heads of departments of
post'raduate departments.
C. $!ACH/&G S#/""S5 %a,e as(ed to attend short6term courses a+ailale in the
uni+ersit,. %a, also e as(ed to lead 'roup discussions )ith UG students and also
ma, e as(ed to tale classes for under'raduate courses.
D. CO&$/&U/&G D!&$A" !DUCA$/O& PROGRA%%!S5 department shall
or'ani8e these pro'rammes )ith the acti+e cooperation of the heads of institutions on
a continuous asis
*E. CO&0!R!&C!S . <OR#SHOPS . ADVA&C!D COURS!S5 Students should
e encoura'ed not onl, to attend compulsoril, the conferences. )or(shops. ad+anced
courses a+ailale ut also should e encoura'ed to host and or'ani8e specialt,
)or(shops conferences and ad+anced courses.
**. D/SS!R$A$/O&5 as per uni+ersit, re'ulations.
*2. RO$A$/O& & POS$/&G /& O$H!R D!PAR$%!&$S5
Durin' the *
,ear post 'raduate course students should under'o lecture pro'rams in
Anatom, . Ph,siolo', . General patholo',. %icroiolo',. and 'eneral sur'er,.
Durin' 2
,ear, students ma, e e7posed to Periodontics. Paedodontia. Radiolo',6*@
da,s each, in addition to specialt, postin' in conser+ati+e dentistr, and !ndodontics.
Durin' the 3
,ear6 department of Conser+ati+e dentistr, and !ndodontics6 full time
postin' for *2 calendar months.
*. $he lirar, dissertation should e sumitted at the end of the first ,ear.
2. $he dissertation is aimed to train a post'raduate student in research methods and
techni9ues. /t includes identification of a prolem, formulation of a h,pothesis,
search and re+ie) of literature, 'ettin' ac9uainted )ith recent ad+ances,
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
desi'nin' of a research stud,, collection of data, critical anal,sis, comparison of
results and dra)in' conclusions.
3. !+er, candidate shall sumit to Uni+ersit, in the prescried Profonna, a s,nopsis
of the proposed dissertation )or(,Iithin 4 months from the date of
commencement of the course either on or efore the dates notified , the
uni+ersit,. $he s,nopsis shall e sent throu'h the proper channel.
:. Such s,nopsis )ill e re+ie)ed and the disseration topic )ill e re'istered , the
Uni+ersit,. &o chan'e in the dissertation topic or 'uide shall e made )ithout
prior appro+al , the uni+ersit,.
@. $he dissertation should e )ritten under the follo)in' headin's5
i. /ntroduction
ii. Aims or O1ecti+es of the stud,
i+. %aterials and methods
*. Res-'4s
*%. D%s6-ss%($
*%%. C($6'-s%($
*%%%. S-mmr5
%8. Re9ere$6es
8. Tb'es
8%. A$$e8-re
4. $he )ritten te7t of the dissertation shall not e less than @E pa'es and shall not
e7ceed *@E pa'es e7cludin' references, tales, 9uestionnaires and other
chec(lists. /t should e neatl, t,ped in doule line spacin' on one side of paper
>A: si8e, C.2AJ 7 **.4DJ? and ound properl,. Spiral indin' should e a+oided.
$he dissertation shall e certified , the 'lide, head of the department and
head of the /nstitution.
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
A. 0our copies of the dissertation thus prepared shall e sumitted to the uni+ersit,,
si7 months efore final e7amination on or efore the dates notified , the
C. $he dissertation shall e +alued , e7aminers appointed , the uni+ersit,.
Appro+al of dissertation )or( is an essential precondition for the candidate to
appear in the Uni+ersit, !7am.
D. Guide5 $he academic 9ualification and teachin' e7perience re9uired for
reco'nition , this uni+ersit, as a 'uide for dissertation )or( e as per Dental
Council of /ndia re'ulations, *DD3.
A Co6Guide ma, e included pro+ided the )or( re9uires sustantial contriution
from sister department or from another dental . medical institution reco'ni8ed for
teachin'. trainin' , the uni+ersit,. dental council of /ndia $he co6'uide shall e
a reco'ni8ed post 'raduate teacher.
*E. Chan'e of 'uide /n the e+ent of a re'istered 'uide lea+in' the colle'e for an,
reason or in the e+ent of the death of 'uide, 'uide ma, e chan'ed )ith prior
permission from the uni+ersit,.
$he e+aluation of learnin' outcome of the trainees consists of5
a? /nternal assessment >0ormati+e e+aluation?
? Uni+ersit, e7amination >Summati+e e+aluation? for assessment of learnin'
outcome at the end of the course for a)ard of de'ree.
A? /&$!R&A" ASS!SS%!&$
/s essential for monitorin' learnin' pro'ress throu'h continuous appraisal and
re'ular assessment. /t also helps teachers to e+aluate students, students to e+aluate
themsel+es, helps rationali8e performance in the e7amination and to differentiate
et)een candidates of other)ise e9ual performance in the e7amination.
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
0ormal e+aluation is done , the staff of the department ased on participation
of the students in +arious teachin'.learnin' acti+ities. !+aluation is structured on the
asis of chec(lists that e+aluate these +arious aspects. !7amples of such chec(lists
are 'i+en in Anne7ure / to ser+e as a 'uide for the assessment.
$he learnin' outcomes to e assessed should include5 >i? Personal Attitudes >ii?
Ac9uisition Of #no)led'e >iii? Clinical And Operati+e S(ills >i+? $eachin' S(ills >+?
>i? Personal Attitudes5 $he essential items are
 Carin' attitudes
 /nitiati+e
 Or'ani8ational ailit,
 Potential to cope )ith stressful situations and underta(e responsiilit,
 $rust)orthiness and reliailit,
 $o understand and communicate intelli'il, )ith patients and others.
 $o eha+e in a manner )hich estalishes professional relationships )ith
patients and collea'ues.
 Ailit, to )or( ;in a team
 A critical en9uirin' approach to the ac9uisition of (no)led'e.
>ii? Ac9uisition of (no)led'e 5 the methods comprise of Jlo' oo(J )hich records
participation in +arious teachin' . learnin' acti+ities , the students. $he numer of
acti+ities attended and the numer in )hich presentations are made are to e recorded.
$he lo'oo( should periodicall, e +alidated , the super+isors. Some of the
acti+ities to e listed include51oumal clus, seminars. s?,mposia. clinico6patholo'ical
>iii? Clinical and operati+e s(ills5
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
D5/4(/!5 #(r:3 S(ills in clinical pro'ramme should e assessed periodicall,. $he
assessment should include the candidate;s sincerit, and punctualit,, anal,tical ailit,
and communication s(ills.
C'%$%6' mee4%$.s5 Candidates should periodicall, present cases to his peers and
facult, memers.
O;er4%*e s:%''s5 $he candidate should e 'i+en 'raded responsiilit, to enale
learnin' , oser+ation. $he performance is assessed , the 'uide , direct
oser+ation. Particulars are recorded in the student lo'oo(.
Buota of cases to e completed , the candidate
/nla,s and cro)ns 2@
Reinforced restorations, includin' post and core *@
!ndodonticall, treated multi rooted teeth *EE
Aesthetic restorations @E
Sur'ical inter+entions 2@
>i+? $eachin' s(ills5
Candidates should e encoura'ed to teach under'raduate students. $he performance
should e ased on assessment , the facult, memers of the department and ,
feedac( from the under'raduate students.
>+? Dissertation in the department5 Periodic presentations are to e made in the
department. /nitiall, the topic selected is to e presented efore sumission to the
uni+ersit, for re'istration, a'ain efore finali8ation for critical e+aluation and another
efore final sumission of the completed )or(.
All assessment must e periodic and , the department staff.
>+i? Periodic tests5 $ests must e ased on prolem ased short essa, 9uestions or
o1ecti+e 9uestions for assessment of theoretical (no)led'e. 0or the assessment of
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
clinical s(ills separate clinical e7amination e held usin' oth lon' and short cases.
$he minimum numer of tests recommended are three, preferal, at the end of / & **
& H/ months efore completion of the course.
-? U&/V!RS/$= !KA%/&A$/O&S5
>i? !li'iilit,5 $he follo)in' re9uirements should e fulfilled , e+er, candidate to
ecome eli'ile to appear for final e7amination
Attendance, Pro'ress and Conduct5 !+er, student shall attend s,mposia,
seminars, conferences, 1ournal re+ie) meetin's, case presentation, clinics and lectures
durin' each ,ear as prescried , the department and not asent himself. herself from
)or( )ithout +alid reasons.
!+er, student shall maintain a )or( diar,. lo'oo( for recordin' his.her
participation in the trainin' pro'rammes. Special mention ma, e made of the
presentations , the candidate as )ell as details of clinical or laorator, procedures.
$he )or( diar, and lo' oo( shall e +erified and certified , the head of the
department and the head of the institution and amon' other thin's forms the asis for
certif,in' satisfactor, pro'ress. $he lo'oo( if demanded, must e presented in the
uni+ersit, clinical or +i+a +oce e7amination.
!+er, candidate should ha+e fulfilled the minimum attendance re9uirement
prescried in the Dental Council of /ndia and Uni+ersit, >CEI of the trainin' durin'
each academic ,ear of the post'raduate course?.
$he uni+ersit, appointed e7aminers should ha+e accepted the dissertation
An, student )ho fails to complete the course in the manner stated ao+e
should not e permitted to appear for the Uni+ersit, !7aminations.
SCH!%! O0 !KA%/&A$/O&5
*. Prior e+aluation of the dissertation
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
2. <ritten papers >theor,?
3. Clinical !7amination
:. Vi+a Voce
!K!RC/S! /5 Preparation of the post space for an anterior endodonticall, treated
tooth and otain )a7 pattern
!K!RC/S! //5 Prepare a lo)er or upper molar to recei+e a class ** cast 'old inla,
restoration . Otain ruer ase impression. )a7 pattern . castin'
!K!RC/S! ///5 Selection of case for molar !ndodontics6Access ca+it, 6 estimation of
)or(in' len'th 6 iomechanical preparation6 oturation
!K!RC/S! /V5 Class ** direct composite restoration in a posterior tooth up to
!KA%/&!RS5 $here shall e at least four e7aminers in each su1ect. Out of
them t)o shall e e7ternal e7aminers and t)o shall e internal e7aminers. $he
9ualification and teachin' e7perience for appointment as an e7aminer shall e as laid
do)n , the Dental Council of /ndia and the Uni+ersit,.
$here shall e at least : e7aminers. Out of them t)o shall e e7ternal
e7aminers and t)o shall e internal e7aminers. $he 9ualification and teachin'
e7perience for appointment as an e7aminer shall e as laid do)n , the Dental
Council of /ndia.
Cr%4er% 9(r !e6'r%$'5 s ;ss %$ U$%*ers%45 E8m%$4%($s3
$o pass in the Uni+ersit, e7amination, a candidate shall secure in theor,
e7amination, an a''re'ate of @EI of total mar(s prescried for each paper, pro+ided
the candidate has secured a minimum of :EI of total mar(s prescried in each paper,
and @EI of the total mar(s prescried for practical. clinical trainin' includin' +i+a
+oce e7amination. 0urther, a candidate shall secure the minimum @EI of mar(s in
each of the t)o components, i.e., theor, and practical.clinical includin' +i+a6+oce
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
separatel, in the same e7amination to e declared as pass. A candidate securin' less
than @EI mar(s as descried ao+e shall e declared to ha+e failed in the
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
*. 0ractures of the teeth, pre+ention and treatment of -ASRA&/
the +ital and non6+ital pulp.
2. $e7too( of operati+e dentistr, -AU%
3. Ad+anced restorati+e dentistr, -AU% A&D %cCO=
:. Dentin and pulp in restorati+e dentistr, -RA&&S$OR%
@. Principles and practice of operati+e dentistr, CHAR-!&!AU
4. Operati+e dentistr, G/"%OR!
A. %odem concepts in operati+e dentistr, HORS$!D6-A&DS"!U
C. !sthetic composite ondin' FORDA&
D. $issue mana'ement in restorati+e dentistr, %A"O&! & POR$!R
*E. Operati+e dentistr,5 modem theor, and practice %ARLOO#
**. Anterior restorati+es PARA%!SH<ARA& & RAFA&
*2. %anual of operati+e dentistr, P/C#ARD
*3. Art, science and practice of operati+e dentistr, S$URD!VA&$
*:. Atlas of operati+e dentistr, 6 pre clinical and clinical !VA&S & <!$L
*@. &e) concepts in operati+e dentistr, 0US/=A%A
*4. Colour atlas of conser+ati+e dentistr, GRU&D=
*A. Atlas of operati+e dentistr, HO<ARD & %O""!R
*C. Conser+ati+e dentistr, FACO-SO&
*D. Handoo( of clinical !ndodontics -!&C!
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
2E. <h, root end therap,M -!R&S
2*. Path)a,s of the pulp COH!& & -UR&S
22. -leachin' teeth 0!/&%A&
23. $echni9ue in clinical !ndodontics G!RS$!/&
2:. !ndodontic practice GROSS%A&
2@. Prolem sol+in' in !ndodontics, pre+ention, GU$%A&&
identification and mana'ement
24 !ndodontics in clinical practice HAR$=
2A. !ndodontics /&G"! & $A/&$OR
2C. Principles of !ndodontics %U%0ORD & F!D=&A#/!</C
2D. !ndodontics &/CHO"S
3E. %anual of four handed dentistr, PAU"
3*. !ndodontics6 science and practice SCHRO!D!R
32. !ndodontolo', 6 iolo'ic considerations in S!"$L!R
!ndodontic procedures.
33. Restoration of the endodonticall, treated tooth SCH/"""&G-!RG &
3:. S,stematic !ndodontics SHOF/
3@. Principles and practice of !ndodontics <A"$O.& & $ORA-/&!FAD
34. Colour atlas of acid etch techni9ue %URRA==A & -!&&!$$
3A. !ndodontic therap, <!/&!
3C. Colour atlas of !ndodonties %!SS/&G & S$OC#
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
3D. $he dental pulp S!"$L!R & -!&D!R
:E. D,namic aspects of the dental pulp /&O#/
:*. !7perimental !ndodontics SPA&G-!RG
:2. !ssentials of dental caries and its mana'ement #/DD & FO=S$O& -!CHA"
:3. Caries ris(, practical 'uide for assessment and #RASS!
::. Cariolo', &!<-RU&
:@. $e7t oo( of cariolo', tooth de+elopment and caries $H="S$RUP & 0!F!RS#OV
:4. $ooth colored fillin' material in clinical practice D!U-!R$ & F!&#/&S
:A. Sil+er amal'am in clinical practice GA/&S0ORD
:C. Dental amal'am VR/FHO!0
:D. Glass /onomer cement </"SO& & %cC"!A&
@E. Understandin' dental caries &/#/0ORU#
@*. Color atlas of a ne) concept of enamel caries -A&D"/SH
@2. Pediatric operati+e dentistr, #!&!D=
@3. 0luorides in caries pre+ention %URRO= & RUGG6G!!&&
@:. Applied dental materials A&D!RSO&
@@. Dental materials science -ASU
@4. Dental materials, properties and manipulation CRA/G
@A. &otes on dental materials CO%-!
@C. Science of dental materials A&USAV/C! 6 PH/""/PS
@D. Color atlas and te7t of !ndodontics S$OC#
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
*. !lectroformin' in Restorati+e Dentistr, </RL. HO00&/A&
2. !sthetic restoration PAU" F. %U/A *DD3
3. Practical lesson in !ndodontic sur'er, AR!&S *DDC
:. Aesthetics6 direct adhesi+e restoration of fractured -ARA$$!R/ *DDC
anterior teeth
@. Clinical atlas of !ndodontic sur'er, -!""/LL *DD*.
4. <h, root canal therap,M -!R&S *DC4.
A. Contemporar, esthetic dentistr,6 practice funda CR/SP/& *DD:
C. !namel micro arasion CRO"" *DD*
D. Ad+ances in Glass lonomers DAV/DSO& *DD*
*E. Complete dental leachin' GO"DS$!/& *DD@
**. /ma'in' in esthetic dentistr, GO"DS$!/& *DDA
*2. Creati+e ceramic colour 6 practical s,stem H!G!&-AR$H *DDE
*3. 0ier reinforced composite in clinical dentistr, 0R!/"/CH 2EEE
*:. Dental ceramics %c"!A& *DC3
*@. "AS!RS in dentistr, %/S!R!&D/&D*DD@
*4. Principles of !ndodontics %U%0ORD *DCC
*A. !sthetic approach to metal ceramic restorations %U$!R$H/!S *DDE
*C. H,ridi8ation of dental hard tissues &A#A-A=ASH/ *DDC
*D. Ruer darn in clinical practice R!/D *DD*
2E. "ife and times of G.V. -lac( PAPPAS *DC3
2*. 0undamentals of esthetics RU0!&ACS$ *DD2
22. %odel concept in dia'nosis and treatment PA$$!RSO& *DD*
of fissure caries
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
23. -onded ceramic inla,s ROU"A$ *DD*
2:. 0undamentals of operati+e dentistr, SCH<AR$L *DD4
2@. 0undamentals of tooth preparation SC0U""/&G-URG *DD46
24. Guide to occlusal )a7in' SC0U""/&G-URG 2EEE
2A. !sthetics )ith indirect restorations S$!/& *DD2
2C. !ndodontic sur'er, S$OC#DA"! *DD2
2D. Glass ionomer Cement </"SO& 6 %c"!A&
3E. Sur'ical !ndodontics -AR&!S *DD*
3 *. !ndodontics in clinical practice HAR$= *DDE
32. Self assessment picture. test in !ndodontics <A"#!R *DD:
33. !sthetics in dentistr, GO"DS$!/& *DDC
3:. Operati+e dentistr, %ARLOO# *DD4
3@. D,namic aspects of dental pulp /&O#/ *DDE
34. Dental enamel C/-A foundation *DDA
3A. !ssential !ndodontolo', ORS$AV/# *DDC
3C. /nla,s, cro)ns and rid'es G.0.#A&$ORO</CL
*. Fournal of !ndodontics
2. !ndodontics & Dental $raumatolo',
3. /nternational !ndodontic Fournal
:. Operati+e Dentistr,
@. !sthetic Dentistr,
4. !ndodontolo',
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
A. Dental %aterials
C. Oral Sur'er,, Oral %edicine, Oral Patholo',
D. Oral Radiolo', & !ndodontics
*E. Fournal of Prosthetic Dentistr,
**. /nternational Fournal of Prosthetic Dentistr,
*2. Periodontics & Restorati+e Dentistr,
*3. Dental Clinics of &orth America
*:. -ritish Dental Fournal
*@. Dental Astracts
*4. /nde7 to Dental "iterature
*A. Buintessence /nternational
*C. Fournal of Dental !ducation
*D. Fournal of American Dental Association
2E. /nternational Dental Fournal
2*. Fournal of Dental Research
22. Fournal of /ndian Dental Association
23. Fournal of Dentistr,
2:. And also ac( +olumes of the ao+e 1ournals.
$he selection for post'raduate courses should e strictl, on the asis of
academic merit. $his should e applicale to admissions in 'o+ernment, non6
'o+ernment and pri+ate institutions. %erit should e determined , competiti+e
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
entrance tests conducted , uni+ersities or and a'enc, authori8ed , the Go+ernment
of /ndia, preferal, the latter.
Reser+ation of seats shall e as per the polic, of Go+ernment of /ndia.
$he Dental Council of /ndia >DC/? should ma(e serious efforts to ma(e
aptitude testin' also a part of the entrance tests.
&U%-!R O0 S!A$S
%e Go+ernment of /ndia, Dental Council of /ndia and the State Go+ernments
should ma(e a dental manpo)er sur+e, and assess the re9uirement of each state and
a'ree to train onl, such numer as is re9uired to meet the need. /n the interim period,
there should a moratorium to the total numer of candidates admitted for PG course in
Conser+ati+e dentistr,. !ndodontics. /t is recommended that not more than 46C
students should e admitted per ,ear in an institute for %DS Conser+ati+e Dentistr,.
!ndodontics, to maintain 9ualit,.
%inimum period as fi7ed , the Dental Council )as considered inade9uate to
train an endodontist to practice independentl,. $herefore a three6,ear trainin' period
for Post'raduate course )as recommended.
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Des%.$%$. 6-rr%6-'-m 9(r PG 6(-rses %$ De$4' S6%e$6es 'e!%$.
4( M.D.S. !e.ree
&ame of the su1ect5 conser+ati+e dentistr, and !ndodontics
Please descrie
*. Goals5 as prescried , the Uni+ersit,
2. Statement of o1ecti+es of the course
6 #no)led'e
6 S(ills and attitudes
6 Communication ailities
3. Course contents
6 !ssential (no)led'e
6 Procedural and operational s(ills
N Graded responsiilit, in care of patients operati+e )or( >structured trainin' schedule?
I 5er Pre6'%$%6' #(r: $! (bser*4%($ (9 #(r: !($e
%$ 6'%$%6's s-bm%ss%($ (9 s5$(;s%s #%4"%$ 9%rs4 ?
m($4"s s-bm%ss%($ (9 '%brr5 !%sser4%($
II 5er C'%$%6' #(r:
As ;res6r%be! b5 4"e -$%*ers%45 7 .-%!e 7 He! (9
4"e !e;r4me$4
S-bm%ss%($ (9 4"es%s
C'%$%6' #(r:
I$6'-!%$. !*$6e! res4(r4%*e 4e6"$%@-es $!
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Ke53 A / Pree'%$%6' #(r: !($e ($ s%m-'4e! ;"$4(m "e!s
A/C'%$%6' #(r:B res4(r4%*e 7 E$!(!($4%6 #(r: !($e -$!er s-;er*%s%($ (9
;(s4.r!-4e 4e6"er7 .-%!e.
PA/Per9(rme! e$!(s-r.%6' ;r(6e!-res -$!er !%re64 s-;er*%s%($ (9 se$%(r
;(s4.r!-4e 4e6"er
P'/ T"e b(*e 4"reeC ;er9(rme! %$!e;e$!e$4'5.
@. $eachin' and learnin' acti+ities
@.* Participation in departmental acti+ities
a. Fournal re+ie) meetin's
. Seminars
c. Clinico patholo'ical conferences
d. /nter departmental meetin's
e. Communit, )or(6 camps. field +isits
f. Participation in conferences . Presentations of papers
'. An, other
@.2 Rotation and postin' in other departments >Duration and learnin' re9uirements
to e specified for a, & c?
a. -asic %edical Sciences related su1ects
. Applied su1ects
c. Allied su1ects
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
/. Dental chairs )ith all accessories includin' hi'h speed. air motor. micromotor.
One Student P One Chair plus t)o chairs for staff and demonstrations total
24 chairs
//. !&DOSO&/C HA&DP/!C!S 6 Ph,siosaline e9uipments
///. Radio+isuo'raph, includin' peri6apical K6ra, machine 6 2 sets
/V. %echani8ed rotar, instruments includin' hand pieces and hand instruments 2:
sets atleast
V. Glass ead sterili8ers 2:
V/. Autocla+es for ul( instrument sterili8ation Vacuum preferral,
V//. Autocla+es for hand piece sterili8ation 6 4 nos.
V///. Ape7 locators6 *4 nos. at least
/K. !9uipments for in1ectale thermoplastici8ed 'utta percha62 O-$URA ** 2 (its
K. %/DAF!$ pressuri8ed local anaesthesia
K/. Sur'ical microscopes6 CAR" L!/SS Q *no.
K//. Pic(lin' (its
K///. Sur'ical endo (its 6 minimum *4 nos.
K/V. "o) speed hi'h tor9ue motors66 min 2: nos.
KV. A&$HOG=R $or9ue control handpieces66 min C nos.
KV/. #a+o tor9ue control handpieces66 min C nos.
KV//. Hu0reid, set of hand instruments66 min *4 sets
KV///. Hu0reid, sterili8er tra,s66 min C nos.
K/K. Variale /ntensit, Pol,meri8ation e9uipments V"C units66 min 4 units
KK. Con+entional V"C units 6 min /O units
KK/. "CD pro1ector )ith computer 6asic s,stem )ith printer and scanner
KK//. O+er head pro1ector at least 2 nos.
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
KK///. Slide pro1ector #ODA# 2 nos. )ith carousels
KK/V. Clinical micro motors at least 2: nos.
KKV. Hi'h speed hand pieces @E nos.
KKV/. Composite (its )ith different shades and polishin' (its Q minimum 2: (its at
an, 'i+en time.
KKV//. Ceramic finishin' (its
KKV///. Amal'am finishin' (its
"A-ORA$OR= !BU/P%!&$
!9uipments for castin' procedures
!9uipments for ceramics includin' induction Q castin' machines.urnout preheat
furnaces.)a7 elimination furnaces.
"a micro motor.metal 'rinders.sand lasters.polishin' lathes.duplicator e9uipment .
+acuum in+estment e9uipments.
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Chec(lists for /nternal Assessment
>&ote5 $hese are model chec(lists. %odifications to suit local re9uirements ma,
e made?
Chec(list Q / %OD!" CH!C#6"/S$ 0OR !VA"UA$/O& O0 FOUR&A"
R!V/!< PR!S!&$A$/O&S
&ame of the Student 5 &ame of the 0acult,.Oser+er 5
I4ems 9(r (bser*4%($ !-r%$.
A*er.e G((!
A 1 & ) +
* Article chosen )as
2 !7tent of understandin' of scope
and o1ecti+es of the paper ,
the candidate
3 <hether cross references ha+e
een consulted
: <hether other rele+ant
pulications consulted
@ Ailit, to respond to 9uestions
on the paper.su1ect
4 Audio6+isual aids used
A Ailit, to defend the paper
C Clarit, of presentation
D An, other oser+ation
*E Others
T(4' S6(re
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Chec(list Q // %OD!" CH!C#6"/S$ 0OR !VA"UA$/O& O0 S!%/&AR
&ame of the Student 5 &ame of the 0acult,.Oser+er 5
I4ems 9(r (bser*4%($ !-r%$.
A*er.e G((!
A 1 & ) +
* <hether other rele+ant
pulications consulted
2 <hether cross references ha+e
een consulted
3 Completeness or preparation
: Clarit, of presentation
@ Understandin' of su1ect
4 Ailit, to ans)er 9uestions
A $ime schedulin'
C Appropriate use of Audio6+isual
D O+erall Performance
*E An, other oser+ation
** Others
T(4' S6(re
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Chec(list Q // %OD!" CH!C#6"/S$ 0OR !VA"UA$/O& O0
C"/&/CA" <OR#
>$o e completed once a month , respecti+e Unit Heads includin' postin' in
other departments?
&ame of the Student 5 &ame of the 0acult,.Oser+er 5
I4ems 9(r (bser*4%($ !-r%$.
A*er.e G((!
A 1 & ) +
* Re'ularit, of attendance
2 Punctualit,
3 /nteraction )ith collea'ues and
supporti+e staff
: %aintenance of case records
@ Presentation of cases
4 /n+esti'ations )or( up
A Rapport )ith patients
C O+erall 9ualit, of )or(
D Others
T(4' S6(re
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Chec(list Q /V !VA"UA$/O& 0OR% 0OR C"/&/CA" CAS!
&ame of the Student 5 &ame of the 0acult, 5
I4ems 9(r (bser*4%($ !-r%$.
A*er.e G((!
A 1 & ) +
* Completeness of histor,
2 <hether all rele+ant points
3 Clarit, of Presentation
: "o'ical order
@ %entioned all positi+e and
ne'ati+e points of importance
4 Accurac, of periodontal
A <hether all etiolo'ical factors
C <hether an, periodontal
e7amination misinterpreted
D Dia'nosis5
<hether it follo)s lo'icall, from
histor, and findin's
*E /n+esti'ations re9uired
Complete list
Rele+ant order
/nterpretation of in+esti'ations
** Ailit, to react to 9uestionin'
)hether it follo)s lo'icall, from
histor, and findin's
*2 Ailit, to defend dia'nosis
*3 Ailit, to 1ustif, differential
*: Others
T(4' S6(re
Please use a separate sheet for each facult, memer
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Chec(list Q V %OD!" CH!C#6"/S$ 0OR !VA"UA$/O& O0 $!ACH/&G
&ame of the Student 5 0acult, %emer 5
S'. N(. S4r($. P(%$4 We: P(%$4
* Communication of the purpose of
the tal(
2 !+o(es audience interest in the
3 $he introduction
: $he se9uence of ideas
@ $he use of practical e7amples
and.or illustrations
4 Spea(in' st,le >en1o,ale,
monotonous, etc., specif,?
A Attempts audience participation
C Summar, of the main points at the
D As(s 9uestions
*E Ans)ers 9uestions as(ed , the
** Rapport of spea(er )ith his
*2 !ffecti+eness of the tal(
*3 Uses AV aids appropriatel,
*: Others
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Chec(list Q V/ %OD!" CH!C#6"/S$ 0OR D/SS!R$A$/O&
&ame of the Student 5 0acult, 5
P(%$4s 4( be 6($s%!ere!
A*er.e G((!
A 1 & ) +
* /nterest sho)n in selectin' topic
2 Appropriate re+ie)
3 Discussion )ith 'uide and other
: Bualit, of protocol
@ Preparation of Proforma
4 Others
T(4' S6(re
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
Chec(list Q V// CO&$/&UOUS !VA"UA$/O& O0 D/SS!R$A$/O& <OR#
-= GU/D!.CO6GU/D!
&ame of the Student 5 Guide 5
I4ems 9(r (bser*4%($ !-r%$.
A*er.e G((!
A 1 & ) +
* Periodic consultation )ith
2 Re'ular collection of case
3 Depth of anal,sis.Discussion
: Departmental presentation of
@ Bualit, of final output
4 Others
T(4' S6(re
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
16-'45 Member
Nme (9 s4-!e$4 $! Me$ S6(re
A B C D E 1 G H I 2
Si'nature of HOD Si'nature of Principal
$he ao+e o+erall assessment sheet used alon' )ith the lo' oo( should form the
asis for certif,in' satisfactor, completion of course of stud,, in addition to the
attendance re9uirement.
#e, 5 0acult, %emer5 &ame of the facult, doin' the assessment. %ean score is the
sum of all the scores of chec(lists / to V//. A, -, R
&ame of the stud,
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
$ale *. Academic acti+ities attended.
&ame 5 Admission ,ear5
Colle'e 5
T5;e (9 A64%*%45 S;e6%95 Sem%$rC
2(-r$' C'-bC Prese$44%($C UG
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
$ale *. Academic presentations made , the student.
&ame 5 Admission ,ear5
Colle'e 5
D4e T(;%6
T5;e (9 A64%*%45 S;e6%95 Sem%$rC
2(-r$' C'-bC Prese$44%($C UG
4e6"%$.C e46.
PG Curriculum. RGUHS
$ale *. Academic presentations made , the student.
&ame 5 Admission ,ear5
Colle'e 5
D4e Nme OP N(. Pr(6e!-re
#e, 5 O 6 <ashed up and oser+ed Q /nitial 4 months of admission.
A 6 Assisted a more senior sur'eon Q / ,ear %DS.
PA 6 Performed procedure under the direct super+ision of a senior sur'eon Q
// ,ear %DS.
P/ 6 Performed independentl, Q /// ,ear %DS.