On 29
March, 2014, we organized a conference on Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics on
Big Data at IIT Madras Research Park. The conference witnessed people from various industries
exchanging ideas and views on Big Data and Advanced Analytics. The conference was kick-started
with an address on Large Scale Data Management by Mr. Purushothaman from NASSCOM. He talked
about the characteristics and sources of Big Data and the challenges faced in handling Big Data. The
second speaker was the Senior Sales Manager of Actuate, Mr. Nilesh Karania. He talked on the topic
‘BIRT in the world of Big Data’. He started off by speaking about the difference between traditional
data and big data. He also gave insights on the growth drivers of Big Data and how BIRT offers many
ways to get this data. The results of the survey promoted by Eclipse were also looked into. The third
speaker in the conference was Mr. Suraj Sudhi of SAP Hana. He spoke about Implementing Big Data
solutions, the HANA way. Mr. Sudhi gave a brief introduction on SAP HANA and how HANA enable
Big Data value for enterprises. The next speaker was Dr. G. Bharadwaja Kumar. He is the Associate
Professor and Programme Chair at VIT Chennai. He spoke on the importance of Big Data and how
one can exploit it to improve Business. He also expounded on Data mining and processing and talked
about industries that are embracing Big Data. Mr. Ganesh Raja, a solution architect in Amazon web
services was the next speaker. He spoke on how to do Big Data analytics on cloud. He explained how
volume of data was increasing with decreasing cost of data generation and hence innovating to
collect, store, organize, analyze and share data sets was the need of the hour. He also talked about
the challenges faced due to velocity, volume and variety of data. Later in the day, Mr. Animesh
Tripathy, Mr. Babji Nagireddi and Mr. Susarla Chakravarthy from PayPal gave a session on the topic
‘Leveraging Big Data for Payments’. The session started with talk on the challenges of interactive
queries on Big Data and took the audience through the journey of business transformation of PayPal
and the role of Data in it. The next speaker was Mr. Vimal Raj Abraham of IBM who spoke on the
topic ‘Big Data and Analytics’ and gave insights to transform business with speed and conviction. He
also talked about the opportunities in the ever expanding world of Big Data and Analytics. He also
touched upon the key imperatives for Big Data and analytics success. Ms Parvathy Sarath of Aaum
Research and Analytics was the next speaker of the conference. She spoke on the topic ‘Building Big
data Analytics for your organization’. Ms. Sarath took the audience through the journey of Aaum
Research and Analytics from its inception in the year 2009 up until now. She stressed on the need
for adaptive analytics. She also showed many cases where analytics was used in different industries
and situations. The final speaker of the conference was Mr. Varadharajan Krishnamoorthy, a very
well known marketing strategist. He talked on the topic ‘Crowdsourcing meets big data’. He
explained how Crowdsourcing and Bigdata lie at the heart of open innovation theme. He also spoke
about the impact that Big Data will have on the civilization.
Overall the conference delved into the various aspects of Business Intelligence and Advanced
Analytics on Big Data.

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