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1. Date: 02/13/2014
Title: Juxtaposition: What The Heck Is It?
2. Date: 02/12/2014
Title: Analysis: Counter vs. Controlling Ideas
My Blog Comments:
1. Date: 2/08/2014
Title of Post: Who's That Hiding Behind the Screen?
Text of Comment: You make a lot of great points about anonymity. After reading your blog post and
watching the YouTube video you posted, it made me think that being someone you aren't can be beneficial,
but also ignite worse problems that really outweigh the benefits. In the video you posted, it talks about how
people tend to act completely different when they create secret identities online. It showed how some
people, mostly men, tend to verbally insult and abuse others, mostly women, via online messaging when
video gaming. It's really sad to me that people take liberties to be so aggressive and harsh to others because
they have this secret identity that makes it extremely hard for the ones who are being abused to identify
their abuser. It's scary to think that's happening to people all over the nation and around the world and
what's even more disturbing is that those people who are verbally bullying other users online probably act
kind in the real world. Having a secret identity online gives these bullies power because they feel as though
they won't get caught. They can say whatever they wish to other online users without any fear. These online
users are creating these fake identities in order to disclose a whole new world that creates a completely new
character that's either better or worse than the real person they would be in the real world outside of online
media or gaming. They can put on that mask that can turn them into Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. A secret online
Identity works as a potion that turns people into either a amazing online friend or monster. From the looks
of things, it looks like more monsters are emerging then great friends and it's all because of the power that
anonymity provides for online users. It's a major issue if, you ask me. It's one of the reasons why I don't get
involved with online gaming and why my Facebook privacy settings are set so high. It's disturbing that you
can't always trust others as being genuine individuals within an online environment. I just don't understand
why some people can't be professional or just be the true person they are in the real world online as well.
2. Date: 2/08/2014
Title of Post: Welcome behind the Wizard’s Curtain
Text of Comment: Regina, you make really great points in regards to networks of controlling values.
When I started writing out all of my networks of controlling values, I found that mostly all of the maxims I
found interesting and tweeted all related to my own inner networks of controlling values. It was so cool
when I realized that. It really does make a lot of sense.
I also had no idea how to use Prezi before starting this course. It's amazing to me how much more
appealing an interactive media source is to the public eye. It's funny how you can take a written work and
put its content into a Prezi and find that that new work gets more views and responses then the original
written text did. Today, it seems as though interactive written works rather then works in text are more
written work as a writer today. It's seems to give it a greater purpose because you can add images and
videos that all relate to the purpose of the work you are creating. It's definitely a cool invention. Who
knows, this kind of technology may help us create history as writers like in the reading "Disclosing New
3. Date: 2/22/2014
Title of Post: Is the Art of Photography Dying?
Text of Comment: I really like the way in which you set up your blog. Putting the text in columns made
it easier to read and your links were put in the perfect spots within your writing. You make a lot of really
great points and your analysis of the John Berger videos was wonderful. I agree with you that it's more of
the human mind that creates great art verses the human hand alone. However, I believe that traditional
photos are true works of art because they can't be edited or changed like digital photographs can. Digital
photographs are accessible to anyone who comes across it. Once others get a hold of your digital photo,
they can take it and change it to make a completely different image that can either enhance or deface that
original thing or moment you captured digitally. Traditional photos last forever without change and no can
do anything to it; the photo is completely yours. This is why I honesty agree with John Berger's point of
view. If you can capture a moment as it happens without having to change or edit it digitally, you are the
one who is the creator of great artwork.
4. Date: 2/22/2014
Title: You Don't Know What You've Got til it's Gone
Text of Comment: I loved your blog! I enjoyed reading it. You make a lot of great analytical points in
regards to the reading by John Ebert. I agree with his point of view as well. I think that you get a more of
an aesthetically emotional experience out of seeing the original painting or photo in person in a gallery or
museum. Seeing a picture of a painting instead of the actual canvas painting really seems to take away the
"awe" reaction from the viewer. In a picture of a painting you don't see the texture of the paint or the tiny
intricate details that display the artist's hand and craftsmanship. It's a shame to me that traditional art is
slowly fading out due to advances in digital and graphic art technology!
5. Date: 3/03/2014
Title of Post: Can you interpret this?
Text of Comment: I enjoyed reading your blog. I felt as though you wrote a good analysis on the first
reading by Hall, which showed you understood his point of view. I liked the pictures you used within your
blog. I felt as though they helped you illustrate your points well throughout.
However, I did not see other outside media such as articles, other blog posts or videos. I feel that having
these things really makes for a very well developed and well educated blog post. I would consider going
back and maybe adding a few of these other elements. It will greatly improve your blog.
6. Date: 3/01/2014
Title of Post: What Makes Art?
Text of Comment: Hi Courtney! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I thought that you made very good
points in agreement with John Berger's point of view in "Ways of Seeing." I really liked the YouTube video
you put into your blog as well. I thought that it perfectly supported your argument about how art is defined
by the individual and how you see it.
However, I felt as though you could have pulled from other forms of media such as other blog posts or
articles in support of your idea. I believe that you should have more than one source of media to support
your argument when blogging. It's just a little something to consider.
7. Date: 3/08/2014
Title of Post: We see what we want
Text of Comment: I enjoyed reading and looking at your blog. I thought you gave a decent analysis on
Hall's point of view in terms of semiotics. However, I was hoping that you would have including a
YouTube video clip or something else besides just pictures. I do agree with Amy in her above comment. I
do think you should pick a different picture or other source besides the one of the girl. It didn't seem to help
you prove your point. Try finding an outside multimodal source that is more in depth. I would suggest
something that is not a picture.
8. Date: 3/08/2014
Title of Post: Hall's Opposing Concepts
Text of Comment: Your blog is very well written and you have a lot of really great points that you
bring up about the class reading by Hall in regards to semiotics.
However, there is a lot that is missing from your blog post that would make it so much better. I noticed that
you have not looked for outside multimodal sources and articles to prove and show what you learned or got
out of reading this chapter by Hall.
I would highly recommend going back at some point and adding links to either a YouTube video or article
with a few images as well. this will make your blog more eye catching and interesting for your readers. It's
just a suggestion!
9. Date: 3/17/2014
Title of Post: Are Myths True?
Text of Comment: Nice job with your blog! I really enjoyed reading it and I found the article about the
legend of Bloody Mary interesting. I like that fact that you pulled from other outside sources and didn't just
have pictures to prove your points about Halls theory on Myths.
However, I'm left wondering: why didn't you include quotes and paraphrases from Hall to prove your
points as well? This would have made the points you are making from Hall more believable to your
readers, especially those outside of our class. Remember, your website and blog posts can be seen by the
whole world.
10. Date: 3/17/2014
Title of Post: Creativity and Derivatives
Text of Comment: I think you make a lot of great points here about the video "Everything is a Remix."
However, I do feel that your blog lacks a lot of really important elements. One is that you don't have any
links to outside sources such as articles and other blog posts that relate to what you are saying within your
post or to the topic at hand. Secondly, there are no visual elements either such as pictures, YouTube videos,
Prezis, screen shots, or word clouds. These are some things that would make your blog post more appealing
and eye catching to your readers as a digital writer. I would consider going back and doing some research
to find other textual and visual elements to include in this blog. I am also wondering: why didn't you use
direct quotes and paraphrases from the video within this blog? Using direct quotes and paraphrases from
the video itself will make what you are conveying from the video more believable to your readers,
especially those outside of Writing, Research & Technology. Remember, your whole website and blog
posts are able to be publically seen by the whole world.
11. Date: 3/31/2014
Title of Post: OLD ART/NEW ART.
Text of Comment: I like the way in which you setup your blog. It was very easy to read. I thought that
the pictures you used were great and I thought that you were very organized in how you went about writing
about John Berger's ways of seeing.
However, you should make sure to include in-text citations if you are quoting from any source. Also, it
would have been nice to see a video, or link to an outside article or blog post that had to do with both old
and new art and how it evolved. You have some open space at the bottom left of this blog to add additional
materials! This will make the blog seem more scholarly to outside viewers and will help you with getting
your overall point across with more efficiently.
12. Date: 3/31/2014
Title of Post: Is Anything REALLY Original?
Text of Comment: I enjoyed reading your blog. I felt that the materials you picked to include in your
post were very fitting to your topic within it.
However, I would have liked to see you paraphrase and quote from "Everything Is A Remix" rather than
simply summarize. You also should use in-text citations as well because it shows your ethicality as a writer.
In addition, it would have been nice to see a link to an article or blog post that had to do with your topic. It's
always good, when blogging, to pull from a plethora of other multimodal materials. It would make your
blog look more scholarly as well.
13. Date: 4/05/2014
Title of Post: Mashing-up the Writing Process
Text of Comment: I thought your blog was very interesting and I think that many of us including me
can relate to feeling overwhelmed with this assignment. It's all because, as Professor Drew Kopp explained,
we are learning and trying to work with the unknown which can be very uncomfortable.
However, trying to "swim around in unkown waters", helps us learn and it causes our brains to start
thinking. It's all about how we deal with this unknown process of making a mashup that helps us learn and
grow as individuals and as writers. Learning is also what life is pretty much all about because if we only
dabble around with what we know, we won't learn anything are brains would not have to think! If we allow
ourselves to not think and use our brains then we are allowing ourselves to die mentally!
14. Date: 4/05/2014
Title of Post: Baby, You're Beautiful.
Text of Comment: I think you have a wonderful topic for your mashup and I interested in seeing what
comes of it.
I think that the issues with how woman see their bodies is definitely an contemporary issue today and I
don't really feel as though it’s been over worked either. If anything it needs to be worked even more
because the media is still causing many young woman and teens to discourage themselves because they
don't have that perfect body. I mean even I do at times.
The media definitely needs to stop putting pressure on woman to meet society's expectations of what their
bodies should look like. Women need to be told that they are beautiful just the way that they are. Kudos to
you for picking this issue as your mashup topic. I think it will be great. Best of luck with it!