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How do you deal with difficult customers?
I listen to the customer and concentrate on
the customer’s matter. I do not argue or
debate over any problems. I find out the
useful solution or other effective ideas that
are comfortable with the customer.
!our trac" of the business circumstance is
e#pressed in this answer. $he employer’s
interests are shown and you are giving out
the correct answer to the customer’s
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What does Customer Satisfaction mean to you?
It means that how you should have to do in order
to deal with customers in a proper or positive
way. %ach customer has different preference or
demand so the "ey tas" of a customer service
employee is what he&she must ma"e for a variety
of customers to understand that they are also ta"e
care of their problem.
In order to penetrate into customer’s psychology
and preference you need to create customer care
service and assist him&her in accordance with
their requirement and satisfaction. It is much
better to ma"e customers to be aware of their
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How do you handle complaints?
$he customers’ complaint about goods or
services needs to follow the specific policies
and formalities. In order to ma"e customers
understand the process I ta"e them into each
part and interpret clearly these guidelines. I do
not show any ideas on the result of the
$his is the strict boo" method and it is the
unique truly e#act response. 'o ideas are
suitable in such situation. !our idea about the
result of the complaint should not be shown
because normally it does not depend on your
decision. !ou can notify the customer’s rights
and company rules.
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A customer is not sure what they need, and comes to you for advice
about a product. How do you advise the customer?
In order to find out what product characteristic
or other demands which the customer requests
I ma"e some related questions. It is usually
useful to ma"e a conversation so you can
e#amine any special requests or preferences.
)nce I receive that information I will tell the
customer some ideas and show how they satisfy
the customer’s needs.
*ustomers only have lots of information. $his
information can come to customers from
different sources and it is normally not able to
say which product is the one they want.
$hrough the conversation the customer can
e#press their e#pectations from the product
and up to them you can give the e#act advice.
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You are supervising on a public counter. here is lots of people
waiting, and more coming in. What do you do, to get things moving?
I build a quic" line system, one line will helps
anybody with -obs that can be done fast while
the other one for slower moving customer
matters. )ne or two people are appointed to
solve the customers’ issues. $hat decreases the
numbers and pushes the difficult -obs faster.
.uic" service should be given to customers. /
long waiting line is the good basic for getting
complaint. $he demand for efficient time
frames is reali0ed in the good customer service
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What would you do to handle negative comments from clients, most
especially when they e!press anger, frustration or hostility?
2ints for your /nswer3 Show your warm friendly
and professional character. )nly e#press it and do
not tell your customers about that. 4eep it in mind
and you should demonstrate your ability in
controlling and your power so that you are
authori0ed to ma"e dialogue 5while your listening
s"ills are maintained6 and you will not be bull7
do0ed or effected by the sentiment of the
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How would you deny a re"uest from a customer? Would you reply
differ if this customer was a #$%?
2ints for your /nswer3 It is the right time for
your diplomacy characters and calmness to
shine. / brilliant basic for your answer is a
simple but not a complete e#planation 5as each
the company’s policy6. /n important thing with
all businesses is to be able to "eep customer
particularly in the fierce argument so it is best to
mention this customer faith 5if nothing else to
admit that a call of complaint would be made
when they were ready to ta"e the time and effort
in it6.
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What do you understand by good customer service?
If customers e#press their satisfaction with a
business this business can develop easily in the
mar"et. :ith the assistance of a sales
representative the quality in business as well as
productivity will be increased. $his is very
important to evaluate any companies. /
company can not stand firm in the business
mar"et if it does not have a good customer
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Can you e!plain the philosophy of good customer service?
$his question seems to be difficult but you
should not worry because the answer is very
easy. !ou can response that <=y career’s
philosophy is to ta"e responsibility to "eep the
customer in good relationship and bringing
out a clearly e#perience for the individual
customer by appraising the customer’s
demands by satisfying the customer’s
requests "eeping the promises and listening to
the customer’s needs>.
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Have you e!perienced a challenge with company systems or best
practices, finding that they were not serving the needs of the
customers? How did you handle this?
@ase on the quality of the -ob you need to
understand the products services and
systems and you should observe the
actions from both sides3 the company’s
point of view as well as 5more important6
the customer’s.
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Why did you leave your last &ob?
1. Some sample answers to the interview question:
“Why are you leaving your last job?
A $here is no opportunity to promote in my current -ob
and I’m ready to face a new challenge,
A I have wor"ed there for ?( years with much
e#perience and s"ills. I want to be promoted but the
*ompany do not offer me that opportunity,
A $he company has cut down with its focus on the
business line my -ob is responsible for,
A =y family transferred to another region or my
current wor"place is too far away from my home,
A =y old company often paid late and had inadequate
compensation policy.
2. !ou shoul" avoi" answers that:
A Spea" ill of your old boss colleague etc.,
A $hey punished me many times forB
A I did not complete my -ob.
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What are your career goals?
1. #he reasons o$ this question:
$his question will test your ability and ambition to develop yourself as well as the
ability to plan for the future.
2. %evels o$ career goals:
A !ou are not sure about your goals then answer3 I’m rather busy with my duties
and goals of the *ompany, as a result I haven’t focused much on my long7term
personal goals.
A !ou have goals not or very little relating to the current -ob3 Cor e#ample you
are applying for a sales manager but your career goal is to become the head of
mar"eting department in the ne#t + years.
A *urrent -ob oriented career goals3 Cor e#ample you are wor"ing as a sales
manager you goal is to become the area sales manager in the ne#t 2 years and in
the ne#t + years you will be the regional sales manager.
&. “'areer goals tips:
!ou can state some of your goals as following3
A Study for an =@/ certificate or other degreesB
A @ecome specialist in the sectorB
A Det to the title of E!F something.
'ote that long7term goals must be set for the ne#t 37+ years.
(se$ul source: list o$ &) career goals
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'uestion () What are your biggest strengths?
$his question will help polishing your qualification to the requirements of the
Steps to answer this question3
a6 Identify which you are good at3 4nowledge, %#perience, S"ills, /bilities.
b6 Prepare a list of your strong points3
c6 Geview the recruitment requirements3
!ou should review carefully the recruitment requirements to "now for sure
which requirements are the most important to the employer.
d6 =a"e a list of your strong points in your resume&cover letter3
Hist and describe your strong points in your resume and cover letter orderly.
!ou should ma"e descriptions to those points in your resume.
e6 Prepare persuasive answers to the question of the employer about strong
!ou do not only state your strong points to the employer but must also provide
evidence for them by references or records attached with your application form.
(se$ul source: %ist o$ 20 job strengths samples
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Why should we hire you?
Cor one the interview question <give us reasons to hire you> <why
should we employ you> or <what can you bring to our company> is
something that differentiates the best candidates from the other good
$his question deals with your ability to sell yourself. $hin" of yourself as
the product. :hy should the customer buyI
#ips to answer:
A )ne of the best ways to answer this question is to ma"e a short list of all
your advantages and create a paragraph that would point out the positive
aspects that you would bring to the new -ob position.
A )ne of the points that you can raise is the similarity of the -ob profile
you are aiming for at the company to the -ob profile you en-oyed in your
previous -ob.
A !ou can also draw the interviewer’s attention to your "ey s"ills and
strengths namely J quic" learning e#cellent communication s"ills etc.
A In addition your professional ambitions should be made clear J the
motivation and dedication that you have for the profession and the
opening position.
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What is your greatest wea*ness?
1. Ways to answer:
a* +irst way3 $urning your strong point into wea" point.
Cor e#ample3 I am a perfectionist and therefore I rarely believe in anyone
who can wor" as well as me. /s a result I am afraid to delegate important
tas"s to others.
$his approach has a wea" side as that if you are not clever you will cause
the employer to believe that you are cheating him.
b* Secon" way: Solving your wea"ness absolutely.
/ better approach is that you state one point which was once your wea"ness
but you have done well to resolve it.
Cor e#ample3 I tended to be a perfectionist therefore I didn’t li"e to delegate
to others. @ut I have found out that in order to develop the organi0ation
everyone in the organi0ation must be e#perienced with many tas"s and this
is very good for an efficient team wor".
2. Steps to answer:
A !ou need to show it through your attitude and voice3 It is really your
wea"ness. /nd you may also state some situations how much that wea"ness
has caused you difficulties.
A Dive your solution to resolve that wea"ness partly or wholly.
A Solutions to a wea"ness may be training mentoring etc
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Why do you think you would do well at this customer service &ob?
Dive several reasons and include s"ills e#perience and
1. I am a person that learn quic"ly and perform better under
pressure am a very good team player that motivate others in
other to achieve the company’s common goals
2. :ill do well in this -ob because I already have previous
e#perience in the similar field. so I will use my previous
e#perience in this -ob and I am interested in learning new
things and enhance my s"ills.
3. I believe I will do well in this -ob because I have the relevant
s"ills and e#perience. I also have the drive interest and
determination to ma"e a real success of this role.
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What have you learned from mistakes on the customer service &ob?
,nswer tips
2ere you have to come up with something or you strain credibility.
=a"e it small well intentioned mista"e with a positive lesson learned.
/n e#ample would be wor"ing too far ahead of colleagues on a pro-ect
and thus throwing coordination off.
%veryone ma"es mista"es of course but some companies are more
willing to learn from them than punish those involved.
!ou’ve learned that when you do ma"e mista"es someone is usually
disappointed in the choice you made but you have to figure it out for
yourself they might help you decide what Ks right and what Kss wrong
but you’ll be the decider on which you choose. !ou’ve learned that
people do care about you and to not do it again if you don’t want to.
,nswer samples
%very one ma"es mista"es but only few people can reali0e there
mista"es and they don’t want to repeat those mista"es againB.. I am the
one in those few people I don’t want to repeat the mista"es which had
done by me in my -ob&wor".
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What have you done to improve your customer service *nowledge in
the last year?
,nswer tips
A $ry to include improvement activities that relate to the -ob. / wide
variety of activities can be mentioned as positive self7improvement. 2ave
some good ones handy to mention.
A %mployers loo" for applicants who are goal7oriented. Show a desire for
continuous learning by listing hobbies non7wor" related. Gegardless of
what hobbies you choose to showcase remember that the goal is to prove
self7sufficiency time management and motivation.
,nswer samples
A %very should learn from his mista"e. I always try to consult my mista"es
with my "ith and "in especially with elderly and e#perienced person.
A I enrolled myself into a course useful for the ne#t version of our current
pro-ect. I attended seminars on personal development and managerial s"ills
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What e!perience do you have in this customer service &ob?
,nswer tips
A Spea" about specifics that relate to the position you are applying for. If
you do not have specific e#perience get as close as you can.
A If you are being as"ed this question from your employer then you can
e#plain your e#perience. $ell the employer what responsibilities you
were performing during your -ob. !ou can tell what programs you
developed and what modules you wor"ed on. :hat were your
achievements regarding different programs.
,nswer sample
I have been wor"ing with computers since 2??1 I also have a degree in
networ" support&computer repair. I have built my last 3 computers have
wor" with Lell as an employee. So I have around 1+ years e#perience
wor"ing with computers.
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Are you a team player?
,nswer tips
$he answer is !%S. $his is an open7ended question given so you may tal" about
your teamwor" s"ills.
$eamwor" s"ills include listening discussing questioning persuading respecting
helping sharing participating and ability to utili0e all communication channels.
)ffer one of two short 172 minute e#amples.
,nswer samples
If you are as"ed the question whether you prefer to wor" independently or as a
team here is the best way to answer it3
A <I have wor"ed in teams and independently as well. Some -obs match and require a
teamwor" effort while others fit an individual wor". pro-ect is completed in a timely
and efficient manner.
A :hile wor"ing independently I reali0ed that I was the complete owner of the
pro-ect 5i.e. one man pro-ect6 and therefore considered this responsibility as an
incentive&bonus. $hough I did get the company support and interacted very often
with other "ey employees the way I wor"ed helped to ensure quic" pro-ect
implementation as well as finding efficient solution for any calculated ris"s.
$herefore I have had very good e#periences wor"ing in a team as well as wor"ing
independently. <
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,ther &ob interview tips
1. Practice types of -ob interview such as screening interview phone interview second interview
situational interview behavioral interview 5competency based6 technical interview group
2. Send interview than" you letter to employers after finishing the -ob interview3 first interview
follow7up interview final interview.
3. If you want more interview questions for entry7level internship freshers e#perienced
candidates you can ref free eboo"3 8+ interview questions and answers.
(. Prepare list of questions in order to as" the employer during -ob interview3
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