Fast Facts

Motorisation available

Room darkening

Suitable for kitchens
and bathrooms

Child safe

High energy efficiency Sound absorption

Light filtering

No fray – 10 year guarantee Custom-made to fit

Features and Benefits
Features Benefits
• Rollers are made from 40mm diameter aluminium
which has a rib inside for added rigidity. This is a
heavy duty roller.
• Roller blinds can now go up to 3000mm wide with
minimum fabric rippling.
• Blind can be raised or lowered to any height. • Greater control over light and privacy.
• CSB, CBB and RBTR brackets available. • Minimises gaps between blinds to 10-15mm.
• OMA motorisation available. • No cords, child safe and can be home automated.
• Spring assist option available. • Chain operated blinds are a lot easier to pull down
and up because of the spring assistance.
Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages Disadvantages
• Excellent for wet areas. • Privacy is lost when blinds are up.
• Doubleview allows one blind to be light fltering
and the other room darkening.
• Gaps on either side can create privacy/sun issues.
• Many trim styles to select from. • Foam backed fabrics with a different coloured
back need to be ordered as reverse roll or sold
with a pelmet.
• RBTR allows the blind to go past the architrave
either side to create better privacy and sun
• Centre blind in bay window needs to be spring
operated or motorised.
• Not suitable for shaped windows.
A Roller Blind is either a spring loaded or chain driven
flat rectangular blind that can stop at various heights
whilst being operated.
DoubleView combines the benefits of two roller blinds
on the one bracket, one sheer or translucent blind, the
other a room darkening blind for total light control.
Each blind is controlled separately, with its own
Sidewinder mechanism.
Factory Deductions
All windows and doors Recess Fit
Width – 10mm
Face Fit
Width – 10mm
Product Specifications
Materials & Sizes Refer to price list
Standard Operating System Spring Loaded (Manual), Side Winder, OMA motorisation.
Spring assist available. See pricelist for available sizes.
Limitations Max Width – 3000mm. See pricelist as fabric selection determines max width
Max Drop – 3000mm
Min Width – refer to pricelist
OMA motorisation – 800mm
Spring operated – 800mm
Min Drop – refer to pricelist
Important Information
Larger Sizes As a guide, the largest track you can supply should be based on how long
a track the ftter can carry. Remember he has to get it to the window, so
check stairwells and lifts to ensure he can carry it to the window.
The larger the blind the more chance of the fabric cupping and bowing.
Light Bleed All blinds allow light to pass around the sides of the blind. In addition there
will be small pin holes of light where the stitching is. Consider using face fit as
an option rather than reveal fit to reduce the light bleed at the sides.
Minimum Clear Space
in a recess

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