Acronym Definition

5S Methodology of a workplace organization & continuous improvement
6 sigma Set of tools & strategies for process improvement
7 Waste Correction, Overproduction, Motion, Material Movement, Waiting, Inventory, Processing
8D 8 Disciplines of Problem Solving
AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group
ASN Advanced Shipping Notice
AVIEXP Despatch Advice. Message sent through EDI connexion just after shipping
B/P Break Point
Bottleneck A bottleneck is any resource whose capacity is less than demand
BTAB Business Transfer Approval Board
C.A.R.E. Customer Acceptance Review & Evaluation
Constraint Worst bottleneck which defines system output
Containment Action to contain non-conformance (usually sorting) till countermeasure or corrective action implemented
Corrective maintenance Maintenance operations performed after breakdown
Countermeasures Temporally action to replace containment action till corrective action implemented
CP Control Plan
CQI audits AIAG Special Process Assessments
CS Controlled Shipping
CST Customer Specific Tool which owned by customer or dedicated to a specific product (non-versatile)
DFMEA Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
Dirt It is an undesired foreign inclusion affects to appearance
EDI Electronic Data Interchange. Several standards available: ODETTE (Europe), EDIFACT (World), ANSI ASC X12 (N. America)
e.g. For Example
EI Initial Samples
EP Error Proofing
etc. Et Cetera / and other thing
FIFO First In, First Out
FMEA Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
FTQ First Time Quality
Gage R@R Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility
GD&T Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
GP12 Global Procedure #12 (Early Production Containment)
ID Identification
IpB Incident per Billion
IT Information Technology
Kanban Scheduling system for just-in-time production
KPC Key Product Characteristic
Level 1 maintenance Basic maintenance operations performed by manufacturing
Logistic protocol
Contract between a supplier & a customer to define logistics rules, that have to be respected to insure the correct realization of the various
logistic processes
LPA Layered Process Audit
MIFA Material & Information Flow Analysis
MPS Master Production Schedule
MRP Material Requirement Planning
MTBF Mean Time Before Failure
MTTR Mean Time To Repair/Recover
NC Non-Conforming
OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness
P/N Part Number
PCP Process Control Plan
PFMEA Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
PM Preventive Maintenance
PPAP Production Part Approval Process
PPAP WS PPAP Worksheet (GM1411)
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
ppm Part Per Million
PPSR Practical Problem Solving Report
Preventive maintenance Maintenance operations planned and performed to prevent breakdown
R@R Run at Rate
Rotation Index Time for a packaging to go through the full packaging loop (full/empty)
RPN Risk Priority Number
RR Risk Reduction
S&OP Sales and Operations Planning
Sediment Small particles of material that will adversely affect the function of the product
SMED Single Minute Exchange of Die
SOR Statement of Requirement
SP Spare Part
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPM Strategy and Project Management
SQ Supplier Quality
SSF Safety Stock Warehouse
SWI Standardized Work Instruction
TPM Total Productive Maintenance
TR Training
VOC Voice Of the Customer
VS Verification Station
vs. Versus
VSM Value Stream Mapping
WI Work Instruction
WIP Work In Process