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1.1. Company Background

Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited (JMC, in abbreviation hereinafter), is
aChinese automobile manufacturer. It is located in Jiangxi province, Nanchang and it is one of
the biggest companies in China commercial vehicle industry and one of China Top 100 Listed
Companies for consecutive eight years. JMC whole vehicle sales volume reached 200,000 units
in 2012.
The history of Jiangling Motors Corporation., Ltd. can be traced to a truck repair shop
opened in Nanchang in 1952 which operated under the name Nanchang Motors Repair Factory.
In January 1993, the company entered into the Isuzu Joint Venture with Isuzu and Itochu. The
joint venture acquired the non-exclusive right to produce the cab compartment and certain
components of N-Series light truck and to assemble vehicles. The company was granted the
approval of Jiangxi Province Economic Restructuring Commission to be reorganized to establish
a joint stock limited company on February 20, 1993. JMC A shares and B shares got listed on
Shenzhen Stock Exchange on December 1, 1993 and September 29, 1995, respectively.
As one of the first companies with foreign investment in Jiangxi Province, with the
support of its strategic partner Ford, JMC develops rapidly and gains ground. In 1997, JMC
worked with Ford to launch Transit light bus which was the first co-developed vehicle by China
and foreign companies in China. JMC has absorbed global top product technology,
manufacturing process and management concept; applied reasonable share balancing system,
highly efficient and transparent operation and high-standard business management; formed
standard management operation system. Now JMC has established product development,
logistics, sales service and finance support systems and processes which all meet international
standard, becoming a model of successful cooperation between Chinese and foreign
companies. JMC product include: Transit commercial vehicle, Kaiyun light truck, Baodian
pickup, Yusheng SUV, Baowei BUV, which are models of fuel saving, practicality and
environment friendliness.In recent years, JMC has been making a lot of investment in new
product development to enrich its original product line. In 2009, JMC launchedKaiwei, the wide
body truck. And by the end of 2010, Yusheng, JMC in-house mid & highend SUV with brand new
logo was launched, which was a big hit to the market. As the first passenger vehicle in JMC,
Yusheng SUV marked the new era of JMC passenger vehicle brand. Continuous launch of new
products guarantees the market shareexpansion of JMC.
The company has operated a commercial vehicle joint venture with Ford Motor
Company. Ford entered a strategic partnership with JMC in 1995 by purchasing 20% of JMC's
shares and increasing to 30% in 1997. JMC also has a passenger car making joint venture
with Changan, Jiangling Motor Holding, which sells vehicles under the Landwindmarque

1.2. Company Vision And Mission

To become an excellent Automotive manufacturer or profitable, high quality products for
distribution in both domestic and overseas market
Produce and sell world-level products with the best-in-class customer satisfaction of the

1.3. Marketing Objectives

JMC takes the lead in stabling modern marketing system in china auto market and a
strong nationwide marketing network has been built. In light of four-in-one exclusive business
mode (refers to sale, spare parts, service and survey), JMC has over 100 first-tier dealers and
over 600 dealers in total. The overseas sales service network expands rapidly and overseas sales
volume grows at high speed, enabling JMC to become the biggest exporter of China light-duty
diesel-engine commercial vehicle and be recognized as State WHOLE Vehicle Export Base by
Ministry of Commerce and National Development and Reform Commission of China. JMC brand
has already become one of two key commercial vehicle export brands greatly supported by
Ministry of Commerce. Being customer oriented, JMC has adopted Ford global Service 2000
standard mode, implemented JMC Cares service system and made efforts to pursue quality
service process, thus achieving best customer satisfaction appraisal among Ford global
companies. Good marketing, extensive network, fast and mature customer service have
become JMC core competitiveness in China market. As a Chinese Well-known Trademark, JMC
has built its brand image as a renowned commercial vehicle brand.

1.4. Performance Review
1.4.1. STP Strategies
1.4.2. Product Strategies
Product fully complies with national mandatory requirements and safety and
regulation. In order to make JMC product reach national environment, JMC
passes environment friendly product audit every year. Increasing the low-cost-
green-vehicle is one of most efficient strategies for developing the product.
Because in Asia, the issues about energy and good environment is so
1.4.3. Price Strategies
Asian people known China as one country that provides so many products with
high quality, but they put it in lower price. That’s make a principal pricing for JMC
products. So before the product enter the global market, they make research for
which products can bring more advantages for customer, without any
compliment for the pricing.
Regarding after-sales service, JMC reinforced after-sales services, analyzed the
diversified demand from different customer groups to meet these demand;
made the unified price on 32 most-used components to lower the customer
maintenance expense; prepared and released the user manual to help the user
know some tips for auto maintenance. As a result, JMC achieved higher customer
1.4.4. Promotional Strategies
JMC realize that media is the most effective ways to promote their products, so
nice relationship with the media, Disclosing the news, announcements and other
information in the media designated by JMC are take the first position for
promotional strategies.
1.4.5. Place (distribution) strategies
The most taking-part for this is the dealer for each country where JMC’s products
distributes. So they make some strategies for distribution before it enter the
global market, such as: Standardizing distribution network management,
Implementing sales & service update plan, Implementing systematic training,
Organizing experience exchange meeting, Stagnation staff guidance, Senior
executives visit, Holding annual marketing conference, Supporting the dealers’
diversified marketing, and Implementing integrated promotion program
1.4.6. Company Performance
Domestic economy kept moderate increase in the background of economy
structure adjustment during 2012. With an impact of global economy
deteriorated and various negative factors, domestic auto industry fell into low-
speed development and had to face more pressure. Furthermore, commercial
vehicle segment had more challenge and sales volume was negative increase in
the consecutive two years.
Facing gloomy commercial vehicle market, JMC still achieved great performance,
increasing the commercial vehicle market share based on relatively higher profit,
under the leadership of JMC Board and senior management and with the
effort of all employees.
In 2012, JMC took the lead in Chinese commercial vehicle segment with total
assets of RMB 13.1 billion, revenue of RMB 17.5 billion and sales volume of more
than 200 thousand vehicles. Xiaolan Investment Program is constructing on
schedule and to be launched at the mid-year of 2013, on-going new products
development, sound & perfect corporate governance and internal control
system, all of them pave the way to JMC brilliant outlook.

1.5. Internal Environtmental analysis
Dengan kerjasama yang di bentuk dengan Ford, menjadikan jiangling salah satu
produk otomotif yang menjanjikan di dunia. Dan dengan ada program-program social
dengan masyarakat membuat suatu hubungan yang erat antara perusahaan dengan
dengan customer. Strategi-strategi yang digunakan untuk mempersiapkan produk
memasuki pasar, menjadikan JMC cukup memiliki kekuatan dalam persaingan pasar
automotif di pasar global.
Namun yang menjadikan kelemahan produk JMC adalah kemampuannya dalam
kesiapan untuk menyaingi perusahaan-perusahaan lain di dunia otomotif yang sudah
lebih dulu tertanam di hati customer, yang mungkin lebih percaya pada hal-hal yang
menyangkut dengan kebiasaan memberli produk secara turun-temurun, dibandingkan
dengan membeli produk baru yang walaupun dari segi kualitas belum tentu kalah
bersaing. Namun masyarakat konsumen, lebih memilih popularitas di bandingkan

1.6. Competitive Advantage
The third “China Manufacturing Improvement Conference (2013) – Excellent Case
Presentation” was smoothly concluded in Shanghai on May 23. Two improvement cases
selected from Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd (“JMC” for abbreviation) won the awards, which are the
First Prize of Medium Program won by Beyond Workgroup in Stamping Plant and the Most
Popular Improvement Award won by PUMA Connecting Rod Workgroup in Engine Plant.
In total, 68 companies attended the improvement conference, including Shanghai VW,
Nanjing Auto, Carlisle Brake, Lenovo Electronics, Suntech Power, Covidien Medical, Johnson
Controls, Voss Robot, BWI and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, etc. Due to the excellent
achievement that JMC got in 2012, the conference organizing committee invited Yang Yannan
from JMC Manufacturing Dept. to deliver a speech in the conference as a guest, with the theme
of “JMC’s Perseverance on Lean Production”. Luo Jun from Flying Workgroup in TCF was invited
to deliver a speech on previous awarded cases as a guest. In the presentation, Zhao Chenhua
from Stamping Plant fully displayedJMC operators’ lean improvement spirit of “independence,
conscientiousness and spontaneity” as well as the constant improvement culture, which were
concurrently recognized by the judges. His passionate case presentation deeply impressed
every attendee and won the First Prize of “Medium Program – Efficiency Productivity
Improvement” with absolute advantages.


4.1. Socio Cultural Environtment
As a leading automaker and an icon of auto industry in Jiangxi Province, the Company
always insists on the concept of Social Responsibilities in Everywhere, Everyone, initiates
positive and healthy value orientation of environmental protection, green, honest,
thanksgiving, share, tying with JMC enterprise culture.
Constructing harmonious community jointly, become the part of activities in
corporation. Such as Common action in community,JMC-Ford Children Care Program, Charity &
donation, Volunteers’ service, and Project Mind Bridge.
Let just look one of it. JMC-Ford Children Care Program is a brand activity organized and
planned by JMC volunteers and Ford ISEs. Participants also include other Chinese and foreigners
in Nanchang. This activity has been lasting for 11 years since 2003, which aims at focusing on
the health and growth of children, especially caring about orphans and disabled children, and
helping them as much as possible. Since the activity started, it has been gaining great support
from the company, and also the recognition and praise from all walks of life.

4.2 Technological Environment
JMC devotes itself to offer advanced, fuel-efficiency products to the customers,
concentrates on toping technology and manufacturing process in vehicle emission, utilizes
recyclable materials maximum with the mission of providing first-class vehicles to the
New-launched V348 MCA model take leading advantages in environment requirements.
——85% of all vehicle components can be recycled.
——The vehicle adapts strict global standard so as to build a healthy & green space. Soft
materials, such as soybean filler, pure cotton suture lines, pure linen, are used in the seat and
interior trim to resist from the peculiar smell; leather used in the interior trim adapts non-
chromium manufacturing process and consists of pure tannage or man-made tannage.
N800 launched in 2012:
New Material, New Manufacutring, New Equipment
——high intensity steel plate in cab can lower 5% of body weight and protect the driver
more safety
——high-efficiency Hot/Cold A/C. unique fun design was award as PACE Design Award,
which can decrease the noise by 2.5db and 6% energy saving.

4.2 Economic Environment
Regarding economic responsibilities, JMC promises to increase R&D fund and offer
higher incentive to PD talents with their research results; JMC will regulate the corporate
governance well and bring good return to the shareholders by prudential & health operation
CSR Management---Economic Responsibilities
1. CSR Responsibilities on Shareholders
Target: Harmonious Win-win Relationship, Steady Return JMC establishes sound and
perfect corporate governance & internal control system to ensure the Company healthy
and sustainable development and maintain the interest of the shareholders, esp middle
and small shareholders.
2. CSR Responsibilities on Customers Customer Services
Responsibilities on customer services: Customer-oriented services, providing customers
with a pleasant and higher satisfaction experience whatever in pre-sales or after-sales
The company launched new Kaiyun models, JMC Yuhu pickup and other new products
to meet the diversified demand of the customers in 2012, subject to the study of
customers’ demand and auto sector development.

4.2 Physical Environment
Secara fisik, JMC telah mengembangkan kualitas produk mereka agar dapat
bertanggung-jawab untuk keberlansungan lingkungan hidup dengan mengembangkan
teknologi-teknologi sebagai berikut:
1. Waste water treatment and discharge
JMC spent RMB 12.3 million to build Xiaolan Waste Water Treatment Plant in 2012,
which is to be launched in February 2013. The plant adapts physical and chemical
treatment combined with biological treatment process with designed capacity of 2700
tons/day. Treated waste water can meet level 1 of the national discharge standards.
2. Exhaust gas treatment and discharge
JMC spent RMB 10 million to casting plant to transform cupola, demolition of the
existing 2 table 5t/H cupola and 2 table 3t insulation furnace, in the original installation
cupola position 2 sets of 5 t melting furnace directly smelting, such already can reduce
cupola repair furnace used raw materials.
3. Energy saving and emission reduction
In 2012, JMC spent RMB 550 thousand to frequency conversion improvement on boiler
and water pump in east area, saving RMB 405 thousand a year and with energy savings
of 55.2 tons of SCE.
4. Green design
Adhering to the concept of Lean Production, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection,
advanced operation method and energy saving & EP technology are introduced into
Xiaolan Program.

4.2 Political Environment
Seperti setiap perusahaan yang ada pada suatu Negara, pengaruh politik di Negara
tersebut akan cukup untuk membuat sebuah perusahaan berhitung semata-mata untuk
kepentingan perusahaan. Tetapi tidak terseret langsung dalam irama pergerakan politik yang
Seperti juga JMC yang telah membentuk tim ahli untuk selalu menganalisa keberadaan
politik di China, yang di percaya akan sangat mempengaruhi akan keberlangsungan pemasaran
perusahaan. Walaupun suasana politik di China begitu dinamis, apalagi JMC merupakan
perusahaan otomotif terbesar di China, yang menjadikan JMC bisa di gunakan untuk
kepentingan politik segelitir pihak. Pengaruh kekuasaan sebuah partai akan sangat kuat di
China, yang membuat perusahaan besar seperti JMC, seakan-akan bergantung akan kebijakan
politik yang ada.

4.2 Legal Environment

4.2 External Macro Environmental Analysis
Ada kekuatan yang di miliki JMC dalam menghadapi pasar global jika di lihat dari
pendekatan External Macro Envirotment. JMC memiliki hubungan social yang sangat
kuat dengan masyarakat, yang di tunjukkan dalam tanggung-jawab social mereka dalam
membangun kualitas hidup masyarakat di China. Program JMC-Ford Childrean Care
contohnya. Kekuatan yang dimiliki oleh program ini tidak bisa dibilang sepele, karna
dengan adanya program ini akan sangat mengundang simpati customer secara
berjenjang dalam jangka yang panjang. Dan dengan teknologi ramah lingkungan yang di
kembangkan JMC membuat produk-produk mereka akan sangat bersaing di pasar

Teknologi ramah lingkungan tentu sangat berpengaruh dalam cara beli
masyarakat sekarang. Tetapi teknologi ini juga sudah dikembangkan oleh banyak
perusahaan otomotif lainnya di dunia. Walaupun ini menjadikan sebuah kekuatan pada
perusahaan, namun ini juga bisa menjadi kelemahan jika tidak ada sesuatu yang lebih
menarik dibandingkan perusahaan lainnya. Dan yang menjadi kelemahan terbesar
dalam perkembangan di JMC adalah kebijakan politik yang begitu kental terhadap
perusahan-perusahaan terbesar di China.

Namun dengan adanya hubungan baik dengan masyarakat lewat social-
environment responsibility yang manjadi program tetap JMC, menjadikan kesempatan
terbuka lebar untuk menarik minat konsumen. Dan dengan adanya kemajuan teknologi
yang tepat guna pada setiap produk JMC, dapat memberikan daya saing yang positif
bagi semua produk yang dikembangkan JMC.

Ancaman terbesar yang datang tentu kalau dilihat adalah dari ranah kebijakan
pemerintah di China yang tentu saja akan berbeda dari masa ke masa sesuai arus politik
yang ada. Namun hendaknya itu jangan di jadikan alasan untuk tidak berinovasi dan
terus berkembang dalam meraih citra di pasar global.


5.1 Suppliers
CSR Responsibilities on Partners Responsibilities on Suppliers: Build up the strategic
partnership under the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit with the comprehensively
competitive international & domestic suppliers.

In 2012, the amount of JMC production purchase was RMB 10.6 billion. JMC had cost
savings of RMB 192 million in non-production purchase of RMB 2118 million. They continued to
take actions on green purchase, i,e, focus on employee’ health & safety, environmental
protection, energy savings during the supply’ qualification evaluation, broadcasting sustainable
development concept, buying the green production first.

Responsibilities on Dealers: adhere to the "mutual trust, cooperation, win-win" business
philosophy, constantly improve the dealer management to achieve the mutual development of
the dealers and the Company
JMC formulated various commercial policies to support the dealers’ development. In
2012, the Company encouraged the senior executives from the dealer, the distributor and
maintenance station to receive short-term study in domestic well-known universities so as to
promote their business idea and administrative level; push the incentive plan for the dealer’s

5.1 Marketing intermediaries

5.3 Publics
In 2012, JMC increase the donation to Project Mind Bridge with the total annual amount
of RMB 2.84 million, and has helped to build 43 bridges in 12 provinces, 23 cities & county and
41 towns & villages. As of 2012 year-end, JMC has helped to build 159 bridges in 20 provinces,
61 cities & county and 113 towns & villages benefiting approximate 400 thousand persons.
Public welfare undertaking in 2012
Time Detail
April-May Public welfare propaganda and square charity & donation
activities in 20 cities of six provinces in the center of China May
Public welfare activity in Deaf-and-dumb Children Rehabilitation
Center, Wanli District, Nanchang
June Children Care Program in Sun Tribe Orphanage, Jiujiang City
August-November Public welfare propaganda and square charity & donation
activities in 20 cities of six provinces (Chongqing City) in the west
of China
September-November Two public welfare journeys covered 12 cities of eight provinces
September Children Care Program in Sun Tribe Orphanage, Jiujiang City
December Children Care Program in Sun Tribe Orphanage, Jiujiang City

5.4 Customer
Responsibilities on customer services: Customer-oriented services, providing customers
with a pleasant and higher satisfaction experience whatever in pre-sales or after-sales.
The company launched new Kaiyun models, JMC Yuhu pickup and other new products
to meet the diversified demand of the customers in 2012, subject to the study of customers’
demand and auto sector development.

Customer Experience in 2012
JMC light truck low-carbon tour national fuel economy Camp tour Hosting 20
stations with various thematic activities
Main Content:
Join JMC Light Truck Family Selecting highest scores of milemeter per unit,
duration per unit, trucks bought by the individual, the best modified truck, the most
beautiful women, photo of the nicest family; filming the first mini-movie regarding truck
driver at home. More than 9 thousand persons participated in this program, and more
than 2 million persons was estimated to be involved.

5.5 External Micro Environmental Analysis
Hampir semua poin dalam pendekatan secara micro environmental menjadi kekuatan
JMC, karena secara pengalaman JMc telah menggunakan setiap ahli yang ada pada
mereka untuk mempelajari semua hal tersebut dan berusaha untuk meminimalisasi
kelemahan yang ada.
Lihat saja dari cara JMC memperlakukan supplier dengan begitu teliti, agar supplier
tetap mau bekerja sama dalam menyuplai produk JMC di berbagai Negara. JMC juga
begitu teliti dalam penaganan customer lewat program-program yang mereka

JMC telah mengambil alih hati masyarakat di China, apalagi masyarakat China yang
begitu “nasionalis”, yang tentu saja akan lebih memilih product bangsa mereka sendiri.
Ini adalah kesempatan besar bagi JMC untuk tetap mencatatkan diri mereka sebagai
perusahaan otomotif terbesar di China.


A. Exporting
Untuk saat ini JMC menggunakan Indirect Exporting untuk mengexpot produk mereka ke
beberapa negeara di Asia Tenggara dalam rangka menyambut kerajasama AFTA yang di bentuk
dengan China. Dengan mempertimbangkan beberapa hal dimana negara-negara di asia
tenggara memiliki daya beli yang sangat kuat di bidang otomotif, apakah itu untuk keperluan
umum atau pribadi. Namun JMC harus pintar dalam expot ini dikarenakan negara-negara di Asia
tenggara sangat ketat dalam urusan export-import. Sebagian negara sedang menggalakkan
peningkata produk dalam negeri dan sebagian negara sedang dalam masalah lingkungan dalam
menghadapi pasar otomotif.
Adapun perusahaan yang di ajak untuk bekerja sama dengan JMC adalah Jiangxi Jiangling
Motors Import and Export Co.,LTD yang sudah menjalin kerja sama di bidang export dan
pemasaran selama 20 tahun. Jiangxi Jiangling Motors Import and Export Co.,LTD didirikan pada
tahun 1993, dan merupakan anak perusahaan dari JMC, terletak di indah dan menawan dari
Kota Nanchang , " sungai ibu" yang dari Sungai Ganjiang hanya satu langkah lagi , Jiangnan tiga
lantai pertama " Paviliun Prince Teng " adalah mendongak untuk . Sebagai perdagangan luar
negeri negara itu disetujui oleh Departemen perusahaan perdagangan luar negeri , perusahaan
ekspor impor dan juga Jiangling Jiangling Motors Group hanya profesional impor dan ekspor
perusahaan .
Menjunjung tinggi prinsip saling menguntungkan dan konsep pembangunan umum , dalam
beberapa tahun terakhir perusahaan terutama terlibat dalam impor dan ekspor perdagangan
dan proyek-proyek kerjasama internasional , baik pengolahan pakan dan "tiga untuk membuat
sebuah " bisnis , dalam produk-produk terkait otomotif dalam perdagangan internasional telah
membuat prestasi yang luar biasa . Sebagai perusahaan induk kelompok Jiangling, perusahaan
saya juga untuk kelompok Jiangling dan perusahaan industri lainnya dalam pengenalan
teknologi maju asing dan peralatan , dan produk-produk industri otomotif dalam negeri terkait
berkualitas tinggi dari pemasaran di luar negeri .
Adapun keuntungan-keuntungan yang telah dicapai dalam kerja sama selama ini adalah:
 Akses pemasaran produk ke pasar Asia yang sangat cepat
 Dengan adanya kerjasama dengan Jiangling Motors Import and Export maka konsentrasi
sumber daya untuk produksi meningkat dari tahun ke tahun
 Kemampuan Jiangling Motors Import and Export sudah mencapai dunia International saat
ini menjadikan produk JMC sudah ada di lebih dari 80 Negara
 Tim manajemen tidak terganggu JMC sudah lebih terfokus dalam mengembangkan produk
dibandingkan dahulu yang masih harus membagi tim untuk pemasaran Export

B. Licensing
Sejak bekerja sama dengan Ford, JMC tentu saja harus menaati beberapa poin kerjasama
termasuk soal lisensi produk mereka yang menggunakan mesin Ford. Contohnya mesin terbaru
JMC, yang di gunakan untuk beberapa kendaraan Truk yang adalah produksi dari mesin Ford
yaitu J17. Adapun isi dari perjanjian lisensi tersebut mengenai banyak hal.
Ini adalah contoh dari kontrak kerjasama dengan Ford terhadap mesin J17 milik JMC.
i . " Product Contract " berarti mesin J17 berdasarkan izin dari Kontrak ini kerjasama yang dibuat
ii . Konten dan Ruang Lingkup Perizinan : Ford otosan dengan ini memberikan kepada JMC lisensi
non - dialihkan untuk: ( 1 ) menggunakan Teknologi Kontrak untuk pembuatan Produk Kontrak
dan Komponen Produk Kontrak di China ( Republik Rakyat Cina termasuk Taiwan dan Khusus
Daerah administratif Hong Kong dan Macau ) yang akan digunakan secara eksklusif di Branded
Kendaraan JMC diproduksi di Cina , (2) menjual Produk Kontrak dan Komponen Produk Kontrak
untuk layanan purna jual dari Branded Kendaraan JMC dikemas dengan Kontrak Produk di Cina
dan wilayah , (3) menjual Branded Kendaraan JMC dikemas dengan Produk Kontrak di China dan
wilayah , disediakan, namun bahwa ekspor JMC Branded Kendaraan dari Cina tunduk pada
artikel terkait yang diatur dalam Kontrak ini perjanjian , dan (4) menjual Kontrak produk kepada
pihak ketiga di Cina , disediakan, namun penjualan tersebut tunduk pada artikel terkait yang
diatur dalam Kontrak ini perjanjian .
iii . Durasi Technology Licensing Kontrak : dua belas tahun terhitung sejak Proyek # 1 dari JMC
untuk Kontrak Produk
iv . Biaya lisensi : JMCH akan membayar kepada Ford otosan , Biaya Perizinan untuk setiap
Kontrak Produk yang dijual oleh JMC berikut :
1 . Untuk berbagai jenis Mesin J17 , Biaya Perizinan akan dari EUR 150 sampai EUR 190 untuk
setiap Kontrak Produk .
2 . Sebagai imbalannya memperoleh teknologi kontrak , JMCH akan membayar Biaya Perizinan
Satu juta Euro untuk Ford otosan dalam waktu 45 hari setelah tanggal penandatanganan
Kontrak ini .
v Branding : JMC mungkin lencana Merek Dagang JMC pada Produk Kontrak atau Kontrak
Produk Komponen .
vi . JMC tidak akan langsung atau tidak langsung merancang atau mengembangkan mesin
Bersaing dengan produk kontrak selama Masa Kontrak . Dalam hal Kontrak Produk tidak
memenuhi persyaratan teknis JMC Branded Kendaraan , setiap perlakuan pajak China atau
permintaan pasar yang besar JMC dapat membeli Engine Bersaing.

C. Strategic Alliances (Sas)
Saat ini JMC memegang peranan penting dalam pertumbuhan ekonomi di China. Terutama di
bidang otomotif. Dan saat ini JMC memili rekanan kerjasama yang terbentuk sebuah alliansi
yang merupakan alliansi otomotif terbesar dan nomor satu di China. Yaitu JMC sndiri, Landwind,
JMC SUV dan Ford. Keempat perusahaan rekanan ini masih bertahan menjadi Alliansi
perusahaan terbesar di China bahkan di asia.
Berikut adalah sejarah terbentuknya alliansi ini.
1968 : JMC jejak sejarahnya ke Jiangxi Auto Works , yang didirikan pada tahun 1968 dan dikenal
untuk merek truk Jinggangshan
1984: Memulai untuk membangun kendaraan Isuzu - merek .
1993: Usaha patungan dari Jiangling - Isuzu didirikan pada bulan Maret. Jiangling Motors Co ,
Ltds . ( JMC ) didirikan pada bulan November dan menjadi terdaftar di Shenzhen ( JMC
000550.SZ ) pada bulan berikutnya .
1995: Memasuki kemitraan dengan Ford ( Ford kini memiliki 30% saham di JMC ) .
1997: JMC - Ford mulai menggelar van Transit .
2002: Penjualan tahunan topped 50.000 , dengan lini produk yang menampilkan JMC Baodian
pickup, Ford Transit van , dan JMC truk ringan .
2005: JMC , Ford , dan Changan Auto bersama-sama mendirikan Jiangling Motors Memegang (
JMH ) .
2007: Tanah dibuka pada bulan Desember untuk pabrik kendaraan baru di Xiaolan Industrial
Park di Nanchang .
2008: Revamped Ford Transit dirilis .
2009: Penjualan tahunan melebihi 100.000 .
2010: SUV JMC - merek pertama , Yusheng , memasuki pasar pada 5 Desember .
2013 : JMC Tugas Berat Kendaraan Co , Ltd didirikan di Taiyuan , Shanxi , pada tanggal 22
Februari . Perusahaan yang baru didirikan dan Ford mulai membangun pabrik mesin diesel di
Taiyuan pada 20 Mei . JMC membuka pabrik baru di Xiaolan Industrial Park pada tanggal 20 Juni
, yang memiliki kapasitas produksi yang dirancang dari 300.000 unit per tahun .