Solution for the fourth Assignment

Microsoft Visual Source Safe (Version Control and Change Control)
For development organizations whose needs go beyond version control, or for larger teams who
require a more robust source-code control system based on SQL Server 2! in the bac"end,
#icrosoft has recently announced $isual Studio %eam Foundation, which addresses the broader
software configuration management &S'#( needs of development organizations see"ing a
complete suite of enterprise software development life-cycle tools)
Visual SourceSafe
$isual SourceSafe is a version control system that*
• +rotects users from accidental file loss)
• ,llows bac"trac"ing to previous versions of a file)
• %rac"s versions of entire pro-ects)
.ndividual developers and small development teams have found that they can benefit from the
peace-of-mind and productivity benefits that version control provides) $isual SourceSafe is a
version control product/ focused primarily on maintaining file change histories, audit trail logs,
and disaster recovery for source code files) .t is most effective for small, geographically close
teams who generally wor" on a high-speed, low-latency Local ,rea 0etwor" &L,0( in a highly
trusted environment, and whose shared development assets are unli"ely to e1ceed 2 gigabytes)
$isual SourceSafe is a client-only file-server application that does not require server-side
processes or code e1ecution)
.t has different versions li"e 3), 3)!, 2) and so on to now 4))
By Introducing Visual SourceSafe 2005
%o coincide with the release of $isual Studio 2!, #icrosoft will offer $isual SourceSafe 2!,
which is a more highly refined and integrated version control system that adds new and e1panded
capabilities for teams and individuals) Following minor changes in $isual SourceSafe 4)d
&released with $isual Studio )05% 26(, #icrosoft is ma"ing more enhancements for $isual
SourceSafe 2!) %hese fundamental changes will improve the reliability, scalability,
performance, and remote access capabilities of $isual SourceSafe)
$isual SourceSafe 4) is the ideal version control system for any development team using
#icrosoft $isual Studio )05%) .t7s simple enough to use right out of the bo1, and it7s integrated
with the development environment developers already wor" in)8 .ntegrated features of $isual
SourceSafe enable developers to access the full power of team development features - all from
within the familiar $isual Studio environment they already use) #any features trigger
automatically, such as when a file is about
• Chec !ut Im"ro#ements) $isual SourceSafe is even better together through continued
innovations to the integrated source code control e1perience in $isual Studio, including the
ability to chec" out a file from a local 9or"ing Folder directory without requiring the
networ" download of the latest version of the file from the $isual SourceSafe database)
9ithin $isual Studio, chec"outs are now automatic and prompting is reduced)
• $e% &ro'ect (nhancements) %a"e advantage of greater fle1ibility in specifying pro-ect
locations, and synchronize renamed or deleted files within $isual Studio) :pen and browse
source-controlled pro-ects using the standard :pen +ro-ect dialog)
%he #icrosoft $isual SourceSafe 4) version control system is the latest edition of #icrosoft7s
award-winning version control system for managing software and 9eb site development) Fully
integrated with the $isual ;asic/ $isual '<</ $isual =<</ $isual .nter>ev and $isual Fo1+ro
development environments as well as with #icrosoft :ffice applications, it provides easy-to-
use?, pro-ect-oriented version control) $isual SourceSafe wor"s with any type of file produced
by any development language, authoring tool or application) @sers can wor" at both the file and
pro-ect level while promoting file reuse) %he pro-ect-oriented features of $isual SourceSafe ma"e
managing the day-to-day tas"s associated with team-based application and 9eb site development
more efficient)