1. Assume that you are the manager of a small project. What baselines would you
define for the project and how would you control them?
Knowing from where I am started the project what is its scope? And document it. It is a
baseline of my project. This baseline is about my budget, schedule, and project scope. This
is done by establishing baselines for scope, cost and schedule and then putting them under
some form of ersion control. !nce the project has been contained in these three
dimensions, it can be measured, monitored and controlled.
A baseline may be specialized as a specific type of baseline. Some examples include:
• Functional Baseline: initial specifications established; contract, etc.
• Allocated Baseline: state of work products once reuirements are appro!ed
• "e!elopmental Baseline: state of work products amid de!elopment
• #roduct Baseline: contains the releasable contents of the pro$ect
• others, based upon proprietary business practices
For a small pro$ect, we mi%ht combine reuirement specification and desi%n model
into a &de!elopment specification' that would ser!e as the first S(), which will be
re!iewed and up%raded as the first baseline. )t is unlikely that a formal, thorou%h test
plan*specification would be created, but a suite of essential test cases would still be
reuired. +rainin% would be optional or reduced to some briefin% session.
,ence, the baselines for a small pro$ect would be reduced to:
-. "e!elopment specification
.. Source codes
/. +est cases
0. 1ser manual*briefin%
2. 3xecutable !ersion of the software
Types of "aseline
"aseline change
suggested by
"aseline element
4 #roduct 5euirement Specification
#6, 76
- #ro$ect #lan
- S8 7uality 6ana%ement #lan
- +est #lan
- S8 (onfi%uration 6ana%ement #lan
- 3stimation plan
- FS 9Functional Specification:
Source (ode 6;
- ,i%h le!el "esi%n specifications
4 ;ow le!el "esi%n specifications
+est "e!eloper 4 Build4Scripts and 6ake files
4 )nstallation4Scripts
)+ 9)nte%ration testin%:
- 1nit test specifications
Types of "aseline
"aseline change
suggested by
"aseline element
- 1nit4+est protocols
"e!elopment +ools #6, +6 4 )+ Specifications 9based on FS:
4 )+ protocols
4 )+ release documents
(han%e 6ana%ement
- "ocumentation tools
- +est tools
- "e!elopment tools 9e.%. <(==:
- (onfi%uration mana%ement tool
- (han%e 6ana%ement tool
#6, +6
- ;ist of (han%e reuests.
"aseline #ontrol$
• )n many en!ironments, baselines are controlled such that certain subseuent acti!ities
a%ainst work products in that baseline are either prohibited or permitted.
• +hese acti!ities are carefully selected and controlled, and a%ain, dependin% upon the
confi%uration mana%ement system, are also monitored.
• (onseuently, baselines are ordinarily sub$ected to confi%uration mana%ement audits.
• Audits may include an examination of specific actions performed a%ainst the baseline,
identification of indi!iduals in!ol!ed in any action, an e!aluation of chan%e within the
baseline, certification for appro!al, accountin%, metric collection, comparison to another
baseline, or all of these.