2014/4/2 -NO.

45 is a
conficted battlefeld
Violent clashes
in Kalamoun
near Deir ez-Zour
military airport
Sarmini gives Kassab rebels $500,000
resignation of 7 members
Field visits to Syrian Coast
lamic Front deployed in the
area are no longer targets of
bombing or shooting. Syr-
ian Army goes on mobiliz-
ing troops in the neighbor-
ing mounts where a joint
operation room has been
formed headed by briga-
dier Suhail Hassan and Ali
Kayyali, commander of
“Syrian Popular Resistance
to Liberate Liwa Eskarda-
run”, according to unoff-
cial sources.
Advisor of the Syrian Oppo-
sition Interim PM Moham-
mad Sarmini said that nearly
4000 combatants are partici-
pating in Anfal battle in Syr-
ian coast, whilst half of them
are of Islamic factions and
same number of free army.
Sarmini said he had visited
al-Nusra-held Kassab ten
days ago to give fghters
$500,000 allocated by the in-
terim government to shore up
rebels on that front and fulfll
their needs urgently. He also
pointed out that Syrian army
has evacuated most of the
residents there before FSA’s
capturing it, but still there
are some elderly Armenians
who are under FSA’s protec-
tion as well as churches and
mosques in the city.
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (435) 2014/4/2
Head of the opposition Co-
alition Ahmad Jarba visited
JabalTurkman and Jabal
Akrad in Lattakia country-
side. “the feld visit was to
inspect people, combatants
and brigades in Jabal Turk-
man, from Kasab to Soda,
Observatory 45 and all ad-
jacent areas, “ Jarba said.
Field visits to Syrian Coast
Jarba inspects fghters in Lattakia countryside
Mustafa… Al-Bashir wanders freely
Observatory 45 is a conficted battlefeld Sarmini gives Kassab
rebels $500,000
Opposition sources report-
ed that Defense minister of
interim opposition govern-
ment Asaad Mustafa and
FSA chief-of-staff Abdul
Elah al-Bashir have entered
Lattakia, inspecting combat
units there. Mustafa asserted
in an interview with Al-Ara-
biya channel that the battle
is currently taking place in
Jabal Turkman and Jabal
Akrad, where 80% of Jabal
Turkman is estimated to be
Opposition sources reported
that Syrian Arab army has
lost control on Observatory
45 in latakia countryside,
confrming that militants of
Jabhet Al-Nusra and the Is-
“I have met fghters in the
joint military room in Jabal
Akrad,” he added, praising
the fghters` high-morale
and underlying the impor-
tance of providing the nec-
essary support. This visit
takes place amid conficted
news on who has the upper
hand in the heated battle.
under opposition’s control
as more than 90% of Jabal
Akrad has been liberated. “
We can wander in these ar-
eas freely but cautiously of
shelling, Mostafa added.
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (435) 2014/4/2
Kalamoun area in Damas-
cus countryside has wit-
nessed a violent clashes
between armed opposition
and the Syrian army near
Rankous, of Sahkra and
Bkh’ah villages, accompa-
Fierce battles broke out
between armed opposi-
tion fghters and Syrian
Army near ez-Zour mili-
tary airport leaving scores
Violent clashes in Kalamoun
Clashes near Deir ez-Zour military airport
Coalition approves
of 7 members
nied by artillery and aerial
bombardment on Rankous
that left dozens of al-Nus-
ra militants dead. Deadly
clashes also took place in
Duma, Jobar, DeirAsafer
and Maliha.
dead from both sides. A
blast has reportedly hit
the eastern countryside of
Deir az-Zour, according to
Syrian opposition coali-
tion says it approved the
resignation of seven of its
members: Yasser Farhan,
Kamal Labwani, yahia
al-Kurdi, Mohammad al-
Shaar, Mustafa Shalash,
Dawood al-Sulieman and