2014/4/7 -NO.

“Al Itisam
Billah’ battle imminent!
Syria Coalition:
Muna resigns
50 FSA
“al-Tawhid Brigade” prevents journalists’ coverage
of Coalition’s
Political Body
published PAGE 3
“Nasrat al Mazloum Rally” impends!
“al-Sham Room Operation”
announced launching of “Al Iti-
sam Billah” battle with partici-
pation of al-Mujaheddin Army,
al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham
fghters, aiming to dominate on
al-Jabas market and al-Hikma
school near to al-Ramousa ar-
tillery”. In the same context,
al-Mujaheddin Army fghters
bombed al-Hikma school sur-
rounding, where Iraqi forces
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (440) 2014/4/7
“3 missiles hit Basatin al-
Rihan region and Mashroea
VII neighborhood, Latakia,
causing material damages
without any causalities”,
sources stressed. “Nasrat al
Mazloum Rally of Latakia
Countryside” announced its
responsibility for missiles’
attack”, “Rally” also warned
to attack” regime support-
ing-villages and neighbor-
hoods”, especially al-Ziraa
neighborhood by Grad mis-
siles as a reaction to the ex-
plosives in Latakia country-
side. In a related context,
“Abdul al-Moatyal-Dar-
“Nasrat al Mazloum Rally” impends!
50 FSA killed!
“Al Itisam Billah’ battle imminent!
Brigade” prevents
wish” al-Khatab Brigade’s
leader, affliated to Islamic
Front, was killed in Kassab,
Latakia countryside”, ac-
cording to media sources.
On the contrast, Idelb fght-
ers killed “Ali”, 88 bridge’s
security offcer of Seventh
Military Brigade, along with
his seven soldiers.
A car blast -was equipped
by fghters to attack one of
Syrian Army military check-
point at Jorat al-Shiah–killed
Homs Military Council
Leader “Abdul Qader al-
Jomaa”, 50 of FSA and “al-
Ansar battalion” fghters.
al-Tawhid Brigade’s General
Command has issued a gener-
alization to the military lead-
ers and managers at Aleppo
and its countryside, preventing
Media professionals to enter
brigade led-regions. “Journal-
ists and media outlets should
not enter Brigade regions, un-
less journalists get an offcial
permission by Brigade Media
Council, in order to ensure the
military operation”, general-
ization stipulated.
rallied in. On the contrast, Syr-
ian Warplanes attacked al-Hik-
ma school surrounding by 20
barrels of explosives.
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (440) 2014/4/7
Jolan Hill attacked fghters killed in Daraa
Syria Coalition: Muna resigns
Election of Coalition’s Political Body published
Syria Embassies in crisis
“Syrian Army fred an artil-
lery shell on border line of
Jolan Hill, without any cau-
salities”, activists claimed.
Syrian Army soldiers killed and injured several fghters
in “Rajam al-Flous” region and al-Wardat area, Daraa
National Council and Po-
litical Body Member of Syr-
ian Opposition Coalition
-Muna Mustafa has resigned
as a representative for Kurd-
ish Independents. In a letter
sent to the coalition, Mustafa
clarifed her resignation to let
space for her fellow workers.
Opposition-linked media
sources published election
results of Syrian Opposition
Coalition‘s Political Body;
where some of members re-
tain their positions with elec-
tions, including ”Hadi al-Bah-
ra” and “Ahmad Ramadan”,
in addition to “Ahmad Jarba”,
who won by acclamation.
Syrian Foreign Ministry authorized Syrian Embassies at Abu Dhabi and Manama, to take legal
responsibility of Syrians in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, accomplishing their transactions. “Syrian
Honorary Consulates in Montreal and Vancouver cities in Canada should also handle issues of
Syrians in United States”, the Ministry authorized.