2014/4/14 -NO.

Fighters advances
in Aleppo
Haytham Manna out
of Coordination Body
ISIL to attack
“Nasrat Kassab From Aleppo” supports coast
“Itissam operation”
in Idleb
FSA loses in Damascus countryside
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (447) 2014/4/14
“Rally of Freedom Dawn
Brigades” ,which is subsid-
iary for FSA, launched a new
battle” Nasrat Kassab From
Aleppo”, where fghters at-
tacked Syrian Army-held
areas at Bustan al-Basha,
al-Midan , Sheikh Taha and al-
“Nasrat Kassab From Aleppo” supports coast
Fighters advances in Aleppo
“As a result of “Itissam battle
“ that was launched by “al-
Sham Operation Room for
revolutionaries of Aleppo ,its
countryside s “, fghters domi-
nated on Pullman garages, al-
Syria Tell center ,automated
oven ,al-Ramousa mosque
and parts of industrial re-
gion there”, sources claimed.
Opposition fghters also ad-
vanced to al-Maadfaia school
gates, they targeted Syrian
Army- controlled areas, as
they reached the surround-
ing of cement factory and gas
Sakhour neighborhoods , so
fghters were managed to take
over Fire Department Center
there. Opposition fghters also
dominated on seed company
in Bostan al-Basha neigh-
borhood after heavy clashes
between Syrian Army, coin-
company, targeting Syrian
Army by homemade cannons,
that left huge burning areas.
In the same context, FSA con-
trolled on Aleppo-Ar Raqqah-
International way, cutting the
supply roads for Syrian Army
in the west of Aleppo.
ciding with confrontations at
the surrounding of Air Intel-
ligence Center, where fghters
broke through cartoon factory
in new Aleppo . In the same
context, Syrian Warplanes
bombed al-Inzaarat , al-Haid-
aryia neighborhoods.
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (447) 2014/4/14
FSA loses in Damascus
“Itissam operation” launched in Idleb
ISIL to attack Albokamal
“Syrian Army recaptures
Sarkha town ,Qalamoun,
dominating on surrounding
mountains , as Syrian Army
advances toward Maalou-
la, dominates on its north-
ern heights ,recapturing
Deir Mar Takla and saints”,
sources stressed. “Syrian
Army has intensifed its raids
on al-Mliha and Daria in or-
der to recapture opposition-
held cities, as Syrian Army
bombed Qalamoun towns,
including al-Zabadani”, op-
position claimed. In Jobar,
Syrian Army dominated on
schools grouping , in order
to reach Borj al-Moallimin,
military source said. In the
same context, heavy battles
occurred between Syrian
Army and opposition fght-
ers on the axes of Sahnaya
way , al-Allaly way, coincid-
ing with Syrian Warplanes
bombing . “ Syrian Army
Director of poll -General
-Samir al-Sheikh was killed
, but FSA factions do not ad-
mit its responsibility”, media
sources reported.
Islamic Front factions includ-
ing “Ahrar ash-Sham move-
ment “launched a new battle
“Itissam operation” to liber-
ate al-Hamidia camp at of
Maarat al Nu’man south in
Idelb southern countryside,
where fghters attacked mili-
“Syrian Warplanes bombed
oil wells in Der Ezzor country-
side “, Syrian Observatory for
Human Rights claimed. “ in
the wake of ISIL domination
tary checkpoints at Bsida vil-
lage heavily . On the contrast,
Syrian Warplanes bombed
surrounding villages of con-
frontations, coinciding with
artillery bombardment from
“Wadi Deif “ to support Syr-
ian Army there.
on al Moleh, Kpakp towns,
Der Ezzor countryside ,ISIL
planes to another offensive on
Albokamal city at the east of
Der Ezzor”, activists claimed.
Page NO.4
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (447) 2014/4/14
“Arab al-Naim” agents for Syrian Regime!
Haytham Manna out of Coordination Body
Syrian National Coordina-
tion Body Head for Dem-
ocratic Change, Haytham
Manna resigned from his
position, stressing that no
political background for
his decision, as Khalaf
As a result of increased at-
tacks by FSA , al-Nusra front
and front of Syria revolu-
tionaries especially Arab al-
Naim against ISIL, the last
described Arab al-Naim by
Allah enemies and Regime
agents, stressing that Arab al-
Naim should obey ISIL . In a
statement, ISIL launched op-
eration to liberate - Allowa-
zeip and Aydoun villages from
Arab al-Naim domination.
Dahood was elected in-
stead of Haytham Man-
na, according to United
Press Agency. “there is
not any communication
between Syrian coalition
and coordination “,Manaa
stressed. “ holding of Ge-
nève ‘s third round needs
more American-Russian
approach , which is not
available today, Ukraine
took priority in media , “,
Manaa said .