2014/4/15 -NO.

Kassab battle
Syrian Islamic Coun-
cil formed
Two-third of
Syria`s chemicals
shipped out
FSA controls gas factory
ISIL and FSA reciprocally control Oil field
Fierce battle in
Ho ms
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (448) 2014/4/15
ISIL is trying to control Deir
al-Zour province, by clamp-
ing down FSA and Al-Nusra
Front, Opposition sources
reported. Syrian army at-
tacks other areas using Deir
al-Zour military airport as
a base. Clashes continue
between FSA and ISIL in
Mwelh and Hosin villages
in an attempt to advance
towards oil felds, with dif-
fculties in sight as many
brigades and battalions are
camping around.
ISIL and FSA reciprocally control Oil feld
FSA controls gas factory Fierce battle in Homs
Kassab battle continues..
Battles continue between
Syrian army and militants
in northern Al-Zahra neigh-
borhoods and Air Force In-
telligence buildings, as FSA
controlled Sadcob factory in
Aleppo after ferce clashes
with Syrian army.
Two people were killed, 5 oth-
ers injured in two car explo-
sions in Akrama and Wadi Da-
hab neighborhoods in Homs,
while other places were target-
ed by mortars shells leaving
injuries and material damage,
according to Syrian Observa-
tory for Human Rights.Fur-
thermore, clashes continue in
Jouret Shiah and Alqarabees ,
as Syrian warplanes conduct-
ed several air raids, An op-
position source reported that
a military confrontation will
start within days, with rejec-
tion for any reconciliation.
Syrian army took over
Sidreen Mountain, “Bt-
shalma” opposite to Kass-
ab city. In another context
“Ahrar al-Sham” brigade
talked about the death of
its commander “Abu Ali
Zeibaq” in Latakia country-
side who was killed in “An-
fal” battle.
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (448) 2014/4/15
Mustafa … Toxic gas re-
places explosive barrels
Mortar shells in Damascus
Two-third of Syria`s chemicals shipped out
Syrian Islamic Council
American spy planes to help opposition in
Defense Minister in the In-
terim Government Assad
Mustafa revealed that Iranian
experts working in the Secu-
rity Institution in Damascus
developed bombs contain-
ing toxic gases to be used as
substitute for explosive bar-
rels, adding that these gases
have already been used in
Syria, like Jobar and Rank-
ous, pointing out that such
attempts come as a reaction
to rebels’ victories in Alep-
po. He also refutes the Re-
gime’s accusations that the
delays of chemical weapons
transporting were caused by
the militants’ attacks.
1 child was killed and 41 oth-
ers injured in mortar shells
hit Al-Manar school in Bab
Toma area in Damascus,
while other places in Damas-
cus and its provinces still suf-
fer from mortar shells attack.
“Syria has already shipped out
two-thirds of all stockpiles of
chemical weapons. It is impor-
Syrian scientists with various
members of Islamic associa-
tions declared the formation
of “Syrian Islamic Council”.
Intelligence reports re-
vealed that U.S. participated
in Kassab battle through US
offcers working with both
Turkish and Qatari intelli-
tant to complete the process
as soon as possible”, accord-
ing to the Organization for
the Prohibition of Chemical
Weapons (OPCW).”Russia
and USA have provided suff-
cient materials and equipment
for implementing this pro-
cess, recalling that the delays
were caused by the militants’
gences, adding that Ameri-
can spy planes had provided
armed groups with informa-
tion about Syrian army’s