2014/4/17 -NO.

New faction fights
with FSA in Aleppo
FSA near to Aleppo artillery school
€1 million to release Kuwaitis
Ahrar al-Sham leads
in Kassab
Fares lashes
out Syrian
al-Nusra, Al-Raqqa Revolu-
tionary Brigade separated
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (450) 2014/4/17
Three Kuwaitis who for-
merly came to join (ISIL)
and were abducted by an
armed group in Syria, have
been released in exchange
for one million Euros ran-
som, and are now on their
way to Turkey.
€1 million to release Kuwaitis
FSA near to Aleppo artillery school
New faction fghts
with FSA in Aleppo
Clashes between SAA and
opposition fghters in Aleppo
have intensifed ,reaching the
artillery and Arming school .
“Opposition fghters rallied
themselves under “Al Sham
joint operation room”, ad-
vancing to Air Intelligence
Muhammad Hammo, a dissi-
dent SAA offcer who joined
FSA , established a new mili-
tary faction “Sun of North
Battalions “ in Aleppo and its
countryside. In a statement
disseminated on You Tube,
Hamou announced that the
new faction will fght SAA in
Aleppo and its countryside,
to be extended to other areas
later, stressing that the battal-
ions will fght under the aus-
pices of FSA .
HQ surroundings in Jamiaat
al-Zahraa neighborhood”, op-
position claimed. In the wake
of “Itissam Battle”, in which
fghters dominated on several
posts, FSA managed to block
al-Ramousa motorway, cut-
ting off all SAA supply routes.
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (450) 2014/4/17
Opposition Fighters
attack Latakia, Homs
China changes its position
toward Syrian coalition
Opposition leaders killed in Chouta
Ahrar al_sham leads in Kassab
al-Nusra, Al-Raqqa Revolutionary Brigade separated
“Sham Legion” fghters have
attacked several areas in Lata-
kia, including National De-
fense Headquarter in Slinfa
and Popular Army Center in al-
Bahlolia , opposition claimed.
On the other hand, Islamic
Front – affliated al-Haq Bri-
gade” attacked SAA in Wadi
al-Dahab, they also attacked
City Center Barrack and al-
Mokhtaria village, Homs.
Syrian Opposition Coalition
Head, Ahmed Jarba along
with his delegation met both
Chinese Foreign Minister
and his deputy in Beijing
separately . “ coalition felt
that China had changed its
position after the coalition
visit, where coalition should
have good relations with all
countries”, a source claimed.
al-Nusra front has separated
from Al-Raqqa Revolutionary
Brigade . In a statement, al-
Nusra stressed that the separa-
tion was a result of two-parties
Heavy clashes continued between
SAA and opposition fghters in
the Eastern Ghouta, especially
in al-Mliha, Jobra region , where
SAA was managed to kill leader
of “God ‘s Lion battalion” in Tal-
KUrdy orchards. SAA also killed
vice-leader of Islamic Army- af-
fliated “Badar brigade”, in addi-
tion to “ al-Shouhadaa brigade”
chief of staff in Duma.
“Chechen fghters infltrated
from Turkey to Latakia coun-
tryside in small numbers ,vice
versa , fghters focked to
Aleppo and its countryside “,
sources stressed. It is appar-
ently that the two fronts are
linked closely. “Ahrar ash-
Sham” leaders took over the
reins in Northern Lattakia
countryside , in cooperating
with al-Nusra leaders, sources
added. On the contrast, SAA
dereliction, where Al-Raqqa
Revolutionary Brigade retreat-
ed from Al-Raqqa city after
ISIL fghters launched several
attacks against them.
attacked fghters’ headquar-
ters in Kassab , while Chalma
Summit surroundings changed
hands several times between
SAA and opposition fghters.
Page NO.4
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (450) 2014/4/17
Islamic Council claims secularism
Fares lashes out Syrian regime
“Syrian Islamic Council is a
reference, scientifc secular
and religious council, focus-
Syrian astronaut and pilot Mo-
hammed Ahmed Fares empha-
sized that the persons who drop
explosive barrels at various
Syrian cities by order of the
ing on Muslims’ affairs”, Syr-
ian Islamic Council Spokes-
man ,Fida Majzoub said. The
Syrian regime are not trained at
all, and on narcotic substances,
because the normal Syrian hu-
man cannot do such things.
Fares criticized the internation-
Council has a number of Sha-
riah scholars without any mili-
tary entities, he added.
al community for being para-
lyzed to stop the killing ma-
chine, which claims the lives of
innocent civilians through ex-
plosive barrels on a daily basis