2014/4/26 -NO.

Temporary truce
in Aleppo, its
Islamic Front blows up factory in al-Maliha
Islamic council…Presidential elections “banned”
Newborn party
of revolution
Regulations for
army checkpoints
Local council
in Halfaia
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (459) 2014/4/26
Operations room of “Ahl al-
Sham” in Aleppo, including
Islamic Front, Almojahe-
deen army and other fac-
tions held a temporary truce
in Aleppo and its country-
side with (YPG) groups
that are affliated to Kurd-
ish Democratic union par-
ty (PYD) active in Aleppo
northern countryside.The
agreement states on passing
the two parties ways and
roads with former agree-
Temporary truce in Aleppo, its countryside
Islamic Front blows up factory in al-Maliha Local council in
Battles between al-Raqqa and ISIL fghters
ment and an offcial memo-
randum to determine the car
type and destination, as well
as exchanging their prison-
ers.The truce was based on
establishing military check-
points with approval of both
parties in the YPG-held ar-
eas.In addition to that, they
will use YPG-held areas to
fght SAA and siege Nubbul
and al-Zahraa areas, pre-
venting any person to move
inside the region.
Fighters from Islamic front
and Shabab al-Huda bat-
talions adopted bombing
In Raqqa countryside,
ferce clashes took place
between “Raqqa brigade
fghters” and “ISIL” fol-
lowing the former`s tak-
ing over Kherbat Aboud
village, as “Islamic State”
bombed one of the bri-
gade’s bastions “al-Dibis
police station”.
Several battalions and bri-
gades in Halfaia at Hama
countryside formed local
council of the city, which
is considered as the only
representative of the city
people at home and abroad.
The council includes the
following brigades: Abu al-
Almaeen brigade and battal-
ions, Ahrar Halfaia brigade
and al-Farouq battalions.
Tameco medical factory in
al-Maliha, Damascus coun-
tryside. The clashes con-
tinued between SAA and
al-Nusra front in al-Maliha
and its surroundings as Syr-
ian warplanes bombed the
region. Battles still con-
tinue between opposition
fghters and Syrian Arab
Army in Doma, Harasta,
Zabdeen, Der al-Asafeer
and al-Zabadani in Damas-
cus countryside.
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (459) 2014/4/26
Islamic council…Presiden-
tial elections “banned”
Opposition pounds SAA
Opposition kills SAA Soldiers in Daraa
Regulations for Almojahedeen army
Republic…Newborn party of revolution
Syrian Islamic council pro-
hibited the participation in the
presidential elections neither
through nominating, voting or
supporting the elections.The
council, in a statement, con-
siders that President Bashar
al-Assad does not have a le-
gal mandate on Syrian peo-
ple, adding that whoever par-
ticipates in the referendum
or elections is considered a
partner in injustice and op-
pression.He asserted that
participation in elections is a
major sin due to the fact that
it granted al-Assad an alleged
legitimacy.According to the
Islamic council, the results of
the referendum or elections
are invalid, warning all advo-
cates and participants of legal
Prosecution sooner or later.
Opposition sources reported
that Jabhat al-Nusra killed 16
soldiers from the Syrian Arab
Army during their attempt to
retake over strategic Tal Alja-
bia near Nawa town in Daraa
countryside.It should be noted
that opposition gunmen took
The general leadership of Al-
mojahedeen army issued a
statement for determining the
way for working its check-
During a conference held
in Istanbul commemorating
April 17th Evacuation Day,
Syrian opponents from all
provinces social classes estab-
lished “Republic party”.The
statement issued referred that
the name of the party is due to
its close connection with con-
cepts of State and democracy
that are the essential princi-
ples to have a bright future for
Syria and Syrians. They also
hope to participate in building
the “Third Republic” after the
Independence republic and al-
Baath one.The statement also
asserted its commitment with
revolution targets for building
points in western Aleppo.It
asked the cooperation of all
religious, medical, informa-
tive and judicial authorities
and institutions n order to help
citizens as much as possible.
The leadership also ordered its
soldiers to use their weapons
only as necessary, and adhere
to wear the military uniform.
Opposition fghters pound-
ed a position of Syrian Arab
Army “QNB” bank, killing
several soldiers near Aldah-
moush tower in Deir Ezzor
,while the clashes between
opposition gunmen and SAA
soldiers took place in Al-
hawika, Aljablieah, al-Sinaa
districts and at Deir Ezzor
military airport surroundings.
over Tal Aljabia , Alsukariah
town and brigade no.61.
a modern national democratic
state based on law and equal-
ity between women and men
in citizenship.The national
identity will be the greatest
shade which gathers all citi-
zens without any ethnic, reli-
gious or ideological or sexual
discrimination, according to
the same statement.