Opposition controls Faqeer checkpoint

Geneva second round ends
2014/2/16 -NO. (390)
between Government
and opposition
Mass grave
in Aleppo
Missiles from
the Gulf
to the opposition
Coalition delegation
on “Terrorist List”
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (390) 2014/2/16
Coalition delegation on “Terrorist List”
Geneva second round ends
Syria had included the Op-
position Coalition delegation
to Geneva in terrorists’ list
and confscated their prop-
erty. The delegation know the
decision when a leak copy
showed up from the Justice
Department’s last week to
After U.N media department
in Geneva announced that
the second round of talks
between delegations of the
Syria`s government and Op-
position delegations has off-
cially ended without setting
an agenda for the third round,
U.N envoy to Syria Lakhdar
Brahimi insisted that the last
two rounds haven’t achieved
any advancement or beneft.
Brahimi apologized to the
Syrian People who had am-
bitions to achieve something
in Geneva, he also expressed
hope that both parties will
reconsider their attitudes
and come back ready to par-
ticipate seriously in imple-
menting Geneva statement.
For his part Dr. Bashar Jaaf-
ari, a member of the govern-
ment delegation confrmed
that the Syrian opposition
coalition delegation insists
on regarding terrorism a mi-
nor issue, and that combat-
ing terrorism or any other
item cannot be discussed
within two hours, then mov-
ing forward to another item
without reaching an agree-
ment, this is applicable to
all items. Jaafari pointed out
that U.S hint to a military
escalation encouraged coali-
tion delegation to obstinacy
freeze their assets under the
Terrorism Act 2012. Mem-
ber of government delegation
Bashar al-Jafari said the deci-
sion was taken 2 months prior
to Geneva peace talks and is
totally unrelated to the nego-
and consequently the failure
of this round. Louay Saf
media spokesman of Syrian
opposition delegation an-
nounced that that the delega-
tion did not put conditions to
hold a third round after two
failed ones, pointing out that
the Coalition delegation is
waiting for a serious prog-
ress, calling on everyone to
work hard to fnd a convinc-
ing political solution to stop
the bloodshed in Syria, add-
ing: “ Syrian people are the
only victorious once a politi-
cal solution is reached since
any Syrian is part of the ne-
gotiating process.”
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (390) 2014/2/16
A truce in Babila
Reconciliation between Government and opposition
Battles in Yabroud
In Zabadani…
Al-Yarmouk Camp…
Battles between Syrian army
and opposition militants are
still going on in Yabroud, a
number of some Syrian army
soldiers were killed while
with shelling with heavy ar-
tillery in Rima farms in Ka-
lamoon continues, opposition
sources said. Syrian army
killed Al-Nusra Front’s mili-
tants in Rima farms in the
outskirts of Yabroud, accord-
ing to offcial media sources.
Deadly clashes took place be-
tween in Khan al-Asal , Jobar
, Doma and Darya, while the
Syrian army killed militants
in Maliha and Adra, includ-
ing a group leader “Hassan al-
Bitar”, Opposition militants
In Yarmouk camp the UN
Relief and Works Agency for
Palestine Refugees asked the
Syrian authorities to re-enter
the camp to distribute food,
after a week of suspension.
A truce in Babila town en-
tered into force yesterday af-
ter 2-week ceasefre, offcial
resources said. Syrian Army
has previously allowed aid
convoys to access the town
as militants handed over their
arms and reconciled their le-
gal status.
A ceasefre has been reached
yesterday between opposition
brigades and Syrian Army. It
has been agreed that bomb-
ing of farming areas shall be
ceased simultaneously with
disarmament of fghters.
targeted with mortars Dark-
hbayh’s checkpoint, Vehicles
Management Building and
Technical Institute in Eastern
Gouta, according to opposi-
tion sources. A civilian was
wounded in an explosion in-
side bus station in Damascus,
also three people wounded in a
mortar shell hit the police hos-
pital main entrance in Harasta
in Damascus countryside.
Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (390) 2014/2/16
Mass grave in Aleppo
Opposition controls
Faqeer checkpoint
Explosive device in Houla
Missiles from the Gulf to the opposition
Syrian crisis to U.N
Fierce clashes took place be-
tween the Syrian army and
opposition fghters at the sur-
roundings of Hanano barracks,
Brigade /80/ and Alhaidariya
in Aleppo and its countryside.
While ferce clashes also took
place between FSA fghters
and ISIL fghters on the out-
FSA controlled Fakeer check-
point in Idlib countryside after
battles with the Syrian army,
opposition sources said. Hama
countryside witnessed violent
clashes between the Syrian
army and the opposition mili-
tants, especially on the road be-
tween Mork and Soran. In Deir
al-Zour violent clashes took
place between Syrian army and
opposition fghters in the vi-
cinity of Deir al-Zour military
airport, in which FSA fghters
targeted the Syrian army with
Syrian Army foiled an attempt
to detonate a 70-kg explosive
device near Ofyah village in
Houla, as well as infltration
attempts into several village in
Homs eastern countryside. In
Zara, dozens of fghters includ-
ing Lebanese and Saudis were
killed. Pro-government march-
Wall Street Journal quoted
Western sources as saying that
“after the failure of Geneva II
negotiations rounds, the Gulf
countries are considering pro-
viding qualitative arms for
Syrian opposition that would
The Secretary-General of the
Arab League Nabil al-Arabi
said that he will be heading to
the United Nations or the Se-
curity Council to take the next
step on the Syrian crisis after
negotiations between the two
parties failed at the Geneva II
skirts of Achteran city while
ISIL fghters were attempting
to break into it, as FSA was
able to control of Mazraa and
Malkeyya villages. A mass
grave containing 15 bodies
was discovered in Haritan in
Aleppo countryside, opposi-
tion sources said.
help to upset the balance of
powers on ground. The talk is
about Chinese shoulder-fred
anti-aircraft missiles, and Rus-
sian anti-tank and missile and
heavy machinery, the sources
es in several neighborhood in
Homs were attacked by fve
mortars, no casualties reported.