Agglomeration of Dissident offcers

2014/2/24 -NO. (398)
“ISIL” fghters come
to Syria for marriage
Jarba`s certifcate
is fake
Maleh not Arab
League nominee
Leaders killed in Aleppo and DeirAzzor
Damascus battle
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (398) 2014/2/24
“ISIL” fghters come to Syria for marriage
Damascus battle imminent
Baghdadi`s capturer to be awarded
“ foreign fghters- who came
to Syria to join” ISIL”- marry
Syrian girls increasingly,while
this phenomenon increasingly
frequent in Raqqah and Alep-
po cities”, sources stressed.
families are forced to accept
that marriage in order to parry
“Damascus battle looms”
, adding “we will head to
Eastern Ghouta to besiege
Syrian Army soldiers at al-
Qalamoun, but we will not
carry the attack; unless we
get more advanced –weap-
ons” a close source to FSA
chief of staff stressed. “the
joining of 6000 fghters from
Jordan to Syria along with15
tons - lethal weapons to the
Eastern Ghouta, in addi-
tion to changing the military
leadership headquarter of
FSA from Turkey to Jordan,
will pave the way for forces
to break through the capi-
tal and its military and po-
litical centers including the
two presidential palaces” the
source added. On the other
Iraqi Interior Ministry has
distributed personal photo of
“ ISIL” leader - Abu Bakr al-
Baghdadi-, while US Ministry
of Foreign Affairs announced
a ten million dollar- award for
hand, dozens of Russian of-
fcers have reached Syria
during the last weeks to fght
alongside Syrian Army sol-
diers , as Moscow will pro-
vide Syria with more logistic
and intelligence aids to track
opposition fghters and tar-
get them, News agency re-
whoever provides informa-
tion that lead to his arrest. The
American Times Newspaper
pointed out that Ibrahim Aw-
wad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri is the
real name for “ISIL “leader.
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (398) 2014/2/24
Leaders killed
in Deir Ezzor
Hasaka’s water
sluice gate destroyed
Clashes in Latakia
FSA advances in Quneitra
Agglomeration of Dissident offcers
Leaders killed in Aleppo
Scores of opposition fght-
ers were killed during ferce
battles with Syrian Army
in Deir Ezzor, while Syrian
Army dominated large areas
at Hwaijah Almrieih and Al-
bulel villages.
FSA factions dominated on
battalion “324” in al-Nassria
town at Quneitra, while the
factions dominated yesterday
on Qahtaniyah village in Qu-
neitra countryside and killed
one of Syrian Army leaders
with his two guards .
Fighters blew up the control
room for water sluice gate
in al-Bassel Dam in Hasaka,
destroying it completely and
causing large amounts of wa-
ter to be wasted.
In Latakia countryside, ferce
confrontations occurred be-
tween “ISIL” fghters and “
coast’s hawks brigade “. doz-
ens were reportedly killed and
A group of dissident offcers
formed an agglomeration
aims to hasten the overthrow
of regime, they also formed
Damascus operation room
and called all forces to coop-
erate with them.
Ahrar al-Sham movement
mourned its Commander
-Abu Khalid al-Souri who
was killed along with six com-
rades when a jihadist from the
rival ISIL group blew himself
up at Ahrar al-Sham strong-
hold in Al-Halq, while “Sul-
tan Murad” brigade mourned
its leader-Hassan Hussein
who was known by Abo Ab-
bad.” ISIL was accused of
assassination “, opposition
claimed .
Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (398) 2014/2/24
Coalition blames Iraq for Syrian death
National Action Commission Statement
Maleh not Arab League nominee
Jarba`s certifcate is fake
Coalition blamed a pro-Syri-
an government Iraqi brigade
for Khanaser massacre com-
mitted by Iraqi members and
Syrian government forces,
demanding UN Security
Council to list “the gang “ as
a terrorist organizations, call-
ing Arab League to condemn
Iraqi government attitude.
“National Action Commis-
sion” is the new name for
political agglomeration of
Cordoba Consultative Con-
ference Members ,” start-
ing from-February 22, 2014,
National Syrian Coalition’s
chairman of legal department
“Ahmad Jarba is not Law School or Faculty of Political Science–graduate in Beirut”, a leaked
letter revealed.
based on Cordoba document
principles which was issued
in January 10-2014, stressing
that the Commission`s stra-
tegic goal is to overthrow the
Haitham al-Maleh denied
that he will nominate him-
self as a delegate for Arab