Al-Nusra declares Nawa land of jihad.

2014/2/28 -NO. (402)
Tumeh: I believe
in negotiated.
Army of Haaq
formed in east-
ern region.
Brahimi: No talks
about 3rd round of
ISIL Tunisian leader assassinated
Coalition calls for an
international investiga-
tion in Al Otaiba.
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (402) 2014/2/28
Al-Nusra declares Nawa land of jihad.
ISIL on alert… Islamic Front won`t stop
ISIL Tunisian leader
Army of Haaq formed in eastern
Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front
declared in a statement that “
Nawa road is open for Mu-
jahideen” as violent clashes
took place between the Syrian
army and Al-Nusra Front and
Islamic Front`s militants in
Bosra Sham.In Hama coun-
tryside, an offcial source said
that the Syrian army killed
dozens of “Ahrar Soran” mil-
itants including their leader
“Mahmud Adib Hassani”.
ISIL`s camps in Aleppo and
its countryside are on alert
as violent clashes with rival
Islamic Front are expected.
ISIL fghters are reported to
be ready to fght, “ but won`t
hit the frst blow”, threat-
ening rivals of “receiving
deadly attacks on all fronts.
On the other hand, a source
of “Islamic Front” said that
the front`s operations will
Opposition`s sources
said that the militants
of “Raqqah rebels”
brigade assassinated
“Abu Bakr Al-Tu-
nisi” (Tunisian) the
most prominent mili-
tary leaders of the
“Islamic state” in
A group of militant
factions in the east-
ern region declared
the formation of a
new military gather-
ing called: Army of
Haaq (Right Army)
in Deir Ezzor,
Raqqah, Al-Hasakah
and Tabaqa city.
not stop in Aleppo, they
targeted two cars belong-
ing to (ISIL) on the road of
Azaz and Dier-Jamal.ISIL`s
militants withdrew from the
towns of Marsta, Meyer and
Azaz in Aleppo countryside.
In parallel, the Syrian army
continues its progress on the
axis of Sheikh Saeed, taking
over the road knot of Aleppo
International Airport as Syr-
ian warplanes targeted head-
quarters of the gunmen in the
vicinity of Central Prison in
Aleppo and Khan Asal, Kw-
ers, Hretan and Arbid.
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (402) 2014/2/28
…and attacks in
Abo Qatada criticizes ISIL & supports
Opposition explodes shrines in Al-Hasakah.
FSA attacked brigade 128 in
Kalamoon area in Damascus
countryside killing a number
of soldiers, in conjunction
with the heavy bombing on
the region, especially Rank-
ous and Wadi Barada.Syrian
warplanes pounded Kafr btna
in Eastern Gouta as ferce
clashes continued between
opposition fghters and the
Syrian Army on Salam high-
way.Meanwhile, Fierce bat-
tles continue between the
Syrian army and opposition
fghters in Yabrood, where
the army ambushed twenty
armed men during infltra-
tion attempt between East-
ern Gouta and Kalamoon
in Damascus countryside,
as well as destroying eight
cars loaded with weapons
on the road of Yabrood and
Mashrfeh town.
Jordanian Islamist “Omar
Mahmoud Othman” nick-
named” Abu Qatada” attacked
the ‘deviant’ ideology adopted
by “Islamic State of Iraq and
Syria”, as well as the ‘unac-
ceptable’ imposition of trib-
Fierce fghting erupted be-
tween ISIL and PYD in Tal
Ma’aruof town in Al-Ha-
sakah, after ISIL fghters
stormed the village and deto-
nated a car bomb at a PYD
checkpoint. ISIL also target-
ed the tombs of two sheikhs
“Ahmed and Azzedine Kh-
ute on Christians in Raqqah
city. Abu Qutada his full sup-
port for Nusra Leader”Abu
Mohammed Joulani`s speech,
in which he called “Islamic
state” to accept the arbitration
under law of God.
Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (402) 2014/2/28
Coalition calls for an international investigation in Al Otaiba.
Tumeh: I believe in negotiation. Brahimi: No talks
about 3rd round of
The opposition Syrian co-
alition condemned the
massacre that committed
by the Syrian army against
civilians who risked their
lives to escape from hunger
and indiscriminate killing
in Eastern Gouta in Damas-
cus countryside, calling in
a statement the United Na-
tions to open an interna-
tional investigation about
the massacre and reveal
the names of those who
planned and carried out and
ordered the crime and bring
them to the international
courts without delay.
Ahmad Tumeh, a head of the interim government opposi-
tion said “I still believe in a negotiated solution” for the
peace in Syria, despite the recent failure of the Geneva`s
negotiations.”I hope that the international community will
practice more pressure on the Syrian government”, he added.
Syria’s UN envoy, Lakhdar
Brahimi has not yet talked
about the third round of
the Geneva`s negotiations,
opposition sources said.It
is still unknown whether
this round or any other will
ever see light.