“Ansar al-Sham” accused by opposition

2014/3/2 -NO. (404)
Polio...a Political
Ongoing bat-
tles in Yabrud
Syrian Lira…unat-
tainable stability
ISIL denies killing al-Suri
Al-Khateeb… candidate
for Syria’s presidency
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (404) 2014/3/2
Exchanging detainees between Hezbollah and opposition fghters in Homs
FSA attacks Air Force
Intelligence in Daraa
“Ansar al-Sham” accused by opposition
Efforts are being made by
U.N representative in Syria
to implement an operation
for exchanging bodies of
Hezbollah party and bod-
ies of opposition fghters
in Homs,Informed sources
said.U.N seeks to implement
the agreement by which FSA
will hand over 8 bodies of
Hezbollah fghters killed in
Homs, in exchange of receiv-
ing 9 bodies of FSA fght-
ers held by regime forces in
al-Zohour neighborhood in
Homs, the sources confrmed.
FSA attacked by rockets Air
Force Intelligence south of
Daraa coincided with clash-
es at the outskirts of al-Sadd
road’s neighborhoods, Daraa
camp and Garaz east of Da-
raa, Syrian activists said.War-
planes also carried out barrel-
bomb attacks at the outskirts
of Naaima and Garaz east of
Daraa coincided with ferce
clashes between FSA and the
Syrian army in Garaz.
What has been allegedly
called “Intelligence Agency
of the Syrian Opposition”
accused Ansar al-Sham Bat-
talions of not participating
in opening the Coast Front
although it has all weapons,
and refusing to participate in
Aisha Aum al-Moaamenien
Battle ,and closing al-Turk-
men mountain Front which
the coast’s fghters were in
dire need to open it in con-
junction with Aisha Aumal-
Moaamenien Battle. Ansar
al-Sham Battalions have been
also accused of refusing to es-
tablish a police station, Sharia
or Judicial court, or even save
the remnants of FSA.
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (404) 2014/3/2
ISIL denies killing al-Suri
Ongoing battles in Yabrud
Jordan denies arming Syrian opposition
ISIL denied responsibility of
killing Abu-Khaled al-Suriand
considering such accusations
as rumors to distort its image
it in light of the conspiracy
against the Jihadi project in
the Levant. “although we are
in a ferce war with the Islamic
Front after it became a part of
the conspiracy of fghting ISIL,
Dozens of opposition fght-
ers were killed and injured,
while others arrested by the
Syrian army after control-
ling on al-Kuwaiti hill and
other regions in the sur-
roundings of Yabrud, Syr-
ian army announced. Op-
Jordan denied reports say-
ing that southern neighboring
country is arming and training
Syrian opposition on Jorda-
nian territories. “Those who
circulate these rumors must go
to the borders and view what
is going on exactly” Jordani-
an Minister of Interior Husin
Majali said.Al-Majali called
on International community
to assume its responsibility
for tackling the issue of Syr-
ian refugee’s infux to Jordan
and providing support, hailing
Gulf’s support in this regard.
we didn’t order to kill Abu
Khaled or haven’t been or-
dered to. We are totally discon-
nected from the place where
al-Suri was after we withdrew
from Aleppo last month due
to ferce clashes with oppo-
sition fghters, the statement
revealed” ISIL said in a state-
ment posted on websites
position headquarters at the
farms and towns surround-
ing and inside Yabrud have
been destroyed.Opposition
sources reported dropping
two “MIG” warplanes and
inficting regime’s forces
heavy losses there.
Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (404) 2014/3/2
Al-Khateeb… candidate for Syria’s presidency
Clashes in DierEzzur
ISIL burns mosques in al-Hasaka
Activists adopted on social
media the idea of the candi-
dacy of Moaaz al-Khateeb
for Syria’s Presidency to
be competitor to President
Bashar al-Assad. While
the idea was supported by
some groups, it was reject-
ed by others because the
idea of al-Khateeb’s candi-
dacy grants al-Assad legiti-
macy to run for elections.
An armed terrorist group
detonated Saturday night
the Deir Ezzor-Palmyra gas
pipeline near al-Tim area
that led to stop the work at
Deir Ezzor factory which
produces 3.4 million cubic
meters of clean gas per day,
Ministry of Petroleum and
Mineral Resources offcial
source told.Clashes reiter-
Photos posted on social
media showed the devas-
tation caused by ISIL in
Tal Maarouf in al-Hasaka
countryside amounted to
targeting and burning the
mosques and desecration of
the Holy Qur’an.Syrian Co-
alition condemned reports
by activists about looting
and terrorizing activities
carried out by ISIL against
citizens in Tal Maarouf, in-
sisting that these activities
ated in the surrounding of
Dier Ezzur military airport
between the Syrian army
and FSA where 5 opposi-
tion fghters were killed,
one of them is FSA-affl-
iate battalion commander
“Saqer Quraish” and others
injured. Syrian army MIG
warplanes have shelled the
neighboring villages of the
Airport, resulted in many
injuries at al-Bulel town.
don’t differ from the sys-
tematically violence activi-
ties against Syrian civilians
by regime forces.
Page NO.5 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (404) 2014/3/2
Polio...a Political campaign
Syrian Lira…unattainable stability
The Syrian State re-
launched the expanded
media campaign for pro-
motion of the so-called “na-
tional polio vaccination”.
The Ministry of Health
launched on Sunday the
fourth national polio vac-
cination campaign which
is going to last until next
Thursday and targeting
As the exchange rate of
Syrian Lira has decreased
against US dollar, Syria`s
government claims that the
exchange rate, since the 3rd
quarter of 2013, has been
highly responding to politi-
cal and military changes as-
sociated with the country`s
crisis. Exchange rates re-
fect the psychological fac-
tor rather than sharp fuc-
tuations or a leap in foreign
exchange, in addition to the
revival of speculative activ-
ity at local and neighboring
markets. On supervising and
children under fve years
old. The campaign was
launched in all provinces
through 1200 centers and
tens of medical points and
mobile crews, pointing out
that 7080 doctors and 1884
volunteers are taking part
in this campaign. The cam-
paign has been launched af-
ter the National community
blamed Syrian government
for the spread of polio at the
besieged areas and refugee
camps on borders, thus urg-
ing the state to launch this
campaign to escape the po-
litical consequences of this
accuse. it is noteworthy that
some opposition parties see
such campaign as ‘propa-
ganda’ rather than ‘real’.
monitoring exchange mar-
ket, the Central Bank has re-
peatedly stressed tightening
controlling measures on for-
eign exchange transactions
on offcial as well as black
markets in order to clamp
down on speculators.