2014/3/5 -NO. (407)
commander kills
Tribes controls
Tell Brak
Kaag .. Syria
surrenders a third
of chemical arsenal
Opposition controls villages in Aleppo
Liberation Brigade
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (407) 2014/3/5
Assaad .. Injured
Battles in Yabroud.. Ambush in Gota
Opposition controls villages in Aleppo
Blast in Deir El Zour
Explosive device
in Raqqa
Heavy fghting’s broke out
between Syrian army and
militants in Al-sahl and Rima
farms in Damascus country-
side. Islamic gunmen were
killed in an ambush of the
Syrian army in eastern Gota,
Mliha and Doma, accord-
Militants from various Is-
lamic brigades controlled vil-
lages in Aleppo countryside
after violent clashes with Syr-
ian army. These battles con-
tinue between Syrian army
and gunmen around Aleppo
central prison, Kwers and
Aleppo international airport.
On other hand clashes contin-
Two bombs exploded, one
exploded in a military area
at Abu Kamal entrance in
Dier al-Zour, other targeted
oil wells in Al-Hussan south-
ern of Abo Kamal. On the
other hand clashes broke out
between Syrian army and
militants in Rshedia neigh-
borhood near Deir El Zour
military airport. ISIL’s mili-
tants were killed in an explo-
sive device exploded in a car
they were planning to blow it
up in Raqqa.
Riad al-Asaad, former head
of the Free Syrian Army, in-
jured in accident outside Is-
ing to offcial media sources.
People were killed in a Car
bomb exploded close to Abu
Kaouk checkpoint between
Sasa and Khan Sheikh ac-
companied with shootout be-
twwen Syrian army and op-
position fghters.
ue between ISIL’s militants
on the one hand and Islamic
brigade and Kurdish front
on the other hand in Manbej
and Jarablos amid reports for
Kurdish brigade’s progress in
the city. Explosion happened
in one of the Islamic state’s
headquarters in Al-bab city in
Aleppo countryside.
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (407) 2014/3/5
Tribes controls Tell Brak “Liberation Brigade”
Kaag .. Syria
surrenders a third
of chemical arsenal
ISIL commander kills
Missiles in Kenitra
Militants of “Tribal rebels”
control Tell Brak town in Al-
ISIL announced the killing
of “Abu Bak al-Halabi “its
fnancial commander and
one of the most important
founders of Islamic state in
Syrian army foiled militants’
infltration attempt to Ham-
deya village in Kenitra , while
Israel responded by fring two
missiles on fall in the school
village , and the second was
at the mosque.
Several factions announced
unifying in one name “Lib-
eration Brigade “to liberate
Bosra Sham in Daraa coun-
“Nearly one third of Syria’s
chemical weapons material
has now been removed or
destroyed,” UN-OPCW co-
ordinator Sigrid Kaag told a
meeting of the watchdog at
its Hague headquarters. “This
is good progress and I expect
further acceleration and in-
tensifcation of effort.”
hasakah after ferce clashes
with PKK fghters.