Gulf crisis will not affect supporting the opposition.

2014/3/7 -NO. (409)
Al-Saf: The negotia-
tion will be only with
A car bomb in Al-at-
areb … and a curfew
in Al-Hader.
Losing a connec-
tion with Maloula `s
Opposition forms an operation room in Kalamoon ... and Loses control in Yabrood.
Idriss... Leader turns
to adviser.
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (409) 2014/3/7
Opposition forms an operation room in Kalamoon ... and Loses control
in Yabrood.
Idriss... Leader turns to adviser.
Opposition`s sources talk-
ed about forming a group
from warring battalions and
factions in Rankous in Da-
mascus countryside, united
and established a joint op-
erations room to coordinate
with the operations room
in the Kalamoon to support
the opposition`s militants
in the region. In mean-
while, the Syrian army
controls on Rima town and
its farms and Qatari hill in
Salim Idriss, former com-
mander of the so called
FSA announced his agree
to resign from the presi-
dency of the General Staff
after the agreement with
“Ahmed Jarba” the presi-
dent of the Coalition of the
Syrian opposition that ap-
point “Idris as an adviser to
the president of the Coali-
tion for Military Affairs and
the resignation of “Asa’ad
Mustafa” a defense minis-
ter in the government of the
Coalition Provisional “Ab-
dul Ilah Bashir” in his offce
as chief of FSA and expan-
sion the Supreme Military
Council and increase its
members.Kassem Saad Ed-
din, a member of the Su-
preme Military Council of
the so called FSA and its
spokesman said that the
agreement is still ink on
paper, pointing out that the
military council has yet to
decide approving or reject-
ing the agreement, explain-
ing that it will determining
the fnal position about the
agreement during a meet-
ing with Jarba .
Yabroud after ferce clashes
with opposition`s fghters.
In contrast, violent clashes
took place between armed
of opposition and the Syr-
ian army in Zabadani, Jo-
bar, Arbin, Darya and Adra,
which killed 43 from mili-
tants, and 35 others were
wounded with its leader
“Mohammed Saeed Anto-
ni” from Afghanistan .At
the Yarmouk refugee camp
clashes continue between
the militants of ISIL and the
Palestinian factions.In Abo
Rumana in Damascus, 5
citizens were wounded be-
cause of the mortar shells.
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (409) 2014/3/7
… And backs away in Homs.
And controls Tall Brak.
Clashes in Daraa.
A car bomb in Al-at-
areb … and a curfew
in Al-Hader.
In Zara town in Homs coun-
tryside, violent clashes took
place between militants of op-
position and the Syrian Arab
army which tightened control
on Jalah hill and Khtata farms
in and a large section in the
area of oil and gas line, ac-
companied with bombarded
of the Syrian warplanes on
the Central operating room
of opposition`s militants in
Zara .And about 40 armed
men trying to escape from
their battalions and surren-
der themselves to the Syrian
army after the death of the
4 civilians were wounded by a
car bomb the police station of
Atatrb in Aleppo country, while
in Aleppo announced starting
the curfew in Hader village in
the countryside of Aleppo after
clashes between its members
and a wanted after inform-
ing them several times to be
in Shariah`s building and they
didn`t attended.In parallel that,
violent clashes took place be-
tween the Syrian army and the
militant of opposition in Bustan
neighborhood, surroundings of
Kaser and the Sheikh Najjar, a
media sources reported about
the progress of the Syrian army
in the neighborhood of hous-
ing Hanano after they targeted
the headquarters of Jabhet Al-
Nusar`s militants.Twenty mili-
tants were killed in the Syrian
army`s ambush in the vicinity
of the central prison of Aleppo
during their transition from the
building of battalion protection
units` prison to the area near
the prison.A source from the
Red Crescent, said the Crescent
team was heading to the Cen-
tral Prison in Aleppo for the de-
livery a food attacked from the
militants of Ahrar Al-Sham and
whip on the amount of food.
Tunisian leader of the Sharia
Court, but the other gunmen
stopped them and arrested
them in Alhsrgih village.In
homs, in Armenians district,
15 civilians were dead and 20
were injured in because of a
car bomb was exploded.
opposition`s militants announced controlling the town Tall
Brak in Al-Hasaka city after they surrendered the Democrat-
ic Union Party for 4 days.
In Ankel city in Daraa coun-
tryside, there are clashes be-
tween the opposition`s mili-
tants and the Syrian army
and a bombarded of the Syr-
ian warplanes on Adouan,
Hrak and Salmeen town.A
military source said that the
Syrian army foiled an infl-
tration attempt to the military
point of Tel Zaatar in Yado-
deh town in the countryside
of Daraa. In Raggah, battles
are still in the vicinity of the
band 17 between the Syrian
army and ISIL`s gunmen.
Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (409) 2014/3/7
Losing a connection with Maloula `s nuns.
Gulf crisis will not af-
fect supporting the op-
Al-Saf: The negotiation will be only with
An offcial sours said that
the connecting with the kid-
napped nuns from the monas-
tery of Mar Takla in Maloula,
he added: “It is likely that
they were transferred to the
outside of yabrood toward an
area between it and the Leb-
anese border, and there are
communications to determine
their own destiny and secur-
ing their safety.Nuns were
abducted since last Decem-
ber and were transferred to
Khaled Al-Nasser, member
of the coalition of the Syrian
opposition consider that the
last diplomatic crisis among
the Gulf states will not ad-
versely affect to support the
opposition, pointing out that
the coalition has received as-
surances from the Saudi side,
adding that the dispute Gulf
will not be long and is not
about the Syrian crisis, but it
is linked to the position of the
crisis in Egypt.
Louay Al-Saf, coalition`s
spokesman of the Syrian op-
position has refused to nego-
tiate with the external militias
that kill the Syrian people
within the framework of a
political solution under the
pretext of a fait accompli as
he said. Adding in a state-
ment to the media Offce of
the Coalition that the coali-
tion will negotiate only the
Syrians, “The responsibility
of the political complexities
which Syrians are suffering
is a result of the weakness of
the international position to
strand by the Syrian people,
he said.Calling for the fghter
battalions to coordinate and
unite between them to avoid
the partition.