Opposition regains Yabroud hills

2014/3/7 -NO. (409)
Coalition heals
of its pain
Parts of Der Ezzor mili-
tary airport…under the
Opposition control
Chechens head
to Al-Sheik Najar
Saudi Arabia…Al-Nusra, ISIL and Muslims…Terrorists
Al-Adnani …No one
can expel us from
our land
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (409) 2014/3/7
Al-Adnani …No one can expel us from our land
Saudi Arabi…Al-Nusra, ISIL and Muslims…Terrorists
The spokesman of the Is-
lamic state of Iraq and Le-
vant “Abu Mohamed Al-
Adnani” considered that
all the initiatives for set-
tling the situation between
the “ISIL” And the Jihadist
groups aims to expel “ISIL”
out of Syria. He asserted
in a record that this thing
could not happen, calling
the Syrian Jihadists and
foreign immigrants to fght
with “ISIL”. “Our support-
ers follow the immigrants
who they are the security
of every battle yard”. Al-
Adnani considered Jab-
hit al-Nusra as front of
treachery and Islamic front
cause damage and it is Al-
Salloul front indicating to
Al- Sauod family which
rules Saudi Arabia. He ig-
nored Jabhit al-Nusra’s
leader “Abo Mohaned Al-
Gollani”, when he gave
“ISIL” fve days to get out
from not only Al-Sham, but
also from Iraq.Al-Adnani
affrmed the “ISIL” is on
the right way , because all
the west and United States
attack .
Saudi ministry of Interior
announced in a statement
that it inserted Muslims
brotherhood, Jabhit al-
Nusra in Syria and Islamic
State in Iraq and al-Sham
on terrorist groups list.
It granted 15 days to the
fghters who participated
in fghting outside of the
kingdom in order to re-
turn to their homeland. For
its part, Muslims’ brother
hood group considered the
Saudi resolution as a con-
trary to the long mutual re-
lations between them, as-
serting on non-interference
in countries’ affairs.
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (410) 2014/3/8
Coalition heals of its pain
Resignations in Opposition’s government
Free Army flls its Vacancies
Opposition regains
Yabroud hills
The withdrawing clusters
from the Syrian opposition
coalition announced in a
statement to resume its po-
litical activity in the coalition,
after the failure of Geneva2
negotiations. Clusters call all
the members who resigned
from the coalition to return.
The adviser of the opposition
PM, lawyer Mohamed sabra
announced his resignation
from his position, after the
resignation of Defense minis-
ter Assad Mustafa.
The supreme Free Army lead-
ership council decided during
its meeting to execute all the
Military council’s resolution
in 16-2-2014 to resign the
major general Salem Idress
and assigned the general
Abed Alelah Al-Basheer as a
chief of the general Staff. The
resolution seeks to complete
the military council vacan-
Fierce clashes between the Syr-
ian Arab Army and opposition
fghters continued in Yabrouyd
and its surroundings after form-
ing Sahal Rankous’ operation
room by ten military brigades
and three battalions with Ah-
rar Al-Sham movement.Oppo-
sition sources announced that
Free Army regained the sur-
rounding hills in Alsahal and
Rima villages, while the Is-
lamic Front gunmen stormed
Marj al-Sultan, killing more
than twenty gunmen and injur-
ing more than 150.On the other
hand, Syrian Arab Army target-
ed a tunnel connects between
Adra Labour city and Adra
Town in the countryside of Da-
mascus, its depth is 12 meters.
The army seized a car carried
weapons and it was heading
toward the eastern Ghouta near
Alwafedeen camp in Doma
region in Damascus country-
side. Opposition sources talked
about using anti-air crafts by
Free Army gunmen to stop the
Syrian Army bombing of gun-
men enclaves in Jobar district.
cies and all its directorates to
ensure the ability for manag-
ing the military operations.
The president of Syrian co-
alition Ahmed al-Jarba asked
the defense minister and all
the parties that supported Ge-
neva conference to keep their
promises and affording the
urgent military support in or-
der to save Syrian souls.
Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (410) 2014/3/8
1500 family evacuate from Harasta
Chechens head to Al-
Sheik Najar
Parts of Der Ezzor military airport…under the
Opposition control
The Syrian Red Crescent
organization evacuated
more than 1500 family
from Harasta in Damas-
Many Chechens leaders ar-
rived at Al-Sheik Najar front
in Aleppo to defend of this
front during the ferce clash-
es between the Syrian Arab
Army and opposition gunmen.
Opposition gunmen took
over the southern part of
Der Ezzor military airport,
killing 20 soldiers of Syr-
ian Arab Army and captur-
ing others.On the other hand,
“ISIL” gunmen executed
seven civilians including
a child in a video was pub-
lished on Internet.
cus countryside to the
western surroundings of
the city, using the ways
between the farms to keep
the convoys away from
firing at it during the cur-
rent battles in the eastern
surroundings of the town.
Page NO.5 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (410) 2014/3/8
Al-Mastouma…Between withdrawing and taking over
Booby trapped cars in Raqqa
Opposition loses Alzara Archeological Tower
Fierce clashes occurred be-
tween Syrian Arab Army
and Islamic front gunmen in
al-Mastouma town and its
surroundings in Idlib. Oppo-
sition’s Sources announced
that Syrian Arab Army takes
over the town, while other
sources asserted the with-
drawal of Islamic Front gun-
men from the town, taking
over Alagaa restaurant check
point in the entrance of Idlib.
The gunmen of Islamic state
in Iraq and al-Sham targeted
the north of Raqqa province
with two bobby-trapped cars,
the frst car bombed and no
damages reported, while the
Syrian Arab Army thwarted
the attempt to bomb the sec-
ond car. Syrian warplanes
bombed ISIL –enclaves to
weaken the attack on the 17
battalion building.On the
other hand, the responsible
of imposing the Islamic ad-
dress and veil on the women
Syrian Arab Army controlled
Alzara Archeological Tower
in Damascus countryside after
the withdrawal of the fghters.
Tow missiles had been fallen
on Alandalous school in al-
Dablan district in Homs, sev-
en citizens injured.
of Raqqa and the immigrant
leader in “ISIL” “Jolebaeb
Algazaeri” killed in front of
the legitimate court building