2014/3/18 -NO.

FSA sets off ……
Syrian Army
stands by
Save our revolu-
tion ….. Opposition
Ghalioun …..Time
for change
Syria business men’s funds confiscated
Jarba ……Time to
liberate Syria
Few days for another battle…… Union of coast’ mujahedin
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (420) 2014/3/18
Few days for another battle…… Union of coast’ mujahedin
FSA sets off ……Syrian Army stands by
“Union of coast’ mujahedin”, is a new front includes several armed factions at Syrian
coast, coinciding with “ISIL” fghters’ retreat from Latakia countryside.”Few days for
another battle”, coast military leaders declared.
Syrian Army prepares to
attack Qalamoun three
towns, which are “Rank-
ous, Fleta and Ras al-
Maara” in order to secure
border regions and cut
all supply routes, opposi-
tion sources claimed.FSA
blasted a booby trapped car
near a military checkpoint
guarding offcers’ build-
ings in Sahnaya, leaving
four killed and 14 injured,
according to FSA sources.
As a reaction, Syrian Army
bombed Yarmouk Refugee
Camp, Daria and Jobar, co-
inciding with ferce clash-
es between Syrian Army
and opposition fghters at
the vicinity of Mliha Air
Defense Department.In a
related context, Islamic
Front launched “Allah
Aala And Ajaal” battle,
dominating on Adra al
-Omalia’s Police Station.
In another context, mortar
shells were fred at Om-
miad Square and Qasaa,
resulted in one killed and
13 injured.
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (420) 2014/3/18
Jarba ……Time to liberate Syria
Ghalioun…..Time for change
Hasakah’s Booby
trapped car
Homs car blast
Syrian Opposition Coalition Head-Ahmed Jarba appealed for
UN resolution under Chapter VII, aiming to lift siege on areas
besieged by Syrian Army. Jarba also asked Security Council
to oust all armies and foreign fghters from Syria.” the world
must not be blackmailed by a regime that kills its people and
then boasts about fghting terrorism “, he supposed.
“You are passing through a critical period; it is time for real
achievements, any another failure means revolution’s defeat
“, Syrian National Council’s Former Head –Burhan Ghalioun
addressed Syria Opposition.In a statement for Lebanese
Newspaper-al Nahar, Ghalioun stressed that Syrian opposi-
tion should stop infghting, give up loyalty policies.He sug-
gested establishing a voluntary fund, appealing Gulf countries
to go on supporting Syrian revolution and bankroll Political
Leadership instead of feld opposition fghters.
“ISIL” fghters blew up a
booby trapped car, aiming
Hasakah granaries-Tel Halaf
Village, in the wake of battles
against units’ Kurdish People
Protection, according to op-
position sources.
A car exploded in al-Zahraa
square- Homs, killing 6 civil-
ians, injuring 26 others includ-
ing women and children.
Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (420) 2014/3/18
RaghebToma dismissed
High Military Command Council of FSA Chief of Staff ex-
pelled its Eastern Region Representative –Ragheb Toma, in
due of his misbehavior; where social media circulated his
photos with a girl in Istanbul night club.
Syria business men’s
funds confscated
Save our revolution ….. Opposition appeals
Syria government confscat-
ed properties of some Syria’s
business men living abroad
to be distributed on Syr-
ian Army`s martyrs wounded
After Syrian Army victory in Yabrud, Syria opposition activists launched a popular campaign
via “Facebook”, demanding the dismissal of coalition leaders and electing new revolution
representatives. The campaign said that all National Council members must be arrested.