Detroit (AGA

© 1994 Impressions
The keyboard commands for DETROIT have been set up to be as straightforward
as possible for players who can't (or don`t wish to) use a mouse, or for
players who find some aspects of the game easier to work with through the
keyboard. Most of the game can be played from the keyboard by following a
few simple rules. A few screens, however require special information.
Command Buttons:
Nearly all commands which are represented through mouse command buttons can
be executed from the keyboard by pressing the letter key highlighted on the
button itself. For plus and minus buttons, use the plus and minus keys
except (or those on the second design screen (see accompanying diagram).
Lettered Lists:
Press the letter of the item you want to select it from a lettered list.
In some cases the item can be deselected by pressing the letter a second
Exiting Screens:
Press Escape to exit the current screen. Each time the key is pressed, you
will go back one level, so it may be necessary to press it more than once
to get all the way out. In many places, pressing D (for "Done") will also
allow you to exit.
To access the archives, go to the Main Factory screen and press C.
Model Testing:
To test your new car designs, press the first letter of each test desired.
(Acceleration = A, Braking = B, and so on) Press T to select all the tests,
and R to run.
Reports and Graphs
To toggle from income by territory to income by model, press T.
To toggle each column of information, press the number of that column (ie
to toggle the third column, press 3). To cycle through the territories,
press N.
To toggle each column of information (ignoring the first which does not
toggle), press the number of that column. To cycle through the
territories, press N.
Market T:
Press T to see marketing totals. Press N to cycle through the territories.
Market M:
Press T to see marketing totals. Press N to cycle through the media types.
Press N to cycle through the territories. Press 1 to toggle between supply
lines and transportation expenses.
F4 Save Game
F5 Jump To Administration
F6 Jump To Sales/ Factories
F7 Jump To Research
F8 Jump To Marketing
F9 Jump To Design
F10 Jump To Factory
Esc Close Report
P Personnel
F Files
R Reports/GFraphs
B Bank
T Television
L Marketing List
B Billboards
S Sporting Events
M Magazines and Newspapers
R Radio
B Brakes Detail
C Cooling Detail
S Suspension Detail
A Safety Detail
E Engine Detail
R Research Menu
L Luxury Detail
1 Previous Engine
2 Next Engine
3 Previous Brake
4 Next Brake
5 Previous Suspension
6 Next Suspension
7 Previous Cooling
8 Next Cooling
A Northern Europe
B Southern Europe
C East Europe
D North East USA
E South West USA
F South East USA
G North West USA
H Canada
I South America
J Indonesia
K Australia
L Africa
M China
N Japan
O India
P Middle East
Typed by SHARD - DTL
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