2014/3/29 -NO.

A l - N u s r a
agrees with Der
Ezzor clan
Almalleh…No dispute
with al-Jarba
Opposition loses
Falitta and Raas
Alansar’s Army in Raqqa
Opposition Government
supports the coast
with 500 million
Al-Jarba grants Syrians new passports
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (431) 2014/3/29
The president of Syrian op-
position coalition Ahmed
al-Jarba said that coalition
will grant new passports to
Syrians who face diffcul-
ties to get it to be appended
to the original passport ex-
pired after two months. For
his part, the member of po-
litical committee Mohamed
Tayfour asserted that the co-
alition will issue new pass-
ports in cooperation with
French authorities and after
getting the approval of Eu-
ropean countries which will
print Syrian passports which
are special to coalition and
to be appended to the origi-
nal passport expired.
Interim opposition government decided supporting Alanfal battle in the Syrian coast with
half a million dollar in its weekly meeting.
Al-Jarba grants Syrians new passports
Opposition Government supports the coast with 500 million
Page NO.3 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (431) 2014/3/29
Al-Nusra agrees with Der Ezzor clan
Alfouaa attacked…Free Army prevents the
supplies arrival
Alansar’s Army in
Opposition sources talked
about signing an agreement
between Jabhat al-Nusra and
An Arab clan in Albaseira re-
gion in Der Ezzor under the
patronage of elders, leaders of
other tribes and al-Qadisiyah
Army. This step is to solve the
dispute between the two par-
ties after clashes took place as
a result of breaking through an
ISIL-fghter house by Jabhat
al-Nusra fghters. Many gun-
men affliated to the clan had
been killed as a result of the
increasing clashes including
an Amir of Jabhat al-Nusra
Opposition source talked
about forming “Alansar’s
Army” which includes the
Arab clans in Raqqa and its
countryside and it pledged al-
legiance to the Islamic State
of Iraq and Levant. The army
stressed that keeping the re-
gion is one of its priorities
in order to move after that to
other provinces, besides call-
ing the clans fghters to be the
guards of the area to enable
“ISIL” of transporting fght-
ers to Der Ezzor frstly and
al-Hasaqa secondly .Accord-
ing to the sources the army
includes two thousands as
main fghters ,because they
recruit a man of every family
at least and the family which
cannot recruit any man, it
should arm a young man of
Alansar’s army .The sources
added that Alansar’s army
will follow the Islamic State
military and logistically.
in Der Ezzor. The agreement
calls to exchange the captives
and the withdrawal of Jabhat
al-Nusra and “Islamic state”
from Albaseira and to open
roads, while the check point
of al-Qadisiyah army near Al-
baseira prevents other parties
of establishing check points.
Jabhat al-Nusra attacked Alf-
ouaa town in Idlib countryside
and bombed two buildings
where the Syrian Army sol-
diers fght, killing dozens of
them. Fierce clashes between
the Syrian Arab Army and Jab-
hat al-Nusra which progressed
towards Alfouaa-Binish axis.
The leader of Agnad Alsham
battalion Ahmed Abed Allah
Haj Hasan was killed.Islamic
Front fghters targeted Kafaria
village with mortar and hell
cannon, while the Free Army
faced Syrian Arab Army’s mil-
itary troops during its heading
from Idlib countryside to the
Syrian coast. Other clashes oc-
curred between Islamic State
and Syrian Aarab Army in
the surroundings of Alkaiasat
and Kafarbashlaia villages on
Idlib-Latakai public road.
Page NO.4 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (431) 2014/3/29
Opposition loses Falitta and Raas Almaraa
Fierce clashes continue in Latakia
Almalleh…No dispute with al-Jarba
Opposition fghters targeted
Qudessia Suburb and re-
publican Guard’s Resi-
dences “Alharas residence”
in Damascus countryside,
claiming the life of a little
girl and other people were
also injured. An offcial mil-
itary source asserted that the
Syrian Arab Army took over
Opposition gunmen took
over Albadroussia Mountain
in Latakia countryside, while
the clashes continue between
Syrian Arab Army and oppo-
sition gunmen within Alan-
faal battle, especially in Ker-
bat Solas and Albadrousia.
Syrian warplanes targeted
the opposition enclaves at
the surroundings of Alnisser
Mountain and Kasab town.
The head of the legal direc-
torate in Syrian opposition
coalition Haytham Almalleh
denied all the news that talked
about a dispute between him
and coalition head “Ahmed
al-Jarba” or transporting him
to a hospital because of ex-
posing to high blood pressure
or diabetes due to the dispute
with al-Jarba.In a press con-
ference ,Almalleh asserted
that all these news are only
rumors and considered it in
the frame of rumors’ cam-
Falita and Rass Almaraa af-
ter ferce clashes with op-
position gunmen who with-
draw from towns as a result
of bombing them by Syrian
warplanes.At the same con-
text, clashes’ pace raised be-
tween the Syrian Arab Army
and gunmen opposition in
Doma ,Jobar and Dariya.
paign which targets the co-
alition members to distort
any legal party unifes the
revolution parties.