Deuteros: The Next Millennium

© 1991 Activision
Introduction -
These Docs Consist of the Description of All the ICONS which explain how
to play the game, and a SOLVE...since everything in this game happens in
a order according to the players action it is almost impossible to write
a 100% step by step solve. Sorry if you find errors in the docs or
something that I forgot to include but I was too lazy to go over the docs
to see if I missed something. Also sorry about the time it took me to write
these docs but that is how it is when YOU MAKE THE DOCS yourself as you
Well last thing thanks to Skid Row for cracking This Awesome game.
Control Panel Icons
At the top left hand corner of the screen you have a bunch of icons.
Some of these icons you will not have at the beginning but they will
appear as you advance in the game. Here is what they are and what they do.

Time Advance - click on this and it will advance time until you press
the mouse button again. You can also advance time by
clicking on the bar at the bottom of the screen that
tells the year, # of days, and the stardate.
Master Control - shows you all the orbital factories, interplanetary
spacecrafts, and starships that you have in that
system. You can access any of the above just by
pressing on them.
Stocktaker - clicking on this will show you a list of all the minerals
and all the orbital factories that you have. Pick any
mineral and it will show what orbital factory has it and
how many tons it has. There are also two icons at the
bottom, one is Switch Storerooms and the other Team Roster

Switch Storerooms - shows your orbital factories and a bar at the
right hand side with red buttons. Each red button
indicates an item. Clicking on a red button will
show you a picture of the item you selected, its
name, and what orbital factory has it and in what
quantities. Click on the switch storerooms and
then click on the Team Roster On/Off icon.
Team Roster On/Off - shows you all the teams you have (Pilots,
Researchers, Producers), how many people in each
one, their location, and their rank. At the
bottom there are two arrows (previous page and
next page) which are used when you have more
teams than can fit on the screen.

Rank Name # of People Location
------ ------ ------------- ----------

Deposit Analysis - shows you all the planets that are in the system.
Clicking on a planet will show you all the minerals
it has and all the moons that are around it, if any.
Now you can click on a moon and see what minerals
it has. If you have an orbital factory around that
planet it will show you a picture of it at the
bottom. Click on the planet again to zoom out. At
the top the screen it tells you the system you are
and the planet you selected. Later in the game you
can click on the sun which will zoom out even more
and show you all the other systems. Click on a
and it zooms in showing you all the planets that are
in that system.
Disk Access - at the top of the screen there is a timer showing how long
you are playing and the last time that you saved your
game. There are also some icons in the middle of the
screen and they are:
Disk Directory - clicking on it will show you all the saved games that you
have on a disk.
Format Disk - format disk.

L.E.D. Toggle - turns led on/off.
Run Demo! - suppose to run a demo of the game but it does work, at least
not on my amiga.

Save And Load Game - clicking on the green arrow next to the disk will
a game and the red arrow will save a game. Clicking
on a game will allow you to name it. You should use
at least two save disks in case one gets messed up.

Shuttle And IOS Threshold - tells the auto cargo computer (will get later
in the game) when to refuel. Clicking on the +
and - signs you can set at how many tons of
fuel the computer should refuel at.
News Bulletins - tells you the news reports (almost useless) except maybe
the little screen at the bottom (Repeat Last Bulletin)
shows you the last message that the scientists left you in
case you forgot what they said.
Earth City - takes you back to Earth city (I will explain all the icons
there later).
Star Selector - (Later in the game) Shows you the different systems.
on a system will take you there showing you all the
factories, IOSs, and starships (just like the Master control
except that this is for other systems) that you have there,
if any.
Various Locations
These are the locations on Earth and also on Orbital Factories. You will
not have some of these at the beginning but they will appear as you advance
in the game.
Production - lets you produce any of the things that your scientists
developed. Ok, at the right side you have a bar (same one as in
the Stocktaker) that shows you all the things that you can
produce (the list will increase as your scientists develop
more items). Green buttons indicate items that you can produce,
red buttons indicate items that you can't produce due to the
leaders low rank, yellow buttons indicate items that can only
be produced in orbit. Moving the mouse over the buttons will
show you a picture of the item in the book and its name at the
top of the screen. Clicking on an item with a green button will
start producing it unless there is not enough resources to
produce it. Then it will tell you what resources you are
or have too little of. At the bottom of the screen it shows you
the leaders name, his rank, and the number of staff (maximum of
200). There is also an icon next to this whick allows you to
send the leader and his staff to bay where you can transport
him to a different factory.
Shuttle - clicking on this will put you inside a shuttle (if you have any).
Also you cannot set a course for a shuttle it can only travel
between an orbital factory and the surface of a planet. Here you
have the following icons that a shuttle has:
Service Ship - puts you outside the shuttle so that you can service it
(the craft must be in a bay to be able to service it). I
will describe it under the Shuttle Bay Icon.
Supply Computer - (Later in the game) Clicking on this allows you to
program the computer so that it will keep transporting
different minerals by itself. Here you will see a list
of all the minerals and dots on the left and right of
mineral. It also shows you all the way on the left and
right side the two locations between which the shuttle
is transporting the minerals. Ok, the left hand side
location and its arrow is allways shown in green and the
right hand side location and its arrow is shown in
If you want to transport a mineral from the left hand
side location to the right hand side location you click
on the left side of the mineral and a green dot should
appear. Then click on the Engage A.C.C. icon at the
bottom and the computer will start transporting it. If
you want to transport a mineral from the right side
location to the left you do the opposite. You click on
the right side of the mineral and a brown dot should
appear. Then Engage the computer and it will start
transporting the mineral. At the bottom there are four
Engage A.C.C. - engages the auto cargo computer.
Disengage A.C.C - disengages the auto cargo computer.
Complete Cycle - if you have the computer transporting three minerals
and it is only on the first one and you want to
disengage it but you want it to transport all three
minerals first then you click on this icon so that the
computer will transport all three resources and then

Clear Setting - clears all that you selected.
Dock - click on this and the shuttle will dock after advancing a day.
Land - land
Launch - launch
Pod Mounts - shows you what pod you have and what is in it. If you have
a part of an orbital factory in a pod then clicking on it
will activate it.
Switch Views - switches views between an information screen which tells
you what the shuttle is carrying, how much fuel it has,
its location, its pilot, etc. and a picture showing where
you are located.
Training - here you have three doors for recruiting different teams. One is
researchers, one for producers, and one for marines (pilots).
On the left side in a bar in shows you how many people you have
for recruiting (you start with 6000). In each door there are two
arrows (return to pool and recruit). Click on the recruit arrow
for researchers until it reaches its maximum (100). Then pass
days and the door will close. Wait until it opens which means 100
researshers have been recruited. Then click on the arrow again
recruit another 100 (you can have 250 researchers as one team,
200 producers as one team, and 41 marines as one team). When you
recruit researchers they are automatically transfered to
producers are transfered to Production, and marines are
to Shuttle Bay.

Team Ranks Team Ranks Team Ranks
------- -------- --------- -------- ----------- --------
Marines - Pilot Producers - Technician Researchers - Apprentice
- Captain - Doctor - Engineer
- Admiral - Professor - Expert
- Warlord
Research - this is where the scientists research all the cool stuff. On the
right side you have buttons that show all the things that you can
research. Green buttons indicate items that have already been
researched, red buttons indicate items that were not researched,
and yellow buttons indicate items that are in the middle of
being researched (started but not finished). Click on an item
and the scientists will start researching it. At the top it tells
you the name of the item, the tech level, and how many percent
your scientists have researched. Once the item is researched it
tells you its mass and what minerals you need to build it. It
also tells you where the item may be produced (in orbit or on
Earth). At the bottom of the screen you have the leaders name,
his rank, and number of staff. Some of the items, later in the
game, you will not be able to research until your leader advances
in his rank.
Shuttle Bay - here you make new shuttles, equip them, assign their crew, and
refuel them. At the top you have a New Shuttle icon. Click on
it and it will raise a new shuttle if you have build one. Now
at the top you have a dismantle icon which will lower the
shuttle but it will not destroy it. There is also a kind of a
map showing all the section of the shuttle (the crew section,
pod mounting, and engine mounting). Just click on any section
and the big shuttle in the middle will move to that section.
Here is a descrition of all the sections.
Crew Section - here you can see the front of the shuttle and 4 vacant
to the left of it. You should first train 41 Marines and
they will appear on the first vacant spot. Click on the
Marines (assign crew) and they will show up under the
shuttle. If you want to remove the pilot just click on one
of the vacant spots (remove ship's crew). After assigning
a crew there is a bar at the bottom with MeH written next
to it. Click on the + sign (fuel ship) until it reaches
250 tons (max. amount of fuel). If you have no fuel you
first research Hydrogen Methanol Fuel (MeH fuel). Once you
have it researched your mining rigs will start producing
it. Later in the game when your scientists develop an Auto
Cargo Computer an icon with ACC written on it will appear
next to the shuttle. This icon is used to install the
unto the shuttle. You can also access the shuttle just by
clicking on it which will put you inside.

Pod Mount - in this section of the shuttle you can install three different
pods to transport anything you want between a planet and an
orbital factory. Under the shuttle you have three icon
representing the three pods (supply pod, tool pod, and
team pod).

Install Supply Pod - supply pods are used to carry minerals only and
have a maximum capacity of 250 tons. Once you have
a supply pod installed click on it and pick the
mineral you want to take (you can only carry 250
tons or less of only one mineral per pod). Click
the right mouse button to exit the menu and under
the pod you will see the name of the mineral you
picked and how many tons are in there.
Install Tool Pod - tool pods are used to carry items and equipment such
as derricks and orbital factory sections. Once you
have it installed click on it and a menu of all the
equipment you can take will appear (the list will get
bigger as your scientists develop more items). Pick
an item and click the right mouse button to exit.
in the supply pod the name of the item that you
will appear under the pod.
Install Team Pod - team pods are used to carry either producers or
marines to other stations. Once you have the pod
installed click on it and four vacant spots will
appear. If you have someone in shuttle bay they will
appear on the first vacant spot. Click on them and
they will be transfered to the team pod. Only one
team can be carried in a pod. Press the right mouse
button to exit. Below the pod you can see the name
and occupation of the dudes that are inside.

Engine Mounting - the only thing here that you can do is install the
engine into the craft. There is an icon at the bottom
called install drive unit, just press it and the
engine will be installed.
Resource - here it tells you what resources the planet has. At the bottom
right corner there is an icon called Add Mining Rig. When you
finish building a few derricks you should go here and add rigs
so that they will start mining. You can have a maximum of 8 rigs
mining on each planet. Each derrick produces 1 ton of each
mineral per day but in some cases it may produce more.
Minig Store - here there is a list of all the minerals and how many tons of
each you have in stores on that perticular planet or orbital
factory. To the left there is a bunch of buttons just like
in Production and Stocktaker, each one representing a tool
or some equipment. Click on the first button (Resource Mining
Rig) and it will tell you how many you can build with the
available resources. If there is not enough tons of a
particular mineral then the mineral will be highlighted in
At the bottom of the screen there is Switch Storeroom icon.
Switch Storeroom - clicking on this will cause a list of all the tools
and equipment that you have researched and can build to
appear and also telling you how many of each you have
stores. Click on any tool and an information box will
appear showing a picture of it and a brief description
of what it is and what it does. Here is the list and
description of all the tools that are in the game.
Remember that most of these tools you will not have at
the beginning of the game but would probably want to.

Resource Mining Rig - (Derrick) fully automated ore recovery and
unit. Can adapt to all known elements and is semi-
portable to allow location on any mining site.
Shuttle Chasis - (S Chasis) surface to orbit workhorse. Pod mounting
allows maximum of 250 ton payload.
Shuttle Drive Unit - (S Drive) short burst drive which requires Hydrogen
Methanol Fuel (MeH).
Orbital Factory Section - (Of Frame) partial framework for construction
of orbital factories. Computer control handles
positioning sequence to ensure correct locking
of the 8 sections. There still must be a pilot
on board to be able to install he sections.
Tool & Equip. Mounting - (Tool Pod) for haulage and mounting of tool or
equipment. Mounting is linked to ship's cockpit
allowing the crew to control any item carried.

Supply Pod - for all material haulage. Standard fitted for use on a
shuttle. Unit has a single cavity so may only hold one type
of material. If you want to dump the cargo while in flight
just go inside the ship and click on the pod then click on
Ditch Contents.
Cryo Pod - for haulage of teams such as pilots or producers. Personnel
are held in stasis while inside the pod. This also protects
its occupants from disease and aging.
I.O.S. Chasis - (I Chasis) interplanetary operations spacecraft. Three
pod mountings allow maximum of 750 ton payload. The
I.O.S. is the same as the shuttle except that it has
3 pod mountings and can travel to other planets. You can
also fit the A.C.C. to it to make transporting minerals
easier. When you are inside the I.O.S. there is an icon
at the bottom called Set Course that the shuttle does
have. Click on it an a system chart will appear. Click
on a planet just like in Deposit Analysis and the course
is set.
I.O.S. Drive Unit - (I Drive) long duration drive unit. Requires
Methanol Fuel.
Auto Cargo Computer - (A.C.C) Fit and Forget! Allows programming of
shuttle and IOS for automated stock haulage.
Settings available for balancing stocks between
destinations. Cockpit mounted.
Hydralic Grapple - (Grapple) for retrieving small objects of up to 250T.
Must be pod mounted.
Auto Operations Computer - (A.O.C.) automates production processes, so
there is no need for Artisans. May be
programmed for on/off or repeating
To produce something only once click on the
button until it becomes yellow. If you want
it to keep producing it more than once just
click on the button until it becomes green.
Installation Repair Equip. - (Bandaid) for the repair of abondoned or
derelict surface ststions. Shuttle bay must
still be operative! Must be pod mounted.
Asteroid Mining Attachment - (A.M.A.) for surface mining of large
asteroids . Process requires access to an
empty supply pod. May be A.C.C. controlled.
The asteroid must have a mass greater than
10,000 tons.
Resource Station Section - (R Frame) parial framework for construction of
surface stations. Computer control handles
positioning sequence to ensure correct
of the 2 sections.
Communication Adaptor - (Comms Pod) Methanoid origin. Translates verbal
communication into HUD text. Technical Analysis
also reveals holographic image processing.
IOS Battle Drone - (IOS Drone) special chasis incorporating one fusion
laser. Flight controlled via flagship drone computer.
Drone Fleet Control Comp. - (D.F.C.C.) carried by fleet flagship.
Controls fuel and drone dispersal. Automatic
switching to combat mode when alien fleet
detected. This computer which controls the
drones takes up all 3 pod mountings on an
and 6 pod mountings on an SSG. You can have
up to 200 drones in one fleet. When you
building drones they automatically go to the
drone pool in space. After you install the
computer, take off and press the Battle
Computer icon inside the ship. You will then
see a picture of a drone, two icons and the
number of drones in the pool. One of the
icons is Add to Fleet which will add a drone
to the fleet. The other one is Remove to
which will remove a drone. You can have an
unlimited amount of drones in the pool but
only 200 in a fleet. Each drone adds 7 to
fleet power making a total of 1400 if you
have 200 drones in the fleet. If a Warlord
is the pilot of the ship then each drone's
power will be increased by 3. For an SSG
there is a special type of drone called a
star drone which automatically adds 10 to
fleet power even if a Warlord is not the
pilot. If the pilot is a Warlord the
for each drone is still 10. The only
advantage to the star drone is that it can
travel to other solar systems. An SSG can
only have star drones and an IOS can only
have IOS battle drones. Also, when the
computer is installed on the ship, the ship
takes ten times as much fuel (10 ton of fuel
= 1 tons of fuel).
Self-Destruct Mechanism - (S.D.M.) Methanoid origin. Activated by
throwing respective levers on reactor and
cooling system. This is used when the war
between you and the Methanoids starts. You
install it and if they attack that factory and
you can't get your drones there in time then
you pull the two levers and it nukes the whole
Mass Transciever - (M.T.X.) Methanoid origin. Allows transmission of
inanimate objects to any receiver. Technical analysis
not understood. Once you have two of these go to
Stores on the orbital factory. Then click on Switch
Storerooms and the MTX will appear with a list of all
the tools, minerals and equipment in the middle that
you can transport, six icons at the bottom and all
other solar systems and factories you have. Here are
the descriptions of all the icons.

Restore Settings - resets everything that you have selected to be
Switch Storerooms - just switches storerooms.
Clear Settings - does the same thing as Restore Settings.
Transmit Everything - marks all the minerals and tools that you see on
the menu.
Balance Everything - marks everything that you see on the menu equally
so that when it starts transporting both of the
factories will have the same amount of each item
or mineral.
Scroll Up/Down - scrolls the menu up or down.
Now if you want to transport, for instance iron, from Earth to Moon go
to the MTX that is on Earth and mark iron on the left side. Then
Sun as the solar system and then Moon as the receiver. Pass a day and
all the iron you had on Earth will be transported to the Moon. If you
want both Earth and the Moon to have the same amount of iron then mark
both sides of iron and pass a day. The computer will add both of the
factories' supply of iron and then send half of it to Earth and half
the Moon.
S.C.G Chasis - (G Chasis) Star Class Galleon. Methanoid Origin. Six pod
mountings allow maximum of 1500 ton payload. This ship
uses a different fuel called Helium Deuterium Fuel (HeD).
There is only one planet in the solar system (our) that
can produce this fuel.
S.C.G Drive Unit - (Star Drive) fusion drive unit for interstellar
travel. Methanoid origin. Requires HeD fuel.

S.C.G Battle Drone - (Star Drone) special chasis incorporating 2 fusion
lasers. More powerful version of the IOS Drone and
capable of intersteller travel. Flight controlled
via flagship drone computer.
Prejudice Torpedo Launcher - (P.T.L) fires a torpedo loaded with 100T of
fuel from the host ship tanks. Detonation
is triggered when the predicted outcome is
prejudiced against enemy drones. Cockpit
mounted. When you install this to a ship
attack a planet, click on the Battle
Computer and there will be an icon that
looks like a torpedo. When you see that the
enemy drones are closesly packed together
launch the torpedo. You can only fire two
these if you have full fuel.
Pulse Blast Laser - (Blaser) highly destructive pulse weapon. Requires
at least 3 chasis units for correct operation. This
is an awesome weapon for defending factories. Not
only does it destroy the enemy drones but also the
ship that carries the weapon. This does not require
any pilots and you cannot fly anywhere with it once
it is installed.
Sonic Blaster - (Blaster) Methanoid origin. Fusion powered unit. Emits
pulses at present intervals and frequencies. Power
adjuster fitted. This is NOT a weapon even though the
scientists say it is. All it does is play music.
Prison Pod - (?) I did not get this in the game so cannot explain it. It
is an optional part of the game.
UNKNOWN ITEM - (Unknown) Composition - Unknown Function - Unknown
Mounting suitable for Tool Pod. I cannot tell you
about this or it would ruin the game!
Space Bay - same as shuttle bay
Spacedock - same as shuttle bay except that it is used for IOSs and SCGs.
Self-Destruct Mechanism - this is used later in the game to nuke the whole
factory to stop the Methanoids from getting it. To
the left are two switches (Cooling System and
Reactor Control). Flipping both of these will
activate a 12 second countdown and then nuke the
whole factory. To deactivate the countdown just
flip both of the switches again.
The Solve
This solve is not in FULL detail bacause it would take much too long to
step by step everything you are to do. Well here it is!
Ok, the first thing to do at the beginning is to train 200 producers, 250
researchers, and 41 marines. Once you have them trained start building rigs
and at the same time research all the stuff that you have. Once you have 8
rigs make them mine. After you researched everything build a shuttle and
equip it with a factory section. Send it into space and set up the first
section. Land and get another section and repeat this until the factory is
complete. Now your scientists should have come up with the IOS and its
attachments. Build the IOS and equip it with more factory sections and send
it to build more factories. Do not set up more than 5 factories because the
Methanoids will declare war on you. The best planets to build factories at
are Earth, Moon, Venus, Leda, and Callisto. After you have these factories
launch an IOS equiped with 3 grapples to the asteroids. Go inside the ship
and activate the grapple. Then pass a few days until the computer scans and
finds an asteroid. Pass days some more until a suitable asteroid made of the
mineral you need to make the R Frame appears and is not more than 250T in
mass. Retrieve the asteroid and go to any factory. Click on the grapple that
has the asteroid and the mineral will be extracted from it. Now you can
the R Frames. Equip one R Frame onto a shuttle and land with it on a planet.
You must have a factory over that planet though. Click on the Tool Pod which
contains the Frame and the computer will correctly position it. Launch and
get another frame and do the same thing. Now you have a Resource station.
Make these resource stations on every planet that you have an orbital
over (remember, no more than five factories). On each of your 5 factories,
including Earth, make sure you have 8 rigs that are mining. Also, on each
factory you should have a shuttle with an ACC bringing up all the needed
minerals that the rigs are producing to the factory. Ok, before you start
war with the Methanoids 4 of your factories should have all of these
each: 24000T of Iron, 24000T of Titanium, 24000T of Aluminum, 3000T of
Carbon, 11000T of Copper, 6000T of Paladium, and 6000T of platinum. This
take you a long time to do but it's the only way. Also you should have an
on each of these 4 factories. Have alot of fuel on Earth and Leda and also
a IOS with a tool pod ready in Space bay on both of these factories before
starting the war. Now send an IOS and build the 6th factory and you will
receive a message from the Methanoids. Pass a day and your scientists will
invent the Drone Computer and the Drones. Research these two and build two
drone computers one on Earth and one on Leda. At the same time make the
AOC build drones on the other two. Once you have the drone computers built
make the two other factories build drones. Set the AOC on automatic drone
building so you won't have to run around from factory to factory to set
production. While your factories are building drones install the two drone
computers onto the IOSs that you have on Earth and Leda. Fuel the ships and
put Admirals in as their pilots. Launch both of them. Go inside the one that
is around Leda and click on the Battle Computer and add all the drones that
Leda has built to the fleet. Keep adding drones one by one until you reach
about 20. Then go to the IOS that is around Earth and add the drones that
there to the fleet. Then fly the IOS to the closest factory that is
drones which is the Moon and add those drones to the fleet. Next fly the IOS
to Callisto and take those drones and then fly to Leda and Remove all the
drones you collected to the pool and fly back to Earth. Then with the other
IOS that is around Leda add all those drones to the fleet. You should now
have an IOS around Leda with around 80 to 90 drones. Always keep this IOS
around Leda because that is the place the Methanoids will attack first. If
they attack Callisto just fly the IOS from Leda to Callisto. When the
Methanoids attack one of your factories you have 4 days to get an IOS there
and defeat them. Ok, now build 20 more drones on all 4 factories and collect
them with the IOS that is in Earth orbit and take them to Leda. Put them in
pool and fly back to Earth. Now with the other IOS add them to the fleet and
you should have about 160 to 170 drones. Keep doing this and if you succeed
in getting 200 drones before they attack you save the game and attack
Jupiter. If you loose then load the game. If you win the IOS will
automatically dock at the factory. Now quickly click on the PANIC icon
Destruct Mechanism) and then back to the IOS and take off fast. The factory
will be destroyed. Pass a day or two and your scientists will copy the
Methanoid's Self-Destruct Mechanism. Research it and build it on all of your
factories. Now keep building drones and keep transfering them to Leda. Also
fly the IOS that is around Jupiter to Leda. Once you have another 200 drones
attack Uranus. Save first though. When you win click on the PANIC icon and
switch the two levers at the right side of the screen. That should
the Self-Destruct Mech. Now go to Stores on Uranus and then click on Switch
Storerooms and you will see the M.T.X. Pass a day or two and your scientists
will copy the M.T.X. Build this on all factories. Now all the drones you
build on the 4 factories make the M.T.X automatically transfer them to
Uranus. Build more drones and attack the Methanoids at Titania, then at
Neptune, then at Triton and at Pluto. After you conquer Pluto your
will find plans for the S.C.G in the Methanoids records and also the Star
drones. Don't build it YET and don't worry about it YET. Now build an IOS
on Neptune and install the D.F.C.C into it and launch it into orbit. Also
build an IOS on Callisto and install the D.F.C.C into it and launch it into
orbit. While you are doing this make sure those 4 factories are building
drones and sending them to Uranus. Also fly the IOS with which you conquered
Pluto to Uranus. Forget about Pluto, if the Methanoids attack it just nuke
it. The Methanoids will keep attacking you even though they have no more
factories in that solar system. Now with the IOS that is around Uranus
collect all the drones that are there into the remaining fleet. Keep
them until you have 200. Now wherever they attack you can defend it. If they
attack you at Titania just fly your IOS from Uranus to Titania, save it
and kick their butt. It will take 4 days to fly there but that is enough.
After you win return the IOS to Uranus. If they attack you at Leda just
remove the drones from the IOS that is around Uranus and transport them by
the M.T.X to Callisto. At Callisto you should have an IOS so just add them
to the fleet and fly to Leda and kick their butt again. You should have
4 IOSs with the D.F.C.C. One around Earth, one around Callisto, one around
Uranus and one around Neptune. All of your factories will be protected in
this way except Venus which they will not attack in a LONG time. Keep
building drones and transporting them to Uranus. You must also build as many
orbital factories as you can (16 is the limit for every solar system). Make
sure that you have IOSs with the D.F.C.C to protect them all. Try to pick
planets that have good resources (the most needed resources later in the
are paladium and silver). Oh! equip an IOS with a grapple on Earth and
it into orbit. Activate the grapple and you will find the first part of the
UNKNOWN item. Seven more parts to go! Stock up on resources and make 3
factories build star drones but keep building the IOS drones too. This will
take you a while to do. Build an S.C.G and equip it with the D.F.C.C. Oh, I
hope you researched the S.C.G and the special fuel since only Uranus can
produce it. Collect the drones with the S.C.G and make sure you have full
fuel. Now most of the rest you will have to do yourself cause it is a pain
for me to explain it to you. Every time you conquer a solar system the race
that has been sending messages to you will tell you the location of the next
part to the Unknown Item. Also, every time you conquer a solar system your
scientists will research a new item (well almost every time). You only need
to conquer seven other solar systems to win the game even though there are
eight. Now what you must do is send the S.C.G with the star drones to a
system with the least amount of planets (Proxima will do). Fly to Pacific
and conquer it. Then transport some star drones to Pacific and add them to
the fleet to make a full 200. Now fly to Barent and conquer that too.
Transport a grapple and a tool pod to Barent and equip it on to the S.C.G.
Pass a day or two and the aliens will tell you the location of the next
Fly to that planet and take the item with the grapple and fly back to
Remove the item for research and equip the D.F.C.C onto the ship and refuel.
After a few days your scientists should invent a formula that will allow you
to fly faster than the speed of light. Research the formula. Also make sure
you have an IOS with drones to protect the two planets in that system. Now
since you can fly to any system and back very fast you should make all of
your Admirals into Warlords so the strenght of the IOS drones will be
increased. An Admiral changes into a Warlord just by flying to another
faster than the speed of light. So fly all of your Admirals to Proxima and
back until all of them are Warlords. The rest is very simple, build up
drones, attack another system, conquer it, retreive the part of the Unknown
item, build up more drones and repeat this process until you have conquered
7 systems and have all parts to the Unknown item. Once you have all the
the aliens will send you a message with the instructions on how to use it.
Build the item and put it on a tool pod onto an S.C.G. Launch the S.C.G into
orbit and activate the item in the tool pod. You will then see the END
sequence and you have finished Deuteros. If you have any problems leave me
a message on either my board or these elite bbss: Necropolis, Ghetto, Link
To Perfection, Bigfoots or Black Plague...
Typed by SYCON & his bro
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